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Proof Of Heaven: Neurosurgeon Discusses His Journey Into The Afterlife


MUST SEE interview. Proof of Heaven author Dr. Eben Alexander on his NDE – Near Death Experience. Captivating and inspiring! Love, Zen




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  1. Excellent! The best interview I have seen with Dr. Eben Alexander. I will be getting the book. Thanks for adding this to your great site.

  2. In Jan.2010, I had surgery to remove a large brain tumor which was located near my brain stem. During the surgery I had a similar experience. Mine wasn’t as long. But I can testify that that place is there. Here is my story: nightingaledesign.org / blog / ?p=957
    I’ve probably rewritten it a couple dozen times. I keep remembering more, and I’m able to concentrate better all the time… It’s a hard thing to write about.

    • nightingale. nice website, nice designs. i have had several near death experiences as well. i am looking for your articles but havent found them.i for one, am very interested in reading your experiences. please fix the link. i also am beginning to remember more about my life in death, and am struggling to write about it.

    • title: haven’t you read my book, by Dr Ebe, unbelievable. It will change your life for ever.
      also” 23 minutes in hell” don’t remember the author, found it in wall mart

  3. Zen;
    The best book ever written about death was “Easy Death” by Adi Da. “We do not live; Life lives as us”. We can die at 1 or 101 years old so our dreams prepare us for death. Horrible worlds can appear; beautiful worlds can appear; both can appear. Eventually the visions end and we return to Source.

  4. His experience seems valid but his conclusions are full of holes if measured against scripture. For one thing there is no mention in his ‘theology’ about God’s Son Jesus Christ who according to scripture is the person who created the universe, without whom nobody gets to see God the Father. Also according to the doc’s ‘theology’ there is no such thing as hell when Jesus made more mentions of hell than all the Old Testament prophets put together. Scripture warns about people who come ‘preaching another gospel.’ The doc’s ‘theology’ is pretty much that, another gospel, of the pantheist genre.

    • The devil can mascerade himself as an angel of light
      2Cr 11:14 . satan wants the unsaved to think they don’t need Jesus Christ to go to heaven, nohing could be futher from the truth.

    • Yes, you are correct – these near death experiences that are becoming ‘legion’ in our time of apostasy from Christianity, seem to fall under the ‘signs and wonders to deceive if possible even the elect.’ The person who wrote that the devil can appear as an angel of light – St. John of the Cross, who was gifted with a true vision of the Holy Trinity, had “Jesus” appear to him several days later – thought it looked a little different, just slightly, then made the Sign of the Cross – “Jesus” changed into a serpent and lunged at him before disappearing as I remember the story – he begged God to send him no more visions! But this is all apparent to those who understand how the demonic can use and is using this ‘no more sin, no more hell, no more reforming of your life’ gospel of Antichrist to prepare the way for the AC himself.

  5. My lucid dream/vision (not a near-death experience), after years of regular meditation/contemplation was about multiple past lifes (several animal lifes, one human life, a life in ‘heaven’, and an incredible beyond-words unity-with-light experience (never felt more love in ‘my’ life).
    The physical missing link with the after-life are two new particles: electrinos en positrinos that are very light (like neutrinos, much lighter than electrons) and still have some electric charge. Only charged particles can make complex worlds. Heaven physics has something in common with ‘earth’ physics, but there are also differences, so the heavenly world has something in common (and also differs) with our familiar world. Official physics gives many clues about such very light charged particles, but the physicists beat around the bush.

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