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Psychopathy On A Rampage

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[Brilliantly put here. While we cut parasitic psychopaths our of our live, the Awakening is ultimately the answer. - Zen]

CorbettReport: As more and more studies demonstrating the corrosive effect of psychopathy on government, finance, and business emerge, researchers have begun to explore how our society itself has been molded in the psychopaths’ image. Now, one of those researchers, Stefan Verstappen, shares his insights on psychopathy in modern culture. This is the GRTV Feature interview on Global Research TV.

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[Very well stated here. Important information to help understand what we're up against. - Zen]



    • Jimmy Carter if fully one of these people. He was a Zionist puppet like all the rest. In 1975 he signed a document that he wanted the population of Africa decreased by 50% by the year 2000. Not reduce the increase but decrease the population. He is evil. He had to be to be allowed to be president.

      • Rt on – my answer to the original question of ‘why’s he there?’- He chose to be, he was chosen to be, and he deserved to be. Just another tool in the box of useful idiots. That he plays the bleeding heart liberal role is just another role on the grand chessboard.

        If we doubt our convictions we don’t arrive at solid conclusions, and hence don’t do anything. Clever ploy to trot these old geezers out as do gooders so we sympathize instead of decry and incarcerate as they should be….

  1. “American television is a medium so resolutely banal that it has effectively removed vulgarity from modern culture by making it the norm.”


  2. I have really liked this video. It’s an exact description of what’s going on in the power structures of the world.
    The only missing point IMO is not mentioning that those psicopaths are part of the jewish criminal network. Being a psycopath is not enough to become extremely wealthy and powerful. You also have to be a jew.

  3. So there you have it – they are insane. They are NOT the “elite” or ‘the powers that be” – they are quite simply insane. They chose those terms for themselves to elevate themselves in our eyes. We think we mock them with those terms but they know that language is very powerful, which is why they’ve so corrupted our language. Sure, I feel sorry for them on some level because they’ve suffered some kind of trauma to become so profoundly ill yet I know that my only recourse is to refuse to interact with them. The police are now insane – so why would I ever call them and invite them into my home? The government officials are insane – so why would I go to their meetings or government facilities and plead with them to act responsibly? The bankers are insane – so why would I interact with them or give them my money (energy) and expect that they would have my best interests at heart? I tell you, keep them at arms length and call them whatever it is that they are to you…. I call them ‘The Insanes’ and refuse to give my fealty to them by calling them by their self-chosen terms of superiority over us. They understand and use the power of language and we must do the same.

  4. My father, my brother, my sister, everyone of my bosses, people I had to deal with, even socially. I sit here and try to to clear the tears from my eyes. The leaders of many countries have totally F–K this world. I wish there was a G-D, so he could help us.

    • Darkwing, there is a God and that God is us!! We just give our power away. Mostly not intentionally because we are being brainwashed, vaccinated, robed, tossed to a fro, etc, etc. from a very early stage. WE are in the MATRIX, the bubble but thank goodness most are waking up to the TRUTH of our power within. Our power of choices and actions. We can see and then change things as individuals with the power of TRUTH by walking that truth. Disconnect the mind and actions from the matrix and then openings of little holes penetrate that bubble. It will take a lot of us to burst open the tough exterior of that bubble. But we most definitely do have the power within/God/us.
      A book I learned about through this site (Astrotheology & Shamanism by Jan Irvin & Andrew Rutajit) arrived Friday afternoon and I stayed up till 4 am reading it. Still reading and find it the most fascinating read/study of my lifetime. There is a God and it is US.
      Isolate the idiots/monsters to Israel and let them have it out with each other on their own little part of the planet! Oh yea, we also need to cut off/out their reproductive tools! Here’s to dreaming – hehe!

      • If we send them to Israel they will devour the Palestinians. I’m not keen on that happening. Move Israel to the Australian Outback, and send those manics there to live with them. DISARMED.

        • Cut their lifelines and they’ll shrivel like the wicked witch of the west, that simple. Stop feeding the parasitic beast and it dies. The onus is on humanity. We can try to lead the way, whether enough follow to end the nightmare is another story – but only one within many multiverses….individual accountability and karma, if you will, is each of our vessels to sail. Choose ye…

    • No god? I wonders… does love exist, does kindness? I hears god’s in every one of us. I hears there’s a bit of god EVEN in Bad-Clown – though I finds this hard to believe, I keeps lookin’.

