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  1. These videos show morality plays, of some malevolent actor or danger, amplified to a point beyond what everyday life is, and for the purpose of the creation of a “hero,” who wouldn’t exist without the bad actor to be compared with by contrast, and then the “bad actor,” actually may have his own reasons and may not actually be bad at all, the “prison guard” being attacked can actually be an oppressive bully who creates resentment, there are more complicated factors than hero and villain, and one thing I know for sure, to come “rescue” someone when they didn’t ask for it and don’t necessarily need it is going to result next time in someone getting their clock cleaned, some of these people are so keen on making themsevles into good guys for their own self-esteem enhancement that they’ll get into people’s business who don’t even want it necessarily at that time and “save them” by one form or another, “making friends through crisis,” when there isn’t necessarily one, just manufactured one for the purposes of making yourself look good.l

    • I see your point but I choose to see it as rescuing.
      At times of emergency we go completely into the now and act from our conscious not our ego. I believe our conscious knows what the right thing in any given moment is therefore we act in the necessary fashion.
      Of course, you have the right to see it however you like. This is just my interpretation.

  2. And I’ll tell you one thing, unless you absolutely need it, and are really without the wherewithall to get things done for yourself, someone coming to “save you” can destroy your life in a series of moments based on good intentions, but robbing you of your dignity and freedom and independence. You know the Salvation Army commercial where the social worker-type reaches into the person living in the dumpster? And “saves” them? What a BS load of crap. Nothing in reality looks like that. If you are in a situation where some real human being is going to treat you like a household pet and take you to the animal shelter where you can be deflead and deloused and bathed and spayed and neutered and kept and warm and nice and clean and given a fake job where you can pretend you’re worth something by sweeping the AA meeting floor, at that point you should start thinking about how to do some damage either symbolically or some other way to this
    BS society.

  3. But the real complaint is this….there are “saving graces” of those around that are greatly appreciated, there are those I owe a debt of gratitude to, some I wouldn’t mention in public for the purpose of preserving the virtue of them, but I really am upset by the media exploitation and demonstrations and reflections for public display, it ruins a good thing, and it is a good thing, but people in the internet and media ruining everything by their commentary and interventionist arts projects.

  4. @Brian Caldwell;

    Your perspective and I respect that. However, right now the goodness in humanity needs to be seen and the video here, I would hardly call exploitation.

  5. I do think a LOT of people who do things for ‘charity’ do it for ego gratification and self-promotion. Otherwise they would hand over money quietly and nobody need ever know.

    But this video showed examples of pure animal instinct and bravery – no time to think of self. In fact, in that sliver of time when the decision is made, the ‘other’ was recognised as ‘self’.

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