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Pineal Activation, Solar Gazing and DNA Recoding



Mona Bhattacharya

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The pineal gland is the center for receiving the rays of sunlight, which once received are shot in different directions of the body. Also, it is the receiver of crown energy, which holds an incredible amount of information about your past, who you are as a soul, your future, your evolution – and the entire history of the universe. Everything is stored within your higher self in the universal consciousness.

It would be impossible to receive all of this information at all once, so the pineal gland functions like a coordination radio tower, receiving the strongest rays coming through from all light sources – higher self light, sunlight, moon light and star light – and has the ability to decode the information which is stored within these light frequencies.

The influence is a magnetic influence; it is not an electrical light, but gravitational energy. Light and magnetism are one and the same. The earth is magnetized by the sun; all the local creation on this planet is attuned to the magnetic field of Mother Earth, who is attuned to the magnetic field of the sun, which is attuned to the magnetic field of other star systems within the Milky Way Galaxy, which is attuned to other light networks within the universe, and so it is all one system. Every cell carries the same code of DNA, and by attuning to the light frequencies and the information within these frequencies, we are able to rewire our DNA.

An example to illustrate this relationship is a large corporation: The people on the floor only have so much information. When they encounter a problem, they will turn to the branch management where the level of information is slightly higher. If the branch management doesn’t know the answer, they will go to the regional managers, and if they don’t know the answer, they will go to the CEO, and so on. This hierarchical structure illustrates how our local solar system – the sun – is connected with other high vibrational light bodies within the universe. And it is our closest most tangible and immediate resource for recoding our DNA.

The macro level contains our planet, the universe, the galaxies and all the different star systems. On the micro level, the way this structure plays out in you is this: Your pineal is your local receiver of sunlight, and it disperses this light within your body. On a deeper level, each cell within your physical network has its own sun, which is the nucleus. And similarly, as the sun is magnetizing all beings within its rays, the pineal gland acts like the super sun for the body and magnetizes every cell within the physical system. It coordinates the light within the body. The system within the body that carries the light looks like a wire that travels through each cell of your body. It is a coil, a spiraling wire that is a conduit for light. That wire we have known to call our DNA.

By tuning into the pineal gland we enhance its abilities to receive light, and by receiving light we increase its magnetic powers and thus it is activating and magnetizing every nucleus and cell within your entire system. Thus, through pineal focus and sun gazing, you take charge of your own brainpower and make it your best ally. You gain direct access to the center in your brain that receives cosmic data straight from the source, eliminating all traces of confusion.

Pineal Facts

  • Native Energy: Static Electrical
  • Native Aspects: Intelligence, Intuition, Psychic Powers, Imagination
  • Color: Violet
  • Purpose: To enhance mental clarity and intuition
  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Frequent headaches, sinus pressure around the eyes, bad eyesight, cataracts, glaucoma, insomnia, paranoia or depression.

Language of a balanced pineal gland

When you pineal gland is balanced, clarity of mind is a regular and natural state for you. Having a calm, primed mind gives you a powerful presence in this world. You don’t need any external means to stay sharp and clear; in stead, you easily tap into the unlimited resources of your intelligence. Other people respect you for your quick mind and ability to see things clearly. Your life is a series of synchronicities and you feel the flow of life on a daily basis.

Language of an imbalanced pineal gland

When your pineal gland is imbalanced, you feel a lack of mental clarity, good memory or the ability to handle stress. You are unable to stay focused and efficient, and unable of relaxing your mind to heal negative thought patterns that cloud your life. You feel confused and often lose sight of the big picture. You wish could get a bird’s eye view of what is going on in your life.

Natural brainpower

Activating your pineal gland helps you restore the power of mind that is yours by birthright. It gives you clarity and mental strength, and the ability to see which choices will make you happy, and which won’t.

Your intuition is directly related to the pineal gland in the center of your brain. As with the rest of your body, the things you eat affect the health of this gland. Certain foods improve the health of the gland while others cause it to deteriorate. Fried foods, coffee and fluoride are some of the substances that will calcify and deactivate the pineal gland. A calcified pineal gland causes you to forget that you are indeed perfect, beautiful, intelligent love.

