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Queen Lizzie’s Eerie Transdimensional Portrait


by Zen Gardner

Man this is freaky. This is Queen Elizabeth’s official Diamond Jubilee photograph, believe it or not. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon it.

Talk about implying the interdimensional while staring at humanity with complete disdain. This is just disgusting. You sure know who she reports to as well. The Knights Templars’ cross insignia is on her chest (reflected, so twice) and is the dominant image on her crown.

Notice anything else? What does the reflected garter-type ribbon form? A giant V which stands for the number six and has many other inferences, from alien control to freemasonry.

Just the overall portrayal of abject opulence and the arrogance of presumptuous power is enough to make you sick, but flaunting your occult control takes it to the next level, just where they like to communicate.

But let’s talk about that mirror image.

The Perfect Double

To be honest, that’s a pretty amazing shot. I still don’t see how you can get a total double image with a perfect profile in the mirror while shooting from apparently head on but I guess they can do that. But it’s so lucid you don’t know if you’re looking at the reflection or the original in the foreground. It plays with your head.

It’s weird.

I mean the whole idea of royalty is already as strange to me as Roman Catholicism and the mind-boggling fact that people actually buy into it. If anything attests to the manipulability of the human race, those are two great examples. Amazing and disgusting. The human battery is no myth. We empower their network.

Damn, people gotta wake up!

Omen of Death Making Way for Puppet Prince William?

The occult implications of this “Jubilee” photo are many. Mirrors have been used for divination, psychic power and to peer into other dimensions. They played a major part in ancient lore but only get slight attention in fantasy films or tales of fiction today, and are often associated with evil. They are also a prominent symbol for mind control where they symbolize the alters created in subjects that are manipulated by their handlers.

One other thing.

A common belief amongst many cultures is that dreaming of or seeing one’s reflection was also considered an omen of death. Is that why she’s not so happy, she’s picking up on it? Or is she being set up and this is another Illuminati ceremonial portrayal at work letting their minions know what the plan is?

After all, if Prince William is gonna make his move to stardom starting this year, as many predict, something’s gotta give in the chain of command.

Mirrored Images, Dopplegangers & Shapeshifters

The weird connections continue. You knew we’d get to the shapeshifting element and this will walk us right into it:

A doppelganger is the ghostly or in some cases, a physical double of a living person. The term has, in the vernacular, come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person, most commonly in reference to a so-called evil twin, or to bilocation. Alternatively, the word is used to describe a phenomenon where you catch your own image out of the corner of your eye. In some traditions, seeing one’s own doppelganger is an omen of death. A doppelganger seen by friends or relatives of a person may sometimes bring bad luck, or indicate an approaching illness or health problem.

The doppelgangers of folklore cast no shadow, and have no reflection in a mirror or in water. They are supposed to provide advice to the person they shadow, but this advice can be misleading or malicious. They can also, in rare instances, plant ideas in their victim’s mind or appear before friends and relatives, causing confusion. In many cases once someone has viewed his own doppelganger he is doomed to be haunted by images of his ghostly counter-part. Other folklore says that when a person’s doppleganger is seen, the person him/herself will die shortly. It is considered unlucky to try to communicate with such a doppleganger.

Rosalyn Greene claims that the doppelganger phenomenon, via bilocation, is responsible for reports of werewolves and other shapeshifters.


Well wudyaknow. Ha. So, she’s bragging, or should I say, her entitly is bragging about ITS subject?

That just might turn you into a…

Mad Hatter!..(Careful Queenie, Your Snout’s Showing..)

How to Use 2012…Not!

This foolish ceremonial “Diamond Jubilee” money-wasting crap is going to go on all year. Can you believe it? Nice, keep breaking the British backs with this self-aggrandizing empty husk bullshit while the economy tumbles and England returns to a feudal fiefdom.

You think we can’t see what you’re up to?

So why not throw in the extravagant IllumOlympics to really make things f’d up, you idiots. And make them over the top militarized to keep your subjects oppressed while throwing enough mind-bending ceremonial symbolism of your new world odor you can. Why not? You elites don’t give a crap for humanity. You see us as slaves, useless eaters, “human resources”.

Won’t be long, parasites. Won’t be long.

