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Request for an Investigation of Documented Weather Modification

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[This is a breakthrough article. Be sure to pass it along to all concerned. This insanity must be thoroughly exposed and stopped. - Zen]

Jerry Leonard

Activist Post

I’m an engineer residing in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC and I have been documenting large-scale, aerial chemical-dispersals from aircraft over the city through time-lapse photography.

Here is a time-lapse video of a massive, all-day dispersal on Sunday 1/26/14.

Here it is sped up by 2x, for those pressed for time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh1aJsr4DcM

Photos and real-time video of the skies over Charlotte being nearly completely covered in a chemical haze on this same day can be found here (from various spots around the city).

These spraying operations can change a clear blue sky to a chalky white sky, from horizon to horizon, in a matter of hours.

My research to understand the reasons behind these chemical dispersals over my house and city (through what looks like jet contrail amplification) has led me to propose that these jet-aerosol spraying events are a sub-project of a global “geoengineering” program known as “solar radiation management” which is being conducted through so-called “stratospheric particle injections.” (“Geoengineering” is the large-scale manipulation of earth’s physical systems.)

Indeed, a survey of the patent and technical literature reveals that the deliberate intensification of jet contrail formation is considered the most cost-effective method under consideration as a technique for weather modification and global warming amelioration. To implement this agenda with jet-aircraft, geoengineers are discussing the use of fuel additives, customized engines, after-burner injections, and extra fuel tanks for dispensing experimental chemicals.

The scope of these stratospheric aerosol geoengineering projects needs to be understood by the public because, despite their far-reaching goals, they are being implemented “under the radar,” all over the world, even as their well-paid proponents admit these programs could create a global ice age or alter global rainfall patterns and affect the food supply for billions of people.

Alarmingly, the intensity of the spray incidents over Charlotte, N.C. seems to have increased dramatically in 2014. I have posted numerous time-lapse videos of these chemical dispersals on youtube.com, the most recent being a massive, all-day chemical spray incident that occurred Sunday, 2/2/14. Here are two time-lapse views of the afternoon:



And here is a recent time-lapse video of a chemical “sheet” being dumped over my house on January 9, 2014:


The pervasive white haze in the sky that resulted from the spreading of “persistent contrails” over Charlotte on these days is curiously consistent with the predicted side-effect of proposed climate engineering programs discussed in recent news articles (“Geoengineering would turn blue skies whiter”).

Some of these articles advocate the deployment of dedicated fleets of aircraft as part of a “Climate Change Manhattan Project” effort [Stanford Environmental Law Journal] to inject millions of tons of reflective atmospheric aerosols over cities. This would, in effect, create artificial volcanoes to reflect sunlight back into space.

Other means proposed for launching millions of tons of chemicals into the stratosphere for geoengineering operations include particle-spewing smokestacks on ships at sea, tethered balloons dispensing chemical slurries pumped up from the ground, and exploding artillery shells packed with experimental chemicals.

Although it may be shocking to the uninitiated, field studies have already been conducted and published on the large-scale creation of man-made clouds using “controlled particle sources” dispersed from smokestacks on ships, so that the reflectivity of the atmosphere could be modified and measured.

For example, here is a recent technical article describing a large-scale field experiment (named E-PEACE) which employed ships at sea involved in “engineering air pollution to brighten clouds.” In this experiment “the controlled emission of smoke-generated particles” was exploited to create reflective clouds so that the effect on localized solar warming could be measured.

And the controversial SPICE project (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering), which was a UK government-funded field-test designed to “assess the feasibility of injecting particles into the stratosphere from a tethered balloon for the purposes of solar radiation management,” was only halted at the last moment due to a patent dispute.

While researchers are exploring large-scale field trials with ships and balloons for stratospheric aerosol experiments, numerous feasibility studies have been published showing that the aircraft delivery system is the most cost-effective method for “reengineering” the atmosphere on a truly global scale.






  1. whenever it’s remotely sunny enough to see the chemtrails here, I diligently email my gov’t representative & ask her to step outside for a look if she’s in this area, take a deep lungfull & appreciate that her children too are being poisoned along with the rest of us. I bet she doesn’t even know what I’m talking about. What chance do we stand with these chretins?

  2. It seems to take about 3-4 days from the heavy spraying an Arizona to end up at the east coast in the form of a storm of some sorts.
    For what its worth there is a Facebook page where you can post your photos and the input is tracked daily on a North America map. https://www.facebook.com/groups/globalskywatch/
    What chance do they stand with us? <3

  3. This spraying happens daily in southern Portugal which used to be pristine with blue skyes no industries just the Atlantic, but now a relative of mine who works in the regional hospital lets me know that the amount of people comming in with respiratory problems has never been so high. Thank you Zen for the content you choose to share, may you live long and healthy.

  4. Hardware and chemistry works, but is costly and often hap hazard.

    Neuroplasticity enhancers, hypnosis and programming is cheap and far more reliable.

    In other words, no hurricanes will hit the east or gulf coast this year.

    Enhanced at the USNRC in 1997.

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