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Recurring Dreams, Themes and Parallel Worlds


by Zen Gardner

It’s time for a little conscious conjecture but let’s see what resonates. I, like many of you, have had dreams in my life, including recurring ones, that were clearly significant. I can’t say I’m an adept interpreter but most of us often try to consciously get whatever message we think there may be for us.

Let’s face it, virtually one third of our lives are spent in the sleeping state yet our full consciousness never shuts off. This is a significant world to know about that could teach us many things. That observer inside each of us is getting it all and we need to pay attention.

I’ve had dreams of late that are extremely clear yet the world I’m in is different. It has all the same basic elements but it’s nowhere I’ve ever experienced in my life. The sense that I’ve gotten a few of these times is that it’s a parallel existence where perhaps my life split off and went on in a different direction, perhaps due to some fundamental decision that I made somewhere along the timeline.

The major ones seem to make a distinct impact, but our lives are of full of choices. Is each one a split off point?

I don’t know.


The dream that I woke up from this morning was once again very vivid. Some of the characters in my dream were transplants from my past life and some I didn’t know. But the context of the dream made complete sense. I’ve thought of these dreams as being an opportunity for my subconscious to process previous events in my life that still needed sorting out and reconciling in some way, or to convey a message to my conscience or subconscious for some reason.

I’ve made several very deliberate big changes in my life based on my spiritual convictions. As we all know, none of us make all of our decisions out of absolute certainty that we’re doing the right thing. There’s always a process and a lot of conflict involved when it comes to major decisions. We don’t find out for sure until after the decision. Ironic how that works.

But I realized there are these recurring themes in my dreams that seem to revolve around these major timeline points, and they may be an indicator of a major split off that happened that was particularly profound. When these recurring themes appear perhaps it’s not us still wrestling with a particularly difficult or traumatic decision or time or event, but maybe they are snap shots and short glimpses into where that life went as it kept on going.

I don’t mean to be enigmatic here, but the more I thought about this the more clear it became that these recurring themes seem to revolve around these points in my timeline where major changes took place. Naturally these are significant changes on their own, but let’s examine it in the light of parallel worlds occurring concurrently with this one.

Let me use one example from my life, not the subject of last night’s dream but a good one.

Yes, that’s where it comes from, just like the judge’s gavel.

Oh No! I Didn’t Get My Freemasonic Mortar Board Hat!!

I left University after 4 years and pretty much just wandered into my mystical hippy-type searching years. I had a backpack of books and hit the road for California to “find the truth” and meet like-minded people I thought would be there.

I didn’t graduate. I changed majors every semester.  I was totally restless and uncertain not of just what I wanted to do, but who the heck I was and what was I here on earth for? You know, the light stuff…ha. But as a result I didn’t qualify for the philosophy degree I was apparently signed up for.

My authoritarian corporatist father with his high falutin’ doctorate degree was pissed and thereupon smothered me in silence, as was his way. I can understand from his paradigm – he paid for my schooling and I rejected the whole ball of wax. He remained silent about this until his death but I suffered guilt about this apparently because I had recurring dreams for years about this missing “degree” I supposedly should have gotten.

Was I sorting out buried guilt? Clearly at the least father issues are a biggie for most people. Is that’s what’s sorting out? Are we replaying old fears repeatedly due to old programming? Or are some of these dreams parallel lives where I go on to “face the consequences” for not having a degree back in a world when it mattered?  Could they be a mixture? Does our dream life evolve with our coming into greater conscious awareness?

I think that’s part of it, but I really don’t know.

I have to say, though, this new understanding of themes as a possible link to parallel worlds has had an immediate wonderful effect of helping me detach from these very involved, personal and often intense dreams and observe them much more objectively.

And I like that. It’s not conscious, not bound up in emotion.

The Freud Fraud

While we’re at it, let’s think just what has shaped our idea of dreams and what they mean. Unfortunately, for recent generations the dark aspected satanic Sabbatean Sigmund Freud had a profound effect on people’s lives and attitudes. And what did he do?

He hyper-sexualized just about everything.

I mean, talk about debasing the human psyche. Sure, sexuality is involved in our human experience, but c’mon. Everything has a penis fixation? Or the perv Oedipus is involved, etc. etc.?

Is this heavily promoted social engineering twisted shrink’s teachings why we attach guilt to our overall concept of dreams, that we’re struggling to come to terms with what we refuse to acknowledge in our awake lives?

