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Russell Brand Owns BBC Newsnight Host

This is terrific. Just listen to his quick, intelligent eloquence and powerful conviction, while reaching out to the host…this blew me away. Way to go Russell! – Zen

[Hat tip: Geoff - tx-wow!]



  1. “I’ve taken that right, I don’t need that right from you. I don’t need that right from anybody. I am taking it ”

    Beautiful passionate words, reclaiming the power of your god given right to be free, of all this BS.

  2. Bravo to Russell, great rant! He’s smart, quick-witted and far from apathetic making excellent points. Smart move to get away from Illuminati Katy, guess they didn’t have much deep conversation, lol. Thanks Geoff and Zen

    • * Yes, you have to admire his ‘quip wit’ & willingness to exercise ‘evolved’ consciousness… with his implacable temerity accompanying the truth of his convictions… translating into an effective use of ‘Roberts Rules of Order’ in the glare of the BBC ‘stage’ & gormless specious ‘talking head’…..It’s a lot harder to keep track of a ‘pack -o-lies’ like Obomber does with his teleprompters…than Russel being light on his feet… armed only with the truth.

      • * …& for all the ‘party- pooper- paranoid-nay sayers’ out there, that want to rain on Russel’s parade…start ‘Grok’ing’ with your Heart…get out of your ‘nit picking’ heads, with your vain glorious ill concealed superiority & realize the equanimity at the root of egalitarianism…is not a pigeon hole- bad ‘idea’… as far as ‘isms’ go…or is there something wrong with wanting to be considered as an equal as in the ‘pure meaning’ of being social & equal…in a perfect world…we all have the innate wisdom to know the difference.

  3. Russell Brand needs to learn about that most of the so call ‘government’ is actually corporations masquerading as governments, that should put an end to the debate quickly, any how he is brilliant, I enjoy the show, thank you for sharing

    • I’m pretty sure he’s aware of that and said so, in fact he put and end to “Jeremy my darling” very succinctly.

  4. Go Russell !!
    I have to admit I really like this man , and he is right in every thing he says .
    I don’t vote , it’s a waste of time and effort . Imagine if we en masse decided not to turn up to the polling stations? Think of this too , if I don’t register to vote (which I have to do now ) I will be fined or go to prison, and this is for not exercising my so called ‘freedom ‘to vote !! Beyond belief and surely illustrates what a deeply corrupt and failing system this is .
    Don’t vote , all political parties are the same , they just have a different face , we now need to take responsibility for ourselves and stop handing our power to a small group of what are in effect corporate raiders We are more than able to self govern
    This is just another facet of the massive spiritual battle being waged against us , and when I hear my government telling elderly people who have slaved all their life that this winter they must live in one room and put on extra clothing to keep warm it makes me angrier than I could ever say and want to start my own revolution
    This ‘advice ‘came from our multi millionaire ex Bullingdon Boy Prime Minister who does not understand the meaning of hardship of any kind or on any level , how any one could vote for that is beyond me Kitty cxxxx

    • The Brits should be storming the flipping castles by now, as should the Americans their oppressors’ bastions. It’s beyond belief the squeeze down there Kitty – bedroom fine, losing benefits, and messages like this. Front and center in these bastards’ minds is a picture of a feudal state, nothing less, and it’s getting close. Look past the modern trappings, it’s here. The arrogance, the language, the treatment, the callousness, the disparity between classes. When will people twig that representative government represents them, the ruling class, not the interests of the people except enough to keep them from revolting….

