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Retired USDA Biologist on Chemtrails and Geoengineering


Retired USDA Biologist Francis Mangels on Geoengineering (Interview by John Whyte)

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August 17th – 19th, 2012 marked the largest stand ever against Chemtrails! Over the course of 3 days in Los Angeles, and live online around the world, 16 leaders in Geoengineering research met to show the Unity and Collective efforts we are now taking against these “Aerosol Crimes!”

It was a historic turning point for the movement – now you can catch anything you missed at: http://www.consciousnessbeyondchemtrails.com/

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  1. Thanks Zen, you can’t bring out this subject too much. Hope you’ll keep on focussing on the solutions as well, whether it’s the head on remedy of the use of orgonite, or the detox of our bodies by using the right foods and supplements (chlorella, wheat grass and such).

  2. Thanks for this. Also, I’ve been watching interviews on You tube with Laura M. Eisenhower, great grand-daughter of President Eisenhower (she also spoke at that conference). She has some wonderful information about being aware (preparing) but no matter what, staying in unity consciousness (not self preservation, but love and caring for others) to transform this earth. I was really impressed with her knowledge and message. It is very evident when someone is working to help humanity (like you Zen), rather that make us cower. I almost used the PTB (Powers That Be) acronym, but then realized, that gives them Power than I no longer want to give them. We have much more power than them, we are immortal, we have compassion and we have love.

  3. It is very hard to combat these new weapons of mass destruction against humanity when the message, if portrayed at all to the sheeple, is always positive and one that most people will readily stand behind. The “save the planet from global warming” conspiracy theory is one of them. If global warming is real, which I highly doubt, then the man-mad contribution to the causes of it are both corporate and government failures at all levels. Their power and authority must be stripped immediately and they have to be held accountable if we are to save ourselves.

    No doubt chemtrails and other schemes are multi-layered in their intent for maximum benefit. These are likely funded through off the books black projects since they won’t want to have a money trail. Even if the new message is to save the planet. So there would have been a thorough cost benefit analysis done before they execute the plan. This will ensure their money (ours stolen from us) is well spent to maximize value in their twisted minds.

    Chemtrails can easily serve many aspects of the global criminal terrorists agenda. This could include but are certainly not be limited to the following:

    Wall Street: Commodities impacts will be known in advance by the schedule and types of spraying therefore allowing insiders to easily manipulate markets to their benefit through droughts, crop failures, floods, etc. This also includes the treasonous government officials that still do not restrictions of using insider information in the marketplace. As if that would matter anyway. Politicians are all sales people and therefore all liars.

    Corporations & Complicit Associations (AMA, BAR etc): Not just the possible use of GMO’s but think of the longer term impacts. Land grabs from farmers forced into bankruptcies after man made droughts. The corrupt judicial system assisting to ensure and expedite the proceedings. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies will benefit from the increased sickness and disease resulting from exposure and ingestion of the toxins throughout society.

    Government: Benefits from both monetary means (as mentioned above) as well as their corporate partners of death, lobbyists. Power increases as it creates crises that allow them to utilize the problem, reaction, solution model for the benefits of themselves and their handlers. This also further usurps power from the people they serve and enslaves us under their next new 1000 page plus legislative document that they never read. Sorry to break the bad news to those not fully awake but Ron Paul was a planned and controlled opposition used by the elite to give hope to the awakened while our destruction escalates.

    Elite: Obtain all the benefits of the previous groups from resulting increase in power and wealth. Plus they gain sadistic pleasure from knowing there is increased death and sickness wherever they are at work.

    Sadly, I don’t see them backing down except at the point of a gun or the end of a rope. Unfortunately (for those still in the anger stage of awakening), this would also serve their purposes. So the only real way to make the change we want and need is peacefully. Our only hope is to awaken and unite humanity fast enough and take decisive actions en masse. This is what they fear the most. Otherwise we will surely all die a painful miserable death from one means or another at the hands of evil.


    Spread the good word


  4. I think that the most telling line of the video is when Francis Mangels exclaims most emphatically, “Humans can’t live on that”.

    I do not think that weather modification is the purpose of chem-trails. I think that it is just a consequence of a much larger agenda.

    There needs to be serious research by Chemical Biologists and Genetic Scientists in collaboration to discover the long term agenda behind ‘Chem-trailing’.

    The Earth and it’s inhabitants are being ‘transformed’.

    I think that the dots that need connecting are: ‘Disclosure’, Bio/Genetic Engineering, Nano Technology, and Trams-humanism.

    The latest research on the ‘non-existent’ and yet observable “Morgellons Disease” now seems to indicate that those suffering from the illness are those whose body is rejecting the transformation.

    Again, this is just my humble opinion; but, I hold it so strongly as to suggest that anyone putting forth any other (especially high profile) should be identified as a “gate keeper”.



    P.S. It has been said that by the time the ‘general population becomes aware of ‘anything’, the powers that be are 30 to 40 years already ahead of it, carrying out their agenda.