Talk about negativity and suppressive guilt! This brand of psycho-offal you can smell a mile away.

It doesn’t deserve study, it needs to be flushed down the toilet.

Oh, I know there’s some truth to it, how else can they sell it. You wanna sift the outhouse for corn kernels? Not me. I’ve learned to trust my sense of smell. Besides, there isn’t time to get tripped off, diverted or hijacked by phony snake oil salesmen, “hope and change” or new agey belief bullshit.

Trust your gut.

(Art by Deeo Elaclaire)

Parallel Worlds

There’s a lot written about this subject and the potential for infinite worlds, a literal multiverse of endless potential. Quite remarkable from our little earthly standpoint and our seeming four dimensional reality. Our mental understanding is so limited, while our consciousness not only already knows this boundless potential, but is connected to and experiences it continually.

Ours is to let that arise within and without us and let it supersede our clod-bound minds, sense of self, and perception of our surroundings.

If we do subscribe to that parallel universe understanding, then it is no wonder dreams may seem disjointed and nonsensical. Perhaps several parallel lives are peeking through and overlapping on occasion. I do know that sometimes for me it appears to be another reality construct that is not the continuation of this one, and more so as the vibrational times keep changing.

And that understanding resonates with me.

Some people have amazing gifts regarding seeing and understanding this phenomenon. Physicists flatly say there are at least 11 dimensions right now floating around us without time being a factor. Others say there are at least 100 dimensions. Knowing the pace of modern science vs consciousness I think they’ll get to that infinite potential number pretty quick when they finally realize the multiverse cannot be put in their test tube bottles and labelled and filed away. I.e. the mind will never grasp it.

Never. It’s beyond mind, little men, let it go.

Any way you perceive it, this is definitely something to keep researching and following, looking for those hints and nudges to find out more about how we can continue to tap into this infinite potential.

Recurring Dreams

Besides these recurring themes, there’s only been one dream in my life that I kept having over and over. I’ve written about this before, but it happened between the ages of 5 and 7. It’s still as vivid to me now as it was then over 5 decades ago.

And I consider it quite significant for me.

Again, there are parallel worlds and collectively our planet is making decisions daily as to its course into the future. I don’t know what’s set or what isn’t, but I suppose it runs on possibilities with some outcomes more likely than others at any given time. I don’t pretend to know all the factors that influence us or all the mechanics, but I know it’s a hell of a lot more than what we’re taught or told or supposedly “allowed to know” by those engineering this current matrix and the control of its inhabitants.

The Dream

The world was erupting. Volcanoes were going off everywhere. It was the end of the world.

I fled to a familiar spot where I used to play with my friends. It was also one of those “cut through the neighborhood” short cuts to get between streets.

I had to run because lava was coming towards me down a slight embankment. I was seeing two scenes at once. The neighborhood I was in and the place I had fled to, but I could see the landscape of the world was all having the same volcanic phenomenon. There was nowhere to run for anybody and you could only find temporary relief until the eruptions and lava reached you.

I was in this driveway we used to play in as the lava approached. One side of the driveway had a huge hedge, way tall in front of some large trees. As I looked around suddenly a hole opened up in the hedge. It was about 2 feet wide and around chest high for my little body. I ran over to it and dove in head first.

Shot Into Space

The next thing I knew this giant vacuum hose somehow immediately sent me flying into space. It was amazing. There I was with my arms outstretched floating perfectly silently into outer space. Earth was nowhere to be seen. I was out there! Just sailing in perfect stillness, marveling at the view.

And I woke up. I may have had this dream 8 to 10 times.

Every time the exact same dream. No variations that I recall. It was disturbing and yet really, really beautiful and peaceful at the same time. I’ve always been fascinated by volcanoes and major earth changes. The awesome power of nature just feels right when you appreciate it. Really puts us in our puny place in the grand scheme of things.

The escape hatch? The stargate express to freedom?

Who knows. Maybe something like that will open up to us. Maybe it symbolizes the death experience and our consciousness just goes back to where it came from. The fascination for wormholes and stargates certainly attests to that archetype having a strong influence on us. The existence of such portals has been portrayed for millennia so I tend to think there’s real substance to it.