The psychic ‘gift’

Many believe that being psychic is ‘a gift’. However, it is ‘nothing more’ than the gift of an active pineal gland. Anyone who has reactivated and decalcified their pineal gland experiences their psychic gift ‘return’ to them. It is as simple as flexing a muscle. Changing your dietary patterns and gazing at the sun will help you tap into the incredible power of this gland and reactivate your natural physic abilities.

About the Author

Mona is a powerful international healer. Through her work, she has helped hundreds of people find health, wealth, love and happiness, transforming their lives forever.

At age 15, she had her spiritual awakening in India, through which she experienced a deep physical, DNA-level activation, thrusting her into her powers. This paramount event in her life led her to the discovery of profound knowledge about self-empowerment through the activation of DNA.

Wanting to explore the full significance of her experience, Mona chose to embark on a journey of learning about the systems on this planet, as she believed the key to freedom was to be found inside the system, rather than alongside its peripheries. She took on the challenge of testing her spiritual knowledge in everyday situations, exposing her self to all aspects of the human experience. This intense experiment with the programmed world proved to be a solid confirmation that the Bliss Instinct reigns supreme to all other instincts of human kind. Having returned to her natural blissful state through the LumenOctave principles, she has dedicated her life to healing and inspiring those around her.

A BA Psych. & MA Comms., Mona combines her esoteric and intuitive knowledge with practical academic and corporate experience to offer a never before seen healing technique, which addresses the human condition on all levels.

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  1. Uh-Oh… I didn’t know that Coffee was bad for the Pineal Gland. Well, I’m weaning myself off the coffee now! I take the health of my Pineal Gland quite serious. I am now a Vegan (had been a vegetarian for the past 5 years), who eats mainly raw, fresh organic foods. I drink only reverse osmosis water, I detox my body daily with Zeolite, Chlorella and a blend of other herbs. I realize that my Pineal Gland took a real hit before I awakened a few years ago. This is why I am so diligent about healing it now and keeping it healthy. Thanks for the post! It was very informative. Every little bit of knowledge helps! Love to you all, Benny

    • I instinctually cut out the coffee while weaning form all my other meds. I have heard conflicts about it but since most people drink coffee- it must have been important to the PTB to make it such a big part of our lives.
      Good luck Benny, it actually was quite easy for me after I came to that revelation. I replaced it with natural teas so i still had the warmth.

    • i’ve noticed another shift in consciousness the last few months. and i dislike smacking my 6 year old now more than ever, even tho i believe its the only real language they understand up to that age. the other funny thing is i have developed a strong liking for coffee, and have 3 or 4 cups daily. it really feels like it is helping my lungs (or is it throat?) which have been very mucousy for a few months. it tastes great! like some other posters i also feel like i’m in the wrong reality and long to return “home”.this started as early as i can remember, maybe 1 or 2 y.o.

      • That’s funny! (smacking the 6 year old! HAHHAHAHAHHAAAAAA! ) Seriously, though, it feels like you may be in need of an AURIC FIELD CLEARING. Our auras can get pretty gunky over time! You should check into that!

  2. My pineal gland is most certainly imbalanced. And it should be. Like so many of us, I’ve had a lifetime of fluoride-laced water, mercury fillings, radiation and all of the other poisons they throw our way. When you think about it, it’s amazing any of us are still here. Really! It’s amazing we’re still HERE.

    So, that got me thinking – what if I’m not “here” in the world that I once knew? What if I’m already dead, but I don’t even realize it. What if I’m simply existing somewhere between “worlds?” Maybe I’m living a “sixth sense” type of deal. What if a dimensional shift already happened and I didn’t get the memo?

    It really makes sense. Life is just too weird here. I’ve never really fit in to this reality – life was always surreal, but, now – oye! Dark entities just keep attacking me. I mean, the funkiness will not stop. I’ve had the thought that perhaps it was “my job” to awaken people, but now I don’t think so.

    So, I’m not liking this “life” much, but what do I do? I smudge. I meditate. I’m respectful to my body and those around me, but I’m not getting anywhere. Am I stuck here in THIS realm? Forever destined to rejection, illness and attacks?

    • Maybe it is time to move on to different surroundings and/or different friends. This earth is full of what you describe above. I live in suburban Chicago area-Dupage County- Land of GREED and CONTROL. There are many people that are not this way and they are the ones that help keep me sane. I live in this Sh__, but I also look beyond it and live a happy life with what I have.