Guess you jerks never caught on that good always eventually wins. Guess you weren’t around to see the happy ending, eh? What happened? Get eliminated, did ya? Why not wise up and change sides now?

You can blow the planet to smithereens and good still wins. Put that in your lizard snouts and smoke it.

Keep on, Truth Troopers. They’re on the run…as long as we’re attacking. Don’t shirk your personal duty. Don’t observe, do. Be the change.

All hands on deck.

Love and affection, Zen



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  1. V stands for the number 5, not 6… just thought to let you know. Otherwise a wonderful article and wonderful work that you deliver! Love!

    • Don’t wish to sound pedantic . But just remembered that in my travels in Asia they had a brand of cigarettes called 555. Now, if you break five into numbers you have f=6~ i=9~ v=4 ~e=5 ~total 24 which is 6 Hence 666 are the smokes. By the way Zen thanks for the article

    • Depends on whether one speaks of Roman (as in numerals) or Hebrew whether “V” is 5 or 6! And FOX is 666: F=6, O=1 + 5, X= 2 + 4!

    • There is something wrong with this picture, it is not a true reflection, the blue ribbon doesnt match and the arm against the mirror, i believe is the reflected arm so where is the real arm, no matter what angle you take the photo you see 2 arms,try it for yourselfs and pose in front of a mirror like she is doing and you get 2 arms no matter what the angle, does anyone have any ideas_?

  2. Current curator of the crown jewels, Queen of the Realms and Stolen Territories, Defender of Fief and Faith. Titles. So many titles. Regardless, she was spawned from a breeding program of illicit unions with concubines begetting bastards for a purpose. Remember when she confided in Dianas butler that there were “dark forces” at work? She should know- as she herself has been usurped and is a mere vassal and vessel to a much higher power. She looks rather pensive in this picture- but then, she has always known that HER reality has been fabricated too. There is something magical about a creature that can eat it`s own heart and not die.

    • Excellent summation and to the point. All true and absolute fact! Now, who’s the real father of prince william? Maybe this is what ole queenie lizzie lazardo is so perturbed about in the mad hatter pic!

      • William looks like Diana to me, but Harry doesn’t look like the rest of the bloodline – he looks like James Hewitt, his mother’s one-time boyfriend.

  3. Diamond consists of Carbon….Carbon is 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons….666 if you will. The “The Mark of the Beast”

    Draw your own conclusion(s)!

  4. “Why not wise up and change sides now?”

    Thats exactly the question that leads to the only solution for these dark souls! It has become my standard reaction in meditation and life, whenever “something” negative tries to show up, to ask them why not to change sides, overcome negativity, develop love and respect God…? And guess what, they normally HATE this vibration and leave me alone. Resistance is not the solution in the long run, we must overcome Negative by helping them to become positive! Thats my take as of now :-)

    Love and respect to you, dear Zen, and your readers!

  5. I completely agree with this article, found out not long ago that I am “O-Negative” blood, sucks to have the same blood as her and her reptilian family but if I can be in the elite and get some inside information…I say bring it on, it’s time to make the change and that change is 2012. “NOW”

    • @“O-Negative” blood.
      Dear Anna, please tell me more. I have O-neg as well, whats the
      angle? This is new to me.

  6. No, you weird reptilian type entities dressed in your ridiculous gadets Cannot fool us. Not anymore your madjesty*. We are waking up. Shifting. Period. Game change. Love – not – genocide. This is our message tou you. Join the Humanity or go with the smoke. Ha-ha ! soon ! :) Love

  7. Along with slaves, useless eaters, and human resources, we are also considered to be insects, cattle, breeders, and most of all, goyim, by those who have been most instrumental in pushing this evil agenda.

  8. I LOVE your posts!! I am a Truth Trooper too! Putting it out there anyway I can. I also enjoyed your post on changing the Morphic field, very encouraging! Thank you for speaking Truth!

  9. zen,
    thank you
    will read the rest of the comments soon
    after reading your article, first thought:
    remember the marx brothers movie with harpo mimicing groucho in a mirror?

  10. The photo of the queen is obviously altered in some way to portray a certain image (pun intended). No question. But, it’s the photo pf the prince below that interests me the most and I’ll tell you why:

    I don’t ever remember seeing a photo of a British monarch wearing a hat like that. Aren’t those type of hats usually worn by the military and police? Why does he clad himself in attire that portrays him this way?

