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Snordster: The printing press was at first mistaken for an engine of immortality by everybody except the Brothers Grimm. Isn't it amusing to watch the commercials between the news and the sports section? Drink this! Drive that! Fuck you! They don't care. If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, the owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves. The mainstream media use language as a tool for concealing the truth.


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  1. All over the press in the Uk has been this so called “Hate Cleric” called Abu Hamza…..”his” words have whipped up the UK population into a kind of frenzy about the precence of imigrants, muslims, terror..allsorts ( all because the news told us thats what hes done…..Now Im not justifying or condoning any form of terror, nor do I agree that the population of nation should be terrified..but in the recent Woolwich killing of Lee Rigby WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY should the accused want to call himself…
    “Mujahid Abu Hamza”….fucking suspect name!!

  2. Conscious Intention, is the only pure ‘language’. It is inter-cultural, inter-species for that matter, and perhaps inter-planetary and inter-dimensional.
    It has no limitation, but by the energy you put forth.

    Present yourself, clear your mind – don’t even think a word, express your feelings through eye contact, through facial expressions, and impose you intent through consciousness.

    Conscious Intention is the Language of Unity. It is Pure. It is instinct. It is integral to being.

    Written Language, while vastly expressive, is it’s own limitation.
    Written Language, is forever subject to interpretation and jargon.

    With every stroke of the pen and press of the key, you leave behind your own jargon…

    So what is Pure?
    Pure, Truth, is unfolding before your very eyes. It exists within your hearts and minds.
    It can not be written, only written about.
    Truth, is the Sacred Language.
    Go forth, and proclaim thy Truth.

    • Forgot to mention: This article here is a trip for me because I actually had written all this just prior to seeing it. I was just responding to a question someone had asked concerning “Sacred Language”.
      Anyways, just thought I’d share it. Cool site you got here, adding to my home pages.

    • ~JS~ Now, this is exactly what I’ve been yapping about!!
      elegant cogent clarity, POW, made my day- thanks!

    • Yes! Your comment is soul food.

      Some thoughts on language:

      All your waking hours you are having a conversation. You are using words. Stop now and imagine how would you think without language? Language seems to me to be a technology of a sort. Vocabulary is created by social experience. We create words to describe common experiences. If we didn’t have language how would we make rational arguments? Rational argument is essential to a binary way of processing information. At the end of the day, every choice we make comes down to a “TRUE” or “FALSE” choice, its YES/NO, TRUE/FALSE… BINARY! To do or not to do, that is the only question. How would we think without it? I can’t imagine how it would be without language, yet something tells me that it is language that has somehow messed us up. Is language because of duality or is duality a result of language? I wonder if the story of the “Tower of Babel” has some esoteric clues to the origins of language?

      I read somewhere that if you shine a light through a wire frame dodecahedron (3d flower of life) that you can cast a shadow of the alphabets of the languages of Hebrew, Arabic (in the cursive) and Greek. If thats true, what does it mean?

      • We’ve been handed down the current languages and people’s vocabulary’s are reducing continually. English butchers spiritual communication. Greek for example has several words for love due to the many types, Engiish only one. Many languages are much more tonal than English as well, English having become increasingly flat and technical just as society’s become. Essentially though language can be a wonderful tool or terrible hindrance, as has been said about the mind, money and other things – a wonderful tools but terrible masters. Listening to young people talk today I just cringe at the utter ignorance. And they’ve made it cool.
        Never heard that about the light through a dodecahedron, interesting. The derivation of symbols, letters and numbers is a fascinating field. Imagine hearing people converse in ancient Egyptian, or Sumerian? There’s some cool theories on the “confusion of tongues” at Babel – when you see the violent and vindictive ancient and current “god” Jehovah as the nasty usurping Archon he is things become a whole lot clearer.

        • Yes, and, did you ever notice that if you had to repeat a true, heartfelt succinct idea more than once, it loses it’s punch. I mean, by repeating something true and meaningful (or re-telling the story) the heart-urgency is just not there. It goes flat, and loses its’ power.

          When I was a young child, I remember some strange incident in the tub where I repeated the word FROG over and over, so many times that I completely lost any image or understanding of what a frog was. I had no clue. I had said the word so many times, it lost all meaning. This happened when I was very young, 5-6 yrs. After that, I was more careful with words.

