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Project Blueballs – Fulford, Wilcock & the False Hope Energy Heist


by Zen Gardner

They’re all doing it. From religious spewing to the political realm to phony financial prognostications and alternative community advantage-takers, inadvertently or not, it’s an easy sell that goes down smooth.

False hope sells.

Obama’s wrecking crew is the perfect example as they finish what the last several Presidents started. Their bullshit “Hope and Change” campaign was disgusting in its pandering to a teed-up America whose anti-war-and-everything angst was deftly fanned into a bonfire by the complicit media.

Hence the emotional fawning over Obummer that was enough to make anyone half awake puke.

I’m more concerned about the alternative research community. I think it’s time to caution the sincere against these false hope snake oil salesmen that are bleeding the energy out of the goodhearted “wanting to believe something good” folks.

And that includes the Fulford-Wilcock preacher types and their cultish half-baked unsubstantiated claims of deliverance into a “new mafia” of all things.

No thanks.

Fulford-Wilcock Leads to Nowhere

There’s not a lot that needs to be said about the Fulford-Wilcock affair. It may mean well but it’s spun around a very strange dynamic of secretive information and supposed interpretation. What I resent is being tooled along with it all, as if it’s real information and something to pin my hopes on.

And many sincere folks are falling for it because it brings hope.

It’s much like new age or religious info where you are strung along on supposed “facts” from doctrinal or channeled information and etherial suppositions.

Sorry, I’ve been tooled before. No longer.

This just smells completely wrong. The “dragon family” will supposedly replace the Bavarian Illuminati and all will be well? Hello? Anybody home? Millions of ninjas and Asian mafiosos will scour the existing power structure and bring harmony to the good of all?

Are we in a comic book?

Don’t need this kind of disinfo, however “well meaning”. Get your facts straight first, then report to us. We’re busy here trying to survive and help others transcend in a very real matrix-ruled world and working our way around and beyond it. Don’t screw with us.

Don’t you get that?

Another Example – The Ron Paul Bus to Nowhere

Sorry, and I don’t mean to make a blanket assessment on this issue, but it will seem that way. I like activism, I like to encourage participation, and I love to see people expressing their passion for freedom and a better world.

As long as it’s going somewhere – most of all towards a fully conscious awakening to the big picture which I believe is the litmus test.

But U.S. Presidential politics is a complete scam. Like they say, “Don’t vote, it only encourages them.”  It’s sickening–mostly that there are so many that don’t see it. Plain and simple.

More than that, to grasp that this crossroads of understanding is a place of decision that has everything to do with your spiritual outlook and overall perspective, that’s profound. But few will get that.

The Big Issue: The Energy Vampires

Where is all this energy going? These are perfect examples.

We all know Ron Paul would never get in. They’d assassinate him if they had to, but it won’t get near that. It is a good background with which to contrast the shallow insanity of the mainstream press and all, and might be leading to further wake ups.

To have any hope that this current system is reformable is ultimately a distraction and energy zapper. It may be building community with common thinkers which can be real good, especially to help each other prepare for the coming chaos that’s unfortunately right around the corner. But to give so much attention and energy to something we know isn’t going to come to fruition should be giving people pause to think.

Can we afford to really stop and think? I just hope they translate over to conscious awareness of the big picture.

Religion Preys on False Hope

We all wish something would work in our favor in the horrific situation we appear to be in. But we can’t pin any energy on false hopes. This is exactly how religion operates. Anyone who has had a conscious awakening and come through some of these paradigms can smell these things when they come around.

And it’s a lot healthier to be skeptical than a dumb sheep “believer” in something you have zip evidence is true. Only hope. And that’s where it takes root in your heart. Be careful.

It’s the same as “belief”. Know, or don’t know. It really is that simple. But the matrix programming will fight that. Learn this precept. Have a good heart, be intuitive, but don’t be misled.

They are completely different frequencies.

When Hope is Right

Yes, there’s hope. In fact in reality everything is just fine right now. Death isn’t gonna change a damn thing. We are eternal beings on a journey here and our main purpose is to discover who we already are.

The most wonderful thing there is in the Universe!

But we’re not here to invent a new belief system that feels comfortable and “seems” to explain things around us…oh, and by the way, will save you at the eleventh hour when things turn nasty…and bring you new adherents, and to pad your ego and account balance. Sorry, bastards.

Damn that.

I do believe we’re in a time of serious change, including esoteric influences that can be used in our favor, but I’m very skeptical of sweeping promises that are not consciousness based. I know from personal experience that conscious awareness, our oneness, our inter-connectivity and being a part of the Source..call it God or whatever..is our essence.

I feel I know very little about it but I know it. Period.

I’m just sharing my heart on all this.

Hope it helps. Be awake. Keep questioning.

Don’t believe…just know what you know!

Love, Zen


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  1. Well said all around Zen. the BF/Wilcox story-line is truly going beyond the pale. Fulford has stretched my mind with his previous Italian Count, Illuminati stuff…. former editor of Forbes magazine….. quite the set-up I feel.

    And in any case, I feel free-energy is the worst thing we can pray…dare I say…hope for?

    Free energy IS a curse, a midas-ian curse. Look what it did to the US with Oil and what it did to Japan/Europe with Nuclear.

    I wrote about it if interested…


    It’s all with-in…eh?

    Keep calling it Zen.


    • Vivek… Why do You feel free energy is a curse? It will pull the money rug out from under the power elite. All money is is representation of meaningful energy expended. Add abundantly what money represents and the need for money dissipates.

      So… Can You clarify?

      More: http://bit.ly/I5TriH

      • Amaterasu, I responded to your comment on my blog. Our views are mostly complimentary, Just differ on how the world at large will react.

        With great power comes great responsibility, ne?

        Really apreciate yoru work/perspective.


    • Indeed Vivek,

      I always ask myself “Is this -insider- offering alternatives to their readers like proven alternative medicine or alternative energies (note I said alternative not free)?” If not I usually classify them as Zen does in his article, like fear o hope mongers but who lead their public to nothing productive or beneficial for them.

      There are technologies out there who can help people not to pay more electrical bills to their companies or bleed out everytime they want to refill their cars and the people who spread this type of information are the most reliable imho.

      The 1st clue I had that D. Wilcock was an impostor was what Zen has mentioned, just hope no beans.

      The 2nd was that I analysed one of his Project Camelot interviews with a Voice Stress Analysis tool which roughly helps you to ascertain when someone is likely to be lying. If you want to use this tool when in doubt here’s more information.

      Free program: http://www.liedetectionsoftware.zoomshare.com/

      Wikipedia definition of VSA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_stress_analysis

      And the 3rd and definitive was when David Wilcock started to collaborate with Richard Hoagland and various users complained in other sites that messages warning Wilcock about Hoagland’s exposure as a disfinformation agent and a criminal were being censored in Wilcock’s website.

      Richard Hoagland exposed: http://www.project.nsearch.com/profiles/blogs/richard-hoagland-exposed-coverups-lies-and-calling-for-a-new-worl

      All that I have learned of all of this in that you can’t even believe your own eyes and must always keep a healthy skepticism try to confirm any information through periodicals, science journals and never believe anything because two or more people are saying the same things but giving no proof of their claims. Sometimes the common sense helps you weed out the disinformators others you have to be more resourceful because the disinformation is so subtle and well written that is difficult to discern truth from fantasy as they always use the tactic of mixing bits of truth with loads of crap.

      The best way to end the tyranny and free ourselves? Find ways not to pay and surrender more power the corporatocracy in her three most powerful legs:

      Medical: http://www.dsalud.com/ http://www.genesis2forum.org/
      Energy: http://www.peswiki.com
      Sheltering: http://www.earthship.com/

      • When I read Wilcocks hope for arrests, I made myown inquiry, and the response was that the ptb was already busy “bonding out” before even being charged with anything, which suggests they will not or cannot be touched, not in our courts, but perhaps in the court of public opinion, which has no jurisdiction here. We have a problem!

        • Hey Earl…I dunno…just trying to remind people to not come under the power of false hopes that cause them to be disempowered. So much pseudo-spiritual crap is doing that very thing, preying on the unwitting. Pisses me off…when that mechanism kicks in something is amiss somewhere. – Z

    • PROVE IT!

      Don’t just say that all these people are lying and we shouldn’t believe them. Don’t just say that it’s all misinformation and is harmful to get peoples hopes up.

      PROVE IT!

      What gives you the right to throw a blanket claim over all the Conspiracy Theories that we are about to take the Bad Guys down without any proof that it is NOT happening? The world didn’t let GATA off the hook 13 years ago when they said Gold was being manipulated…they had to prove it. And they did.

      So now it’s your turn. Anyone who claims that there is not a plan to take down the Bad Guys…

      PROVE IT!

      • It’s pretty hard to prove a negative. It’s the Wilcock’s and the Fulford’s and the Drake’s and the Tolec’s who have to prove what they say is true, either with documentation or actual results as promised. Didn’t you have enough Hopey-Changey from Obama who proceeded to continue the killing and treasury-robbing just as well as any Bush could have hoped to, and enough with being lied to after 9-11?

      • Back in Wilcock’s early days, when he was pimping the Cayce reincarnation meme. I had one of his”readings.” This has been my “smell-test” as to ascertaining the validity of purported prescience.
        The preliminary “conversation” was loaded with enough of my personal triggers that anyone with half a wit could muster such a milk-toast insight into my queries. I played dumb and impressed…and scratched his name off the believable list.

        A quick re-read of Narcissus and his infatuation with his own persona is clear enough.

  2. Hi Zen, thank you for sharing this. Your words are resonating with me. I want the world to be a better place for all involved, I have much hope, I believe in miracles. However I am not filling well with betting your Now and Tomorrow to somebody else’s good stories of hope, that somebody else will take care for all of us. I know that the power is in every one of us and that is that will change the orld aroung.

    • Exactly, Stan. When we all decide that we are not going to “participate” complicity or overtly in this corruption, it will begin to falter on its own…declaring love is first, then peeling back the ugliness of media ownership is second, then stopping control of the press it third and paramount. “Enlightenment” in the 21st century can only come from the medium everyone is tuned to…it is far easier to off truth via tv, then to convince everyone not to watch it…

  3. I quite agree with you on this one Zen. While he had in the past done a nice job from a metaphysical perspective extracting and conveying the esoteric and spiritual meaning of things I believe Wilcock has been led astray by his illusory friends in “high places”. This latest subplot he has embroiled himself in seems self-serving and likely the work of proxies. It has taken on such a vaudevillian guise, it tells me that my focus should shift elsewhere. And it has.
    I’m smiling at the image of the vulture, the valkyrie, the corpse eater, but ultimately the DNA collector. Does it smell carrion?
    Look to the gobleck teki vulture stele, the ancient Egyptian priesthood Vulture cult, to the Federal Reserve Bank with it its huge black vulture statue perched upon the pillar erected outside its portals…
    . Why don`t Ben and David talk about the real vultures? The secret residents of this planet since the midst of time….. Because it“s all distraction, that`s why. The thunderbirds will wreak more havoc on us than any silly bankers ever did.
    The war above is being fought below. Sadly for us.

  4. Yes, all so very well said, Zen. This article is saturated with Truth.

    The next president is always pre-decided, and an election campaign is the charade that lets Joe Public think he has some influence over who rules him.

  5. Hi Zen,
    I’ve been a follower of this site for quite sometime now..and thank you for sharing this information. The current situation around us will not change unless we individually realizes our role in this game, of who we are and where we came from..well, as far as I know (not believe) we are vibrational being, eternal consciousness, awareness,eternal soul spirit…etc. whatever you may call it.The bottom line is we create our own experience or reality whether good or bad, we are responsible individually for our actions. I know at least for my own experience, that we are here on this planet to learn and discover who we really are and that we are Love or Loved or positive vibration or Joy or the essence of it for the purpose of aligning with this POSITIVE ENERGY (love) which is inside each one of us. Life is supposed to be joy that is why when we are misaligned we FEEL discomfort or dis-EASE or anything that displeases us, because we feel the vibration. (vibes) We know that we are aligned if it feels good or bad because our emotion (6th sense) tells us, our accurate Guidance System often and widely ignored. We must understand, remember (individually) who we are to be able to free ourselves from this matrix controlled by the few. Let the Light and Love continue to shine on you..and the rest of us All..

  6. Hi Zen, as so often you just got the words to express what resonates deeply with me. Fulford, Wilcock and many others i deleted from my favorites a long time ago. It s a waste of time and so are unfortunately many others, supposedly good ones. I feel that the only thing counts is what i do, what you do, what everybody does, will say that i can change nobody, i can only be an example by showing what i do, how i see things and think they should be handled. So does everybody else, nobody can change anybody, period. At least not if he or she doesn t want to, Observe what these maniacs do, closely and with the proper distance to be informed but not sucked in, after all energy flows where attention goes, always. Live and act so at the end of each day you can honestly answer the question ARE YOU PROUD OF WHAT YOU DID TODAY with a yes. Thank your guides and your spirit self and try to make the best of this time and life on this planet. So we, my family, rented last month for a long term a 10 000m2 lot in the sahara, a nice place near the river draa with more than 50 palm trees, and will build up a perma farm there including stuff like agnihotra and electro-magneto-culture. We listed with permies and wwoof.org to give people a chance to help, share, teach and learn, and will simply show to everybody, local farmers as well as everybody else via www, that growing your own food, and in the process cleaning up your mind a little, is possible for everybody. Even better, it s possible to do that also MUCH faster, better and bigger than anybody tells you in the mainstream. If I, stonehead Mike, can grow peas in dry quartz sand one buys in a hardware store, with very very little water, in less than 6 weeks, than everybody else can do that too. Free and healthy food is probably the first step to a truly free life, but every voyage begins with the first step, so why not starting with the basics instead of working to go from a 9-5 job directly to be a transcended master? Anyway, i always enjoy your writing, it resonates in most cases with me and that just feels good :-) my best wishes, mike

    • Hi Mike
      read your post, very interesting, checked your website and noticed you are spreading your good work all over the world including africa?
      what is your take on GMO -“monstanto Roundup pesticide being introduced to small scale farmers in Africa? are you farming with any of these products? just wanted to hear your views..
      kind regards

      • Hi Ostengm. Glad you came by. Monsanto wants to own the world’s food supply. They are nothing but trouble everywhere they go and damaging the food chain. Their GMO foods are changing our DNA and ruining human bodies, as is Roundup and the rest. Go to google videos for “The World According to Monsanto” and show it to everyone. Search the subject and you’ll find wonderful experts who will tell you the truth about this horrific company. Get information out to all you can. Take care, Zen

        Jeffrey Smith is terrific on this: http://www.responsibletechnology.org/

  7. You’ve sad it all. Just to add: This is a game, and we came here to play it. And not only to play it, but to achieve mastery over it. Matrix is just slimy false construct superimposed over reality, but transparent and impotent once you learn to see it… and kick it every time it stands in your way.

    • Ha! Cosmic Awareness predictions for 2012? Are you kidding? You’re missing Zen’s point completely. That’s yet another website that is spewing false hope through enigmatic “predictions” of complete and utter crap. Same old story. If you believe any of that, you’re living in your own private Idaho.

      • Hey! I live in Idaho! Don’t mess with Texas or Idaho! :) Actually some encourage stuff coming from here in the realm of local empowerment in Moscow, Idaho. It’s a very liberal community and prone to “Agenda 21” trappings through the “sustainable”, “smart growth” snake oil; but I was at a meeting with a group that is collaborating as local producers trying to foster relationships within the community’s food markets (local chef’s, farmers co-op store, farmer’s market scene). I am very interested in being involved with that and mean to introduce them to Julian Rose’s “Proximity Principle” ideas.

        One participating farm in this effort just recently became an “Alan Savory Hub” and is promoting their farm as an agro-tourism destination. They seem like great people and well meaning, but I’m curious about the intent of the Savory Institute and question the benefit of agro-tourism (certainly see the potential for teaching, but feel like it’s a set up). Does anyone know more about Alan Savory’s intensions? His mission seems inspiring but the amount of hubris it would take to order 30,000 elephants to be killed because of global warming seems a hard one to bounce back from; especially when at the other end you still haven’t opened your mind up enough to understand the global warming scam. (Coming from the natural resources management community, I certainly have been floored by the amount of hubris exists and lack of informed decision making.)

