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The Rise of the New Frugality – Organic Gardening

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The above video features John Dromgoole, owner of The Natural Gardener,1 an educational organic gardening center in Austin, Texas. According to Dromgoole, Generation X’ers have become a driving force of his business. He’s seen a near 500 percent increase in vegetable, herb, and seed sales, for example, compared to previous years.

This is a very dramatic increase indeed, speaking to the rapid evolution of organic gardening—or perhaps it would be better to call it a rapid U-turn, back toward the age-old food production practices that we know works, and produces optimal benefits not just for you, but also for the environment.

This new wave of consumers, who are increasingly concerned about the quality of their food, are flocking to organic gardening centers to buy their produce and to learn how to grow their own food. Dromgoole’s nursery also teaches people how to address problems like pests and weeds without resorting to chemicals.

What Dromgoole calls “square-foot gardening” is also increasing in popularity, as more and more people take to growing their own food, no matter how much, or how little, space they have.

By using a grid-space, you can increase the amount of herbs and vegetables you grow per square foot, compared to sowing them in long beds, as was typically done in the past. MORE>


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          • It’s a rare individual though, who would be able to maintain and attain such high energy states.
            Opening those doors would require a lot of balance on all levels, whilst living in this world,
            exposure to the elements still exists.
            Healthy organic foods are a start, as with discernment with medicinal compounds.

          • Just Manna……..one teaspoon in your morning juice and you do not have to eat all day. What is occurring regarding food is a hint for people to understand Christ, some may, many will not.

          • Manna being very potent then!
            I have experienced high energy levels, when using homeopathics,
            but not consistently, a repeat or change always required,
            and a reassessment of diet,
            I question though, how many days are you able to maintain your well being,
            on Manna, and juice, or what other foods you would rely on.

          • Manna can be ingested every day if desired, in quantities of an individual’s choice.
            “God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert.” The trip through the desert could very well be allegorical, relating possibly to a period where Manna may likely “bridge” you through this period. Again, if one desires potent effects, you eat more, if not, eat less, totally up to the individual.
            When I awake in thew morning, I am not hungry or thirsty, so what I have read is so. Everything I have read about the Amanita Muscaria (the positive) has turned out to be so, and this based on personal experience. I am not trying to sell a book here.
            If someone tries Manna, it likely means it is this individuals “time” to discover it.

          • Jenny, you can go on http://www.etymonline.com/ and find Manna, this is what is shown.

            manna (n.)
            Old English borrowing from Late Latin manna, from Greek manna, from Hebrew man, probably literally “substance exuded by the tamarisk tree,” but used in Greek and Latin specifically with reference to the substance miraculously supplied to the Children of Israel during their wandering in the Wilderness (Ex. xvi:15). Meaning “spiritual nourishment” is attested from late 14c. Generalized sense of “something provided unexpectedly” is from 1590s.

            The more you read on the subject, the more you see the obvious, if you were meant to see it.

  1. Have had an organic garden now for 6 years. Nothing from the store can compare with the taste, of fresh organic food from your own garden. I have been breeding freshwater fish for 37 years, use the water from the tanks/filters to feed everything I have, inside and out. In turn any produce[that’s not solanaceae] that’s overripe, is in turn fed back to the fish[plecos, catfish and snails] so that nothing is wasted. Any solanaceae [peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant]waste goes into compost pile. Far and away the best combo for incredible berries, worm castings and bat guano, mixed with the water from my tanks, beats all that chemical junk.

  2. hi, i want to start growing my own veg, i am stockpiling a seed bank but i am concerned the veg i grow will be affected (possibly genetically) by chemtrails, so i have not rushed into doing this until the government stop spraying :( i dont have a green house, and if i did i would have to filter the air that enters it :(

  3. Organic gardening is so wonderful because not only does it provide real healthy food, but at the same time it takes away the power of the poison GMO food lobby!

  4. Those who become more self reliant are being deemed “homegrown terrorists” primarily by the control freak Jews determined to get us under their thumbs.
    Moreover, this “chosen tribe” are the ones most active in attempting to disarm us.
    This is also why S510 (the law banning home gardens) was attempted.
    If a population isn’t dependent upon its government for its food, it’s much more difficult to subjugate them.

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