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Poll: U.S. Biggest Threat to World Peace

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International polls shows that world, including significant portion of Americans, deem US as greatest obstacle to peace

- Sarah Lazare

U.S. soldiers stop traffic on the road to the governor’s compound in Kandahar, scene of a deadly battle on April 28, 2012 (Photo: AFP / Getty Images)Over 12 years into the so-called “Global War on Terror,” the United States appears to be striking terror into the hearts of the rest of the world.

In their annual End of Year survey, Win/Gallup International found that the United States is considered the number one “greatest threat to peace in the world today” by people across the globe.

The poll of 67,806 respondents from 65 countries found that the U.S. won this dubious distinction by a landslide, as revealed in the chart below.

The BBC explains that the U.S. was deemed a threat by geopolitical allies as well as foes, including a significant portion of U.S. society.

Predictable in some areas (the Middle East and North Africa) but less so in others. Eastern Europe’s 32% figure may be heavily influenced by Russia and Ukraine, but across most of Western Europe there are also lots of figures in the high teens.

In the Americas themselves, decades of US meddling have left an awkward legacy. Its neighbours, Mexico (37%) and Canada (17%), clearly have issues. Even 13% of Americans see their own country as a danger.





  1. While I agree that the US and its’ peoples are greatest threat to world peace and prosperity, I do not let all of European peoples and governments to white wash their involvement in participating in US programs.
    in many cases the behind the scenes collaborations , such as in Africa , Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and now in SE Asia and how so many hide behind What was formed as a defensive organization, NATO, THAT NOW IS USED ONLY AS AN OFFENSIVE MILITARY FORCE ALONG THE SAME LINES OF OLD COLONIAL FINANCIAL EMPIRE BUILDING
    Yes the US is the big gets killer and power on earth but not one or group of ones dares to deny them whatever they request including weapons to use in What the profess to be an illegal War Iraq
    Naw there is no national b oundarys to the lowest means determinant ofvbarbaricbselfvindulgence by one nation as todayvindeed we have avowed of those who can and will do with rest of earth as they will.

    • let me get this straight, you think th eeuropeans are th eproblem but what about the isrlies they seem to have their tenticles in all govts, maybe its not jus tteh americans but lets not forget whos always beating the war drums.. and that’s isrl itself. a nation without borders who is still robing people of their lands.. and not a single govt has actually stepped inside to put an and t this crap.. i think the pole is run by jews to make it look like the Americans are the demons.,Take the jews out of the equation and can bet world peace would break out.. sorry if i offend anyone, but really who is writing all the foreign policies and who controls our banks.. and who is paying off our govt to do whats best for the jews and screw everyone else.. i dont give a rats A** about these poles because it is clear they are controlled by teh same people who control our govts..

    • The good thing is it’s (at least) the same as Iran and N. Korea in this tainted poll – again, it’s not the real numbers, just a padded semi-confession. They want to set up the US as the ultimate fall guy in the world view to eviscerate its memory for easier implementation of the NWO, so we’ll be seeing more of this.

  2. I agree with Rollo, UK should be top of the list in EVERY negative situation on the planet. Without the Crown Corporation of London, the Vatican, and Washington DC, all 3 of which operate in unison, there would be NO reason for anyone in the world to fight, except for a few tribal or family squabbles. Therefore, remove the Vatican, remove Washington DC and remove the Crown Corporation of England, then followed by EVERY Alphabet organisation on the planet, then remove ALL religions………voila!!! Problems solved. Let’s Party!!!!!!

    • I am a Buddhist, so I do not really have a dog in the Catholic Race for world dominion. I do think we have a Pope that is listening, that knows our heart. I think that is hopeful. The idea that England is still controlled by that tiny square mile in London, upsets me more than all the welfare cheaters put together. Let freedom ring! Speak your own heart. Let’s Party!

    • UK resurrected a faction from the ancient times known as the assassins, at the behest of the Crown through this man http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_ibn_Abd_al-Wahhab (Wahhabism) and the agenda is now done at the behest of the Crown through the Saudi Royal Family who are actually Jewish. The UK also created the state of Israel, and well, I don’t think I need explain much further.
      I spent time in the Middle East and the true Muslims are the most gracious people I have met in my life. They lie to you only when they know it will affect your vibratory demeanor, they wish not to be the bearers of bad news. I lived with a Muslim for some time and learned much.
      Again, great book……… http://www.amazon.ca/Terrorism-Illuminati-A-Three-Thousand-Year-History/dp/1615773061

      • same here – lived there several years – wonderful people. The scum at the top there is like the selfish scum anywhere, but the people are gracious, giving, kind and family oriented. They can put the average decadent debauched westerner to shame.

  3. Isn’t it a carve up between all three ? The militaristic , financial and spiritual centres of the world . Each of them wielding power over us , but we are complicit in all this , we vote ,we allow ourselves to be subjugated . Once our social and cultural conditioning is removed , our biological imperative to reproduce and our fight and flight mechanisms are taken away and we able to look at one another naked and unashamed without these contraints , we can see we all want one thing and are united by our need to become more fully human . It’s not’ them ‘ it’s us , time to take responsibility and step up to the mark . Kitty XX

  4. Pretty low numbers really. Not even a majority. I am surprised there are still so many who don’t realise it.

  5. These people obviously haven’t read “1984.” War is peace, military bases are really peace keeping bases, drones are safe, refugee camps are fun places…..with that knowledge, please cast your vote again.

  6. Where is all the terrorism and fighting going on? Not in America. Where are the people fleeing to to avoid refugee status. Again its America. Who are most famous for bailing others and taking no responsibility for their actions? The Middle East Terrorists. Who voted in this poll and where do they live?

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