  8. Ron Paul might not win but he sure have educated and woken up a lot of people, mostly the very important demographic of teenagers and young adults.. that will take over this existence very soon =) so don´t think the message of liberty, love and justice that Ron Paul speaks is failing.. quite the contrary actually 😉

    • I don’t think Ron Paul has awakened anyone. He is a lesser of many evils, IMHO.

      He doesn’t like the FED, because his friends don’t get to collect the interest. What is his plan to replace the FED?

      GOLD! I ain’t got no gold. I only got sweat.

      • olralbird, that has to be the most ignorant, . . . . . Somebody’s been robbing you for a hundred years. You don’t want the robbery to stop because you ain’t got no gold. Brilliant. Well, I got sweat too. I’d like it to count for something.

    • Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign was my wake up call. I am ever thankful for that. I do, however, think Zen is absolutely right about his limitations; whether purposeful or genuine. His son would probably be the biggest “give-away” if you were to consider how far the apple may or may not have fallen from the tree. Ron Paul still has lots of great stuff to say, but Zen points out well how he’s still working within the system and thwarting people’s progression beyond the matrix. End the Fed for sure! But going to a gold standard seems it would just perpetuate the continuous raping of the earth and subjugating of the indigenous people around the world (including the more modern indigenous populations).

  9. Everything just ‘is’. Everything and everyhone is right where they are supposed to be and doing whatever they are suppoed to be doing. It all just ‘is. I watch, observe and endeavour to take out the emotion, take away the ego, and watch as if it is all a big movie going on. I see the various players, Some get ‘it’ some do not. Some are led, others definitely controlled, others are controlled and do not realise it. Then there are those who sdee it for what ‘it is’ a mighty game – and they ‘know’ Some feel fear, others try not to, then there are those who just know, just ‘are’ and just ‘be’ for in the final analysis, we are………we all just ‘are’.LOVE really ‘is’ all there ‘is’………….. :0)

    • I mostly agree with this being how things “should be,” but do not agree we are all doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. We aren’t supposed to be doing anything, really.

      I think the 99% would be doing things 100% differently if they had control of the money supply.

  10. David Wil cock really bugged me from the first time I set eyes on him in a Camelot interview with Kerry Cassidy I was suffering through a few years ago(Miss Motormouth)
    Cassidy was saying “no way” would she incarnate to this world. If it meant she would be done in by the new world order at this stage in her life (as if she were privy to the time, place and means of her departure from this mud ball).lol
    The smarmy, self indulgent smile on that Willcox blokes face, pissed me right off. He looked as if he was on angel dust, But was too stupid to realize it.
    Any way I digress. I like Ben Fullford and think he has his heart in the right place. He is trying to wake up the sleepy heads. Albeit in a rather eccentric way. He is however still human but comes over a little befuddled As I said, a likable fellow.
    We are all here of our own decision (just having a little fun).
    We shall all finish at exactly the right time and place.
    Anyone who thinks they can fuck around with the master plan will be fucked.
    So as a fantastic man (BILL HICKS) once said ” Relax its just a ride(:

  11. Wilcock and Fulford are part of the disinfo campaign run by the Power Elite. Trapping people in a bubble by promising Hope is an old tactic. Surely people learnt something from the Obama Hope and Change Lies?

  12. I’m sorry — the conspiracy being researched for years hits a solution and suddenly because you aren’t the top dog leading the pack or whatever, you shit all over other researchers bringing out information that doesn’t align with the ‘doom and gloom’ scenario?

    The difference here being, all the information Fulford and Wilcock have put out has been BACKED UP. Did you even bother mentioning anything of relevance?

    How dare you insult our intelligence. If you feel up to doing a good job debunking these two, please make a detailed case against the points they raise:

    I find it suspect you didn’t mention the latest article by Wilcock:


    Or the 600 Banker resignations within the last few months alone:


    Or a statement with Alexander Romanov with Ben:


    Totally disgusted that David Icke even posted this. Him, Alex Jones and the rest of them — is it because these guys release promosing information for free it makes it easier to be hyper critical? What, do I need to buy your 400+ page books to get a grasp on this reality and how it’s totally controlled and you offer no other actual PHYSICAL solution to the problem?

    How does mass arrests of the illuminati sound… absurd? The internet has provided us with incredible amounts of proof of their crimes, how could the entire system be controlled to the point where they were actually above the law?

    David Icke says it’s a house of cards, are we finally at that point whereby the people serving the powers that be have had enough? You won’t even entertain that as a possibility?

    So what’s actually going on? We have a whole host of researchers just leading everyone down different rabbit holes. Use discernment people, go with your gut instinct.

    Also no mention of Drake… but I take it he’s a paid actor/shill/works for the goernment/disinfo prostitute bullshitter as well. Can we ever win?

    • People dare to question any information coming out from several sources and why shouldn’t they ?
      questioning Fulford and Wilcock is the right thing to so just like we all question our government, teachers, professors, employers e.t.c
      So yes we must “DARE” to question any information being posted out there.. we don’t live in a zombie world my friend! and we can’t follow blindly too!!

      • My Point being this article seeks to undo months of meticulous research and work provided by Wilcock/Fulford (see his website for the amount of words put in alone, as well as connecting many dots).

        My point then would be, wouldn’t it be more silly for two guys to completely discredit themselves and lay their entire reputations on the line if not a part of this were true?

        Also, didn’t it occur to anyone that the elite are so far gone in their crimes and we are swimming in evidence that it’s almost a given they WILL be arrested at some point?

        Or in the eyes of Zen and others here, do the illuminati actually own and control every single person and facet of humanity?


        • Hey Andy…see my replies to James and Katherine. If my little post undoes all that, then there wasn’t much to it. And you’re right, they aren’t trying to discredit themselves. Who would? And yes, the elite will fall, as will the matrix system. And where did I ever say the Illums control everything? Only if you’re in the matrix.
          Gotten out lately? Take a test drive, it’s pretty cool out here…;)

          Hey man, we’re all on the same team. Chill. No one’s attacking you, but if you have beliefs…they will take a beating…just like our egos, as they should. We all need to detach. Wouldn’t that be cool?

          The police come across a fight scene…”Hey folks. Chill out. Let’s do some deep breathing and get centered. Detach people, repeat: “this conflict is at a low level vibration and totally unnecessary or called for…I will return to consciousness..”

          OK…now everybody hug and make up. Good lesson…;))

          “You may say I’m a dreamer…..I’m not the only one….”…

          • Thanks for posting my first name. I’d call that a conspiracy but I know you can see my email address. 😛

            You seem like a switched on and quite mellow (well Zen) fellow, so in my defense this article and your comments are a little confusing.

            We are all on the same team… so why are you insinuating that we are all sheep like believing in this “fairy-tale” ending for the world by BF/DW?

            I was trying to get across that… David Wilcock in the last few months has posted words in the thousands with backed up and well researched points. An article like this is dangerous to folk with no discernment or reason to look up the positive viewpoint in this. They can now brush it off as you’ve painted both these guys as just dreamers.

            I’m saying, I’ve been following this trail along for years and to be honest — in my opinion, I’m sharing the view that the logical conclusion to all this would infact be the mass arrests. How could they not happen? We’re drowning in proof and evidence now.

            I think I was trying to get across that your article would be alot stronger and in your favor if you actually tore Wilcock and Fulford apart on their points rather than stating that they are the blind leading the blind.

            Like I said elsewhere, who cares either way? Isn’t this all delightfully entertaining?

            I await the ninjas. :)

            Still surprised at Icke for posting this! But then again, he doesn’t subscribe to 2012 being a significant year either. I guess we’re just the new-age sheep like hippies though.

            At the end of the day, it doesn’t happen… then what? Back to the grind of being enslaved? At least there’s a window and a possibility, that’s enough for people — can we have some good news for a change?

            No ones saying don’t work on yourselves either. This is background noise but hopefully it manifests. It’s the event that would change the shape of the world forever and in my own opinion there is enough evidence to suggest this could happen.

            Trust, but verify.

        • All websites that Drake mentioned are fake, The website Oitc.org is made in wysiwyg and home page does not even work with no UN logo, his website source code is made on amateurish html tool plus hosted on godaddy lol…His godaady address is some place in US city not UN headquerters…How much more proof you need…when the website itself is fake..Thanks

        • Your point still doesn’t make sense, independent people out there including governments, banks e.t.c tend to put out information to convince the citizens that they are doing a good job (example Bank bailouts) or so and so is worse than the other, by Wilcock and Fulford placing themselves out there doesn’t mean that they are posting facts or correct information.. therefore they have to be questioned in regards to the information they place out there on the INTERNET or radio talks e.t.c Citizens have a right to question any individual that post information out there that they stand behind 100%..
          Wilcock and Fulford must be accountable for what they post out there if indeed they stand behind it 100%..yes

        • oh please, arx. Zen is correct. I have been watching both fulford and wilcock for years now. if they have been correct about anything, its been by accident. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. pull your head out of your ass and deal with reality as it is, not how you wish it to be. peace out.

      • He does indeed have the right to question them,but did he? or did he just tell all of us not to listen to false hope?

    • Excellent ARX. Zen seems to be jammed on the doom and gloom 8-track. Too easy to shit on 100s of hours of research and documentation (even if it is disinfo) with a 15 minute half-assed article that found its way on to Icke. Not good enough mate.

    • yeah but then the new guy says chemtrails don’t exists, the grey aliens were routed ages and ages ago, and other creepy channelling stuff….

      • I actually read DW’s post just now. Total BS.

        Proof? Their “theory” is that the trillions lost by Rumsfeld’s pentagon and the trillions scammed by the bankers were needed to cover withdrawals by “occult banking.”

        No. Trillions were needed to be printed out of thin air because banks could not balance books without creating the “interest” owed on bogus lending and derivatives gambling.

        Every dollar cost created costs two dollars with private banking. That, my friend, is the real scandal. You don’t need magical occult bankers, only greedy ones.

        Any article explaining economics that doesn’t point out the fallacy of charging interest on money created out of thin air is not worth your time to read.

        Anyway, we should be arresting bankers and politicians for the real crimes we can prove they have committed, like the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 — the legal tool of your enslavement.

  13. I’ve been following the Fulford/Wilcock/Drake story since inception, and although a nice possibility I believe there are too many holes in the supposed plan, for example they appear to be starting half way up the pyramid instead of working from the top down (take out the Generals and the troops surrender). Also, the plan appears to concentrate on America. Hello Americans, believe it or not there is a world beyond your shores that is equally (if not more) in the mire.

    I’ll keep following the story, watching the changes (if the plan was so well thought out why keep changing it?) and hoping that some good will come of it, but I’m not pinning my hopes on it as deliverance from evil….

    • Once again, Americans are called upon to be the worlds saviors yet will be chastised for meddling in the affairs of others. It’s a no win situation, really.

  14. Wilcock had “predicted” many many things that was going to happen, but then in ONE blog post, he withdrew almost ALL of his main predictions. Note, that this was in ONE blog post. He wrote that some “Asshole hippie aliens” had arrived with their HUGE mothership in the earth’s atmosphere and now would not allow any of the bad things to happen. They would simply stop them from happening.

    The withdrawn predictions then included:
    – Nuking the planet
    – Killing of billions of people
    – World dictatorship
    – The creation of huge disasters, appear as saviors and get people to worship them as gods
    – Fake alien invasion
    – Destroying the American economy.

    So suddenly NOTHING of this would happen, due to these hippie aliens. Because of course Wilcock had been told this from his 100% unidentifiable “sources”. The ones who always give him all this info, but can never be disclosed. What is the difference of this and sects that has a leader saying that he is in contact with some alien or god that gives him information? It is equally unverifieable, yet one is deemed crazy and the other a “lightworker”.

    Wilcock uses a lot of psychology in his posts to get people to “chose side”: To either basically Join “love” or “fear”. Meaning: the side of “love” = believing Mr. Wilcock’s story and selecting the side of love, hope and light. The other side of “fear” means not believing in love, hope change and all good things, and no one wants to be on that side so they go for the other side, meaning you also accept Mr. Wilcocks story. Pretty much the same trick used my Bush when he said “You are either with us or against us”.

    Well I don’t buy it. It may have some positive effects in regards to getting people interested in the “alternative media” and doing research for themselves, not buying the official story every time. I don’t know if David is tricked himself or if he is in on doing the tricks. BUT… one thing is for sure. I’d rather have the truth than a story that we WANT to be true.

    Note: This is my personal opinion. I don’t state that this IS the truth. I am simply sharing what I believe. Some of what I wrote are facts and some are personal beliefs.

    • I think your opinion is more a realistic approach then the usual blind approach that many people face..
      In time of crises “such as economic melt downs or war” I believe most people are looking around for something or someone to believe or lead them through the difficult time, it used be the church “worship” preachers and prophets in previous years and centuries and now with the INTERNET and other easy channels we have other kinds of prophets per say or preachers of new world..
      from Bankers, aliens, name it.. look at the wide range of followings especially on the INTERNET today, anyone that says the world is coming to an end! or the USA is sinking or the economic melt down is going to be worse while others preach a group of “robin hoods” that are coming o save the world.. human and alien form working together…
      too much confusion out there in the world today:)

  15. Well written as always Zen, there is no doubt we are all being tested at this time, but if we stick with knowing and not believing then the journey will be much smoother.

  16. Thanks for sharing.
    To live our lifes, grow our food. Consciousness and following the heart is our home. DON’T VOTE.

  17. The usual great stuff, keeping us anchored in reality, and not hope. Thank you Zen.
    We mustn’t forget that somewhere between the tick and the tock of this illusory time space
    ‘reality’ lies our true wisdom and calm power.
    May I recommend the dvd “Black Whole” by Nassim Haramein for perfect description of the
    physics of the illusion:

  18. Actually it’s not false hope…I certainly don’t believe all the details as presented by the likes of Wilcock and Fulford…but the underlying message is true…and it has nothing to do with hope at all…it has to do with an elevated consciousness that is increasing day by day through direct experience..which leads to giving credence to the possibility that elements of what people like Fulford/Wilcock is saying are true., because they are matching my own experience. If one cannot see the bigger picture of what these guys are saying and going on and still hold a doom a gloom vision as to what is happening, it means you are in the direct cross hairs of that mechanism that you have not yet found a way out of to get ahead of the game, hence the negative view.

  19. I don’t interpret Fulford and Wilcock to be giving people false hopes. I always have the disinfo radar on when reading knowing that there is very little you can know for sure in this world. From what I have understood Wilcock and Fulford are well meaning people, what they communicate is their version of what is going on from their level. How close this is to the truth one has judge for oneself. In my mind it is closer to the truth than many other things, but still I have to assume they don’t know how much they themselvs are being played or to what extent the information they have is subject to distortion. What I do agree on is that one cannot sit down and wait for these people and their associates to solve everything, thinking everything is going to be fine, and I don’t think that is what they want either. I am always sceptical when someone talks about creating some central agency for the distirbution of resources (like Fulford does) since such an agency is very quickly infiltrated, but in general I find Fulford to be helpful in giving out valuable information. I, like others, also wonder if the real power behind the scenes, with the aim faking defeat, will burn its front assts while posing as our rescuer.
    I think how useful Fulford and Wilcock are depends on the reader’s reaction, if he thinks someone is coming to save him, he will give power away to whoever poses as the rescuer to do whatever they want. If he takes the ifnormation Fulford and Wilcock gives, but does not interpret it to mean he is going to be saved without self effort, then I think it’s OK. One has to self empower, information is helpful in this process since one can better navigate ones actions.