And mind you, at 5 to 7 years old there was no wormhole or stargate teaching going on in the 50’s, at least that I ever heard about. We did have Flash Gordon and his cardboard spaceship and hokey dinosaur movies, but they were enough to stimulate our little imaginations.

Today’s high tech entertainment leaves little for the imagination…they do all the imagining for their target audience and steer the poor unsuspecting kids into dark satanic netherworlds and gratuitous violence. More engineering at work.


The subject of dreams deserves serious attention. There’s so much to learn if we can process the fullness of our conscious and even unconscious experience. If our perspective doesn’t take everything into consideration we’re operating on partial understanding.

That’s the beauty of consciousness. It’s like having a built in wormhole to everything if we can learn to access it fully. All possibility, as David Icke says, awaits us.

We just need to fully be who we already are.

Here’s to turning it all on!

Warp speed anyone?

Much love, Zen



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  1. Before I had any orgonite here at home, my dreams would often be unpleasant, intense bursts of images or fractured scenarios in which I was being victimized or blamed by people close to me.

    When I first bought an HHG (Holy Hand Grenade – Croft’s term for a 12oz Pyramid shaped piece of orgonite) one of the immediate effects was a radical change in my dreams, no longer was I being targeted for blame etc but I now became the one who was winning in my dreams.

    This dramatic change from negative to positive in my sleep state has a knock on effect when I wake up, I’m now starting the day in a positive way instead of hanging on to rembrants of negativity when I wake up.

    These days my dreams have taken on an almost sweeping cinematic feel in which I’m never the victim and always the victor.

    Many people have also stated the effect orgonite has on a crying baby – place an HHG under the bed of a crying baby and it stops crying and slips into a peaceful sleep.

    Just one of the many positive benefits of Orgone Energy, aka Chi, Prana, Od, Life Force etc etc etc.

  2. Spot on zen, at least one third of this creation infinity experience only occurs in sleep state. It is possible to stay conscious leaving a dream. Tip. listen to pitch as you recede from your dream reality back to our 3d shared individuated state. Also there are of course a selection of levels that you may individually access according to your inner harmonics, these cannot be faked.

  3. Yes! Thanks for this telling glimpse of the Zen behind the shimmering curtain. May we all find our way to a stargate like that in your dream. Your way with words is stunning, be the subject ridiculous or sublime: “You wanna sift the outhouse for corn kernels? Not me. I’ve learned to trust my sense of smell.” Run, don’t walk, from the New World Odor!

    “Be Truthful, be Peaceful, be Loving, be Fearless.”

  4. Fraud, err, I mean, Freud said Oedipus had a problem? – Adam was Eve’s mother…!

    And may I bring up a veto? I don’t think we need a warp drive. Qs don’t need it! :)

    Have a great journey, everyone!

  5. Yeah last night I dreamt of a qigong master healer Patrick — I had this really bright light flash in my brain and then he was in my dream transmitting energy into me. He lives in St. Paul Minnesota and I had been wondering who was the regularl reader I have in St. Paul. He is one of the first students of Chunyi Lin and he’s a psychologist and he wrote a book about his qigong training — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWWS5GsMhRE&feature=channel&list=UL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PYYlCUYzUY Here he is telling one of his amazing healing stories.

  6. Synchronicity ?

    I too have been thinking of Dreams. And IMHO have concluded that;

    Dreams are mental excretions similar to urine and feces. Don’t get me wrong, they are just as important and their analysis can yield many health benefits.
    Witness, urine and stool samples requested by doctors.

    Many people routinely observe their urine and poop as an indication of daily physical health. The same should apply for dreams as a monitor of mental status.

    However, as with all excrements, they should be quickly disposed of so as not to harm others or ourselves. The Bible instructs us to burry them outside the camp, to cover it with dirt.

    Referring back to past dreams might be analogous to putting a bottle of piss or a container of crap on the shelf and then going back, over the years, to see what it looks or smells like. It’ll tell you nothing about the NOW.

    Flush the Toilet, look in the MIRROW, SMILE, and head for TOMORROW.

    Still Wondering

    Where are we going ?

    • I concur with your dream analysis.

      As to “Where are we going?”, I don’t think we are going anywhere. Life is incidental, IMO, and the challenge is to stay free from fear.