    Yes, my question is rhetorical. We know what’s coming.

  11. could just be me…but the reflection looks like her lips are a little bit more open…could be the angle, could be her clone….maybe it is not a mirror…..for those who know where the pic was taken…a symbol ??

  12. zoom in on the mad queen photo. the eyes are reptilian without a doubt.
    googled the pic and other published examples are the same throughout.


  13. Awesome article as per usual Zen, informative and satiracally grounded. The illumpics/bolden anniversary sure is OTT. Blatant opulence demonstrating narcisstic reptilian egos, while the poor and struggling rest of us are belinguered with the economic burden of it all. May karma fall on her/their heads heavily. Actually, now would be a good time!

  14. just found your site today via rense and you are an amazing writer, very articulate and great usage of words..congrats on your brain power, very great science articles…nice to know there is a person like you that can still think ,write and talk at the same time….my great great great grandfather was in the civil war inthe US,he wouldbe so amazed at the world today…..love and light god bless you and many angels surround you always….You have very interesting stories…..really fabulous use of words……nice….”Live in the expectation of everything good happening!””Make this the happiest day of your life “Whereever you are, be there totally.” Eckhart Tolle

    Wisdom is being true to ourinner self – thus bringing harmony and peace
    into our lives. It’s discovering a new idea or solution that meets everyone’s needs.Wisdom is also honoring people and caring about their rights. It is reflected in the courtesy with which we treat others. Enjoy the following wisdom. Random acts of kindess…count….be kind….be loving and ilive in truth…and most of all…..eat organic raw foods………..naturalnews.com………..

  15. Man you guys are out to lunch. We read this stuff at work just to remind us how messed up people can be. It’s kind of embarrassing that you exist on this same planet with the rest of us, but I’m all about tolerance so keep writing your crazy stuff; I’m sure that eventually you will get something right. Thanks for the laughs

  16. It’s kind of sad really. I am looking at this picture and it’s perfectly clear what it represents. But I guess that’s for those who have wisdom. Some of you try so hard and get it so wrong. The game is chess, and most are using the dummies guide to chess while trying to play Kasparov. Some of you have just finished your colors and numbers in kindergarten. Congratulations, your opponent has a Master’s. Some of you are learning, that’s good. Others, it won’t matter anyway, save your energy. Much like the Terminator who thought he was human, well at least you tried.

  17. I personally admire and respect the royals, they work very hard (the Queen already 60 years and still going strong!), have no private life at all, constantly followed by the media and they have to be at their best all the time, at every occassion. I love them and hope they will always be around to lighten up our lives. By the way: if you don’t want a monarchy, parliament can vote to abolish it. Nothing undemocratic about that, the existence of the monarchy is just the will of the people.

    • You have every right to admire and respect their hard work, Johan.

      If she was at least smiling unpretentiously, wore less bling, demanded less pomp and parade of her coterie, showed some LOVE, gave back more to her subjects and demanded more frugality from the elite as an example of a way to live better, THAN I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO KISS HER HAND.

      But this woman is just another face of showbiz and false hero worship,
      but if that’s what turns your crank, go for it.

  18. Hi Zen. I love your posts, as usual. And it is fun to go back and read old ones, too. As far as mirrors go, it could also be a reference to how they like to think of themselves as gods. I mean literally, they do think they are gods. I know you know that, but if others don’t buy it, go to martyleeds33.com and watch the short video on his home page that ties together pi, phi, the menorah, mirroring and the holy grail. All done in a brief, elegant way. Her picture is saying “i am god and you should worship me”. I think she’s an evil lizard.

  19. Johan, surely you are trolling. (And I guess I’m falling for it). But if you are not trolling, please think about the following: the royals in Great Britain and the rest of europe walk around with enough bling on to feed, clothe and house every starving child in africa. The U.S. presidents are all related to one another, and they are all related to the royals. They do not give a damn about anybody but themselves and they want to kill us. The ones they don’t kill they want to use as slaves, and they prefer children, by the way, as slaves and for their pedo tendencies. The only thing they work hard at is their image; they have to constantly put themselves in the press at some charity or global warming setting, to give the impression that they are helping in these matters. It’s all a facade.

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