  20. the ben and david show i deleted a while back. at first i was interested, but as time went on and nothing of substance transpired then i knew bovine feces smell from when i was on the farm. do or dont its that simple. there will be a time shortly when events will transpire. ie. systemic collapse that some of these hidden hoped for objects might just surface as rats leave a sinking ship. til then i keep my money in my pocket cuz i aint buyin’ it.

  21. I do not agree with this view of free energy because it does not place very much faith in humanity being able to see past it’s errors and use energy in a responsible manner. When I started hearing about free energy based on the torsion field it seemed like the best thing that could ever happen to the world. It would not produce any pollution and everyone would be free to do as they please. And in a peaceful world it would be incredible!

    Also, although wilcock may not be speaking the truth all of the time, he does have many very useful articles about the awakening and has quite obviously done extensive research. And as much as your words resonate with me, Zen, many of wilcocks words do also. Whether he is a disinfo agent or not is irrelevant when much of his info has helped in my own personal awakening. I feel I have the level of intelligence to decide for myself what is true and what is false.

    Peace x

    • I have a little electrical and physics savvy, so let me just say don’t get your hopes up on free energy.

      However, if everyone had all the energy and money they wanted, what would be wrong with that? Shortages are exploited by usurers.

      Eventually, you get bored and clean your bathroom, mow your lawn and write another novel. There are volunteers now, in this messy world, imagine if we all were free to do as we will.

      I don’t think that is bad. I think most people are good. Maybe I’m naive. Half the people on the planet are living on $2 a day. What are they capable of doing?

  22. Absolutely dead on. On all points. When obummer was elected, all rational conversation among the O brainwashed stopped. Remember the picture of O on the cover of one of those infotainment mags (Time?) with him in the superman costume? Yes, they all fell for the childish cartoon. Appalling. Sat around like pithed zombies wiping the drool off their chins admiring their “hero.” Oh, yes, it did make me puke. All was lost after that.

    Recently, a friend directed me to David Wilcock. Awful, awful stuff. Totally changed my view of that “friend’s” judgment. DW is another parasite, born out of the psychopathic system, just makin’ his own buck off people. This is where we have to recognize that many of the anti-NWO folks are, in fact, exactly like the NWO folks. They work from the same paradigm; the exact same foundational framework.

    I think what we are being asked to do at an ever-increasing rate is to cultivate and use DISCERNMENT. Seems a rare commodity these days . . . Oh well, I just have to believe I really am not isolated, just very well placed, as you wrote in a previous article.

    This is an essay that had been churning in my head for years – cheers to you for putting it out there so clearly and succinctly.

        • Just a note on Ful of it. Back in 2007, he was all puffed up and threatening the Illuminati with his chinese whatever mafia if the I’s did not respond to him.

          Five years later, what happened then? nuttin’ honey. Dandelion poof balls is what he is all about.

          Now he’s all about telling people all his stuff is covert – no dates, no actions, no nothing. Oh, but of course, when something does happen, he’s going to be all over taking credit for it. How many dandelions are we going to see him blow before we discern what he is? Nothing.

          And, oh, by the way, shouldn’t we all be questioning a man who, after Fukushima, continues to reside in Japan? Perhaps we should all be realizing that, by now, this bloke’s brain is seriously irradiated.

  23. Thank you for this amazing post. I find it so inspiring that something in us can see through the relentless onslaught of the matrix programming and connect with that deeper truth that resides in us all.

    No wonder there is such a gargantuan effort to subdue it through almost every aspect of our lives by the wetiko/collective ego-gone-mad. We’ve created this together. And we can create our way out of it too.

    Despite the chaos and confusion of the “unreality broadcast”, as Neil Kramer deftly describes it, we can smile. Why? Because we KNOW.

    Love your work Zen, and throught it, you. So grateful. Carys. x

  24. My BS meter went off a long time ago on Fulford and Wilcox.

    A lot of disinfo agents pretty much hint at things but say nothing specific. Or they talk in riddles and at the end of reading I am questioning my own sanity for not understanding what they’ve just written. All of us know how to put into writing what it is that we want to say so whenever I see that a site constantly writes in a confusing manner then I know I am not interested in what they have to say (or not say). If you want to be helpful, spell it out clearly because otherwise I am suspicious of you.

    It’s really sad that there are so many people who are willing to go along with this charade. Too bad it won’t work. Once you wake up, once you sincerely ask to see the truth in all things, then you eventually are led to the truth. And once you know, you cannot not know. That’s the real beauty. They cannot suck us permanently back in once we see the truth. They lose more and more of us each day.

    • Well said…and clearly!

      My litmus test is if the writer understands how money works — almost no one passes.

      P < P + I, the interest is never created so we get perpetual refinancing to cover the debt.

      This is called "Rule by Compound Interest."

      Once you understand this, you wonder why private individuals have control of public money.

      Some people get half of the answer by blaming our problems on "debt money," but money is also credit. The problem lies with the charging of interest — as was pointed out thousands of years ago! Why, do you suppose, there is a war on Islam?

      Most people are fine with interest as long as they're the ones collecting it. Short-term thought.

  25. I apreciate the criticism towards fulford/wilcock. I dont agree with Ron Paul being a “false hope”. In my opinion he’s the best thing happening in politics, shure I dont expect him to be a savior and solve all the problems after decades of globalist control in 4 years.In my opinion it’s a terrible strategy to ignore him when he deserves support for opposing the federal reserve, the wars on middle east/interventions based on UN resolutions,NDAA, banks bailouts,war on drugs.He even spoke against CFR and bilderberg… He has a great chanche now that the Goldman sachs choice- Obamney is full of corruption and scandals and he is growing,his last rallies receiving record attendence ,also he’s facing vote fraud and media blackout.

  26. so what are you proposing zen, no hope? any solutions? nope just just negative emotions, well yeah that will help. Well I believe we can change reality by just truly believing we can do that, I’ve tested that on many occasions on minor things and it works. What we collectively believe will influence the outcome, so stay positive, encourage people otherwise you do no serivice to humanity

  27. Unsubstantiated claims are always opportunities to distract yourself (yes this obviously applies to this claim too) from taking full responsibility to seek and find what is really True, why Fulford and Wilcock are unwittingly keeping people from the path of verifying everything for yourself (including the existence of a separate “I” writing/reading these lines). However, Zen also makes ridiculous belief-based claims about death not changing anything or us being eternal beings etc while at the same time scoffing at BF/DWs false hope-mongering. If Zen really wished to challenge or enlighten his readers he would suggest a method or a process whereby the reader would arrive at the ultimate Truth him/herself, but since he has not done that arduous work himself, he obviously has nothing to give other than generously sharing his projections on others, in this case Ben and David.

  28. I find my truth radar is becoming more and more accurate. The latest post by DW did not resonate at all with me, I feel that whatever truth was co-opted. I find the motto “Question Everything” very appropriate these days. I’d love your perspective on literature that you feel shows truth. I found the book a Kinship for All Life by John Allen Boone to have a lot of truth in it. Also, his book Letters to Strongheart. Do you know any authors that woke up from the matrix. I definetely think Dr. Seuss was aware. I woke up this morning with the thought that the Grinch who Stole Christmas was telling us something… if the controllers take it all away,but we all come together with the love and joy of being… not competing or owning, we will prevail.

  29. Wow Zen! Bingo! You are a man after me own heart!
    The ongoing meme of the cavalry coming is exactly what has gotten us all where we are….and the question is…are we going to continue with the “Evolution/Saviorship model “or the “Transformation/Mastership” model?
    Or what about an integration that designs a ‘Synthesis Model’ that does not impinge on individual sovereignty and the ‘Divine Directive’.
    This is a whole subject in and of itself…yet, it is the very crux of our individual/ Collective experience, it seems to me.

    When we hear the language of ‘Revolution’ and ‘Resistance’..it is very apparent historically that it never brought us a MOB (Most Benevolent Outcome)..rather it was, by design, ‘double speak’ for the cleverly re-designed, trendy, in terms of platitudes, promises that ensured us that we, limited, needy, powerless slaves, will be ‘saved’ at the 11th hour.
    How clever, indeed, compliance and complacency, ensure victory to the ‘Resistance’. Which ensures that we get ‘business as usual all dressed up and trendy..for awhile…

    ‘We ARE the ones we are waiting for”
    Key Point, it seems, is that there is a HUGE difference in Secrecy and Mystery..
    Have we had enough of Secrecy yet? All of this pallaber (nice Irish word via my Mom) about ‘ can’t disclose this and can’t disclose that’ is just the same game, my friends!!! Secrecy means you don’t get to have a choice because you do not have the information available to make your own assessment..TRANSPARENCY means ..it is all out there and we get to sort it out and make our choices accordingly…

    Mystery is of a different nature… It is Divine..it is what fuels us humans on in our exciting world adventure…it is not the unknown…it is the unknowable.

    Viva La Transparency!
    Viva La Mystery!
    Let’s Get On With It!
    We’ve GOT what it takes…
    and THEY Know it!!!!

    Love Love Love
    P.S. Thank You Zen…You Be Awesome!!!

    • Katherine…tx..amazing comments, eh? So many miss the point entirely. It has to do with personal investment in systems of belief again..they’re very subtle and sneak back onto people without their realizing it. “Sacred cow” comes to mind–the ultimate one of course is our ego. We’ve all had our hang-ups…but like you said, it’s time to let go. Fulford and Wilcock probably mean well and I’m not saying it’s all bogus. The bank resignations are real and there’s a huge undercurrent of major events and shifts going on…that we all know..and we’re about to witness some doozies. But this thing they have going is giving attribution to what they are telling us, virtually saying that whatever happens next is the movement of this counter-cabal of which Fulford is the spokesperson. Very subtle, but extremely disempowering and misleading.

      I’ve just seen this movie too many times and too many people misled by these types of things in their wanting to believe and they get their energy co-opted, so I put out a serious word of caution. Want a two-dimensional example, look at the Tea Party. They channeled that massive energy burst of discontent Americans into oblivion. People don’t see it when it happens to them because it reflects something in them they’re holding on to. As you well know, we need to let go of everything if we’re truly conscious. That doesn’t mean we’re inactive, we just don’t get attached..to anything. The outcome included. That’s always a toughie for folks.

      Anyway, no one’s doing that kind of co-opt to me as long as I’m conscious, but it takes the constant beating or our spiritual windshield wipers. And like I always say, when you get it, you’ll know what to do next. Otherwise you didn’t “get it”, so just keep digging.

      Remember, the big “they” behind all this are incredibly powerful and have been at it for millennia, so we can’t be too careful. That’s all.

      And like with politics, as long as we’re using their imposed structural channels to put our energy we’re re-empowering them. And when we give our personal power and energy over to others we’re doing the same thing. It’s subtle but it happens all the time. Look what the media has made out of humanity?

      The matrix has to go, but it won’t if we keep feeding it while thinking we’re changing it.

      “Don’t say Hi, like a spider to a fly
      Jump right ahead and you’re dead”
      -Rolling Stones

      Love you, Zen

      • Really? “Fulford and Wilcock probably mean well and I’m not saying it’s all bogus.” Yet you call this article Project Blueballs. How insulting to all of us. So we’re the tea party now? Kick rocks.

        • Truthyboy..really? (You’re following closely apparently)….Got consciousness yet? Jeeeeze…keep kicking rocks dude, you might attain enlightenment…
          Man you missed the point. Put the pipe/glass down….it’s not all that drastic, unless you want it to be.
          Argue away…but Truth will prevail….;))..so brother, stop with the “insulting to all of us”….who’s us?

          • A post in and of itself. And I think the matter is calling a spade a spade. The Truth stands on it’s own, needing no buffers or supporters.

            And no one has dibs on it either, eh? It just is. Meanwhile, we all call what our own prism shows us. And right now, it’s not looking good and 6 million ninjas are not going to cut it.

            Fascinating energy in the comment thread here Zen, you’ve struck a chord, made some noise….good stuff…


            Say it brother Zen, calmly.

      • “as long as we’re using their imposed structural channels to put our energy we’re re-empowering them”.

        I have been thinking about this frequently of late…..very astute Zen.

        Kat; “You be Awsome” as well.

        My gratitude to you both.

      • Yes, Zen..amazing comments. When I got home tonight, I read through them all…and I want to say..
        ‘Look how Beautiful you are’… all of us, here posting!!!

        It doesn’t matter what our ‘point of view’ is…it is that we each have a point of view and we are expressing it..and we really all share the same ‘Hearts Desire’…to ‘Get IT…Together’…

        Of course we ‘Hope’ that the mass arrests will occur and take these Bad Boys Out!!! And that could be very cool…and that could happen if we all agree…or maybe something else is possible?

        I keep coming to the word ‘ irrelevant’..What Energy could I Be and Receive that would make this all irrelevant? When you observe ‘Ego’ it is a structure that makes things ‘important’ ..makes things ‘matter’…what if it didn’t ‘matter’?
        What do you think would happen?

        It is like the wave is coming in…we are all riding it…some hang ten…some shoot the tube…some wipe out…same wave…different surfers…all riding…and that wave becomes another wave..and we all ride again…
        Be the Wave..that is what we are in this Ocean.
        All Love.

  30. Using God’s Will Through Us to Change Outcomes
    by Merry C. Battles

    My spiritual teacher many years ago used to say, “There is only one will.” In this crazy life we may say to ourselves, “This is not fair. This is the worst thing that could happen to me.” Later, sometimes much later, we can look at experiences and say, “Now I understand why this had to happen.”

    As the native Americans say, “If something bothers you than you should do something about it.” Recently a major “coup” was about to happen. I believed many people would be injured and hurt by this. I said to myself, “My will says NO to this! God’s will through me says ABSOLUTELY NO! If enough people, “Just say NO to war, greed, hopelessness, hunger, poverty… maybe the combined WILL of Father Mother God through us will not “allow” it to happen. My final prayer and intention on the matter was that “people” would be smart enough not to accept it. That’s what happened!

    The proponents of doom and gloom in 2012 are rabid and rampant. The “other” timeline of transformation, transmutation, the phoenix rising out of the ashes is the “other” way it can go.

    We ALL have the Divine Power Within us. God’s will works through EACH one of us, no matter the appearance. It is all written in the Divine Computer in the sky – KARMA!

    Use your will for good. For just saying NO to the atrocities on our beautiful Mother Earth. We CAN do this! We CAN transform our garden to a place of Hope, Love and Peace.
    Our combined “Divine Will” of action and intention CAN and WILL change the outcome of it ALL!


    copyright 2012 Merry C. Battles

  31. I fully understand that this seems too good to be true but we create our own reality so once the number of believers reaches the critical mass, the belief is enacted in our paradym.

    I, personally do not rule out the possibility that humanity has awakened enough to recreate the world which, in our hearts, we desire.

  32. I think the illuminati has got to you Zen
    No mention of Drake
    no mention of The leins on the FR banks All 12 branches
    No mention of the DUMB’s bases being destroyed Aug 2011and more since, i saw this all going on with basic knowledge on my computer , it was easy to diagnose as out sider assistance even at my basic level of intuit
    ,,At a time of light we need you to be with us
    David Icke and Alex Jones refuse to mention the DUMB’s incidents as well which were vital to us in Aug 22nd 23rd 2011 and the subsequent Reptillian bases destroyed Is this selective reporting on their behalf or
    So they like you have been held a shot gun to the head, to down tread on our hero’s of light.
    Report what you like but this time I do not resonate with you The feeling I get when i read this is wrong too
    Something has happened to you as this is sooooo out of sync with all your other stuff, as if you have been influenced ( obviously negatively)

    As i quest to open this door on the light and continue to expose those 10000 that need to go and do some snagging on their FEMA camps.
    Stick with us Zen as influential as you are ,,You are most wrong on this point and you will see very soon,
    My point for re-flexing my point on this, is that everything that Fulford and Wilcock has said over the past 3 years has now come to a head rather like you and David Ickes reports
    However given the circumstances I understand you losing your marbles on the world you want, in our hour of need, Namaste, Dave PS this is why I depend on Alfred L Webre for reality and resonance

  33. If you know someone long enough they will eventually tell you (no matter how much they hide it ) what they really are. Can’t help feeling that there is something not quite kosher about David . Look at his web site and see how he holds his arms and has his hand up under his chin. (recognition signal) It would appear to be, he belongs to the Brotherhood Look at Ben also.. Once you have been informed of this , it is not hard to spot in others who do the exact same thing.. Along with the straight index finger ~ either pointing up or hand under the chin with finger pointing up. Let us not forget the hand in side the jacket ( the hidden hand) Thanks for reading.