      I have lived here for over 50 years and am now looking to move out(preferably to a warm-humid climate- Yes, I like Florida in the summer, not below zero degree winters in Chicago and 5 degree dew points).

      Make a change for yourself so you can help others. Get the mercury fillings out-Filter your water(reverse osmosis does not take the chemicals out of the water)and eat fresh non-gmo food that is not prepackaged. Start taking Chlorella and Spirulina to cleanse the toxins and to give you energy and vitamin-d every day, unless you live close to the equator and get natural sun every day.

      Sand, If this can not help you, rest assured it will help someone else reading this post.

      Have Fun and Enjoy the rest of this Life.

      P.S. – I do feel like I am shifting dimensions for the last few years. This happens a lot when I wake up and feel that my family and everyone around me are different than yesterday. This has also happened in the middle of the day. Two years ago I was driving in the car with three of my kids and we were pointing to the clock and mentioning the time. After driving 3 more blocks, my son next to me said “Look at the clock”. It was 10 minutes ahead than where we had seen 3 blocks back. The four of us agreed on what we were seeing. We also could sense a change, but could not pinpoint it.

      I know I don’t fit into this reality, but my gut(Intuition) tells me I am here to help change this reality for the Better. I have never fit into any groups and recently the greedy-controlling types can not stand to to be physically near me- I am perfectly fine with this- I walk away from lower vibrating people too.

      • Sand,
        I sometimes get imbalanced. I swear with 25 days left, they are throwing all the negative energy they can our way to stop this but they cant so its futile of them but its all they know.
        I get trapped under it sometimes so I delve into the positive stuff and try to stay away from the negative. I think the negative stuff serves as a mind trap. We need to know about the pedophiles but then it is so foreign, horrendous and incomprehensible to us that we lose our focus.

        Is there something you really love to do like read or paint? For me its music and this may sound crazy but it helps me get back to positive. I listen to the top 40 because I have teens and also I believe that the younger the generation, the more power to change the world (100th monkey starteed with juveniles washing the potatos then showing their parents). Therefore, top 40 would be a great place to reach them. I know that the PTB own the musicians but they dont own their souls. Look at Cathy Obrien she was able to get out of mind control and even while still captive she had states of lucidity were she knew what was going on. Wouldnt you use those moments to write down some powerful lyrics? The bible speaks of the angels of music coming first. The plieadians told me to let the music move through me. It all adds up for me.
        Last night an old 80’s song with the lyrics “Back to life, back to reality” played in my head and today during my radio stations “retro hour” (Makes me feel older than 36) that song came on. I hadnt heard it or thought of it in years and it was about being in the now. If that werent enough of a signal it was followed by marky marks version of “good Vibrations”.
        its coming Sand, I can feel it. My husband is waking up. we have had a few really deep conversations about the info Ive shared with him and hes getting the mind control stuff. Oh and today he went and got a libraby card just to take out “The power of Now”. They are waking up.

        JBaker, I always enjoy reading your viewpoints. My daughter and I had a similliar time experience. One Sunday evening I asked her if she had noticed if time felt funny earlier adn then she interrupted me to say “Yes time felt slow and funny from 12-3” which was exactly what I had felt.

        • Twelve. I know! Right? The negative energy is crazy right now. I’ve been trying to stay in the positive, but “they” are really throwing stuff at my youngest son (he’s recovering from vaccine injuries) and me. I have to remind my son that there’s a reason they’re attacking us – cause we know the truth. And they HATE the truth.

          I love nature (although there’s not much of that left in my area), and cooking and I love music and I love creating with my hands, but my current, on-going shit-storms have restricted my viewpoint just a tad and I haven’t been able to do much of anything because of my health. But I gotta tell ya – it’s so nice to “know” people in this group. You all “get it” and there’s nothing more refreshing than that. Oh, and Twelve – thanks for the “back to life – back to reality.” A very good song to get the juices flowing in me again.

          Zen, cheers to you. You’ve accumulated quite the nice family here and I’m so very grateful for you. I was going to post last week, but just wasn’t ready. Holding it in is not good and I can’t share with my biological family, so thank you for having a sounding board for us all.

          Love all around – but I’m still saying WTF!