          I still catch myself in the patterns of rote emotional verbiage. I just have to be aware of the auto person and switch it up, with heart. Love is love is love. I just have to tell them and show them and hug them in all different ways. Love can’t really go flat, but words can.

          and, Snordster, you had me on hello. (years ago)

  3. Just saw this and I wondered why so many scientists are able speak or are interested in ancient languages. ? Eastern Aramaic and Sanskrit are both examples of language at two levels the higher spiritual and the lower every day version.Thinking of my parents both physicists (different branches) but both studied ancient languages . They would maybe argue that number is the universal language fractals,The Mandelbrot Set ,music in the form of Solfeggio Harmonics all languages all multi dimensional . Your comment about language becoming more technical and flat is a fascinating insight Zen , more dumbing down in a dimensional sense, we don’t sing (resonate )any more with each other. I was always disturbed as a child by the description in the Bible of the burnt offerings and how “God “loved the fat the best. ! Says it all really. Perhap’s you could do a in in depth article about the Tower of Babel, The EU building in Brussels has a fascinating link to the original story xx

    • Wow, rich heritage you grew up in – no wonder you’re so sharp, you woke up with a good set of hemispheres—ha! (Peek, don’t go there…down boy..you’ll tip us over the edge again, we’re all still laughing at your last riff..;)
      Yes, I meant your brain. πŸ˜‰ Yeah, that EU building is about as blatant as the US IRS building. And they claim there’s no tie. They can practically walk up to people, shoot them in the head, and say I didn’t do that now. In fact, that’s pretty close to literally true now. Like the wtc demolitions – even TV announcers said that’s what it looked like that day. But no, the narrative was put out there and immediately bought by Pavlov’s peeps. Surreal this whole experience here – I guess no wonder since it’s all essentially a manipulated hologram.
      LOVE the fractal universe information which again is holographic – and yes, vibrational info is what is conveyed, although there is that transcends that. Someone said we’re always using words in our heads to process information but I disagree. The vast majority of information is not expressible in ideas or words – that’s why language can be used to hide the truth. All someone needs to do is slightly alter a conceptualization or even conceptualize something that connot in fact be conceptualized, and you’ve got a decoy, a limitation. That sort of sums up the matrix. That’s why anyone who talks about Ultimate Truth who knows their salt will say you CANNOT put it into words, we can only put up directional arrows in its direction.

  4. Another insight there Zen , it’s called being a visual spatial learner I was “diagnosed “as being one when I was reasonably young .and you have just described it perfectly. VS learners find it very hard to process information and are do not learn by rote. (which is why the Prussian Education System is used amongst other reasons )As a kid I was very disturbed by my own way of aquiring knowledge , I actually don’t hear what i am being taught, in fact I actually don’t understand what is being said to me.!! But I learn in whole concept terms and get the bigger pic in a” eureka moment, ” From what you have said I would say you are a VS learner too , it go’s with certain personality trait’s as well. There has been a lot research into this recently there is a good website you may be interested in it’s Austrailian I think .I will send you the info. Keep up with the humour it is absolutely hysterical havn’t laughed like this for ages !!!!

    • Wow – never heard of that! Pls send! Same here. Only thing I got off on was science stuff as far as processing useful info. History never came with any perspective so made no sense in learning it. I would just count how many times the teacher would use certain expressions–literally. If I missed one one of my friends would signal me. πŸ˜‰ In college the philosophy professor did the same, no perspective, and was more into his new groovy (he though) tie he sported each day and his image as a prof. Everything else yelled so loud the info didn’t arrive in my head, and besides Plato and the early guys the later philos were generally stuffed, moldy shirts it felt like. I was processing the big picture all the time. Sounds like you’re the same. It’s nice to realize there’s others like this, whew! πŸ˜‰ The net is just perfect for really learning and growing, it works more like consciousness instead of clickety clackity school learning crap. Had one good teacher in Uni my senior year we could smoke dope with and he gave automatic A’s to everyone whether you came to his course or not – but by then I hardly went to classes, went into eastern thought and mysticism on my own – but the courses sucked–preferred Ram Das and new voices or Alan Watts, Jung and Hesse type stuff.. Never did graduate – changed majors every semester so didn’t qualify for anything, ha! I wandered outta there after 4 years of free room and board and time to wake up and explore reality and took off from NY to California – BTW, now I hv trouble reading books. They have to really keep my attention as my “processor” is running 24/7 like a flipping Cray computer I can’t control, ha! But if the info isn’t interactive with me I drop it. You like that? That’s also why I love to write – I’m actually “streaming” with “the cloud” – what perfect analogies. BTW my Dad was a famous PhD scientist, but he didn’t share his knowledge, and back then they had to learn German to study the available research. Only recently has all that come into English accessibility, few know that. We also had to learn Latin in high school and I loved that, which surprised me being the hyperactive Mr. friendly always having to be doing something. (Man, they would have SLAMMED me with drugs…damn that drugging of kids pissed me off bigtime..uh oh, here I go again…)
      Thanks for the chat – lemme know if this sounds like what you experience…. love you! [was just reminded I was walking with a different philo prof one time, nice man, and he was saying life is cyclical. I said, how do you know it’s not a spiral? He stopped and gave me quite a look and then smiled. One of the few memories I have from those years, pretty foggy foggy dew, I think you know why…;)