  34. Drake Bailey is nothing more than a liar and disinfo agent. First he says that there will be a 72 hour lockdown of the country so the roundup (mass arrests) can proceed. Now he’s saying that the take down of the bad guys will be one at a time. So which is it Drake and why are you so eager to lead people astray? I think you’re one of the bad guys Drake (wink)

  35. I don’t like this trend of “whistleblowers” turning on each other. What is the value of this? Zen, you say you are concerned about consciousness yet look how you’ve got people talking. Get back in the box everyone! Don’t allow yourself to have hope! No, no! Hope is bad! Wow…doesn’t seem right at all. Look, David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford may be a quirky two but they are out there baring their real identities and doing something about this global situation. They are confronting and speaking out against the cabal, risking their lives, educating the world as to what is going on behind the curtain. So what if they aren’t spot on with every single word. I’m proud of Wilcock – he shows what one person is capable of doing (imagine where we would be if everyone put in the amount of energy that he has!), and Fulford, that guy has balls of steel. I love having quirky heroes to root for and I love the spirit of hopefulness that burns in my heart. To anyone who is taking any part in bringing down the cabal and educating the public, thank you and keep up the great work!

    • I go along Patricia’s comment. David and Benjamin have made some mistakes and surely they must be fighting against megalomania. But they are doing something no one else does or has done. How could they succeed all the time?

      I think we are mixing up two things here in the debate: self-realization issues and issues of the outer world.

      In the self-realization quest we must aim for complete surrender to what is, or however you wish to say it. No perspectives, no attachments, just immersion into our vast cosmic Self.

      The outer political arena has its own laws. One of importance is that of group coherence, and that calls for leaders. If Drake/Fulford/Wilcock (or Laszlo, Hubbard, Ron Paul, D. Icke or whoever) have put themselves at positions of uniting the effort of the global awakening, we should first of all support them. No matter their differing opinions on some of the issues, the core is the same.

      Yes, there is something in their work that will become corrected. Perhaps their unrealistic hope for a quick revival without a collapse.

      Still their positions demand such a great mental (and spiritual) effort, that I’m disappointed in reading such complete criticism from consciousness idealists, intelligent web-commentators and local activists, whose work is so much simpler and safer.

      • antti, are you saying that you don’t think that the “entrenched elite,” as clif high calls them, would try to co-opt the awakening movement? infiltration, deception, and hidden manipulation has been their m.o. all along. why would they stop now? have they suddenly seen the light? we can only HOPE!

        • Ben, I am not saying that. I do think there is a vast and powerful disinformation campaign to confuse and divide the ranks of truth-seekers. And yes, that campaign has messed with parts of the work of many public representatives of this movement, such as DW and BF.

          But I don’t believe they’ve got DW and BF completely distracted.


    • Right on Patricia, I draw the line when attacking someone’s ideas turns into an attack on their person. It may not happen, but I do believe there are people attempting this and holding a vision of their success is surely more productive than watching TV or spewing hate. Perhaps Zen should read Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”

  36. Well put Zen.

    DW’s research in Source Field Investigations seem solid. BF’s info is and always uncheckable and frankly far-fetched comicbook. DW’s 180 degree turn took place after he was panicked into believing his info was truth. This is classic Sun Tzu.

    DW appears to have been turned into a useful idiot. No comment about the 180 degree position changes is allowed in his blog.

    Paul, been there done that a few times. When or if it becomes necessary, he will be managed if he isn’t already.

    Its the stars or the barricades for the freed slaves.

  37. It’s best to stay completely open-minded and not form any judgements. Once a judgement/belief is formed, it crystalises. Then we tend to look for reasons to make it fit. All very limiting and messy. Stay open-minded. Nobody knows what is going on behind the scenes. No point trying to make sense of the nonsensical.

    • Just a quick thank you to Zen for being so forthcoming and out spoken on this topic. Great website and stellar information.

      I chose indigoviolets comment to reply to because it gave me a good entry point into this conversation. Judging the length of the comments and how many there are I see that this “controversy” does what it is meant to do. Rivet and divert our attention to the personalities and stories involved and become embroiled in a lengthy discussion. Even a long intelligent discussion will eventually turn circular in this “arena”.

      So I have decided to speak of what I know. In operation Blue Balls, that really had me laughing Zen, thanks you for that. It happens I do have a peek behind the scenes and some real information. Remember the name of the female interviewer of Corey Goode?

      I have remained quiet so far not wishing, nor do I wish now, to fan the controversial flames so I will just say in all honestly that Zen nailed it on this one. And they know what they are doing which makes it even worse, this is false hope sold with a price tag.

      I will be addressing this in a Round Table with a few serious researchers in this field, the ones who are trying to help Milabs and other targeted individuals heal and not turn this very serious issue into just another circus for your consumption.

      Friends, don’t turn this into “for or against” that is the intended reaction. To fully grasp what is being rolled out is to deepen into the very nature of reality. Ponder it, don’t react. The lines blur and it takes an expanded consciousness to discern what is really going on.

      We are not on the black and white game board any longer… the field is merging.

      • Tx Christine – yes, it’s an important subject. I have very little tolerance for those who mislead with false hopes and seem to thrive on getting attention no matter the cost, intentionally or not. Good intentions do not Truth make. Much love!

  38. Interesting that you’re writing about this. I had just recently asked you your opinion on this topic. And though I agree with your take on things, I was wondering if you could give some specifics on why this info from Fulford/Wilcock doesn’t smell right.

    The part that makes me most leery is that the info comes from “insiders” who can be right or they could be wrong. It is very difficult sometimes to substantiate claims with solid empirical evidence.

    Something strange definitely is going on, but what it IS, I don’t know. High level executives in banking and financial institutions are quitting or retiring by the droves. Some funny business with $15 Trillion has been going on with HSBC bank. and there have been a couple (few) instances where millions or billions of alleged fake Federal Reserve Bonds have been seized. The mainstream media has barely touched this subject.

    Any ideas/opinions on this stuff? Greatly appreciate what you’re out there doing.

  39. I completely agree! Anyone that expresses a viewpoint that could be described as somewhat optimistic SHOULD be ridiculed and discredited. After all, pessimism is our only hope.

  40. Zen, I’m an avid follower of your articles. However on this occasion I think It’s not good to have people like yourself turn on other folk trying to get positive alternative info out there even if sometimes they are wrong, we’re all only human right? It’s also not good to have the punters reading this turning their opinions into ‘with us or against us’.

    I agree we should be weary of false hope, but equally we need to be weary of fear mongering such as the ‘fear of no hope’, of which people like David Icke and Alex Jones could equally be accused. I like to take in info from many different sources including all those mentioned here and then make up my own mind.

    The only constant thing in this world is change. So any predictions based on scientific or mathematic probabilities, or channeled info, are always open to flux. Especially in this day and age.

    While I think there’s a lot of validity to Wilcock’s and Fulford’s hard and brave work, I also like to keep an open mind about everything they come out with. I do think however that the vast majority of what they’re trying to achieve is positive and for the betterment of humanity.

    It could be disinformation on a grand scale, however it could equally be some bizarre plot to get enough people believing something collectively that it manifests as reality. In any event, what harm is it doing to humans? Hope, even if false hope is better than no hope.

    If you feel so strongly against them, I’d be interested to see an article that’s a bit more thought out, with some factual stuff in there stating why etc, rather than a quick emotional rant.

    No disrespect, I’ll still be reading your articles. Keep up the good work. Peace.

    • James. Great comment. Love how you develop your thoughts so clearly. I’ve had the very same thoughts about this whole phenomenon and even now leave myself open for anything.

      My article doesn’t attempt to disprove the validity of the efforts of Fulford and Wilcock. I’m attempting to throw a wrench into the mechanics of infatuation and the ensuing dangers people could easily fall into. There’s a trance effect and power abdication that comes into play from the years we’ve all been programmed, whether F&W are deliberately playing on it or not. I don’t think they are, but who knows what we come under the control of when we wander off course or our egos get the best of us?

      And if we’re sincerely looking for Truth, we need to remember the potential pitfalls along the way and point them out to others.

      Such is the case with these guys. A lot of very powerful, and potentially dangerous, dynamics are at play that we can be sure many new to all this are not at all aware of. I’m not denigrating the intentions or characters of Fulford or Wilcock, in fact I admire their tenacity and commitment. But when you set yourself up as the fuse between the power station of the designated “source” and humanity, I say stand back…and don’t get emotionally involved or spiritually invested. Which is what I’ve been witnessing in many others and wanted to blow the whistle on. Not on truth advocates..on the ma-tricks.

      But that position they’ve both taken, while seemingly valiant, is pretty dang presumptuous in the least, but more than that a lightning rod for whatever entity would like to control it.

      Get my drift?

      We’re still on their playing field. Don’t trust anything…not even me.

      Does that bake your noodle? Ha!

      That’s why it all comes down to personal consciousness.

      We get that, we get it all.

      Be well….we’re in this together bro. Tx for the great comment. Together we already are. Manifest.

      Love, Zen

      • Hi Zen,
        Glad you liked the comment :o)

        I see where you’re coming from. I agree with you that it’s a good idea to get a debate going about their work as many new to all this could easily fall hook line and sinker for it all and could potentially give away their energy to something outside of themselves.

        However I do believe that most people who are into this stuff are spiritually developed and intelligent enough to take it all with a pinch of salt, otherwise they’d be reading about the Kardasians or something :o)

        Wilcock does use a lot of factual & scientific data to back up his work which I enjoy getting into, but I agree a lot of it can be presumptuous linking together of ideas. Fullford is also highly intelligent and could equally be being used. Who really knows? It’s still all mind bending and provocative stuff.

        Spreading awareness generally at this time is always a good thing, however we need to be objective. Getting down to it; hope is a positive emotion and while it can sometimes be used to dupe people for whatever agenda, the outcome also usually positive:

        For example, you’ve mentioned Obama, Ron Paul & religion in the same article; When Obama was being elected, the feeling of hope in the air in the US and around the world was incredible, likewise with Ron Paul, people are really getting their hopes up that things can change, likewise with religion, people hold onto hope in a big way. Although I’m not into any of the above I can’t discount the hope I’ve experienced in others.

        All these above things have major pitfalls, but even if all these hopes do turn out to false, do we stop hoping? Even if it turns out that we were duped, afterwards it has the potential to wake you up. Even if you feel bitter for a time, you start hoping for something else again.

        Anyway, nice to have a quick banter, I was trying to finish off with a profound paragraph to sum it all up but now realize that I’d probably be writing for hours :oD

        I think that with this particular article could’ve been a bit more objective and positive, but equally I understand your frustrations.

        While I’m on my soap box, do you have any thoughts on all this ‘hollow earth’ stuff that seems to be circulating at the moment? Heh heh, I’m sure you’ve got some things to say about that… for another day…


        • Hey James. Nice response. Yeah, I don’t know nor presume to know, but I probably sound that way, ha! I’m stabbing at the same thing you are. When people freak at a challenge it’s healthy…they’ll face things they hadn’t had to yet. Let ’em.

          Loads of researchers are finding the same patterns. It’s endemic to humanity.

          Yes, the aftermath of a let-down is nasty. But productive. But it’s better to catch it ahead of time…;)

          Hollow earth? You bet. Keep an eye out.


      • Zen,
        This is great stuff.
        I quoted some Chiapplone recently and he was subsequently vilified resoundly.
        I did not argue or defend.

        The whole point resides on the Inner Being.
        You can give me all the left brain ‘factual’ ‘material’ evidence you like.
        If the little bell does not ring…….it does not work.

        Even the clownish Alex actually helps the process.
        It is a path.

        ‘Detached attention to minutia can benefit focus’.

        The key word is detached of course.
        Out with the comic book.

        My freinds…you do not need hero’s to defend.
        You need the Divine within.

  41. Fulford is highly unsubstantiated, and Wilcock in his book seems to purposely leave frayed loose ends everywhere you turn. Some of it even reads like he’s toying with you seeing if you’ll realise he’s pissing on you. As for Ron Paul though, that guy is genuine. He believes it, and more to the point, he CAN make it into power. There is an energetic component at work here that I think, Zen, you haven’t tapped into yet. It’s not about blind hope and change. There’s even some truth to the ramblings of Fulford (less so Wilcock who is an absolute misdirectionist). If anything it’s a reminder to keep your eyes open and brain on. But don’t diss Paul man. It is leading to something. The energy is genuine. It’s not blind. It’s following something deeper. Can you feel it? I sure as heck do, and it’s very powerful. You haven’t seen everything yet.

  42. I used to respect you. Now you just attack those with a positive message. You promote fear and apathy with your support of David Icke and Alex Jones, real charlatans.

    I hate you now.

    • weak. that doesn’t sound like a truth soldier to me… the fear and apathy that you perceive are your own projections. no fear in zen’s message. just encouraging each of us to use our highest discernment.

    • Sorry but I couldn’t resist to reply? when faced by other views and opinions why lash out with hate? in the world we live in one has to be open minded and not follow blindly other human beings..Nobody is perfect or has all facts.Wilcock and Fulford are just human beings collecting information and Material from their secretive sources as they claim which they post on their blogs including research material that can be found by anyone if one took time to look..plus they then narrate to their followers accordingly in their own words.. the point is everyone has a right if they want to follow them 100% without questioning them in regards to who exactly are their “contacts” in high places passing them this information e.t.c but people also have a right to voice their own opinions and question the reports and material this two gentlemen post out their for the public. Hate should not play factor..

  43. I am one of those suckers who believes the Wicock-Fulford story. Fulford is a very different kettle of fish from Wilcock. The discussion on whistleblower radio between Kerry Cassidy (of project Camelot) Wilcock and Anonymous was enough to convince me to take their claims seriously. I have no doubt of extra terrestrial involvement from life-long experience, and the fact of zero-point energy. We will just have to wait and see who is right. Hey, what about those resignations and 12 leans against the Fed? Fact or fiction?

    FulFord is a canuck like me and I also think he has his heart in the right place so I do not habour any ill-will. Wilcock is at least GENUINE even if he is so obviously a self-loather who trys to compensate by being the ultimate ego-maniac!

  45. The last video Ben Fulford put out was rather sad, I thought. He could hardly keep his eyes open, the illuminati guy was really slow on the uptake–and the little grunting martial artist made the whole thing feel like a comic strip. If you want to follow that scene, that is your perogative.

    I think Ron Paul knows that he doesn’t have a hope in hell of being elected to the crime family, but he’s doing a fantastic job of exposing the mob and it gets better every day. Much love and blessings to a true human being.

    Reading the comments, it seems a few of the respondents have their knickers in a twist, about whose real and who is not.
    I come at life from a different perspective.This reality is holographic and is created by human thoughts and feelings, second by second. Nothing is written in stone. It’s all up for grabs, prison or paradise, it’s your choice.
    Only through the Heart can one see rightly.The rest is bull shit and is responsible for the dismal state of consciousness on this planet.
    Keep it up Zen.

    Much Love528Hz

    • Elva, I think you missed the entertainment value in Fulford’s video that you mentioned. Old Ben always looks as if he’s been on the nest all night, most likely due to chemical ingestion, but you could see through the (purple?) haze he was thinking “This is all going to shit, very quickly.” Much like a stoned professor giving a lecture on quantum theory. Bless his little ninja socks. As for Wilcock, the man(?) is ego, pure and simple, try speaking to him at a resturant for proof. So what if he has a few gems amongst the turds, the barfly at my local has about the same amount of hits between naps in his own vomit and urine. Paul’s already proven he’s ready to sell out truth for a sniff at (of) the big chair. Check out his dismissal of the 9/11 truthers. Listen to everyone but believe only yourself…sometimes.