  7. Solid Zen….Enjoyed your dream experience. I seldom remember dreams, I mean I can count the ones I remember on one hand, and that is saying a lot seeing as how I am entering the golden years now. Maybe the organite Shaun spoke of above would do something to shift and clear my way to dream recall. Who knows. I think it would be better to get stuff out through dreaming than sitting on it all the time. Thanks for your sharing….VK

    • Hi,
      I can’t say the orgonite helps me remember dreams any more vividly than before, but what it does do is make them smoother, less of an effort to be in because the negative aspects have been removed.

      Orgone is a natural balancing energy, so many aspects of our everyday lives are centred around negativity even if we don’t realize this as being the case.

      Having orgonite in your home improves the ambience in a way that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

      It’s not just your dream state that gets flipped to positive, but also your every waking moment, you become more thoughtful, more peaceful, less stressed – basically all the negative things we try and get away from become null & void after a very short period.
      Proof of this can be easily seen by handing someone who is stressed an Orgonite Pyramid or Dome, don’t tell them what it is, just let them handle it and watch them relax and grow calm within a few minutes.

  8. Fascinating article. I too have had dreams at various times of being in parallel worlds and parallel lives that, looking back, seemed just as real as ‘real life’. Memories so real that I have to stop and remind myself that it could not have really happened in the particular continuum of experiences that I identify as being my life. Although I don’t subscribe to literal infinite universes that are created with every choice we make, from my experience I’ve always felt there is something to the idea of having multiple parallel existences. As far as traveling through wormholes, that can happen too, at least in consciousness and by surprise. Anyway, very interesting article, and always great to hear of similar experiences.

  9. Release all that is not of the highest vibration of All that is in this dimension or any of your past,present or future- then your recurring dreams will pass on. We are at the end of an age and starting a new one.

    Release the past or you will relive it until that moment of release.

  10. I think when we avoid facing our fears, we can be in denial during the daytime. But they are still on the back-burner of our minds, and they will be dealt with during sleep if necessary.

    I rarely eat anything after 5pm-ish, and I don’t dream much. But on two separate days last week I had a sandwich at about 10.30pm – the first one cheese, and the second one egg. After the cheese one I dreamt vividly – slightly nightmarish, involving my daughter, and a tear rolled down my face in the night.

    After the egg one, I had a vivid and more sensual dream involving my brother’s old school-friend from 35 years ago.

    Eggs it is then!

  11. I don’t think you need to be worrying about not getting your degree. There won’t be a genius walking out of a college any more than there will be a holy man and a prophet walking out of a church, unless they’re leaving those baal temples on fire.

    It’s indoctrination and they’ll defend their brainwashing, tooth and nail.

    I’ve come to refer to spacetime as ‘bubble boy’, because it needs so much lie support (Yes, LIE support).

    Mr Apocalypse is going to roll ole bubble boy out the door.


  12. Zen, I wonder if you or anyone here (someone serious please no loonies lol) could answer something for me. When I was in my late twenties (now in my 60s) I read the Urantia Book…well that seemed to have been the reason for incredible symbolical dreams. Once I even became totally conscious in a dream where i was out of my second body. I was looking at my astral body sitting on a chair knowing that my physical body was sleeping in bed and i KNEW I was in what I called then, my third body…My question is: Why does reading such material bring on experiences like that…why aren`t those dreams happening unless I’m totally immersed in some kind of books or articles etc etc…Can it be just my imagination, an effect of my readings…Thanks!

    • Mich…I’m a lot like that. I get most deeply conscious while I’m pursuing deep thought and perceptions while researching and things just start tying together and bing, there’s this realization and new way of seeing something from that conscious awareness. Words, like sounds, are what the Universe is made of and put together with numbers and symbols make the language of everything, so don’t think you have to be in some deep disciplined meditative state. But that’s why a book with real truths will trigger your consciousness just as sounds and colors…it’s the overall vibrational state of the universe we’re decoding, so whatever works works! I feel I’ve just scratched the surface myself and like I say, I’m really just wondering….everything could change anytime! Hey, it already is…ha! Take care, love, Zen

  13. I love your blog and just wanted to put in my 2 cents……..I have never been able to tell what what is real……..my life or my dreams…..I can go back to five with my dreams and I am now 48. Keep up the great writing! Keep dreaming and I will tooo……………maybe it will get us out of this mess!

