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Rainbow Six – Olympic Bioweapon Foretold?



by Zen Gardner

I was sharing with a friend about the possibility of a biological false flag at the Olympics that Clif High mentioned recently and he shot this back to me.

“There was a Tom Clancy book called Rainbow Six with exactly that scenario… a hyperactive flu bug that they release at the Olympics and spread it around the world… but in the book the International Police Force saves the day and puts the wacko vegan extremists on ice.  he wrote it in 1998… more device forecasting?” (Tx Al!)

So I looked it up. Very freaky. A multinational anti-terrorist unit (sound Olympicly familiar?) called Rainbow 6 is formed as a black op anti-terrorist team on call by various governments. Another group called Global Security forms in partnership with the bad guy radical environmentalists who want to kill off most of the world using an engineered Ebola-shiva virus. This is to be released at the Sydney Olympics where both Global Security and Rainbow land security contracts.

Interestingly Global security draws out Rainbow 6 using smaller staged false flags, hoping to destroy them before the Olympics. This of course fails as does the bio-terrorist plot, with the declared elitist highly funded environmentalist whackos left naked in the jungles of Brazil since they were above prosecution for some reason.

Let’s See If There Are Any Hints Here

I know, this type of plot is nothing new and just about anyone could make it up. But let’s see what might align just in case this is another example of predictive programming. And if so, is rainbow the code word for the operation?

This rainbow theme at the Olympics kinda sticks out a little, would you say? Not only is it the theme song and in tons of their graphics, look at this animated Mascot film they’ve been running.

The Title?…

“Rainbow to the Games”

Is that a rainbow over his head with his mouth covered, or a gas cloud? Just wondering….

In the story two drops of steel from the construction at the games solidify and are taken home by a man named George who gives them as gifts to his kids. The kids take them up to the attic and a rainbow fills the house and the two weird-ass Illuminist figures are given life.

What kind of life will this “rainbow” really being bringing to the games?

The mega-militarization of the London Olympics is anything but “rainbowy” or kid friendly. More troops and private security from all over, including the furtive U.S. and Israel’s infamous Mossad, have been assembled than ever before.

Talk about “Global Security”.

Shiva statue at entrance of  CERN. You explain it.

Shiva and the Ebola Outbreak

In Clancey’s Rainbow 6, (which is also a series of video games of course) the Ebola-Shiva virus is the culprit designed to take out humanity, emanating out from the hub of the heavily populated Olympics.

Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction. It’s also the elaborate sculpture at the entrance of the CERN facility in Switzerland as seen above.

So it’s apt nomenclature for a world killing virus. Although one does wonder why it’s at the CERN facility. Unless of course you realize what they’re up to, carelessly opening portals to other dimensions and the like.

And how about the fact that we’ve been seeing an Ebola outbreak in Uganda the past few weeks. Wouldn’t that make a benign scape goat, although they would blame it on Iran without a doubt. If anything happens it’ll be blamed on Iran. You can count on that.

OR worse yet: Some nefarious NEW international terror cabal with plans worldwide already set in place to attack everywhere is uncovered and blamed. (Don’t worry, Iran will be the head of it or something. They WILL pick a fight with Iran…). Wouldn’t that broaden their phony terror war nicely.

All this will be staged by governments any way it unfolds. I mean, they’re warning about IEDs in the US now…really? C’mon!

And speaking of Shiva imagery…

Interpret that however you want. That sucker is loaded…shiva, god, sunburst and el destructor himself nicely captured screwing up the world. Sheesh.


Who knows. We do know they love predictive programming, so when the events happen we’ll take them in stride. It’s also part of their occult protocol regarding forewarning where they claim they get our unspoken permission by this technique.

Or maybe they’re using the idea as a guideline and for codewords etc? Was it a planted idea? Or is all this a coincidence?

Do notice in the book, though, the plot of the so-called terrorists is really very much a perfect description of the Globalists’ agenda, including massive depopulation except for the very few who supposedly care for the planet, as opposed to everyone else who is destroying it.

All I know is we better keep our eyes wide open, because these types of scenarios are very real. A monstrous covert intelligence and black op community roams the earth and is capable of just about anything at any time. They try not to rush it as they’re plan is world control after the chaos, but they work things in stages from the looks of history.

Please don’t fear — but to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

That’s a fact.

Love, Zen

P.S. In posting the linked story “False Terror IEDocy Ramps Up” I noticed an ominous connection in the picture at the top from the Denver International Airport, a famous New World Order underground base, monument and presager of things to come.

Notice the gas mask of the militant, bestial killer and the gaseous rainbow overhead, nevermind the dead children with shrouded multitudes lining the background.

Are you wondering? I am.


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  1. sean david norton on this weeks shows discusses a bunch of oddities (he’s funny and it takes a while to get to the point, but very entertaining) adding that similar “put” option trading to what was occurring before 9ii

    Yohttp://www.americanfreedomradio.com/Strange_Universe_12.htmlur message

  2. Zen
    I’ve not read this book so decline comment on any particulars. However, there is much meat in the conclusion of your article.