  5. Hi Zen, sound’s to me you would be classified as “gifted ” I was at quite an early age which I tried to run away from for years. .One of the signs of” giftedness” is overexcitability being over stimulated by external stimuli , the classic sign of that is thoughts constantly running through the mind . I have this problem too. Find it hard to filter all those images out .( My defalt setting is “wired “) LOL The reason why I meditate is to do just that , it really work’s !! I’v been doing it since I was a teenager and I get to some pretty amazing places, Another one is empathy, specifically being able to pick up feelings(literally) of others around you, hypersensitivity to movement and touch there is a huge list . It’s all about processing information seem’s we have the same problem I just cant seem to catch up with thought’s quickly enough so annoying.I hated school I was always being kicked out of lessons by teacher’s as they didn’t like my attitude !! I was always questioning authority. I just needed to learn ,they didn’t seem to get it at all.My degrees are science based although I do have an art’s degree, as well in all honesty I can say they are a total waste of time they are just a useful tool , and as the coinage has been devalued as it were, they mean less and less as time go’s on. .When I was given my first psychological assessment the term used was I think Visual learner it was assumed I was dyslexic as well but I don’t fit any of the criteria for that , after an assessment I had with one of my kid’s in the 90’s this term was changed to VS learner the, same thing. Only 2 of my boy’s are like me in that sense, they were just” different” as soon as they were born . They have been the most problematic behaviourally, but are the most “awake ” in every sense of the word apart from my youngest daughter . My Dad insist’s the brain constantly filters out info from the holographic matrix , the process of awakening through what are essentially spiritual practices opens up this filter and allow’s more of the cosmos in. Probably what the process of Kundalini rising does.I think this is the problem we have ,the process isn’t fool proof and causes overloading problems . Essentially I have always been a square peg in a round hole a term I know you get. It used to worry me, now I love it !! Go to gifteddevelopement.com the information there is very interesting and may answer some of those questions you may have about yourself . Love you too .Let me know how you get on Kitty xxxx

    • Tx – will do. Not sure what I am but satisfied I never was until I finally woke up. Changed lives several times looking for “The Answer”. You describe exactly why I love to write. You have time to formulate what’s coming at you. In person once I get going I talk a streak as I run around the garden picking anything that comes at me as I attempt to express what I’m trying to say, can drive people nuts and get me in a lot of trouble. Ha. Found I was often speaking other people’s thoughts or some private thing I couldn’t possibly have known. Like you I feel people and stuff a lot and sometimes quite intensely so have to be careful where I go, but learning to control it better. Now I hardly listen to music it so affects me when I’d rather be reading and learning or writing or corresponding with folks, or talking to my dear mate about stuff. You can see why Universe confined me to a chair in a remote location, ha! Love you, tx again for sharing all that!

      • My friends who have seen this also question if he was rehearsed, but I do not think so. Remember Dass and Terrence are meeting for the first time. Also, Czech had quite a cultural renaissance in the sixties. Vaclav Havel was in a psychedelic rock band back then. My guess is the waiter is a talented homey showing his siddhi powers to the boyz, whom he reveres.

  6. I would just add as a caveat that Terrence never understood conspiracy theory because he had never apparently studied much history. He alludes to this in the meeting with Ram Dass. He would be of no use to us on busting 9/11. In that sense the truth seeking of today has added a new dimension since Terrence’s time. We ain’t plum naive no mo.
    Timothy Leary by contrast was deep within the Mary Pinchot/JFK conspiracy as told in his autobiography, “Flashbacks”.
    Still I like Ram Dass and Terrence together for what it was in the time it was before Ram Dass’ stroke, in his brilliance. Dass was the former partner of Tim Leary.

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