          • Good to hear from you Sand! Yeah, gr8 folks here, I’m so impressed and grateful. I feel the vibes too…you have to almost be a professional fighter to get thru this crap…reminds me of the spaceship movies with their craft going thru asteroid belts and stuff…so many analogies, so little time…ha!! Hold on and let go, as the expressions go! Much love! – Z

      • Jbaker – Thanks for the tips! I know the doo-doo is everywhere. It’s just that the craziness seems to have stepped up a bit as of late. And I’ve already made multiple changes in the last 2 years since I became ill and woke-up. Actually, I live 2 hours south of you. A great biological dentist near you, in Joliet, IL, fixed my teeth. He is awesome. We have a great filter for our water, and our family eats the best food – organic, non-GMO, soy-free, GFCF – and greens, greens, greens. I found some great farmers in the area. One in Stelle, IL west of Kankakee. You should check him out – grass-fed beef and prairie-raised chickens. The best.

        I’m open-minded and proactive and am willing to make any change I need to find health again. I’m not one to sit around and wait for someone else to do it for me, but I swear, it’s hard sometimes. Recovery is slow, with lots of ups and downs and I thought I could keep up, but society has completely lost it’s way and that brings me down. Just as an example, I have two labs, they’re my buds, I love them and they go everywhere with me. Well, people have gone bat-shit crazy and I know it’s the mind control, but if you have a dog – watch out. A few months ago, my son and I stopped at the grocery store to grab a few things – my young adult son stayed in the car – with the windows and skylight open AND it was a beautiful 82 degrees with a light breeze. When I exited the store, our local animal control was waiting for me. They said it was too hot to leave the dogs in the car. It didn’t matter that it was actually a beautiful day and that my son was in the car. I did’t get a ticket – it was a verbal warning. I laughed and asked them if they ever get tired of the nuisance calls. They said yes, but they HAVE to answer the calls when they come in. And I said it was more about control and talked to them about the police state and that they were contributing to the loss of our freedoms. Astoundingly, they agreed.

        Then, about 3 weeks ago, I was walking my dogs outside the city limits and a car with 4 women stopped to ask, “is that dog OK!”. I was a bit confused, because this is a bit off the beaten path and these women were well-dressed and overly-coifed – not what one would expect to see out there. Anyway, I answered, “yes, of course – he’s my dog – he’s fine.” Now, this whole situation was just too weird and by this time, I’m well aware that strange things always happen to me, so I knew to turn tail and get out of there. They immediately pulled up behind my car and took a pic of my license plate. Oh boy! As I was driving home, I called my husband and told him that yet again, the dark entities were after me and to expect a visit from animal control!! Yep! About an hour later, animal control was at our house wanting to see our yellow lab. Once he saw our dog, he laughed – cause our dog is healthy and robust and well muscled – cause he eats grass-fed beef and prairie raised chicken from Stelle, IL. Geez!!! I told the guy that too! I told him that people are going crazy – AND HE AGREED! He was a great guy, but still – once again – I had “authorities” bugging me.

        Ok, now here is the clincher. I’ve been very ill with many UPS and DOWNS. I’ve improved, but the last few months have been especially hard – I’ll have days where I can walk the dogs or do errands, but there are also endless days where all I can do is lie in bed. I should mention that once I figured out it was mercury poisoning, I shared that info and my three sister disowned me, calling me crazy. In addition, my Mom has been suffering with Alzheimer’s for a few years, with a rapid decline in recent months. A few weeks ago, my mom lost the ability to swallow and Hospice was called. I’m not sure if folks are aware of this, but the ‘hospice way’ to end it, is to starve people – Terry Schaivo style. So – they stopped giving food and fluids to my mom – for eight days. It’s all so very sick, I haven’t been able to wrap my head around it all yet. I know that Alzheimer’s is caused by mercury and aluminum toxicity and yet we have to call it Alzheimer’s and we have to starve people and refer to it as “ending it with dignity.” Bullshit. It’s all so very, very sick. It just so happens, I was having a DOWN episode and couldn’t make the drive to see my mom. Besides, since I know what I know about our souls, I’ve been able to talk to my mom for awhile now and have found special ways to honor her and she knows it. I was glad she would finally be out of pain, but not happy for the way it was being done. Believe me, I couldn’t say any of this to my siblings. They would never understand that I can meditate and chat with my mom – even though they pray and …. anyway! It really bothered my sisters that I “refused” to visit – So, low and behold, last Thursday, I received a call from a social worker!!!! Crap! My sisters called animal control on me!!! That poor little social worker – 23 years old – just graduated and she gets to talk to ME. I gave her some info – not too much. Didn’t want it all to go “on file!” But, to get my sisters off my back, even though I could barely walk, I showered, called my husband, he left work and we drove the hour to see my mom. My sisters, who have not had a thing to do with me for 18 months, stood there with there hands on my shoulders as we looked at my mother’s emaciated body. It was so freakin’ weird. What is wrong with our society? What has happened? I played the game. Attended, but did NOT participate in the satanic rituals that are our modern funerals and then we left.