  46. @ Mike I think what you can “feel” is the experience of coming into resonant harmony with the fundamental frequency of change. Its what’s been heating up the planets and changing their tilts. And yes its very powerful…

  47. Hi Zen!

    So far I loved every word that you wrote and I read about 70% of your articles but this time I don t get you at all. Is it neccesary to state the obvious?

    The story sounds too good to be true, highly unlikely, highly speculative and right out of the best comic book ever written.
    I am still looking for a comic book, a film script or a dream as crazy as this story.

    But is it any more crazy than the idea that this world is ruled by bloodrinking, baby sacrificing multigenarational satanists for millenia?

    Oh and by the way they are transdimensional space reptos from alpha draconis in the business of hijacking primitive planets and their bounty is plenty of negative low frequency energy.
    They hypnotized 7 billion people to implant them with biochips and forced them to buy useless consumer goods such as overpriced running shoes or fake fireplaces.

    Pretty common sense stuff.

    I ve you don t have a hard time imagening that (and I don t have a hard time at all) whats your problem with the idea that some people in high places are decent, moral people that are as fed up with the current power structure in the world as you and me?

    Instead of investing your energy in deconstructing something that might be true or not you should have put more time in researching the whole story since its beginning in 2006. If you spent two weeks going deep into the story you will find enough clues that lend it creditibility.

    Right now we all have to wait and see and no one can say with certainty that its bullshit or not although it sounds like bullshit.

    Rather than attacking fellow travellers you should stick to writing energizing, funny, sharp and uplifting material as you did so well so far.

    Instead of prematurely trying to stick needles in ballons.

    Whats your problem with free energy by the way?
    Have you lost your marbles?

    Did your girlfriend quit you this week or what made you suddenly become such a bitter cynic overnight?

    I will send you some links next time so you can check some more info to get a more balanced view.

    If notinhg has happened in 12 months than you can spit out as much slander as you want but for now let s
    just bet on the race horse that has no realistic chance of winning.
    If anyone you should know that miracles do happen on a daily basis everywhere in this world.

    I am also a bit shocked to see how close minded some of your readers are.

    You all haven t done your homework on that story.

    Ninjas, karate masters, meetings of the coast of monaco, trillion dollar funds, secret gold vaults, benevolent illuminati and the crown of isis…

    cmon! unless you come up with a better story yourself you should keep your lips sealed for now

    you never make it to the 36th chamber with that attitude

    Stay Strong ZEN
    All the best


    • Wow Max..that was fun!! You are the intergalactic rapscallion I saw whipping around my rose bushes! Ha!

      Sorry about some of my readers, but they’re cool, just catching up. As far are your interjected inter-spatial possibilities????…..I’m totally on board! But premature balloon popping?….that’s below the belt, Max, way low. Bring the punches up where I can see them….;)))

      And what did I say about free energy? As if I’d ever be against such a thing. C’mon….get an argument dude..snap a towel or something real…ha! Stay near, you’re fun, bro!

  48. Ohhh…

    I forgot to mention that….

    YES! we are living inside a comic book

    I thought you had at least that figured out so far

    Obvious conclusion if you ask me…


  49. What about all the occult financial history that Wilcock has produced, and what about all the stress fractures (i.e. bankster resignations, financial stings) occurring in the world of finance that back what Fulford has to say?

    I am no fan of egomaniac newager Wilcock, but I have to give credit where it is due, and it is not due this article. I’ve enjoyed your posts in the past. This one is very disappointing. You fail to address the whole picture, and in that regard, this is as much a piece of disinfo as any other.

  50. Oh shit!

    you are answering in real time!

    its 2.42 AM in my part of the world

    I have to get a rest but I will come back

    Since you are asking for some power punches…

    I will deliver them although I am mainly on friendly terms with

    but what is under the belt about the baloon analogy?

    maybe some language problems since this in not my native tongue

    check the space brother from the 5th dimension

    speak soon

    can I call you a bro as well?


  51. it could be that these folks are all channeling some kind of weird asuric parallel-universe, alternate future dream-state sphere.. as much as it would be delightful to be ‘saved’, methinks we must ‘save’ ourselves… and not wait for the knights in shining armor…
    In deep meditation these past decades, it appears that some kind of cosmic war is being reflected on the worldly plane, this is all a mind-mirror. some of these medium types need to clean up their channels. In order to channel the Truth the medium must be very pure…and the ego completely disengaged…
    we can wait and wait and wait for heavenly salvation, yet still life becomes hell here on Earth. the wise will make a refuge for themselves, with the Truth as their Island and Refuge….. It is up to the human beings to activate the Human Dharma….

  52. Hi Zen,

    You, David Icke, Alex Jones and many more have been battling courageously for many years trying to persuade humanity to wake up; Is it now so difficult to consider the possibility that you have won and the collective consciousness of humanity is now creating a reality with the cabal being arrested and all that was hidden coming to light?

    When you started out I expect like Icke and Jones you were ridiculed and called a nutter but in the futur we will recall you as heros who strived relentlessly to awaken the human race so don’t tarnish your image by dismissing others’ work with no evidence to back it up.

    Whether it be now or later, we will get rid of these dark forces because we are immortel, multi-dimensional and all-powerful beings who have just forgotten who we are. Don’t under estimate our capabilities or you may want retract the article which you have written.

    Best wishes Elaine

  53. Great blog about discerning the Nature of Mind, grouchy and pithy comments. I can only add a cherry and whipped crea, on top.

    (zen, as a fellow zen-angeleno, you might email me for the inside scoop)

  54. I was very excited when I first discovered Wilcock’s work when he was exulting in Obama’s imminent victory. He was sure Obama wasn’t an Illuminati pawn. Not long afterwards he said Obama would be appearing on TV with a couple of totally human-looking ETs and we would have televised disclosure and the end of the great cover up of alien life, UFOs, etc.
    I attended one of his seminars a few years ago with my daughter, and she sensed that his spirit animal is a peacock — not because he had just warbled his way through several of his songs but because she’s psychically attuned to that sort of thing. True, he may be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce — he is a dead ringer for him and he lays out a lot of corroborating information to this effect on his site and in a book on this subject — but Edgar Cayce was deceived by an entity who identified himself as “Halaliel,” so who’s to say Halaliel isn’t tricking him again? Cayce had a lot of weaknesses, and Wilcock’s ego and love of the limelight could certainly be inviting the trickster back for an encore. And what about Wilcock’s call to Kerry Cassidy when he was sobbing about how he’d gotten a death threat? He always seems to enjoy displaying his vulnerability. We get it: You’re a super emotional Pisces with such depth of emotion along with your 183 IQ. Get a grip!
    David Icke, on the other hand, just keeps being consistently right, streetwise, and incredibly brave. I was so delighted that he figured out the role of Saturn in conjunction with the Moon Matrix. Now he has revealed the true basis of the control system and exposed Sitchin as a disinfo agent from firsthand experience.
    Commenters who say Icke preaches doom and gloom obviously haven’t read his books or even listened to his videos about the truth vibrations and the role that everyone can play in raising the collective vibrations of humanity so that we can free ourselves from the reptilian parasites that have enslaved us for eons. Icke has been able to discover these truths because he is motivated by compassion, not ego.

  55. Zen
    I love your articles. As I read through the comments though, I find myself going back to an idea I have had for a while. With so much information available, it is hard to discern the truth.

    Here is my idea.
    There are really only two universal truths in the world.
    1) There IS a RIGHT and a WRONG! (always)
    2) I am always RIGHT and everyone else is always WRONG! (unless they agree with me)

    Now understand , I’m not an egomaniac but this principle applies to each one of our perspectives. Think about this yourself. Is this the way YOU think?
    Of course it is.

    Also, about Fulford, Wilcock and Drake. I read their stuff. I like it. It makes me feel better. I also read the negative stuff. It makes me feel worse. That’s why I have implimented a strategy. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

    I could be wrong (but I’m not because that’s what works for me). I think this is what Zen is saying. But if I’m wrong about this being what you are saying, that’s ok – because I KNOW that I AM RIGHT.


    Zen – Thanks so much for your insights. It helps a lot.

  56. Attaining the big truth. Total enlightenment. On the assumption that the mental capacity of homo sapien sapien transcends the entire connected mass of “data” (all energy forms) existing in the cosmos? Okay, carry on then.

    To believe in reptilians on Earth, either killers or saviors, requires you to believe in reptilians to begin with, in addtition to believing they find earthings a creation they desire to kill or save. Because I think it, it is so? Like waiting for the Second Coming when a First hasn’t occurred.

    Zen, you are more right than many claiming awareness can grasp. Love it or hate it, each individual gets their say. If you had all the answers, what were the questions, and who/whom wrote the questionnaire?

    Non-participation in the silly game being played in the so-called matrix is the only way out. That does not mean detachment from reality, just detachment from the false reality they want to trap you in.

    Even the road less travelled has pit-falls, liars, and a death. The door you fail to walk though alters your future, so does walking through it. Some choice? On a given day it’s the shits to have to deal with.

    Your writing reminds me of something I was told decades ago in my youth. What you’re saying is insane, but is it insane enough to work?

    Without fanfare I trust you to continue. Why is it the sane folks continue to deny they could be insane, madly obsessed in that denial, but those insane are quite comfortable in their condition?

    You have a lot cosmic plasma in you, keep venting.

  57. Re: Fulford, et al

    Enterdangtaining reading. From experience, when name the names and the deeds, they come down on you with the “weight”. If you don’t name the names behind the deeds it’s no more than hearsay. Like John Cameron Swayze said, take a licking and keep on ticking or you’re not a good timepiece.

    Considering the track record of the matrix elites killing of the president and all his witnesses and men, and all alternitive websites claiming to have the dirty laundry but can’t come out and clean it, makes for some subjective questioning as to why they exist, not so much about what they claim to know that we not only don’t know but can’t be told.

    The steel of your word only carries the metal of your action.

    After you get your free energy dude, what’s next on your list? Centuries passes without it, but now you need it? That’s questionable in and of itself. The laws of physics and raw sinew be damned I guess.

    A whole lotta waiting at the bustop when you coulda been miles down that road. So it goes.

  58. Fraud and Scams always look the same. And you need a full set of players (characters) to pull it off. Since fulford and Wilcock both sell access to their webs or books… enjoy the show…

    Characters since Jan

    Neil Keenan – Known dodgy past – but incharge of “the lawsuit”

    Lawsuit – What IS the status of that anyway..?

    Real Emperor of Japan – Fulfords exclusive…this guy has the 10 commandments and an alie artifact from sumaria

    Alexander Romanov – the REAL:heir to russia? Fulford does admit Alex has another name…:-)

    The head of all Ninjas – this guy was classic… complete with the james bond hat

    DRAKE – the good guys have put him in charge of talking to us… um… except he has no data … except a coup… Wilcock brought him to us and has “checked him out”

    Prime MInister of England (who went to Asia to try to get the money)

    And then Wilcock…the originial guy who phoned into Art Bell and claimed to be an alien. (voice tapes exist… wilcock denies this btw) Oh yea and he is reincarnation of Edgar Cayne

    Entertainment sells….

  59. And just in case you don’t know the scam …

    They take all the hoopla around the fake bonds, the lawsuit, the debunkers and the proponents and say…

    “I have a line on some of this money that is coming out and you can get it early by giving me $25000 upfront to get the “permits” …. or for X you can trade with all these “platforms” or there is a secret settlement but you have to get your claim in… I represent the Tsar gold, or the lost China gold, or X or Y. you can have a part of the claim for X investment. or…
    ? The list is endless…

    This and variations on this have been going on for years… it is just around the ponzi… use common sense….

    Enjoy… have some popcorn… but don’t give them your money

  60. Thanks Zen. All that disinfo has a higher purpose—to teach us individuals to stop believing in what others promise and to start believing in our connection with the divine (in other words, in ourselves). But it’s about more than just trying to connect within to get a little bit of a feeling of peace, it’s about getting to a point where we follow through with our inner guidance promptly and consistently because we realize that anything less is a betrayal of ourselves. Following through is how we discover who we are; it’s how we change the world and it’s how we stop being brainwashed by all the confusing crap out there…And because we’ve had direct experience of ascension, no one can tell us all this B.S. about “ascension scenarios.” I feel there really is hope, but it comes from my understanding of the divine plan, not because someone like Wilcock or Fulford says so. (There’s hope because Divine Plan will catalyze events that will wake the ppl out of their sleep and their false hope!!)

  61. Your scathing criticism and attack of genuine, good people who are doing their part comes from your VERY limited personal opinion….nothing more.

    • ayeslyah: true… everyone has an opinion… but zen was courageous enough to share a perspective that he considered worthy of consideration, and judging by the majority of comments to this article, the overwhelming majority commenting would agree. i’d love to hear your opinion on topic presented here, besides simply criticizing a genuinely good person, namely zen.

  62. This guy is right about Wilcox and Fulford. But he is doing the exact same thing as they are. Promoting false hope.
    We absolutely must return our faith and praise to God and Jesus! We are now in the end times. The only spiritual rebirth that will happen will be to those who live their lives for God and Jesus! Just read the Holy Bible to find out what will happen. A man cannot tell you.

  63. “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.
    And no good thing ever dies.”

    – Tim Robbins, “The Shawshank Redemption”

    I would be interested to hear your opinion of both John Kettler and Former White Hat whose claims make DW and BF look quite sane and probable.

  64. Who owns the non-Federal non-Reserve?


    “The Federal Reserve System fulfills its public mission as an independent entity within government. It is not “owned” by anyone and is not a private, profit-making institution.”

    Non-Federal non-Reserve on Wikipedia


    “Preventing asset bubbles”

    “The board of directors of each Federal Reserve Bank District also has regulatory and supervisory responsibilities. For example, a member bank (private bank) is not permitted to give out too many loans to people who cannot pay them back. This is because too many defaults on loans will lead to a bank run.”

    They failed miserably to prevent the gigantic amount of liar loans being made, didn’t they ?

    “Legal status of regional Federal Reserve Banks”

    “The Federal Reserve Banks have an intermediate legal status, with some features of private corporations and some features of public federal agencies. The United States has an interest in the Federal Reserve Banks as tax-exempt federally-created instrumentalities whose profits belong to the federal government, but this interest is not proprietary.[93] In Lewis v. United States,[94] the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit stated that: “The Reserve Banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of the FTCA [the Federal Tort Claims Act], but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations.” The opinion went on to say, however, that: “The Reserve Banks have properly been held to be federal instrumentalities for some purposes.” Another relevant decision is Scott v. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City,[93] in which the distinction is made between Federal Reserve Banks, which are federally-created instrumentalities, and the Board of Governors, which is a federal agency.”

    What for the love of god does ‘intermediate legal status’ mean ?

    Profits belong to the federal government, but this interest is not proprietary – huh ?

    Is it a fourth branch of government or not ?

    Do we need a hosts of lawyers to parse the above goobledegook ?

    “Regarding the structural relationship between the twelve Federal Reserve banks and the various commercial (member) banks, political science professor Michael D. Reagan has written that:[95]”

    “… the “ownership” of the Reserve Banks by the commercial banks is symbolic; they do not exercise the proprietary control associated with the concept of ownership nor share, beyond the statutory dividend, in Reserve Bank “profits.” … Bank ownership and election at the base are therefore devoid of substantive significance, despite the superficial appearance of private bank control that the formal arrangement creates.”



    “Seigniorage derived from notes is more indirect, being the difference between interest earned on securities acquired in exchange for bank notes and the costs of producing and distributing those notes.[2]”

    “Seigniorage is a convenient source of revenue for some governments.”

    “Some economists regarded seigniorage as a form of inflation tax, redistributing real resources to the currency issuer.”

    “In fact, “hard money” advocates argue that central banks have utterly failed to obtain the objective of a stable currency. Under the gold standard, for example, the price level in both England and the US remained relatively stable over literally hundreds of years, though with some protracted periods of deflation[citation needed]. Since the US Federal Reserve was formed in 1913, however, the US dollar has fallen to barely a twentieth of its former value through the consistently inflationary policies of the bank. Economists counter that deflation is hard to control once it sets in and its effects are much more damaging than modest, consistent inflation.”

