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Proud To Be An American Now?

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Imperialism is a murderous rampage, usually disguised as a fight for security and freedom. Isn't it time we stopped fighting for and supporting these psychopaths?





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  1. Thomas Jefferson’s original vision of a pastoral agrarian society which had a modicum of self-defense amongst the populace against invaders and a minimal federal government and mainly decentralized power, there are founding ideas of America that are unique in their simplicity and elegance. You’re painting the picture of the way America is in reality, but an Empire is not congruous with “America” at heart. There is one that exists as an ideal which has never been realized. But you have done psychic espionage and taken my joke seriously. If you took the time to hear a more complete discussion of the issues you wouldn’t associate me with the Empire that we both hold in disdain. Your argument is as always being leveled against someone who fundamentally agrees with you on the thrust of your point.

  2. Humanity needs to rise in Consciousness above the need and desire to be governed by any entity.

    Governments have been used to suppress free people in the past and this has not changed in any way. Real freedom cannot be “granted” by an outside perceived authority labelled as a “government”. Freedom is a state of being that must be adopted by each and every Human Soul on this planet. We are all Sovereign Souls who can decide to make our own decisions to love one another and humanity as a whole, to help those in need and to do good deeds in this world, instead of bad deeds. It’s really an individual choice. Should I do what I know to be right (using my higher Conscience), or do I simply carry out whatever deed I am ordered to do, even if it’s wrong (from the lower R-complex / limbic “animal” mind)?

    It’s now time for humanity to fully awaken and to stop being part of the herd of rabid, hateful “animals” (who call themselves human) who still desire to be dominated, suppressed, ruled by a hierarchy and totally mind controlled by corrupt entities that are conveniently labelled as “government”.

    Be the beautifully unique Sovereign, powerful and loving eternal Soul that you truly are, and make your actions reflect those of LOVE and TRUTH – at all times.

    So, what does “Govern” – “Ment” really mean?

    “Govern” (from Latin, Guverno/Guvernare) means to “Rule” or to “Control” and direct the public business of a person, country, etc.

    “Ment” (from Latin, Mens / Mentis”) is “Mind”

    Government is therefore synonymous with “MIND CONTROL” and that is the technique that governments have been using for thousands of years to control people via FEAR. It ultimately has convinced / brainwashed many people to think that war is “peace” and oppression is “freedom”.

    True Sovereign freedom cannot be realized as long as people want to be governed and thus mind controlled while living on this planet.

    It’s time for all of humanity to stop being mind-controlled & fearful and to start thinking with a higher level of Consciousness.?

  3. Oh, my gosh! I wish I hadn’t seen all that! It makes me sick at my stomach to see our species killing one another; humans killing humans, hurting animals, destroying the planet . . . for what? This is madness! Will it ever stop?

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