        So! Here I sit in central Illinois – wondering WTF!

        • Sand,
          God only gives you what you can handle so boy oh boy does he ever have faith in you!
          You have it rough but you are “strategically placed” and taking on so many attacks becaus your soul is well trained. With you and JBaker in the same area it must really need a lot of work!

        • Sand, I HERE YOU. When your Sisters,Brothers,Relatives and other people you know do not connect with the universe and their true selves, it turns into a War between you and them when you speak the Truth.

          Yes, People are starting to turn their neighbors into the so-called authorities- because they believe in what the media dictates to them.

          It is good to here that you know about the filtered water and non-gmo food. I had my mercury fillings removed last year and have been taking chlorella at a higher level to get it out of my system. Chlorella can be nauseating for you if you take too much at once. I started at 200 mg a day and got to 1000+ in a few weeks. Don’t stay at that level too long or it will throw you out of balance. Vitamin -D3 is another thing I use for myself and family to stay healthy, since sunshine around here can be minimal- If we do get a cold or flu it does not last longer than 2-3 days and it helps to get you healthy and stay that way.

          Earlier this year I could feel that the days of trying to awaken the sleepers was about past us and now is the time to work on ourselves and those we know that are awake(I still talk to the non-awakened people and send out e-mails regularly to try and wake them up). Stay centered and keep a steady pace and All will be Well. Your closer to 40 degrees than we have been for the last few days.

          Twelve, I know you are colder than we are- I just do not like the cold- My past few lives had to be in a tropical climate or maybe I was a reptile(A Good One Though).

          • Is there good reptillians? That would make me feel better cause i often wonder if i was one cause I need the sun to feel right. My newest symptom has been that my muscles constrict to the point of pain when I get too cold so I am stuck inside right now but I still stand by the window and soak up the sun.
            Before I got sick I had a case of guttate psoriasis and was constantly shedding skin and it was a running joke that I was like our pet, bearded dragon always shedding skin.

          • JBaker – Yep, I couldn’t do chlorella for months after my dental revision – it made me SO sick. Now I use an earth and sea combo that has chlorella – it’s kind to my system. Love it. Like you, I’m so not good with the cold weather – but I still prefer the REAL D3, so on clear days (no chemtrails), no matter how cold, I’ll find a warm spot to soak up some sun. We have a calm day today, so BURR – here I go.

            Also, thanks again for your kind words, JBaker, Twelve and Indigo. After I posted yesterday, my son and I heard walking on our deck. Our deck is just off the room that we were sitting in and this is a full glass wall, so we would be able to see anyone who was walking on our deck – but we saw NO ONE. And it was a fast-paced gait, just as my mom walked before she became ill. I know it was my mom.

        • Hi Sand,

          Grief is a peculiar frequency – and its effects can be felt well before and after somebody close has died.

          I have noticed that I sometimes go through periods where I feel I am walking on air, where everything seems in alignment somehow. However, a couple of months ago, I experienced a period which was quite the opposite. I went through a month or so of ‘bad luck’, as I don’t know what else to call it. It started when the Animal Rescue people turned up with a stray cat which they had no room for, which I went on to foster for a month, and ended when I handed the cat back.

          I wanted to keep her, but my existing cat would NOT let this happen under any circumstances.

          I’m at a loss to understand it, but I was at least aware that it was happening, when it started and that IT WOULD PASS in time.

          Another thing I was aware of, is that even though I had some trying times, each incident carried the seed of opportunity – to deal with it in a certain manner.

          I’m sure as day follows night that it will pass for you, too.

          So, watch your dogs AND cats!

          • Sounds like the cat was carrying distorted energies. I have read that cats are transmitters for the beings that created them and that is how those beings keep a tab on what is going on here on Earth.