    Non-Federal non-Reserve annual dividend of 6% after expenses


    Everyone’s favourite Henry Ford quote: ‘It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning’.

    6% is your typical rental income from a buy-to-let situation but when you consider that the American dollar is held as a dominant part of the foreign reserves of every nation in the world then you should realise that this is the world’s largest buy-to-let situation that the Non-Federal non-Reserve is enjoying. In fact, we should all say hello to the landlords of the whole world.

  65. “We all know Ron Paul would never get in. They’d assassinate him if they had to, but it won’t get near that.”
    Ron Paul is amassing a movement so can all of these people be assassinated ?
    “To have any hope that this current system is reformable is ultimately a distraction and energy zapper.”
    The current system has to go.
    ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ – Ron Paul is greeted as if he is a rock star. Have you ever seen anything like this ?

  66. People get the government they deserve and I particularly like the quote ‘a government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have’.
    And Ron Paul is quite correctly asking people what is government ?
    Are people too stupid to make decisions for themselves and need government to make all their decisions for them ?

  67. Can we afford to really stop and think? ERRR YES!!!!!
    Is this written by Sorcha Faal under a pseudonym by any chance?
    Don’t listen to Ron Paul, don’t stop and think about anything, everyone go back to your TVs, everything is alright!!!

  68. I think what is confusing many people about Wilcock and Fulford is that they pick up on the fact that these people are probably genuine in themselves but that a lot of the information they are broadcasting has been compromised.

    The best dis-info is always truth mixed in with lies. It confuses the intuition.

    I would also suggest that the ‘insiders’ Wilcock and Fulford are claiming as being their sources of information are in reality (and unbeknown to these two) their ‘handlers’.

    Anyone ever read ‘The Mighty Wurlitzer’? A book that details how in the post war years the CIA disinfo / propaganda machine had it’s agents embedded in all of the major media outlets of the day (New York Times, NBC, CBS, Life Magazine etc. etc.) .. so we would be naive in the extreme not to assume that the Internet and the ‘alternative media’ has not been similarly compromised.

    I agree with Zen on this one. Extreme discernment is called for. Keep your intuition finely tuned by plenty of meditation and reflection.

  69. The reserve status of the us dollar is on life support. It was the plan all along. Check out Bix Weir and his road to roota theory. The suppression of gold & silver is a documented fact now. No matter how many distractions are ‘out their’, math is a truth you can’t discard. The math says that this ‘plug’ will be pulled soon & anyone else’s opinion is not needed.


  70. Thankyou Zen. I recently found your blog and it’s been a wonderful surprise. This article is so extremely relevant to my personal situation. I’ve turned a lot to Ron Paul and David Wilcock in the last year of my life as I’ve been waking up. They’ve helped me, but looking to them as saviors is a reality for some. I appreciate your honesty and purity.

    To those responding to this article in a strong negative tone, IMO this article is just pointing out Wilcock/Fulford can be a detractor to the final stages of waking up in which we face our fear head on and grapple with the reality of the world we’re in. It’s not saying they are terrible, he acknowledges how they are not all bad and help people ( and they have helped myself). But in my personal journey I know I have used them as a crutch and this article helps me realize this and work with the fear that I’ve been hiding from. Peace

  71. I agree with you Zen, its all about energy and redirecting it. Hearsay is hearsay no matter how much hope is attached to it. I believe nothing is ever hopeless as a problem is just an issue that hasn’t had a solution found for it yet.
    And I’d like to add this to the discussion. I’ve witnessed on a number of occasions things flying in our skies that were NOT swamp gas/seagulls/planes/balloons/helicopters/planets/space junk/clouds/rocket men or witches on broomsticks! I’m still not buying into the whole ET?ED’s though, I believe the answer is much closer to home.
    I see no evidence of ninjas, white hats or dead elites but have read about the bankers resignations.
    600 senior bankers resign or quite their jobs?
    That’s an awful lot of banking positions to fill! Whats stopping those now without jobs taking the positions of their former rivals banks like a game of financial musical chairs? (Pun intended!)
    Is it not possible that the whole thing is a con to make the general populous think things are happening behind the scenes when in reality it might all be just roll change? Are we to trust that such dishonorable people would do the honorable thing for once? I don’t!
    But when all is said and done, this is just my opinion based on the research I have carried out on my journey of enlightenment and to find the truth behind life the universe and everything 42!

  72. I think you’re a right CHOP! I’ll gladly wave goodbye to you when we move on, leaving you & the likes of you behind.
    I’d far rather follow David Wilcock’s & Steve Beckow’s work long before I’d ever read anything of yours again.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’re also the CHOP that hides behind the Sorcha Faal alias!
    What a blinking cowardly BIG MOUTH you are.

  73. The whole thing reminds me of the Illuminati (Rothschield) way of controlling the world. They finance both sides of wars, then their winning side goes in a takes over, moving in and taking over to “rebuild”.

    I just don’t trust the whole situation at all.

    I remember last year, Fulford was talking about all these arrests were going to take place. Then he talked about how they would just work out a compromise. Ya, right. Same old show and dance.

    If you look at the structure of the relationship, it’s a standard “We lead, you follow.”

    This is such an “old school con.” Action speaks louder that words, so they should just shut up or put up.

    David Icke is right about the “Truth Vibration”. This has NO leaders and is more like the structure of the Internet vs. the old paradigm control mechanism being broad and parallel vs. hierarchical top-down serial.

    It’s much harder to control a leaderless, but proactive society. This is why all the effort of trying to controlling the Internet.

    As far as Ron Paul goes, you are not seeing the bigger picture. He knew when he started this, he might be assassinated. But like all people like him and his ideals, if that happens, there would be 100’s right behind him to pick up the flag and keep running, since that would signify that we are going to be dead anyway, so just keep going. After all, how many lives have I lived to get to this place, so why stop, because I’ll just come back with better ways to deal with this.

    Ron Paul has opened up Pandora’s box and it can’t be closed.

    It’s the message, not the messenger that is of important. Now, many people are following his lead and running with his ideals. Remember what I said about the Internet.

    We are in the mists of a paradigm shift. The Illuminati did their best to get it done during Hitlers time and failed and they have tried too many times to “get it done” then and have failed.

    It would be next to impossible for them to succeed right now, even if they blow off a bunch of nuclear bombs.

    I was born in Denver in the 50’s and the fallout from the nuclear testing at the time almost killed me by the time I was 19 and every organ in my body was failing.

    Through determination and trying many health avenues I succeeded and am much more healthier than most people my age at present.

    Even the Japanese found ways after the atomic bombs were dropped on them. One of the major things they ate was Chlorella algae.

    So, the end times are coming, but I really believe it will be for the Illuminati and their henchmen.

  74. Get up, Stand Up…!

    Truth seeking on the internet can be so time-consuming, and to ferret out info from disinfo similiarly, a drain on the brain & time!!!

    Get your butt up off the chair (and I’m talking to myself too!) and go for a walk, do yoga, hula hoop, jumping jacks, something…the truth is out there…as in- OUTSIDE…step away from the computer, let’s meet in the third dimension and smile as we pass on the street.

  75. Firstly I am reminded of this scene in lotr

    Frodo: I can’t do this, Sam.
    Sam: I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something.
    Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?
    Sam: That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.

    I don’t think people should give up hope.


    Wilcock/Fulford – I read it, but have many suspicions.

    I think people should re-listen to Bill Coopers Hour of the Time episode about the New Age. Then you will look at Wilcock in a whole new “light”.

  76. Once again you dont understand jack shitt, and the rest dont even have the slithest idea of anything of anykind of substance at all.
    Some of you live on the same fu.. agenda is the Enemy you provlam you are against, the retoric is just the same.
    Some of you instictivly know this, you may as I have, known it since the day we where born. I could tell you my real source, butt you are not woutrhy and beside it f no use anyway.
    Exept for itelectual drivel and a belifesystem so out tutch with reality that the reason for me to write this was to see, are you capable to utelize this info or not.
    You are Not, aparently intelegent/waken anouf, sorry.

    I have spent almoust a total of ten minutes in the reals of Willcos and Whatever Galactic drivel served, and dont even bother to read anything they write, capice and the Iluminati drivel is starting to be Boringly paranoic.

    I could give you more, I have given you the First gate, what to do and thats it, the rest is yours only. I dont give a shitt. Some of us dont do this for money or fame, I dont need that at all.
    I give back something that works and have a porpouse.
    To expand conscuisness to new hights.

    The meer fact of our reality is beyound you imagination, and what ever you know.
    I know that, I have been there.
    You dont know anything of any wurth.
    So go back to the Reasurings of a paranoic world boble, wher everything is neat and orderly, even the “conspiracys” have beckomed tradmarked, hehe.

    I rest my case.

    This is the first time I have sen anything that is close to the real truth about us as Humansand our capability.

    Amnd a even better one, the truth about us all:

    With all due respect, go fu.. your self.


    “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
    ? Albert Einstein


    • wow. what exactly was your point? that you have an ego the size of dallas? and self esteem that would fit on the the head of a pin? i’m sorry to hear that… on both counts. i wish you well.

  77. The whole thing these days…everything can be likened to being doomed to a tunnel of dog shit and wasps!

    by the way I’m a disillusioned optimist!

    Emjay :-)

    • Bigs…so funny, wrote you a long explan and lost it. You getting all this, dude? I’m dumbfounded at the insanity and anger at such a simple point?! The world’s gone haywire, honestly. Hopped up on Horus knows what!? .;)….Glad you’re still crazy…ha! Man, these straights are freakin’ weird! (bless ’em, they’ll get it eventually, always hope…..OOOPS..did I say HOPE? OMG!…;)))

  78. My estimation is that we are living through a recapitulation of WWI & II and the Great Depression with China standing in for Germany and Russia as a kind of Vichy France temporary partner for China. There is no evidence that the drive toward World War is abating as the Anglo-American invisible empire of finance evermore rapidly moves toward “Total Energy Dominance” and control of all crossroads & gateways to petroleum-producing nations under the guise of the War on Terror in the name of Democracy and under other liberty slogans.

    Benjamin Fulford comes across like a comic book spin-off of Lyndon LaRouche. Yes, there is opposition to the Anglo-American NWO from the Shanghai Co-operation Organization and BRIC nations. Yes, they want to provide an alternative to the “I’ll make you take a dollar you can’t refuse” system in which the petrodollar still reigns supreme [for only a while longer].

    There is no way that we yet deserve peace through development, let alone to be saved by a rival oligarchy [i.e. Fulford’s alleged White Dragons]. For the most part, Americans want to get back to their next planned distraction. Their only interest in politics is to relieve their guilt in order to be able to return to their next self-indulgence.

    In sum, I would say that everything will continue to get worse and the crisis will accelerate from the London Olympics on into 2025. By then, perhaps there will be a genuine movement to bring about an end to social darwinism and economic warfare — not so much because of some grand awakening but because we will have witnessed an unprecedented display of how NOT to do things. And how NOT to tacitly, if not explicitly allow our psychopathic leadership to take us to the cleaners while leading us to squander all that might have been on barbaric winner take all wargames and false beliefs in this how the world works and has always worked.

    Once the psychopathic political and economic elites have fully shown themselves incapable, incompetent, and incomplete, then we might rebuild — full well knowing — to never allow any but the most proven and capable of sincere caring to lead us. Until that happy time, most people are sleepwalking, still staring at the television, even enthralled with their sports or other shows, listening to their banal pop music and oblivious to where this world is heading for the next decade plus.

  79. The Discourse to the Kalamas by the Buddha:

    4. “It is proper for you, Kalamas, to doubt, to be uncertain; uncertainty has arisen in you about what is doubtful. Come, Kalamas. Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumor; nor upon what is in a scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over; nor upon another’s seeming ability; nor upon the consideration, ‘The monk is our teacher.’ Kalamas, when you yourselves know: ‘These things are bad; these things are blamable; these things are censured by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to harm and ill,’ abandon them.

    for more:

  80. Good to see someone call out Fulford and Wilcock because sadly, many people actually believe these 2 tools. Still it is interesting to see people from so many different angles using the same “get the carrot donkey” tactic to keep the populous dazed and confused. P.S. the donkey never does get the carrot.

  81. Just discovered your site. I appreciate your thinking…rare in the world currently. Would like to subscribe…best via RSS…or is there a better way?

  82. You’re right on Zen! Fulford and Wilcock are selling false hopes. Moreover, they are acting consciously or as the useful idiots of some third party(ies) who want to people to renmain hopeful while entire nations are being dismantled. Their stories are surreal and their “vetted” sources sound like truck drivers (e.g., Drake) and used car salesmen, sheer freaks who have been waiting a lifetime to weave absurd stories into existing and developing psy-op sagas over the internet …

    • Couldn’t agree more. I had been thinking the same thing about this ‘Drake’ character, who sounds like a gun totin’ good ol’ boy who cann’t wait to get stuck into the shootin’ and lynchin’.

      Jesus! Is this really the enlightened beings meant to be illuminating out path to freedom?

  83. I just stumbled across this site, a link off of redice creations I believe.
    Interesting that Zen happens to mention that it seems like Fulford-Wilcock’s cardboard cut-outs are starting to develop a slight sag…..and out of know where, the systems fly monkey mechanics come swooping in to attack the messenger, do some damage control….try and prop back up the F & W cutouts while giving them a fresh coat of shellac…..give the finger to everyone in here, and fly away.

    …Just curious the system would invest that much ‘energy’ into such an exercise.
    Ya know ?

    Cheers all !

  84. Well done, Zen. I’m stunned by the purity of this Gold. Seriously. People you’ve got to see that this thing goes DEEP, and we’re talking Alice in Wonderland deep. It goes as deep as you can go, and that means that this is an issue of the human heart and soul. You go deep enough into any of these things both in the mainstream but also more so in the non-mainstream (of any kind) and you’ll see, as Zen says, that it boils down to what’s going on just left of your sternum (room for joke there, 😉

    Zen, you’ve got a really good style, not just of writing, but in your whole approach. I think you’ve got a bead on Truth not by they way you say what it must be (like some of these folks on soap boxes do…) but you sort of round up the facts on the whole and then you just keep it honest. Simple questions that make people think twice…

    Everybody, while we are on the issue of pragmatic awakening in a totally f’d up world, I’ll throw in a rule of thumb about snake oil people: If they don’t want you to think twice about something then you might want to think a good LOONG time. Better yet, just don’t buy ANYTHING. As the Gnostics do, GO WITHIN. Learn from what truth the Good Being put in you and if you don’t have such a thing in you, then how are you going to find it anywhere else without the right instincts for it? Even fake living things that the demiurge made follow instinctual protocols for recognizing what to eat, even worms do. Oh, and snake oil salesmen seem kind of like snakes. Look at them closely next time and if the seem a little snakey then report them to the SCSC (spiritual common sense center which is located in your gut/heart/brain chakral alignment). If your SCSC is aligned properly then you’ll smell a snake, and maybe a rat too. If it isn’t, then you better straighten up for your own good (pun of sorts, couldn’t resist).

    If you don’t take care of your own mind/heart/gut system then naturally all sorts of parasites and predators will try to take advantage of it!! There is no fair fighting against unfair opponents… remember that. But hey, look on the BRIGHT SIDE (there is one?)

    At least its parasites and predators that are coming after some of us, that’s sort of a compliment and optimistic report of condition. Start worrying double time when it’s only scavengers who come around…

    Thanks again, Zen. No promises, no frills, no BS. It seems this isn’t too much to ask for YET! Haha! Thank God for Major Victories in a Minor World, for when Minor World of Evil presents itself as the Major World (which is a Good World), and yet The Good suffers in here, then any “minor” victory is REALLY MAJOR!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!! zen don’t need no stinkin sympathy… look in the mirror! direct that attention towards yourself… you obviously need some!