      • I know we should Zen , and to be honest I’d be first in line . Why aren’t we ? Is it because we suffer from pathological stupidity or what ?? The problem is our shores have not been invaded since 1066 and we have no idea what revolution is like . The French on the other hand know exactly how it feels and have never forgotten and regularly riot , it’s part of their culture and is expected .
        In Britain we have never had it do good , and God help anyone who interrupts our ability to consume and believe me we do . There is a depression here yet our government are trying to convince us all is well,(as part of their forthcoming election campaign) it is for a very small percentage of the population who continue to party as if there were no tomorrow and consequently are inured to the real poverty of a growing number of Britains . Food parcels are becoming commonplace for people working as well as the unemployed .
        There is now and underclass of disenfranchised Britains who are being demonised and scapegoated as the source of all our social and monetary ills , it utterly sickens me to see decent people just trying to survive being treated like something that crawled from a sewer by our vile so called leaders .
        Of course this is all engineered to be divisive and cause social unrest , the Hegelian Dialectic being used again to rule and divide and conquer . How do we educate people though and tell them , and convince them there government does not and will never care for them ?
        There must be a tipping point both here and in America but when ? are we so happy in our hell that we will let this go on for the foreseeable future or are we brave enough to say no more and actually do something ? Kitty xxx

    • Hi Kitty,

      The government only has power because people give it to them. I don’t know if there is anyone in prison because they haven’t filled out and sent back a form which they are told they have to in order to vote. I never fill them in and have never voted. It doesn’t matter who people vote for because the next puppet is already long in place. The problem, as you are aware, is that people vote in the first place (they actually think they have a say in things), and that people register to vote because they are scared of the consequences.

      • Yes ,they are scared which is why they fill in the electoral roll . I think interestingly along with the BBC and it’s ridiculous viewing tax only a few cases are actually brought to trial or fines levied .
        However the implication is there , do as you are told ,comply or there will be consequences .
        I have never voted , I never intend to , but this is the irony, if I don’t register to vote , which is called the ‘freedom ‘to vote , I may be fined !!!! So what happened to freedom ?
        It is totally illusory as is our system of so called free democracy , it’s all lies !!
        Try telling people they are bonded slaves and we live in a feudal system but with icing and a cherry on the top and you will branded a conspiracy theorist , now the ultimate insult for anyone who disagrees with or questions pretty much anything
        By the way Indy , winds now being predicted at 90 mph !! Take care , much love Kitty xxxx

  5. This is completely off-topic, but I’d just like to mention the weather here in the UK at the moment (as we do). The weather forecasters are hopeless at forecasting weather from one day to the next, and are always getting it wrong. Yet for several days now they have been certain that we are to have a violent wind storm starting late on Sunday night and proceeding through Monday (27th and 28th October). They have stated where the storm originates from and have plotted its predicted path across the UK, with little deviation, if any. I find this uncanny.

    It will start 100 years to the day that the deadliest tornado hit the UK.

    And, it was christened several days before it’s arrival as the St Jude Storm, which suggests it will be a certainty.

    St Jude is the patron saint of Lost Causes, whose feast day falls on Monday 28th October – when the storm is ‘predicted’ to rip through Britain.

    And, we are coming up to the climax of the Satanic calendar – Halloween – a time when human sacrifice would be typical.

    Just sayin’.

    • Good catch Indy! Will be following, keep us posted! Yes, that’s how they work. (btw besides the geoengineering factor, they don’t get it right on purpose so it’s confusing and they can jerk people around and get away with anything.)

    • Possibly related indigo, but they have been spraying the crap out of the jet stream here in the central US. Like they are fueling it. It is very defined right now because of the aerosol content. Our winds have been very gusty here also. Same issue with forecasting. They don’t have a clue what their engineering is going to do thermally. They have consistently been off by 15-25 degrees F.

    • ‘Just wondering ‘about this too Indigo , we were the worst hit here in Suffolk when the hurricane of 87 hit the Uk , not sure whether they are covering their backs after the debacle of 87 , or just ramping up the fear factor , but something is ‘off’
      The A12 has signs warning of high winds and possible disruption and structural damage .
      The spraying here in Suffolk has been quite astonishing in it’s frequency and sheer size , but about an hour ago everything went very quiet , calm before the storm ?
      Your thoughts are interesting , the rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper . Kitty xxxx

  6. The BBC will not air anything that will not somehow be useful to their purposes. My intuition is the are either trying to “brand” him and his ideologies as that of a lunatic and show the masses what a crazy person looks like and what to “watch out for.” If so…epic fail. Or, the need another firebrand to continue to set the stage for civil upheaval, in which vase, mission accomplished. Russel is extremely intelligent and should know that all forms of government are an illusion.