      I wonders if that Buddha-guy is right: the more I prepares myself, the more this god-stuff comes into being. The more I prepares myself, the more this god-stuff comes to the peoples I knows (and loves). Seems worth it…


    • Darkwing, its a difficult thing to see blindness in your own family members and social circle, never mind the ruling classes. The current reality is this MO in varying degrees is all over the place, in everyone including yourself and myself. Awareness is the key. Nurture your awareness of yourself, the only one to help you IS you. Anything else is victim consciousness and plays right into the programming of helplessness. If we believe we are helpless, game over.

      I am no longer religious of any sort, but was raised Catholic and so I love the line, “the kingdom of God is within you.” For me, the meaning of this is completely awesome and empowering.

    • Darkwing, sitting around boo-hooing about how there’s nobody “else” to help us is exactly what got us here in the first place. We don’t need anybody else. There are billions of “us” who have a conscience. We know what’s right–helping other people, leaving each other alone so long as we’re not hurting you or someone else, not kicking puppies, etc. We know right when we see it. We just have to quit letting the psychopaths convince us that being ruthless demons is the way to get by–take whatever you can get, no matter whom it hurts, the biggest and strongest and meanest get all the marbles and the rest of us lie down and take whatever they choose to dish out, etc. Once we see through the manipulation, the whole scheme dies on the vine. No “God” necessary.

  5. to Darkwing, There is aGod.He is Love.He is light.The darkness does not comprehend.Gospel of John is good place to start.Ignore for awhile what you don’t understand.God is Love.

  6. It looks to me that testing for psychopathy is already being conducted in military and law enforcement–and those determined to be psychopaths are being moved to the front of the line!

  7. Hmmmm, telling you what to do is not a psychopaty but a sugestion, manipulation…you can say no to it…psychopaty is ruthlessness…as in fanatic patriotism, for example…also this guy in the video seems pathetic, does he have any positive suggestion? Does he not spend 1/2 an hour telling you what to believe…

    • He’s referring to people who have to MAKE other people do what they believe is right, even if not doing so hurts no one other than the person doing it (or not). Like MAKING people wear seatbelts under penalty of law, or deciding whom (among consenting adult humans) someone else can marry. Psychopaths don’t persuade people by the strength of their ideas. They force, by the strength of their police force/military/court system. The psychopath motto is “Ideas so good they’re mandatory.” And your inability to discern the difference frightens me a touch.

  8. Reading the intelligence and understanding in the posts here cheers me up.
    Let’s all make a meme of explaining about psychopaths to at least one person each day. Nothing political, just the facts about them and they Actually exist and they are Not curable and it’s an either or condition, no such thing as a “mild” case…

    • An excerpt……

      When psychopaths are the policy makers in government and the CEOs of big business, the way they think and reason – their ‘morality’ – becomes the common culture and ‘morality’ of the population over which they preside. When this happens, the mind of the population is infected in the way a pathogen infects a physical body. The only way to protect ourselves against this pathological thinking is to inoculate ourselves against it, and that is done by learning as much as possible about the nature of psychopathy and its influence on us. Essentially, this particular ‘disease’ thrives in an environment where its very existence is denied, and this denial is planned and deliberate.

    • * I read the book…quite the eye-opener…it also redefined the term ‘disambiguation’ for me…spot on as usual Rollo…happy to see that you’ve ameliorated that recent bout of cynisizm-lol…cheers

        • I was on the cynicism subject for a bit as a result of so many pointing the finger…”cynic,cynic”, eerily like this scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEStsLJZhzo
          Turns out cynics are most likely born under the sign of Pisces. I learned from a Sikh I worked with some years back that you must date back to a period eight months prior to your birth, to the period your soul and spirit entered into the whole deal to zero in on what energies were in place at this time. This guy filled my head full of Somas and Vedas etc. etc. low and behold a year ago I come across a reddish yellow Polka Dotted object that Allegro described as Christ and now I am trying to convince others about it……….weird for a cynic to do this.

      • I read it years back when it first appeared in PDF on the i/net. I have a feeling that this Verstappen
        may have used much of Lobaczewski’s work, although he never mentions this in the video.

      • O.k. Alex & Rollo, you had my curiosity all riled up so I read the editor’s preface & the author’s forward. Now, I’m reading the whole book. Very, very interesting. When finding that this is the 3rd copy of the manuscript, and this info has been destroyed, lost and suppressed, had to know what it is we’re not supposed to know. They can keep their cutthroat, cruel world, much prefer the Zen Gardner kind of people.

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