      • I don’t understand why you and Zen both feel the need to retaliate with such smug and insulting comments when you both claim to be advocates of peace and love. Somehow I do not believe this to be as true as you would like it to be. I do not feel sorry for anyone but I do feel that both of you need to take a closer look at yourselves.

        Peace x

  85. im a first time visitor to this site, it was linked on jeff rense, i agree about fullford and wilcock, the golden era of this info being believable was 07 to 08. It all looked set to happen as the “predictions” were saying, then into 09 and nothing it all proceeded as normal apart from obv economic chaos.

    I was an ardent follower of project camelot which introduced me to wilcocks work, they all started off quite well and then seemed to get more and more outlandish, maybe it was me that was progressing past all that stuff. I think a lot of it is valuable but i dont hold any attatchements to any info or person, i read with interest the articles and thought if it happens cool if not ok too!

    I hope for theit sake some of it is true because mr wilcock has stuck his neck out on this one and his credibility rests on this now. Mr fullford never had any cred to start with in my eyes. Both mean well but i never by anything without some investigation. Ive moved away from these domains and follow people like webster tarpkey for more grounded veiws of whats happening closer to home. My discernment training is coming on a pace, im not far off black belt :-)

  86. also ron paul is useful in some small degrees of educating people and his antiwar stance is great, but if look into his economics his ideas would produce a genocide far greater than a conventional war, he wouldnt regulate banks or corporations so mr paul would deliver us to exactly where we are headed rught now only much quicker. Austrian economics is best left in austria and not grafted into the usa.

  87. Wow this post struck a chord. One cannot expect anything to change for the better if one is working within parameters of the current systems and predictions are pretty much meaningless. These current systems are corrupt to the core. Unfixable – time to have an entirely new systems for real change. Each one of you is consciously co-creating with all of us together (whether you like it or not) and considering this comment thread – no wonder we are not doing a good job of same. Individual thoughts become collective reality. I am with the Amy comment as to unplugging from the computer. Reality and truth is not solely learned from the internet. Everyone – we are on the same team collectively and each one of you has an individual responsibility to get your thoughts, your energy fields, etc. in order. Reading through all of this – lots of work to be done still apparently. As for free energy – no – humanity as a collective is not ready for same right now in this present. How do I personally know this? A small few give a crap about where their trash ends up. And no – most of the recycling is not recycled. Now that is a hard truth. Saw someone dump their paint cans in the trash yet again. Now everyone – look around you. What do each of YOU see AND FEEL (feelings are more important than sight in my personal experience but everyone is different thankfully)? That perspective is the only one you are individually responsible for creating from at all times. If each of you individually create from a place of empathy and true love (which is sometimes tough love – not flowery happy joy joy stuff mind you)…..the co-creation of the collective would look a whole lot different that now. Personally – ain’t no one saving any of us so these Wilcock/Fulford discussions are hilarious. I guess lots of people want a fairy prince or princess to come save the day? Interesting that some humans want to be “rescued” or “saved” when they have all the tools they need to do this themselves. Jokes for days but it really is not funny. Peace out people. Thanks Zen!

  88. Boy I’ve been waiting for this meltdown for a while now. Seems like you struck a nerve with this article. There are no sacred cows. Question everything. At best we are all myopic pariahs fumbling for the truth. No one has authority over anyone else! We are sovereign.

    • Simain..hugs….thank you. Brotherhood in Truth is strong…heartening. Sovereign should have a day of study assigned to it…ha! Love! – Z

  89. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Let’s all quit looking for some “authority figure” to save us. Self Messiahship is the answer . A pity most just can’t wrap their heads around their own empowerment.

  90. Fulford family is part of the <1%. Doesn't DW think he's Edgar Cayce reincarnated? That should be enough.

    Zen, great article, but I'm not there with you on the vibrational energy we're lost souls looking for ourselves stuff.

    I think we are monkeys on a rock spinning through space. We are no more sentient or special than cockroaches. The only plan the universe has for us is to crash us headlong into Andromeda.

    It's not so depressing as it seems, though. Once we wake up to what is really happening, maybe we can work together to find a way off this planet.

    Meanwhile, most of the monkeys are just playing with themselves and slinging excrement at other monkeys. The bigger monkeys like to knock heads, take stuff and make the little moneys dance.

    Dance, monkey, dance.

    • sounds like you have yet to encounter your multi-dimensional self. i can tell you that there is more to life than three-dimensional perceptions… and it’s not just fluffy stuff. that is part of the deception of the matrix. they don’t want you to know your true power. they want you to think life appeared randomly on this rock in vast nothingness. this universe is teeming with life. nothing is random. dig? lose the monkey mind, and be glad it’s not the hive mind you’re struggling with. peace.

      • How do you know your idea of a multidimensional mind is not part of the matrix’ plan for your enslavement? Hah! Gotcha.

        I never said we’re the only monkeys in the universe, did I?

        The truth is, everything is random to a certain extent. Chaos and entropy rule.

        I revel in my monkey mind, but perhaps ben has lost his?

        • i was mostly responding to your statement to Zen: “I’m not there with you on the vibrational energy we’re lost souls looking for ourselves stuff.” we are vibrational energy. all that exists is energy vibrating at various frequencies. this is irrefutable. and i, as do many others, perceive massive energetic changes occurring on the earth at this time. that, too, is irrefutable.

          random, ordered… it’s a matter of perspective.

          asking if i’ve lost my monkey mind implies that i once had one.

          i love the title of your blog, btw. USURY KILLS. i’ve often thought that the person who first charged another person interest must have been satan himself… 😉

    • I have to agree with Ben.

      The biggest con the elite have pulled on us, is reducing us to the level of just another species on the planet. They picked Darwin out of the hat and promoted him so that they could start destroying traditional religions and thus re-frame our sense of identity as purposeless lumps of meat. Religion and spirituality gave us ‘some’ sense of self worth, as well as a connection to something higher or bigger, and so was a massive roadblock for them in terms of culling the population and creating the nihilism and decadence that would eventually result in a more ordered, efficient society. One that was free from things like family, emotion, morality, compassion and ethics.

      Unfortunately, people don’t realize that just like christianity or the new-age – atheism and darwinism are also completely manufactured belief systems, that were designed to degrade us and make us think that our morality and sense of ethics was an irrelevant delusion. These belief systems are essentially just the re-hashed hinduism that many of the elites themselves believe, relating to social and genetic castes, and ‘survival of the fittest’ etc. It doesn’t make them any more real though – atheism and darwinism are just as invented as christianity. They are just belief systems with no more value or truth than orthodox religion, and they were designed and implemented by the same lying elite.

      Your thinking that we’re nothing more than just deluded apes is EXACTLY what they want you to think. It’s about bringing you down to the level of a cockroach, and your sense of self worth with it. Just like all this ”we’re nothing more than a cancer on the planet” stuff, which was an idea that came straight from the top, because it served the whole global warming paradigm, in which we are stupid, selfish animals who have destroyed the planet, and must pay for our sins.

      Essentially another religion. Don’t fall for any of it. It’s all false and has been sculpted and manufactured to get YOU in line with THEIR ideas. You don’t have to be religious or join a new-age movement, or ‘buy into’ any particular belief system to know that you are more than just a lump of flesh guided by selfish genes.

      • Hypo—lucid stuff! Glad you got it..conscious or unconscious this is the repeating paradigm…reinforced by the listener AND the promoter consciously or subconsciously. I know, freaky, but if anyone’s half aware this is obviously true!

        We have to break the cycle. Period. And call a spade a spade on our way, whether the proponent is consciously intentional or not! Comes with the territory…duh…

        I mean, c’mon!

        Much love, Zen

      • For the benefit of some reading this, I will type slower:

        The monkeys are a metaphor, not a religious concept.

        Go ahead, vomit it out. Darwin and all that garbage. You are dancing the dance, not I.

        There is cosmic multivibrator that is going to save you — where is the evidence?

        I’m only saying we need to truly awaken to our situation in order to discover true solutions, not moonbeam BS ptahed into existence by the great spirit.

        Sorry, I stepped in your Karma, folks.

  91. Thanks for the article ZenGardner. I was hoping someone was going to draw attention to the latest piece from Wilcrook and Foolford.. I have been critical of this false hope dynamic for a while now.

    They may mean well, but what they are in effect putting out is counterintelligence via disinformation. Material that draws you in and promises the world, but which ultimately leads you round in circles and delivers nothing.. I used to believe that Wilcock meant well, but he seems to know exactly what mystifies an audience, and how to keep them hooked – even when the narrative changes. First it was aliens, then it was Obama, then it was some white hats, and now it’s some asian gangsters who are going to save us from the NWO. There can be no doubt that he markets his work and does it with a strategy in mind.

    This leads me to believe that he is either a conscious spinner or is unconsciously being used by others in a bigger game. Especially once you consider that his book ‘The Source Field’ was on the NY Times Bestsellers list, and that list is basically a CFR platform to guide pop culture and promote ideas that are useful to them. A list of books, handpicked and authorized by the elite themselves, for public consumption. Whether he knows it or not, he has been picked for promotion, because they feel his work is useful to them in some way.

    For example; according to Wilcock, the world is always about to be saved or radically changed next week, or next month, by the latest hero on the block. He’s always got secret ‘intel’ that he can’t share just yet, and his ‘dream data’ is always predicting some groundbreaking event that will seal the fate of the NWO. This goes on and on, year after year, the story becoming more convoluted at every turn. In effect it creates an addiction to fantasy, just like Camelot does, and effectively disables people from pursuing much more immediate and tangible concerns.

    The message is; ”Don’t worry, just sit back and recite some new age mantras, because it’s all going to be OK. The aliens and Obama are coming to save us and we will have a shining utopia when they’re done”.

    What better way to disable people from being active and critical about real, day to day issues? If I was an elitist who was in the process of taking the world from one complete system into another, I would definitely promote people who spouted that kind of thing.

    • Very well put. I’ve been thinking the same thing myself. I think these ‘insiders’ they go on about are in reality PsyOps ‘handlers’.

      Just not sure if Fulford and Wilcock actually realise it yet.

  92. Hello Zen, great topic here and I really believe your observations are correct about these two. I might suggest you and your audience consider reading the book series titled ‘Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars of Russia’. They really lay down a foundation for how humanity should try to live on this planet. Many people are helped immensely, and I am so glad I read them all. They jive perfectly with the entire situation we find ourselves presently. Take care everyone

  93. There is also the issue of the carrot in this latest piece – which in this case is the prospect of a global mass-awakening, where everyone on the planet is suddenly made aware that they’ve been conned, plundered and farmed for as long as ‘civilization’ has existed, and that we inhabit a totally artificial and constructed matrix of lies, death and deceit.. As if the majority of people would actually accept and believe this, even when it came from a major authority figure like the TV.

    This is just not going to happen.. It’s never been about the masses all ‘getting it’ one day, and unifying to slay the evil dragon. History has shown that most people like to be managed and lorded over on some level, despite their claims to the contrary. To think that this is a necessary solution is one thing, but to actually tell people it’s going to happen, and give them details about how this definable ‘event’ will play out – is another altogether.

    You can theorize about why Wilcock says these things, and some of it may be down to the sheer amount of new-age propaganda he has ingested, but it still points in one direction – the guy is a stooge for the elite, whether consciously or otherwise. A new-age propagandist who has been given a hand up in the world because his ideas and his worldview are attractive to many people at this time, whilst at the same time are totally misleading and devoid of any substance.

    The elite know full well that most people will buy into whatever sounds rosy, and will believe whatever gives them comfort. They are masters at creating religious attachment to certain ideas, because they have studied our emotional weaknesses, and so it is routine for them to pick and promote icons for us to follow, like Wilcock.

    Telling people that there is going to be a ‘global mass-awakening’ in the near future, and that some distant, hypothetical saviour is going to sort out all this mess for us – is like the ultimate slap in the face. It’s never going to happen and it’s not even a realistic solution. It is simply a nice, emotionally comforting lie.

    We’re being mocked by the elite, via David Wilcock..

  94. Get a Clue ‘Zen’!
    At least Wilcock and Fulford use their real names.
    Who are you?
    What are you putting on the line?
    Cheap, cheap , cheap!

    And ‘Vivek’, you are uttelry wrong. Go away, think more deeply and try again.

    • daniel: wow. talk about cheap. let’s see where you’ve put your ideas out there publicly, envisioning a better world. put your money where your mouth is! LOL

  95. I say there is more use in taking information once verified and making life uncomfortable among people until they consider it. Give congressional offics and civilians a chance, b ut do not allow yourself to be spat upon. do not allow yourself to become hostage to a group of silly, criminal, prancing and mewling government officials or the swine will allow their buddies to nuke more reactors. I do not believe a bunch of illuminati bunkers have been physically destroyed. I also believe the sheep I am surrounded by have far less chance of being asked intro one of these facilities. they have been frolicking on others’ dime since birth. I am weary of dealing with this crap. the Fukushima plant has PROVEN much more law enforcement needs to be activated. Nukes ARE WORSE than even the highly respectable Arnie Gundersen is able to communicate.

  96. Zen… Awesome perceptions & insights, as per-usual…

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it here in the comments but, did you know that old, ben & davey are just actors playing a role? They belong to an actors group that is involved with the fabrication of multiple faked news events…
    The whole, fake hope scheme is merely their part in this matrix-driven world we are being fed…
    The hope thing is only the other side of the coin that the doom-sayers spout from the other side of the fence…
    Most people have a very hard time grasping the fact that everything one perceives is actually existing in a 1″high X 2″ deep X 3″ wide, area located in the middle rear part of the brain… And from there, it’s nearly impossible for most to grasp that there is an organ within the brain called the Pineal Gland that is the seat of our Soul’s perceptions of this segment of reality…
    Ahh… Someday, maybe… But then again, that’s probably just my own version of “false hope”, eh?

    Peace to you, Zen…

  97. I have been DESPERATELY trying to get people to understand that Dis-info Fulford and Wacky Wilcocks are playing-people-for-fools. If they can not see Fulford for what he is after he was TELLING EVERYONE LISTENING TO HIM ON RENSE THAT JAPAN IS OK AND THAT THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF THE FUKUSHIMA SITUATION, then you deserve to be suckered.

    Wilcocks is just so damned obvious that I will not even waste my time saying anything that can not be said by listening to merely 10 minutes of his New Age BULLSHIT.


    ExposeTheZionists YouTube/ADL Channel

    NB: Folks, PLEASE have enough common-sense that God-gave-you to see through people like these two, but ESPECIALLY COINTELPRO Jones.

  98. Fulford, Wilcock, & Ron Paul have many positive points and their main fault is essentially putting their heart on their sleeves. Yes , I have also followed them since Camelot and have had a chuckle at David’s singing. We’ve even exchanged emails on crop circles which he thought most were faked. Please folks do not write off all these people who are wanting to make the world a better place. Otherwise all you are left with are Alex Jones, Jeff Rense and the other DJ’s spinning Fear Porn! I love Zen Gardner too but he could easily be described by detractors as a poor man’s David Icke. Wink wink. Much Love. Keep meditating!

    • Antigen Ant…ha! Cute…no problem with all that. Don’t blame you at all. Everything’s up for grabs. That’s the point. I was just trying to pry some psychic velcro hooks off the latest hopeful story velcro hoops.

      I agree they have stuff to offer, for sure. What amazes me is that people took what I said as if I dissed the source. My point was the INVESTING going on….as usual…in someone else’s research and interpretation (as in, do it for me). It’s Pavlovian…you have to admit. The “audience” is head turning with whatever was put out there on the big screen like Orwellian morons.

      If they don’t snap out of the idiocy we’re toast.

      And if they’re offended at the thought?…so TF what?…they don’t respond to entreaties, do they? Their minds are made up, except for a few. We’re in serious shit…would you agree?

      Are you sounding the alarm, or criticising the alarmists?

      A little different perspective, no?

      Hope so…no offense…but you can’t play the placated neutral in this scenario. Too much at stake.

      Love, Zen

      P.S. And poor man’s David Icke? HUGE compliment, thank you!!!