    Predictive programming and occult protocol is the thesis or foundation for maintaining the teacher to student outline. Without that ruling thesis there is no efficient or effective way to gauge and monitor the success of the program being taught. It takes the guesswork out of it. They are responsible for us and by their rulebook, must let us know what their doing to us. The irony of this is the ancestors of these evil bloodlines have kept valuable knowledge from the students through time, (especially history), thereby leaving the backdoor open for them to say I told you so.

    Our education takes time. I agree with you totally, they don’t want to rush things and each event is part of the process done incrementally. From my view, the students have to graduate first before becoming minions or real foot soldiers. And, if the events are coming too hard and fast you will alarm the sheep of their presence.

    Those at the top, the very top, do the thinking the rest do the work, including the teachers…..however diabolical the lesson(s).
    (Underground History of American Education/John Taylor Gatto).

    I think nothing in their plan is coincidence. Our cities are hellholes, remnants of lessons already taught and learned. Do the work while paying for our own chains. Marvelous concept.

    Overheard at one bilderberg conference during a break:…..so China’s going to catch a cold…….Yes was the reply.

    Stay wary of so-called predictors or prophets in any form. Find the difference between them and thinkers. (Slave Species of god/Michael Tellinger). I would have made an easy decision on whether my book would be Scy-fy if I had access to inside information.

    I really enjoy the way you punch and chip away for the truth. You have a good view, broad range, but most of all you share with others.
    Thank You for sharing with me.


    • Outstanding observations all, Randall….I’m glad to see Zen is attracting like (bright) minds to this obscure spot in the thinking universe, a candle-flame of sanity in this immense and dark world.

      I’ve heard the same about China catching a cold, we’ll see shortly….but even if all the overt occult symbols built deep into the Olympic planning were planted as meatless bones for the awakened to gnaw on, there’s a reason for that too. Analytic fatigue?

      “Our cities are hellholes, remnants of lessons already taught and learned. Do the work while paying for our own chains.” Marvelous observation.

  3. The worst viruses on earth are cured with 10 capsules of lactoferrin daily for 5 days, continuing at 2 capsules daily after that

  4. The bio-weapon method is probably THE trump card in the hands of the Elites. I recall reading about the coincidental deaths of several leading microbiologists. My reaction to this threat is science vs science! The best virus killers….Lomatium Dissectum, Lugol’s Iodine, Colloidal silver, Beck’s Zapper/Rife Machine, Ozonated Water, Baking Soda, ALKALINITY, garlic etc etc. If the virus is deadly….Goodbye, cruel world!

  5. Greetings All,

    Did anyone notice this in that film about the mascots? When they ride the rainbow… there are two rainbows arching outward, one towards the right, the other towards the left. As the Mascots ride the rainbows, I could not help but notice it subliminally forms the horns of the baphomet.

    All of the symbology is well planned. There are no accidents.

    Great article Zen! Thanks for connecting these dots for us! I don’t read Clancy. So I totally would have missed that!

    • I don’t read “novels” either…fabricated bullshit imo…but good catch. We never, or sometimes, know, but watching for signs and indicators is essential. Love, Zen

  6. As a well-versed searcher for the treasure rooms/mines of the elitists, I can tell you that in their secretive coding techniques, designed and used in their treasure signs and symbols, that sun signs and shadows play a major role in keeping these sites “safe and secure” from “non-family” members.
    Looking at the Shiva monument in front of CERN (shown above) you will see how the lighting is situated to cause a shadow of this statue to fall upon the building. There are many symbols of the elitists found in this shadow that is cast upon the building, one of which is the “owl”. This owl is located between the legs of “Shiva”, and looks much like the State of California.
    Zen…great article….great photos. Thanks!!

  7. If you look at the photo at the denver airport, the masked figure is pointing his dagger(threatening) the white dove, which in the course of history and literature had signified peace.
    Although, you may look closer and notice the whole image seems to form a swirl, with the masked figure in the center(shrinking into nothingness).

  8. Don’t forget that the sicky Prince Phillip was quoted as saying that he would like to “return” as a virus in order to reduce the population.

  9. Wait? What? The Newsweek cover is real? I don’t read magazines and I definitely don’t go anywhere where they are sold. Wow! And those little ebola-shiva mascot turds – I am so sick of seeing them. AND I haven’t even watched one minute of the Olympics. Clearly, my tolerance is running a bit low. Wow, I’m stunned.

    And good (or bad – depending on how you look at it) catch on the DIA mural rainbow!

    Fun times at Illuminati High.

  10. Zen Gardner,
    Check out this video on youtube called “the beautiful losers – Mozart und Kubrick [part 1]”, if you can find it. mind blowing research into this “rainbow” factor you are speaking of. No need to thank me, I Your gonna love it!

    • john our “food and death administration” sent the MMR product underground, you can get the product from:


      the sodium chlorite solution in my opinion can fix/kill about any pathogen. i have been reading up on what is being called Ebola, the unganda breakout, and it is mutated and very nasty. the makers had to re-brand the product as a water purifier and not a healer for everything from cancer to aids

  11. “If anything happens it’ll be blamed on Iran. You can count on that.”