  5. I noticed in this video that Francis said he wasn’t sure why but on some days they are heavier than others. Keep an eye on the full moon cycle. I have been watching this and it seems on the full moon the sky is always clouded over. Some times it is blatant chemtrailing, other cycles it is not as obvious, but the sky is still clouded over. Take this latest blue moon for example, I am in the Vegas area and the sky was very cloudy. It did not appear to be chemtrailing or at least there were not the obligatory checkerboard patterns; however, keep in mind sometimes these trails are laid over the pacific off of the west coast and then they drift in eastward over land. I have no scientific proof of this but it is worthy of attention. There is a connection with the full moon to DNA and human spirituality, especially to our 10 strands of “junk DNA” that is a vast chasm of information storage. There is a reason for blocking such an “awakening” that rightfully resides withing all of humanity. After all, we all are one. Just my observation, let me know if you notice the same thing in your area.
    Here is a link to good article.

  6. I just spent the past 3 weeks in bavaria and watched daily chemtrail ‘cloud-herding’ of the hops growing region. for better harvest? less rain, i dunno, but it was horrible to watch. big cumulous clouds would arise beautifully in the clear blue sky only to be herded away by the spreading viscous chems, which turned the sky to a dull shade of ominous battle-ship grey. as I was on a meditation retreat, I began to spread good-will (metta & punna-kusala) to the clouds, rain, sky, earth, etc., within several hours the big thunder-heads grew massively, darkening the sky, by evening the rain-winds came and the strangest lightening storm surrounded the village, striking in every direction, then by mid-night the rain began to pour down, not in a devastating way, but in a refreshingly, clearing manner. In the morning with the rise of morning star and the glowing sunrise on the horizon the first long pink strands of chemtrails could be seen spreading long strands in every direction defiling the pure clear sky… what an object of meditation… I still send loving-compassion, dedicate my merit to the Earth, the good beings and guardians, to humanity…. and to those tainted ones who are deluded and cannot see what they are doing, may they see the light of wisdom and cease from doing evil.

    • b–be careful with that first rain, it has the most metals and toxins in it. I won’t even walk the dog if it’s wet on the ground after a chem rain. – Z

        • Yes–go the the sites he names. Most chemtrail sites will have detox remedies. Best is chlorella. Micro greens essential and standards like ginger and garlic. Also Zeolite is supposed to remove chems and radiation..I take all those daily. But there are other protocols. Search the question, you’ll find it. I think naturalnews.com has some articles on it too as well as many other naturalmedicine sites. All the best, Zen

          • Radiation?

            What can we possibly make of the Fukashima disater and depleted uranium, just to mention two of the more striking incidents of radiation infusion, in the light of Sofia Smallstorm’s statement in the linked videos; that radiation ‘turns on’ the nano assimilation process within the human?

  7. In time past, I had spent considerable effort in studying The Book of Enoch. I was also beginning the study of astronomy at the time, and the two
    coordinated very complimentary.

    The Book of Enoch, considered as pseudo-Apocrypha ( Written with a ‘pen name’ Enoch, and considered non inspired) by modern Biblical authorities, portends to give detailed information concerning the ‘Days of Noah’, the cause of The Deluge, and is named for the pre-deluvian patriarch Enoch.

    It details that portion of Biblical heritage which describes what we might call ‘Alien Contact’; which is alluded to in Genesis chapter 6.

    The possibility remains that the text itself is of ancient origin. It may very well have been passed down over generations, being copied and recopied, as all the other scriptures were.

    It was extant abroad within the early Christian circles, and eventually expunged from relevance by ecclesiastics.

    It does however still exist within the Ethiopian Church Canon of Scripture.

    To remark on it’s content, I would say little, as I will include a link to it whereby the readers may draw their own conclusions.

    Just t two points are noteworthy for this comment.

    The Book, purportedly the words of Enoch, though they tell of ‘Alien Contact’ in the pre-deluvian epoch, were written FOR those who would be living at the time of the Suntalia. The are then historical in reference; with the purpose of prophesying that the ‘Event’ would occur again, and in that far distant future.

    Some may find the sections on Astronomy repetitive and boring, others will see them as interesting. The Book contains some passages that could only be described as ‘Gems of Wisdom’ buried within the text, and that can only be discovered by reading the whole.

    The Book of Enoch –
    Read on line – http://www.sacred-texts.com/bib/boe/

    Downloadable PDF – click ‘show Adobe tool bar’, then ‘sign’, then ‘save a copy’ -http://www.forbiddengate.com/BookOfEnoch.pdf

  8. There’s been no PCT activity here in the Portland Oregon area this summer. Just blue sky’s. I’ve been aware of PCTs for a couple of years, watch regularly, take photo’s. I travel a bit in the summer and and noticed the same thing in southern Oregon. And not just planes not spraying, but there’s not been the usual south to north traffic at altitudes high enough to see but not to hear that would spray at other times of the year. I can’t remember if they were spraying last summer. I was back in Michigan and they were’t spraying in areas I was at either. Confirming this is my girlfriend who I drive crazy with my complaining.

  9. Glad to see you on Zeolite and the other supps.Zen. Also was wondering how the “Ormus” thang worked out for you when you mentioned your kids bringing it over or something to that effect some time ago.

