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  1. But Hey we’er in recovery!!!
    The US Senate has failed to extend long-term unemployment benefits for 1.7 million Americans for three months.
    The measure called for a three-month renewal of an expired program that provided up to 47 weeks of federal benefits when state-paid aid runs out, generally after 26 weeks.
    The cost was estimated at slightly more than $6 billion over a decade.

    • Its about theft of your labor Rollo ..its about desperation world wide . regardless that war machine keeps spinning ,, But hey!! Lets have a sit down like Gandhi and watch other die and more country’s made… Dived and conquer and Imperialism knows one way ..FORCE if you like it or not .
      This when Imperialism only back’s off when met with force. Look thew history its pretty simple stuff.. so please fuck off with your sit inns and Drug use of crap… Lets Your whole Generation was duke into blaming and crying Like baby’s hard use of Porn and Cia made music with propaganda .. You have no answers your just looking to hide . Man up people better start to tribe together soon and lose this western way of thinking of ..If i do nothing it will all go away ..hahah as Native I can it wont . I will be on radio show tonight I will see if i can touch on this topic a bit . If not I am working a Video right now with a Lakota chief .. His story on how he was Hung and left for dead .. also how right now elders are freezing to death .. making a choice between food and heat . Get his and run away Pal . but i will tell you this ,,this shit will be on your door step too so deal it hi or straight its your choice in the end.

      • I always wondered what a Native was? talk about Division shall we? This superior attitude is responsible for most of the Worlds shit, sorry to be so frank!
        “and Drug use of crap” is one cheap shot in the realm of, I disagree ! each to their own! PEACE.

          • lol Attacks .. You preach the use of your shrooms all the time on here ..should I go back and collect every post link that you have mention this in topic ?

          • “My” shrooms? you mean the ones that have been in existence and used by all scholarly types throughout time immemorial. Read what an ad hominem attack is, you are engaging in them often. Don’t arbitrarily dismiss a subject that you have not investigated, that is closed minded, I thought you were better than that.

          • Rollo there is no attack ,,,Its a post board . and you preach your use shrooms of like crazy .. where is this stament a ” ad hominem attack” ? … I know what it means I hear all the time by nebies that want to sound smart in live debates when they start to back track on the words they have said…

          • Rollo since you so quick at giving advice and having all the answers .. why sit around all day on a post bard ? Come on you talk very smart ? make video write blog , should able to figure on how to do that no? You quick to sound so intelligent with 10 cent newbie words ( ad hominem attack ) LOL I will find this debate with a Bunch Rabies and a few Of the Jewish net police on this that was on net shows i was on last year .. they said that at lease 22 times as they back tracked on the words . way funny .. there’s my call out Mr Rollo .. with your so much knowledge . but cant get it out and into the word ’cause lack of understanding .

          • You replied to the comment that has the link to ad hominem attack, that is where it came from, how could you miss it? you replied to it!!
            I repeat what I post regarding Amanitas, as it must be understood by those who still have the capability of understanding that it is THE most important subject, the foundation for all other subjects.
            Of course you are asked to go on i/net, you are perpetuating the fear agenda, you are being useful to “them” without you realizing it.
            Words are far more powerful than video, to those who are still capable of reading.
            Channel your anger in other ways, this banter we are engaged in is a result of your doing, not mine. You are angered at something you started.

        • Moi ..Hi Frank .. Native is a Label given by the Imperialistic forces .. Most so called natives ..since we are now grasping at straws on this post , Just think them self’s as human and care takers on this land . No Superior attitude here just tired of watching the same things play out..and Nope drugs and alcohol is not a cheep shot .. Once again look at so called Natives and tell me it was not used against them . There is fact to this its not just a personal thought .

          • Sorry for typos .. But you get the gist of it .. Prove me wrong Rollo .. Put your self out there Rollo if you so confidant .. Better yet .. Going to pick up on project that I was working before I had a death in Fam .. Doing a show with a few others from this site .. want in ? I would love to hear your words and see what your thoughts are VS just typing on a screen .

          • Anger??? wow some call a waaaaaaabulance .. I can see your the little a cry baby… sad what will do when trouble is really at your door step .. and i will do as I want ,, Rollo Man up come on the show ..No attracts lets see what you have to say .. I wont jump on .. fair questions with fair answers .. fuck all this post stuff bring to live conversation Mr Mushrooms.. <— real attack .. and I plan to keep em going now that it bugs you :-)

          • Rollo One thing that People do on this site is treat it like a Ann Landers column .. airing their personal thoughts… then when they take some flack for their own personal statements about tier Life ..They start to make statement like yours ( calling some angry ) accusing them of attacks , that tells me you should really look in the Mirror. when i have time i am going to gather every time you have brought up shrooms on this site .. I will get all the links to each post .. I will then post them so you can see your self why I say what I say .. then after you read you 50 times or more …

          • Ram Badass (hopefully you don’t mind this name…after reading Zen’s comment giving you this title, I just feel it fits you lol), you are a passionate power! Channel it with grace in writing…if another feels you as attacking, all your power will be seen as force, which limits understanding of what you’re trying to convey.

            Listened to you on radio, your voice is certainly your strength :-). Peace and Power in Spirit!

          • Is it ?? is “fuck off ” anger ? Or is it you reading into stuff to deep ? I say fuck off in all kinds of way ,, relax Rollo .. your way to hi strung and your tripping on your ego ,,Like said its a post board
            by PEAK CRACKERS on February 10 ( so please fuck off with your sit inns and Drug use of crap…) sarcastic Vs angry ,,

          • No spinning it here .. your so emotionally fragile that the slightest bit of passion in life scares you .. Or you just are back peddling and grasping for any fault to move from the fact that you proclaim you all mighty Mushroom answers for the missing components of life and you cant take a philosophical difference if it challenges your concepts. I am done on this post .. I can see you wont take my invite for this show ,,

  2. Isn’t recovery what happens after a severe operation when the patient has been heavily anaesthetised, and is still unconscious? Let alone whether the operation was a success, but the patient died! Or the process of trying to get out of addiction? Recoverup?

  3. ….and if we apply simple Orwellian logic to the biggest Lie told this century “Recovery” we all know we are in deep fucking trouble and so do “they” especially when some of us now know how they think they will get away with it, they wont but i leave those chess-nuts for another day!

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