            Everything does pass, don’t hold onto anything of Earth too long or you will never be Free.

  3. Sun gazing is not something I’d recommend, especially these days as the Sun “lightens” up! There is no doubt that we are receivers/transmitters, as are crystals, but, at least for me, it’s not so much how my pineal is doing, but what my heart is up to, in every sense of the word “up”. Love, A.

    • Hi Altea,

      You probably already know this, but some may not: Sun gazing is meant to be done when the sun is close to the horizon, ie, when it is at its weakest (first hour after sunrise / last hour before sunset); and also done incrementally, starting from 10 seconds or so, then increasing exposure slightly the next day if our eyes are ok with it.

      I enjoy sun gazing, especially as I was always told not to look at the sun as a child, because “You’ll go blind.” So it was a new experience. My eyes have been ok with it, but it feels strange at first.

      • Indigo, of course you have hit it! Why didn’t I know that? Because I live in the mountains and don’t see sunrises and sunsets on the horizon! You gotta love geography! Thanks, and Love to you Indigo, A

        • What is this sun thing you speak of? The ptb work hard to keep me from seeing it here in Ontario but on the days i have it i love to sun gaze. I swear it helps energize me.

        • My favorite sunset is the sun going down into the ocean. I would miss that, but the mountain views could over come a sunset I guess.

  4. There is a cosmic hierarchy, but there are human beings on this planet using that paradigm to control others as well as the financial or social hierarchical platforms. The problem is when another being above you in the “hierarchy,” of either fairies and sprites or cash and guns, has incorrect information on YOU, and thinks they are higher than YOU in the hierarchy, and you KNOW more about yourself, and maybe even them, and can do just fine, but the others, such as the author of this article, is using her “position” to control just as much as the cash and guns crowd.

  5. I have been sun gazing every day I can for the last few months. It has really helped my sleep & lucid dream state. Although I am growing past focusing on my pineal gland because I’m in my higher heart most if the time now & want to continue developing the higher chakras, it’s still important to keep that little gland as clear as possible. Anyway, I’ve seen some gorgeous sunsets & quite a few interesting things flying around in the sky. All you have to do is look up :) Peace & love to all.

  6. And when my pineal gland and higher self is in its clearest mode, which it is some of the time, it doesn’t guarantee that the reality I see with it is sunsets, and natural beauty, and peace and harmony around the world, I can join in the collective self-deception of that, that just to believe it or see it makes it so, but in reality, even when you yourself are in pristine condition, there are others and other events and circumstances that are not of your control that may not appear to be the garlands of leis and natural beauty that one would hope to see, depending on where you are in the immediate environment. So one’s own self-work only goes so far on the Planet of the Apes.

  7. Hello everyone, I am loving the energy here. Such warm loving souls ar gathering in various places, it is beautiful. I would find it hard these days if placves like this did not exist, where sharing is so lovely. Learning so wonderful, and intent so loving and clean.

    I have had some weird years where |I have gone practically crazy, then angry, and then back to a slightly different version of my self. I have eaten clean, meditated and also a lot of other things to rise my energy and vibration But when I do things seem to gather to bring down my energy, sometimes I have been sucked into it, but now I am ready for it. I do not give my energy to anything that does not lift or raise my spirits, energy or love etc. I find standing on the ground without shoes really helps me to ground, doing something creative keeps me focused (I make cards) and write poetry. I was sucked into the moan and groan brigade about all the ills, and now I am back again, now I feel strong and armed with love to do so. I know I have a need to recharge by the sea. This in sun fully recharges my body through and though.

    Just want to say a huge thank you to evertyone and sending very much love to you all………x

    • Hey Gentlespirit,
      You have a great vibe about you that makes me feel even more sure that we are on the edge of glory.
      Keep up the silent revolution!

  8. :-) I did sun gazing for an year along with jal neti. I used it for being positive in high pressure work environment, being positive. its been an year on and off in jal neti. after an year I started getting this intense between my eye brows.
    Now, from last one month I have been trying to focus my mind by meditating on tip of my nose with kechari mudra of tongue. for me, Kechari Mudra is been a big stepping stone in exploring these energetic process. Yesterday after just meditating and focusing my attention between eye brows I felt like so much energy in pineal area and head that it turned into heavy pain in head . Positioning of my tongue at soft palate works like On/Off switch to make this feeling real stronger now….

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