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Russell Means Assassinated – Conspiracy Theory?


[From Zen – John is a personal friend, tireless activist and huge hearted Truth lover. I hold his love, commitment and perception dear to my heart. What he intimates here makes total sense to me although we cannot yet prove it, as they have done this to countless others. Read the whole post through and please visit and pass on his site. Thank you.]

by John Vodila

The news this week of the exhumed body of the Turkish President Turgut Ozal, who died in 1993, officially of heart failure. His body showed signs of several poisons, including radioactive polonium, and Yasser Arafat’s remains being exhumed for a murder inquiry, has led me to share a gut feeling I had in the summer of 2011, I will call it one of my conspiracy theories, because this is what it is, a theory, but no satire intended.

As for Yasser Arafat and the forensic experts from France, Switzerland, Russia etc. looking to prove something by looking for polonium-210 in Arafat’s remains, this is most likely a complete waste of time because of the very short half-life of this substance, not only that but I thought it was already a foregone conclusion polonium was used to assassinate the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Palestinian leader. High levels of polonium-210 were found on Arafat’s toothbrush, clothing and keffiyeh.

Polonium was first made well known when it was used to kill KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko who turned on the Kremlin, was a critic of Putin, had been looking into the assassination of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya and claimed in his book FSB agents had been responsible for the bombing of apartment blocks in Moscow and two other cities in 1999; it only takes a dose of polonium the size of a speck of pepper to be lethal.

Now do I believe polonium was used on Russell Means? I don’t think so but anything is possible these days; do I believe something was? I believe there’s good plausibility, and here’s why.

I have followed the American Indian movement, posted quite a few reports and videos of Russell Means(the founder of the Republic of Lakotah) over the years and am a subscriber to his newsletter; I remember in 2011 Russell announced he was going with a delegation to the United Nations Headquarters in New York to discuss with other nations the international character of treaties of the United States and the Lakotah Nation.

I remember thinking this isn’t good, Russell is going to be in harm’s way, and I hope he doesn’t get one of those CIA pin-pricks. It was just a gut feeling and still is. I did speak this feeling but never publicly or in writing, now in hind-site I wish I did.

Very shortly after, Russell was diagnosed with cancer.

Russell Means was trying to make the US government honor treaties, return stolen lands and be recognized by the international community through the UN, in his words “for the re-establishment of our freedom to be responsible” a sovereign nation (Republic of Lakotah)inside the borders of the United States.
Sound familiar?

Here are a couple other quotes from Russell Means

“Every policy now the Palestinians are enduring was practiced on the American Indian.”

“What the American Indian Movement says is that the American Indians are the Palestinians of the United States, and the Palestinians are the American Indians of Europe.”

Russell Means an arrow in the side of The new World Order:

Chronology below from russellmeansfreedom.com

1970 – Means became the first National Director of the American Indian Movement after founding a branch of AIM in Cleveland.

1970 – The siege of Mt. Rushmore, which catapulted Means to national attention and focused the media on the modern Indian rights movement.

1970 – Led the Thanksgiving Day demonstration at Plymouth Rock in which over 200 Indians seized the Mayflower, painted Plymouth Rock red and observed a national day of mourning.

1972 – Participated in the takeover of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Headquarters in Washington D.C. during the Nixon Administration.

1973 – Directed the legendary siege of Wounded Knee, the most famous Indian insurrection of the twentieth century.

1974 – 76 Hounded by the FBI, the federal government and various state governments for his activism, Means represented himself in twelve criminal trials and won acquittal in each case.

1974 – All the Elders of the Lakotah Sioux Nation, at the 1st International Indian treaty Conference unanimously selected Russell
Means as permanent trustee of the International Indian Treaty Council. Russell was further charged with the responsibility of establishing an office at or near the United Nations, in New York City and to oversee all business conducted by that office.

1977 – Assisted in creating the First International Conference pertaining to the sovereign rights of North, Central and South American Indians, which was sponsored by the United Nations in Geneva.

1977 – University Lecture tour of Switzerland.

1978 – Participated in the “Longest walk” in which American Indians walked across the United States from San Francisco to Washington D.C. creating the largest, single-day, peaceful demonstration in Washington D.C. up to that time. As a result, the demonstration succeeded in blocking all anti – Indian legislation in Congress.

1979 – Served one year of a four-year prison sentence in the South Dakota State Prison at Sioux Falls before he was released on parole. The charge was “Riot to Obstruct Justice” following the police riot at the Sioux Falls courthouse. The law under which he was convicted was repealed as unconstitutionally vague BEFORE his sentencing. Pardoned by South Dakota Governor in 2003.
Full Story HERE


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  1. Add to the fact that before the British built a large presence here in this country in the early days of settlement, the pioneers and American Indians got along very well, it was after the British went on a land grab that things changed. Then look at Palestine. Who created Israel and gave them Palestine? England, the British, so the simiarities are much greater than we know. The British Royalty are the most vicious racists on this planet second only to Israel.

    • I totally agree with what you are saying but would just like to add that the British royals are descended from Danish royalty, so there the second most racist lol (actually, in my personal opinion, any “royalty” from any country are equally as horrible! I recognize no ones self appointed “ownership” over any land or people)

      Peace and Protection from the source!!!!


      “I’d rather be a free man in my grave, than living as a puppet or a slave” – Jimmy Cliff (yah mon!)

      RIP Russell Means, you’ve earned it!

  2. John says: “It was ‘just’ a gut feeling”.

    We have been encouraged (by design) to worship the brain and the mind, and mistrust the heart and the gut. The brain and the mind can be easily manipulated, whereas the gut just ‘knows’. The gut hasn’t learnt to doubt.

    What John says makes perfect sense – many who are about to put a spanner in the works are disposed of swiftly.

  3. I agree with Rene. Every time someone gets information that would put these nasty people away, the Truth bearers always seem to die of some mysterious disease!! If they can do this to people like Russell imagine what they have in store for the rest of the population????

    • The list of people being “suicided”, sudden fast cancers and heart attacks, and other suspicious deaths is enormous – search it out if you want. Includes media talking heads like Tim Russert who tried to get both Bush and Kerry to talk about skull and bones. Had a massive heart attack rt on set. Same with Peter Jennings who said clearly the Twin Towers falling was exactly like a controlled demolition on air. Fast cancer and he was gone. The biggest list is scientists in the know. They don’t like to take chances.

  4. Apart from his public persona, Russell Means was a dark-hearted, troubled man, an alleged rapist and murderer, and most certainly a co-conspirator in the AIM interrogation and murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash in November 1975. There’s a good reason why Means never mentions her name, evidently on the advice of his chief counsel, in his huge CYA autobiography. When Means stood trial for one of several AIM murders, his plan, had the jury come back with the wrong verdict, and as stated in his book, was to shoot the juryman and: “…take white women as hostages, tape guns to their throats, and make a run for it.” Means’ passing may prompt others to come forward and tell the truth about AIM’s violent history, including the burial site of Wounded Knee murder victim Ray Robinson, a civil rights activist shot in the leg and allowed to bleed to death, his body dumped in a hole. The truth must prevail.

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