    • Well said, Scooter. Was thinking the same. Reminds me of when the BBC trotted out C. Veitch for their conspiracy show at the same time as he had a “reawakening” on 9/11 – no, the official story was true after all. Another setback on the road to truth, thanks to Charlie and the BBC.

      I like Brand, and yes we need to watch. Sad that we always have to filter everyone and everything, put everyone on “watch”. This sucks and is so very draining, as we have witnessed so many people who we once believed were true and honest do an about face or eventually show their true colors. Over and over and over this happens. Hopefully one day this will no longer be necessary.

      One interesting thing about Brand – he uses lots of humor and satire to connect with the borgs like Paxman (not to mention super quick wit which keeps backing them into the ropes). This chips away at the facade and opens them up, as much as one could hope for. I particularly like at the 10:00 min. mark where he remarks about Paxman’s crying about his grandmother. Deep, deep down inside humanity is in all of us. This is a beautiful way of attempting to reconnect with that humanity. You could see when he mentioned it, Paxman was jolted.

      Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could all jolt these psychopaths back into the loving fold of humanity. I would take that any day over revenge and retribution.

      • Gr8 comment Gus. As far as having to be on watch so much, that’s the price of consciousness. It should and is growing to be our natural state, but we identify it as unduly skeptical only because there IS so much to be wary of (and all the other external bullshit as you know).
        It’s a normal state, we just get jolted and betrayed and jostled around so much we’re forcibly made to feel guilty about feeling that way.
        That’s my take.
        Love you bro, Z

      • I loved your comments so much Gus and Zen I had to say something before I went back to sleep !!
        I think it sucks too to be always on ‘watch ‘ and it is so very draining , I sometimes become weary of my own ability if you like to be this way all the time .
        It is discernment and part of conscious awareness as you say Zen, and maybe this is what being as wise as serpents and as gentle as the dove means .
        ‘Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could all jolt these psychopaths back into the loving fold of humanity
        I’d take that over revenge and retribution any day ‘ beautiful !!!
        That is the part of your comment that kept me awake Gus , because that’s what it’s all about and why I know as you say Zen we have already won !
        Back to sleep now Lol Love Kitty cxxx

    • I agree with you on the BBC part Scooter. They are way too sophisticated to leave the message content up to a spontaneity of an interviewee. Everything is carefully crafted. And Brand is their ‘former’ employee.

  7. If everyone went to their Ballot Boxes to vote and crossed off all the candidates “X” and wrote on that ballot in big capital letters “THERE ARE NO SUITABLE CANDIDATES” that would mean all the candidates for that election could never run for office again. This would be more effective than not voting at all. However on that note I did not vote before I had listened to this advice by Max Igan http://www.thecrowhouse.com for the same reasons Russell stated. Good interview Mr Brand. Will share…

    • I believe by not voting; and each vote is recorded, “they” know if you have cast one, you are not giving your consent to any legislation(s) they pass, and therefore as an individual you have legal recourse against passage of acts etc. by registering a grievance and putting it on record, with a county authority etc. and giving “x” amount of days for them to respond to this grievance. Imagine ten thousand filing the same grievance, and legally the gov’t must respond.

  8. We all want to see a change in the media and will jump on anything that resonates with our views, but please look into where socialism comes from, and a quick look into Brands past should reveal a lot. Don’t be fooled. Cheers.

  9. Russell brand is a friend of David Icke, which is a good sign, I don’t think it was scripted, the anger and passion from him was real, and that guy doesn’t get angry easily. For me Russell is one of the good ones, people don’t take him very seriously because he was a womanising jokester and a former drug addict, so the TPTB wouldn’t see him as a direct threat, much like the ridicule David always gets for his reptilian thoughts, They just throw those comments in to discredit them.

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