    Milli Vanilli:
    Blame it on the rain (Iran) that was falling, falling
    Blame it on the stars that did shine at night
    Whatever you do don’t put the blame on you
    Blame it on the rain yeah yeah

    You can blame it on the rain
    Cos the rain don’t mind
    And the rain don’t care
    You got to blame it on something
    I can’t, I can’t. I can’t, can’t stand the rain

  12. Been posting comments on official end of olympic ceremony websites saying dont go to this event as you might get caught up in a false flag event bigger than 9/11. You know the one they want to finally get there NWO in place and chip everyone BUT they always pull my comment! always. To me it points to a false flag on the ceremony somthing like a dirty nuke or gas attack. G4s (GAS). This will have massive global impact and guess who will get the blame, yep you got it IRAN. Then the criminal elite scumsuckers will have the perfect excuse to go to WW3 and send your sons and daughter to war (the gov passed a secret bill to force conscription) while they scarper to there chicken sh!t safe and secure underground bases presumably to watch “the show” like some of them are rumoured to have “watched” 9/11 from a distant safe building. We will be left with collapsed banks (get your money out guys NOW!!!!!) food shortages no fuel riots GOT IT its a coming guys the SHTF is now get ready to rock and roll. And when this crap happens whatever way the sheep are running im running the other way.

  13. Propaganda on Olympics.Their showing a Tom Brokaw 1 hour piece on how the Brits stood up to Hitler in WWII mixed in with the Olympic events on NBC saturday evening.

  14. Just wanted to add the Dictionary of Symbolism states, “Traditionally Scorpio has been associated with male sexuality, destruction, the occult, the mystical, illumination.” The satanic is seen as the male while humanity is the female. There’s a lot in that picture.

  15. And more…

    FLU – Fiat Lancia Unlimited

    Fiat – An arbitrary order or decree.
    Lancia – throw, hurl, fling, drop, sling, send, send up, shoot, dash; launch, start, promote, propose
    Unlimited – no end; Infiniti

    Together you get: An order to shoot with no end.

    I also found this when looking up unlimited.


    An “Unlimited Programme” dealing with the Olympics and the disabled; showing a woman in black severely disabled with even an illusion to chains around the neck. Woman being humanity and black, death.

    Get Spirit Filled and walk in the Spirit. It is the only place of joy in peace no matter what is happening around you. Let the son of God rise up within you. Amen.

  16. Closing ceremony at London 2012 tonight.

    Perseus (Greek: ???????), the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty of Danaans there, was the first of the heroes of Greek mythology whose exploits in defeating various archaic monsters provided the founding myths of the Twelve Olympians.

  17. Psychopaths, sociopaths can never admit to being “wrong.”

    The Olympics have come and gone. Yes, there was the suggestive imagery and rituals conducted at astrologically-pertinent timings. But this does reveal the limited-vision and mind-set of one who only sees “so far.”

    The inferences regarding “rainbow” symbolism being one such self-evident point. The energetic (real, thought, emotion) effects – which ALWAYS produce results, effects… of being so “controlled” into predictive responses of things like the Denver Airport artworks.

    There is a clear presence in the conspiracy-cult, of an unwillingness of its members to go beyond their limited vision, version of things. Yet complain constantly about the “sheeple” who the conspiracy-addict accuses of doing exactly the same thing – refusing to open their eyes, minds etc.

    The honest, courageous ones will examine just “why” is it that the adversarial, dividing (“them” and “us”) scenario is not just satisfactory to the conspiracy-cult – it is their very lifeblood.

    Perhaps, if such integrity is harnessed, (self-examination) then the truth about their (the conspiracy-cult) role in the great “divide and conquer” game will be realised, then transcended.

    Solutions from infinite intelligence will then replace complaints of short-sighted, small-minded fearful projectionists.

    • Exactly Flex, exactly. I also have experienced this same dilemma and rather feel mired in it myself. You see the truth is, I can’t walk away from those I love who haven’t seen the ‘light’ as of yet. That’s my truth and that’s who I am deep down inside my conscious self, if I am a spark of light from the whole having a human experience, then what does it mean to be human? The guiding principle is” do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, that says it all wouldn’t you say!

      No offense to the article written Zen, Flex brought up a very valid issue, one that has actually troubled me greatly.

  18. Z bro, you have great comments, like no other, a sense of humor, very nice read, gives me hope… People… You all give me hope..Humans are still thinking thank God…I love this comment:

    Fun times at Illuminati High.

    Needed to laugh….but brothers/sisters I cry at the same time…Keep on…truth is real.. Seekers everywhere unite.

    Healing notes

  19. Lots of predictions that failed regarding violence at the Olympics. Old subjects we won’t hear about anymore. On to the next nonsense like Sim Holmes murky past. Go to cluesforum and learn something.
    Of course this won’t be published

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