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Psychopathic Stooges Joke About Genocide

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[If you're not mad enough already this will do the trick.]


If you had any remaining doubt that the leaders of this country are pure psychopaths, this video will put it to rest.

In a series of revolting displays, American officials seem to find great humor in the death and pain of others.  Isn’t it funny to watch the suffering of torture victims? Aren’t WMDs and bombs just the funniest thing ever?  Hilarity ensues when children are being killed by drones…oh my gosh, stop, our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard. Crimes against humanity are just so darned amusing.

And what’s even worse? No one calls these so-called “leaders” out on their offensive and sick behavior. Instead, the audience is just rolling in the aisles as those in power in America make a big joke of the havoc and destruction they have wrought with their orders.

Warning: Graphic content (and by graphic, we mean even worse than Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W.Bush laughing maniacally.)




      • If you look at the ages of many political leaders, it appears to “jive” with that genetics complex that was located in Placentia Newfoundland……on the “Avalon” Peninsula.
        Always amazed me that electronics and computer lingo deals with “pathways” and “gates”, let us not forget the “Gateway” computers………… and then we have Bill Gates.

  1. They are severely insane. Crazy psychopathic nutbags. Why aren’t we sending them to insane asylums and tossing the keys away forever? When will people have had enough? We are labeling many people mentally ill but no one even comes close to being as insane as these depraved oligarchs. So why are we letting the severely insane run our countries?

    • no plan on how to go about it? eventually the fed up will rise – will it be too late? Have our sensitivities been compromised too much? Should “we” have done so decades ago instead of waiting for them to be armed to the teeth? Lots of questions, but I know the consciousness war is the real one – it’s forever, this temporary BS will pass no matter what…

      • There is no plan one is not needed.
        the consciousness war is a better place.
        Consciousness arises inwardly subjectively and the result is empowerment that the control freaks fear with an insane reaction.
        Planning is always out there in the illusion of time and space “3D” Planning is about the future in many ways. As each one follows the inner stillness the light that we seek out there will arise here. Much of the programming of the world human ego mind is not about the present now space.
        Yes, this drama that is going on is temporary. Internally let the drama end and peace can arise more in our being. We can be here in these bodies yet” knowing” they are temporary makes the ride much more peaceful.
        Knowing is not believing as some think.

        Blessings Peter

        • Yes, Peg, Zen ! My grandmother would say something Peg , she would say to me ‘And this too will pass ‘ and it does and will This is just an experience, part of that which we call consciousness , the rest is … As Hillel said , just commentary . :) X Kitty

          • Kitty, how sweet what your grandmother would say – - kinda like what I say to meself is “it’s like gas – - it will pass”. Wink-wink!

  2. seems to me that cloning is much like copying data:
    the result gets worse with every run! :-)

    The “graphic content” is missing on my screen.
    Was there supposed to be a video?


    • sorry, ck again for the video – lotsa cyberjunk running rt now….

      Your copying data point reminds me Eric of that movie Multiplicity where the guy copies himself 5 times and each one gets dumber and more weird…pizza anyone? ;)

  3. These entities masquerading as our ‘leaders’ are pure evil. Psychopaths to the extreme, these evil beings feed off of other’s pain. Hillary is worse than the evil witch from The Wizard of Oz.

  4. I don’t know which is more disturbing…bush making his “jokes” or people actually laughing at them. Damn thems some vile creatures, the whole lot of them. WTF are we dealing with? If I were to stand up at that dinner and say “I fail to see the humor in that” they would haul my ass outta there and arrest me and who the hell knows what else. ..and the dinner would continue….I’m over it, time to bring these assholes down,

  5. In the not too distant future Public appearances like that will be enough to have them certified as Criminally Insane, at the moment their Insanity works in their favor because in reality, let’s face it, we know they are the one’s who are afraid because they have everything to lose, and those clips alone lost them so much Respect and revealed their true colours to the World and History.

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