  14. Great stuff, dreams…especially the recurring ones! Discovering you can fly as high as a kite with only a few strides running start or waking up from a warm, steamy kiss that was so real you could taste it. Anyway, I’m sure each of us could take this topic and run with it, so to speak. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  15. Hi Zen,
    Nice article. Maybe your dream was showing you the two aspects of yourself. The human one, who lives in this world, where shit is about to hit the fan, and the spiritual aspect, where it is all infinite and eternal, etc. I think it was telling you early that there are these two aspects of yourself that your consciousness can move between, or be in, and that the solution to what happens when TSHTF is to shift into the higher energy one.
    I am creating technology for dream interpretation that does not give predefined answers but guides people to find the answers in themselves. See our recently released first attempt here: http://www.technosophics.com/dream-e.html, any feedback would be appreciated.

  16. > “Oh No! I Didn’t Get My Freemasonic Mortar Board Hat!!”

    Some synchronicity this is, reading this line today! Just six days ago I had fallen too ill to be able to make it to Graduation. I had been wondering before-hand how ironic it would be for me to adorn myself with the very cap – being one seeking auto-determation, of anything, to wear upon me some proof of belonging to a society in which you are bought and sold, basically without ever even knowing it.

    Well, I see the Universe is taking care of me.

    Anyhow. I love you, Mr. Gardner, I do. Take care.

  17. Hello everyone. Interesting article and interesting comments as well. It’s very unusual to find an author and commenter’s in what should be the “natural” state for humans. Most of us are so polluted with the psychopathic agenda we have lost the ability to be forthcoming, trusting and treat each other in a gentle unassuming way. Gave me a good feeling.

    I wondered if Zen or commenter’s had looked at Michael Newton’s work on reincarnation? Newton’s “Journey Of Souls” and “Destiny Of Souls” came at this topic in a variety of interesting ways and most definitely did create some new perspectives on dreaming as well as other topics for me.

    The reason I brought Newton up was I did not sense or recognize any “input” from Newton’s work in the article or thread and felt it would have added to the discussion.

  18. After reading this, it gave new meaning to a recurring dream I’ve been having.
    7 months ago I was in a horrific crash that should have killed me, but somehow I survived.
    Almost unharmed, with nothing more than a broken collar bone. I only remember bits and pieces of it, but what I do remember is very traumatic. After the accident I was coming in and out of consciousness in the ambulance, then in the hospital as they performed a series of tests. At the same time all this was happening I felt as if I was floating in and out of my body, watching the doctors add they performed the tests. Every time I tried to leave my body to escape the pain something kept pulling me back tho until I finally just woke up.
    Ever since my accident, when I dream I re-live this nightmare from beginning to end, but not always from my own perspective. during the worst nightmare I had I finally escaped from my body, thinking the pain was over I was content. Then I was transported from the hospital into some strange looking room with no windows. The room had many closed doors and 2 stairways one leading up the other down. First I tried a few doors, but couldn’t get any of them to open. Then I walked to the stairs leading up, but something was blocking the way and I thought I would be trapped in that room forever until I remembered the stairs leading down. Not wanting to be in that room anymore I ran down the stairs only to end up some place worse. At the bottom of the stairs there was a rave in a dark room with bright lights and lasers everywhere. I walked around looking at everybody’s faces but they were all blank until they all morphed into people I knew. People from my present life and my past, and a few people I knew to be dead, I tried to leave this place but the stairs had vanished. I turned around and the music had stopped, everybody stopped dancing and just starred at me with sad looks on their faces, then the room turned red and they all just fell to the floor and turned to dust. Then I heard a voice calling me back up the stairs so I followed it back to that room full of doors. I heard something and one of the doors slowly started to open and out of it came a bright glowing person with wings, like an angel. Then she spoke to me and said “everything will be ok”. When I saw her face it was the face of my aunt who died 7 years ago when she was only 26. After she told me everything would be ok the fear within me lifted and I woke up from my dream. When I woke up I couldn’t believe what just happened was only just a dream tho.

    I would really like to know what any of this means.

    • Wow—so would I! Very deep soul experience. Go with your heart – no doubt it’s motivating you to pay attention to what’s calling you to a better life. That’s no small thing, Matt. Obviously a turning point you need to pay serious attention to. Don’t fear the dreams, they’re explaining things to you – or your higher self perhaps who “gets it”…

  19. I have recurring dreams which began when I was very young….where I am flying through outer space with nothing but myself my body is the spaceship. its such a wonderful feeling of total freedom and theres a ”rightness” to it.

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