  99. I told you about Fulford and the rest of his “white hat” gang, Z. Told you it was false hope propaganda.
    Glad to see you coming around where you were defending him barely a month ago.
    But Ron Paul is not false hope. Contrary to Fulford et al, he brings facts. He educates. He forces others to look at history and come to inevitable conclusions.
    Yes, the elections are rigged. But the more we vote for RP, the more the establishment’s fraud becomes overt and in your face. The more they expose themselves.
    Fulford and co aren’t exposing anyone.

  100. I’ve been waiting to see whether the old ‘ascension’ story was going to show up in the comments as a by word on the Wilcock, Fulford issue. It hasn’t – which I find rather curious…

  101. By some remarkable coincidence, someone emailed me this article today, dealing with integrity issues surrounding channelling. Since the ascension information is procured through a liaison with remotely situated superior lightbeings there is very little at our disposal to test the veracity of the content and origins. Ordinarily I would have no problem with the phenomenon of channelling or the good intentions of the channels, however, if one surveys the data, even over the last twelve months, there are noticeable trends in the content that is, or should be, setting off some alarm bells.


  102. My comment has zero to do with Zen being a good person, a strange if not childish comment. Each of us have a part to play, scathing criticism and outright attack, coming from a place of ignorance has the capacity to undermine the global initiative. Don’t speak publicly, especially out of ignorance simply because YOU may not be included in that loop at this time. It reeks of ego that must be left behind. While we are a collective, individually many of us must move independently of the collective in our assigned part.

  103. Hey Zen, thanks for bringing The Silver Surfer into this debate. He was always my fav, and I’ve not seen him in many decades.

  104. Good analogy. False hope. Promises of a happy ending. Trust us we’ll lead you to nowhere but hell in a hand basket. Keep your eyes on the shells and pick which one has the ball. The hand is quicker than the eye. The charlatans are easy to spot for someone that is awake. Unfortunately the world is filled with those that have lost their way or have no hope. Ripe targets for those that preach the never ending road to hope paved with supposed good intentions but never any actions.

    I’d trust a prostitute over any of these people for the happy ending. Far better odds of getting what I’ve paid for from her.

  105. Has anyone else noticed the snide, catty comments from the ‘moderator’ at Divine Cosmos towards any poster who dares question the predictions David Wilcock is making?

    It is incredibly childish and manipulative. A crude attempt at turning the Wilcock fanbase against anyone who dares raise legitimate questions.

    I have heard rumours that the ‘moderator’ is none other than Mr Wilcock himself, which is rather bizarre behaviour. One of the first signs of a messianic personality disorder is to start referring to yourself in the third person.

  106. Hey Zen,
    I’m late, but thank you a thousand times for your clear, clever and true words about Bullford and Willky – for the latter I also fell for some short, initial time… And I’m quite relieved to see you expand the disinfo question to new age and channeled stuff – you have been so much on the – may I say – ascension/transformation stuff that I started to grow a little suspicious about your motives too, honestly. But with the last part of your article you clearified that to me and now I can still recommend your work with very good conscience :-)
    Love you, Chaukee

  107. Your site is a great example of a cabal disinformation web site.

    And one of the major “targets” for disinformation right now is Drake, David Wilcock, Bill Wood, Benjamin Fulford, and all those who have been helping them to get the Truth out to the masses, and by making up such B.S. about Drake and Benjamin Fulford being cloned, etc.–pure B.S., you seek to “take info, out of context” to confuse [or, at least, ATTEMPT to confuse] as many people as possible.

    Sites like yours that are relatively new are disinfo sources because of their fear mongering & contradictions to long trusted sources. Sounds like you are just upset the changes are not happening quickly enough, but if you think you can set up a site so quickly and discredit long trusted sources so easily, you are mistaken.

    • So many angry and insulting comments from Drake or Fulford fanboys… Come on, let’s see:
      – Wars going around for staged reasons? Check.
      – Destruction of private and public liberties? Check.
      – Society getting more and more debased and people crazier than ever? Check.
      – Occult stuff on every screen? Check.
      – Rothschilds and Rockefellers alive? Double check.

      So, do you seriously believe some ninjas or some kung fu masters dressed in black destroyed the Illuminati as Fulford promised, or that he’s just full of crap? Use your brains! Wilcock seems trustworthier but don’t think he’s Truth with a big T. Ron Paul… You have to be in to enter the political world; you can’t resolve problems with the mind pattern that created them in the first place, so don’t count on politicians to save you from politicians! Drake Bailey… That man states he’s the reincarnation of Jesus and Muhammad, for God’s sake.
      NONE of what these guys told appeared to be true, they’re 90% lies and 10% truth because like all disinformers they know you have to mix up lies and truths to suck people in. All they can do is report the deadline of their fake predictions: “soon, folks, soon!”

      Sorry to go on a rant but we just can’t allow any more lies to be propagated. Nobody got time for that. As Zen often rightfully stated the solution is within OURSELVES, we can do it, we don’t need any gurus, insiders, so-called prophets, Enlightened guys of my arse or disinformers selling their “sit-back-the-bad-guys-are-taken-care-of” HOPE at $120 per DVD like Fulford, Shriner, Drake & the like…

      Cheers and much Love to you Zen, don’t let anyone discourage you ;-D

  108. Hi what you say in your article above rings true for me, (well kinda!). Got an email this morning from John Kettler (I’m a big fan of his!) http://www.networkedblogs.com/blog/john-kettler-investigates and this is what he says:
    First, an apology is due for the long silence since my last update. Our lackadaisical webmaster is entirely to be blamed, and the flogging will begin shortly. Now on to developments…

    The “Drake” thing has become an ever bigger deal, in terms of the time it takes to address it and the headaches it’s giving me and my contacts. “Drake” has even replied to me here and mentioned me in his interviews. So far, despite pinging some very senior people, NO evidence has been found to support the scenario he describes, of a military ready to intervene domestically on the side of freedom, at the lawful request of marshals and sheriffs. The good news, though, is that at least 90% of the U.S. military would refuse to obey unlawful (unconstitutional) orders to act AGAINST the American people. The word I’m getting is the U.S. military has way too much on its plate already and DOES NOT want to get drawn into something domestic. How to reconcile this with what the ETs/EDS are telling me; that this “Drake” thing is real, I know not!

    Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kimberly Jaeger, whom Sunfire connected me with. The interview’s here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/belovenow/2012/04/26/living-in-the-now-john-kettler Last night, I had a wholly unexpected surprise interview with Kerry Cassidy for her American Freedom Radio Show. Skype rang, and I was informed I would be on in six minutes! Managed to wing it, despite being caught flatfooted!
    Turning now to the war, there was another one fought recently, this one the result of a misunderstanding brought about by the terrible shape’s Earth’s in. A gigantic insect queen and her host pounced on what was thought to be a destroyed world, thus suitable for laying her brood, and it didn’t go over well with the Liberation Forces, who fought in a war which raged through the upper dimensions, filling the hospitals with tens of thousands of friendly casualties, among them a number of commanders. A scout craft involved in Earth operations, which happened to be in the wrong place at the right time, caught an energy bolt of some sort, was disabled, but was rescued before it could crash. This was basically spillover fire from the higher planes.
    Eventually, the insect queen and someone from our side who knows her crossed paths, there was a shock of mutual recognition, words were exchanged, and the insect queen and her host withdrew–after it was made plain to her that this was very much an inhabited planet, despite its dilapidated state. This should help you understand some of the activities behind the scenes and the exopolitical aspects as well.
    John Kettler

  109. And as for these “Leads to nowhere” roads, that’s all it is really. What it comes down to is, “WHO” has been the ones who has been pulling our strings all along, each and everyone of us, to play out this whatever scenario on this planet for over thousands of years. Well that “Who” is not an individual, but a group of very powerful beings from another part of the galaxy who came here to earth to experience darkness 25000 years ago: http://www.thankyouwhiteknights.com/2012/05/09/fall-of-the-archons-my-dreams-this-months-portal/ … make of this what you will, but for me this one hits the nails right on its head. There are help links: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2012/01/31/never-call-them-archons/ … and we can either lend our help with this or we can just sit back and watch everything being played out to its bitter end. Rest assured Light will win this one!

  110. The never ending speculation about who is telling the truth is itself the clear state of affairs on this planet for those whom are not engaged by simpler lives or complex responsibilities. What is the value of degrading a hopeful message if only to protect oneself against disappointment? Given the choice, and at one level all is choice, why would anyone choose to live and believe miserably? The allegedly enlightened ones allegedly know better.

    My personal opinion is that Bullford and Wilcock are both independents who enjoy attention…a lot. Wilcock is very bright and works hard to deliver his message and he did so for many years with little income. He earns some credit from me for that. Despite his forays into commercial success, he continues to review information and devour books that few would endeavor to achieve themselves and this action has value. To renounce a person in their entirety is foolish sorry to say, rather I recommend discernment. If these are misinfo agents, than 90% of what they are saying is correct!

  111. i dont blame you or anyone else for their cynicism. Some of us have been waiting longer than others for true core changes.
    However my inner guidance tells me this will only happen once the economic system goes into collapse mode. This will be the catalyst for all of the above. What makes things exciting is that we are so so very close to this point. Follow the economic news. we are at a watershed point right now. Then we will see real solid change. There will be no other recourse!

  112. I agree. Fulford I think is a dupe. He may believe what he puts together, maybe not. It would be easy for him to be fed an entire range of information and situations that he would believe his multitude of sources equate to his professed reality.

    HOWEVER, how easy would it be for the alphabet soup agencies to coordinate a disinformation campaign to an half ass, while he then takes it to a naive lovey dovey Wilcock who may very well be an actual light worker or advanced soul working for our enlightenment, but he then gets the financial story and his listeners buy into it so that the whole spiritual community falsly thinks that a new and fair system is in the works. But that never comes. Wait and wait and wait, while the shit goes down so no one does a damn thing.

    Nukes under water? Doubt it. HAARP? Probably. Chemtrails keep going on non stop. Military White Hat’s? Who the fuck is that? Those colored pins on Admirals and Generals chests are called Fruit Cocktail, because you’ve got to be fruity loopy out of your fucking soul to kill the way they do as a matter of course… As long as chemtrails are being laid and ALL LIFE on EARTH is under siege by the Military Industrial Complex, I can not believe a word out of Fulford and Wilcox is a patsy.

  113. Were i the scion of a psychopathic bloodline charged with implementing a program of total control, i would plan meticulously for every possible, foreseeable obstacle to it’s successful completion. This would of course bring me to the question of how best to deal with the grassroots resistance movements that would surely arise as a consequence. Accepting this as an inevitable outcome of my operations, the logical thing to do would be to have total control over the movement thereby directing it down unprofitable paths and negating it’s effectiveness.
    Now, gaining control over an existing movement, whilst relatively easy, is much less desirable than creating it entirely from scratch yourself.
    Following the logic of this i would suggest that most of the very well known personalities out here are fully paid up members of the counter intelligence community.
    This entire ‘truth’ movement has been conceived, created, and directed by the very forces it proposes to unseat.
    Now, however, we have a situation in which many of the rest of us have taken up the torch that they lit and are running headlong in the direction set out for us.

    We use the buzzwords they have given us like we know what they mean. We still focus on the things they want us to, though they accomplish it much more circumspectly.

    Do people really think that the internet is not serving the purpose it was designed to by those boys in DARPA all those years ago.

    We are doing exactly as is expected of us.

    We have awoken into a new Dream.

  114. You are so cool! I do not believe I’ve read through something like this before.
    So nice to discover another person with a few genuine thoughts on this subject.
    Really.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is one thing that’s needed on the web, someone with a little originality!

  115. I saw through the HOPE & CHANGE at the get-go. On the run up to his election I would tell any one who would listen “were did they get this guy”.
    My wife still goes through relapses with these characters. Remember fulfords interview with rockefeller. Another one is WE ARE CHANGE. He gets in to a secure dinner event to call kissinger a war criminal.

  116. Couldn’t agree more…………..Stop blaming the puppets and look behind the curtain for the puppeteers. Then we’ll be getting somewhere……………….Maybe.
    Wizard of OZ ringing any bells……..You know……………Ding dong the witch is dead. Come on you little Munchkins get with the program……………..

    • I wrote a small working-reply to your post when it was originally released in 2012, but never submitted it. Then the article was recently & mysteriously suggested to me. My view hasn’t wavered.

      I’d also like to progress the notion that D. Wilcock’s true intentions are NOT to deliberately produce disinformation through some apparatus of hope-producing mind control. Conversely, Wilcock has organized grand works in his publications, such as “The Source Field Investigations” and “The Synchronicity Key”—challenging the orthodoxy of the science establishment, giving precise analysis and evidence for the spaciousness of a metaphysical reality, and promoting true compassion and unified love. “The earth is a school for spiritual learning and we are all students” (Wilcock).

      As an open-minded healthy skeptic, one must mindfully be aware of the impulse for careless conclusions, spoiled by judgments. Thinking in relations to maintaining fixed views is constraining. Even here in the “ZenGarden,” one finds the matrix-world orthodoxy of a limiting paradigm which electrically hard-wires the biophysical psychosocial spheres of being, or one’s system of beliefs that you mark as known knowledge.

      But as it goes with any formularized articulation of experience, we must mindfully suspend the true nature of unobscured spaciousness, if only, in order to communicate within the sensible material realm, as to inform and lead others to these illuminatingly vibrational genuine states. Thus, as I have done in the past, I also commend you, Zen, if not for your will to raise the consciousness of sentient beings, then for your bold quest to awaken the ones listening with the inspiration to awaken themselves.

      The main complication I have with your post, is that you are overgeneralizing claims that a particular medium in which Wilcock (or R. Paul) are presently associated with, are possibly deceitful, or too dynamic within their network of data—which may give rise to “comic book” classification—but this does not equate to a fraudulent holistic account of them, their followers, or their other mediums of information.

      You are possibly influencing many to avoid the beautiful and uplifting spaciousness of Wilcock’s ontology through your micro-perception and misrepresentation of him. In fact, a majority of the information he’s collected and distributed within his books and website are completely harmonizing with the posts I read here at ZenGardener.

      Post Script, many critics of Wilcock remind me of those that were projected toward our lovely Stuart Wilde. It saddens me how many people attack others based on their character, when they’re just trying to do the best they can.

      Om Manie Padme Hung

    • I wasn’t aiming to reply to you, Pam, my bad. Ha-ha! I do enjoy your innuendo though. My question is, when will we collectively awaken to the emptiness of created appearances? The puppeteers loose power when the audience awakens to their already awakened primordial state of the nature of Nowness; the puppeteer is purified, the strings are cut, the audience is emancipated, and we converge with spiritual cosmic orbit of love.


  117. False Hope Energy Heist – You write a lot of articles but you really need to know that some have their own profound effect. From 9-11 to the present many people have glommed onto the david wilcocks because the more abrasive people like the Icke’s were telling people how the red pill truly is which is nothing pretty and full of love.

    By taking a firm stand and illustrating what history channel buffon sell outs like wilcock are doing you free many who have been misguided down to the path of truth they were seeking in the past decade in a half. Sadly I hope you never have an urge like old David W did and be a B New Age Star or have a tone deaf John Denver singing career because your information is still real and useful.

  118. hey Zen, thinking maybe you should re-publish. Name in article “project blueballs”..seeing now we have been given the blue avians..by david..I was wondering around your site and came across this one. Could not let it pass!!

    and wanted to express to you how much you have given to awareness, continually putting it out there, the commenters perspective, all gives to our awakening. It all does make a difference, all of you that are continuing this fight, as we are still up against them..

  119. Hello Zen
    When I see someone pimping Wilcox, I remove them from my book marks bar. The reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?
    Yea sure and I am the Buddha.

    I could paint a blue streak on my head and run around quoting the Gita, but it wouldn’t mean I actually know anything. If Wilcox were the incarnation of Cayce, he wouldn’t have to wonder about so many things, he would already know, as he would have cosmic consciousness.

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