    • Did you know that Zeolite actually contains Did you know that Zeolite actually contains Aluminum Oxide – the same compound that one wants to get rid of?!

  10. The Universe rocks!! I finally got through to a stubborn family member about the reality of chemtrails – another win for consciousness and the awakening!

  11. I have been looking at the blue sky blessing me above my head here in Melbourne, Australia, over the last couple of days, and thinking of you guys. Sending it your way …

  12. It is already being done:
    Subject: 10 “bullet” points regarding geoengineering

    SAG = Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering
    SRM = Solar Radiation Management
    ?1. Global aerosol spraying (SAG and SRM, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management) are literally poisoning all life on earth day in and day out. Every breath we take contains ultra-fine toxic nano particulates in the 10 nanometer range. Such minute particles are extremely damaging to the respiratory and neurological systems and can not be filtered out with any readily available filtration mechanisms. They are so small that they penetrate straight through the lung lining and into the blood stream. There, they can adhere to cell receptors like a plaque, slowly but surely damaging our health and bodily functions such as the immune system. The particulates are also a platform on which fungal proliferation runs wild. Recent studies state 70%+ of all current plant and animal extinction is now caused by fungal infection.
    ??2. The protective layers of the atmosphere, most specifically the ozone layer and the ionosphere, are being shredded by the aerosol clouds. This renders all life on planet earth exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. The science on “particulate clouds and their effect on the ozone layer” is very clear. Such clouds destroy ozone. Period. UV levels are already increasing dramatically around the globe.
    ??3. SAG and SRM have very likely been major contributing factors to the current methane “planetary emergency” now occurring on the East Siberian Shelf. This emergency, as stated by the research scientists involved, is the massive methane expulsion from the sea floor. Methane hydrates have now reached a temperature which will no longer allow its former retention in hydrate form on the sea floor. This warming of the oceans has been fueled in large part by the spraying. Though SAG and SRM can achieve significant cooling anomalies over large areas, it comes at a cost of a far worse overall global warming. The gravity of this methane event cannot be overstated.??
    4. Saturating the atmosphere with geoengineering particulates “diminishes and disperses rainfall”. Period. The excess of condensation nuclei causes moisture droplets to adhere to these nuclei and thus droplets do not combine and fall as precipitation, but continue to migrate in the form of artificial cloud cover. This is one of the reasons SAG and SRM cause devastating global drought.
    ??5. SAG and SRM are causing “global dimming” on a scale that can hardly be comprehended. Current figures are averaging in the 20% range globally, but in some areas, like Russia , the total amount of sun that now reaches the ground is some 30% less than only a few decades previous. This reduction of sunlight further amplifies the currently occurring global droughts. Sunlight is a major component of evaporation.
    ??6. SAG and SRM greatly reduce wind flow. Again, wind is a major component of evaporation. The science regarding aerosol clouds and their effect on wind is well documented.
    ??7. The SAG and SRM particles are “light scattering” materials. This alters the light spectrum and will likely cause many, and as of yet unknown, negative effects on all life forms. Blocking out the sun alone is of extreme concern regarding photosynthesis, but when one considers the fact that the light which does get through the toxic particulates is in altered wave form, the concern is much greater still.
    ??8. Soils and waters are quite literally being poisoned day in and day out and thus sterilized by the highly toxic fallout from SRM and SAG spray programs. The totality of damage already caused by this fallout could never be quantified.??
    9. “Bioavailable” aluminum, now in nearly every drop of rain falling around the globe, is very harmful to most plant life. When plants detect the contamination, they shut down nutrient uptake to protect their DNA, causing a very slow and protracted death of the plant. The effects of “bioavailable aluminum” are also well documented. A point of interest is the fact that Monsanto is engaged in the production of “aluminum resistant” seeds.??
    10. All global weather is being affected by these spray programs. At this point, there is little or no weather that could be considered “natural”. Again, there is no way to even begin to quantify the damage being done to all life on earth by SAG and SRM. However when one considers the current extinction rate, which is now 1000 times “natural variability” (100,000% of normal) it is impossible not to connect the issue of SAG and SRM to the mass die off once the impact and gravity of these programs is well understood.

    Dane Wigington

    The writer of the above was at Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails, the Los Angeles summit, August 17-19. http://www.consciousnessbeyondchemtrails.com/

    Please get the above to your city councilmembers, county sheriffs, state legislators, and neighbors.

    More on #1: Chico (California) Sky Watch (chicoskywatch.org) now has lab tests showing six molds included with the aluminum and barium were sprayed and then fell to earth. One of the molds is the same as has been sprayed on coca crops in Peru and Columbia. Upwards of seventy percent of people who contract disease from this mold, fusarium, die from it. These are typically people who already have low immune systems. Morgellons is likely caused by bioengineered molds.

  13. No, rain should be slightly acidic, ie. pH less that 7. That is because naturally CO2 in the atmosphere dissolves in water to form carbonic acid. That is all good. It is when other acid forming molecules with sulphate and nitrogen oxides dissolve in rain that you get problems.

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