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Scattered Seedlings Restoring the Earth


by Zen Gardner

Every day more people connect and learn they are not alone. While the manipulated matrix makes it difficult for the awake and aware to be physically together, the great world wide grid of love and consciously awakened individuals continues to spread like “weeds”.

As we sow and grow we’re coming closer together continually. In fact, we’re probably bumping into each other and don’t even realize it.

That’s why it’s important to keep communicating. We know the same central Truth, we know the heart of man is the same the world over, and we know it only awaits awakening to come to full fruition.

Look for it, expect it. What you already know in your heart to be true you’ll see manifest in wondrous and wonderful ways.


Wild Seeds Will Cover the Earth

We have to get radical, truly radical in our propagation of Truth. There no longer are movements to try to attach to. They’re all dead in the water. It’s a barren landscape compared to the rich culture it once was of vocal, active groups. No doubt real folks are fighting in their carefully sectored quadrants of various wonderful efforts, but it’s all being thwarted from being allowed into public awareness, and what does appear is systematically marginalized in everyone’s eyes.

Remember the full on protests? Remember the indignant opposition to a false government and its horrific wars? It’s non existent now, being squelched even before it can hit the conscious awareness of the individual that there’s something wrong. You have no avenue to speak of.  As a result, many give up thinking that it’s no use.

College students are stupefied. Interest groups are bought off. The rest sit back in frustration.

But not all.

One encouraging arrival on the scene are Indigo children and Crystal kids that rise up. While it appears the younger generation is virtually shot, take a look at the potential of awakened kids when activated:

 We Are Coming Together

In spirit the awakened collective is always pulling together. It’s spiritually natural. We may be separated in physical space and time but in reality we are together.  Nothing stops us. We are united. We communicate naturally and often, as in the case of the internet and personal interactions.  But even these connections are under attack. We are up against serious opposition.

Fact is, we communicate in the language of the heart, and it tells us many things, including the fact that time is short.

Knowing underground communication avenues is key to our survival for as long as we need to be here. Technology wise, network wise and consciousness wise.

The Language of the Heart

Here’s a proposition that may resonate with some. I can’t fully endorse the source, but the concepts appear sound enough for consideration:

The belief that people are naturally compassionate is a central awareness of Nonviolent Communication, otherwise known as NVC, or “the language of the heart.” NVC provides a toolbox of insights and communication tools that reveal and nurture this state of natural compassion.

For over 35 years, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg has traveled the world sharing NVC, contributing to a shift in consciousness from violence, alienation and oppression to a new paradigm of interconnectedness. From helping people improve the quality of personal and professional relationships to being on the front line mediating in some of the hottest conflict areas around the world, Rosenberg’s radical work subverts our whole status quo system of power by identifying the type of awareness and corresponding language that disconnects us from each other.

The NVC process is distinctly different from many models of communication and conflict resolution in that the objective is never to get our way, but to “create the quality of connection that will allow for everybody’s needs to be fulfilled.” The process guides us in fully and honestly expressing ourselves, while empathetically receiving the communication and actions of others; without using or hearing blame, criticism, or judgement. By focusing on the quality of the connection rather than on the strategies and outcomes, solutions can be obtained that satisfy everybody’s needs more completely, without compromising their values. As Dr. Rosenberg asserts, “we each have an incredible, awesome power to make life wonderful, and that there is nothing that is more joyful than exercising that power by enriching our own and other’s lives.” Source


Take a Lesson from our Elders….

Native American Prayer

Honor the sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with whom we
share the Earth:-
Four-leggeds, two-leggeds,
winged ones,
Swimmers, crawlers,
plant and rock people.
Walk in balance and beauty.

-Native American Elder

Unite in spirit and in deed.

Much love,




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  1. While we need to stay awake to the horrors going on out there, we also need to remember what we’re REALLY all about.

    This is it.

    This is what fuels the work and holds us to our still center: Peace, Trust & Surrender (letting go) to That Which is Eternal: LOVE.

    Thanks, Zen, for reminding us.

  2. Beautiful gardens of information like this site are reminders that we are not alone. You can feel separated even from your own loved ones when you embrace the truth. My mother never told me to work with light energy, I just did and didn’t tell anyone until I was older and found mentors who understood and began to teach me more. I started teaching my daughter to embrace the light by the time she was 5. The hardest thing to teach these young people is that they own the love and truth within them when they are bombarded daily in the outside world with disbelief and controlling forces. It is good to keep reminding them as well as ourselves…we are not alone. Thank you Zen

  3. Hear hear t’s spiritually natural.! Like air you can see but you cant live with out it ! Peg that right on Mr Sun shine! (( man hug )))

  4. The short video implies autism is a characteristic of crystal children but, when you look at the data, it seems that the rise in autism is in direct proportion to the rise in vaccines. Used to be about 1 in 2500, now more than 1 in 100 from what I’ve read. Knowing people who deal with autism, it doesn’t seem to be a desirable condition for someone to experience and I’m left wondering why this video is trying to convince anyone it’s a good thing.

  5. could these spectrum disorders be a switch that turns off the fake “real” world now being created?

    check this out — I JUST read it a minute ago

    The Loss Of Our Collective Cognition And Awareness
    We should be worried about the decline of the human nervous system. We should be worried that something—likely environmental, but possibly more subtle than that—is hampering our ability to parent new human beings with coherently functioning perceptual apparatuses. We should be worried about what this means for the economic future of our society, but we should also be worried about what this means for the future of our collective cognition and awareness as a species.

    Consider the rising proportion our youth who are appropriately classified as special needs. By current count, 1 in 88 children have an autism spectrum disorder—and 1 in 54 boys. 8% of children 3-17 years old have a learning disability. 7% have ADHD. And these figures are rising steadily.

    The vast majority of children with spectrum disorders also suffer from “co-morbidities” such as anxiety disorder, sensory processing disorder, intellectual disabilities, and social disorders. This means these special needs children will likely need special education and then special care and special caretakers for the rest of their lives. Someone has to pay for this.

    Moreover as the numbers of children affected by these impairments increase, the amount of resources remaining to raise and educate the “neurotypical” members of our communities go down. The more pubic children requiring $100,000 or more of special needs education each year, the less money remains and the larger regular classes must become. There are, of course, many social remedies for these problems—from increased community support and involvement to radical rethinking of education itself. But the less well educated we are, the less prepared we are tackle these issues.

    And spectrum disorders are just the most visible evidence of neural breakdown. Once we begin worrying about such things, we must also consider the massive use of SSRIs and other mood enhancement drugs. Unlike psychedelics and other psycho-social learning substances, SSRI’s were designed for continuous use. By treating stress, anxiety, and even transient depression as chronic conditions, the doctors prescribing these medications (influenced by the companies peddling them) are changing people’s neurochemistry in order to dampen their responses to real life.

    The fact that 23 percent of American women between the ages of 40 and 59 take SSRI’s may have less to say about this group’s propensity for depression than it does about the way our society currently responds to women between 40 and 59 years of age. To drug the victim may be merciful on some level, but only paralyzes our collective self-regulation as a culture and species.

    So, on the one hand we should be worried about a future society in which there are only few of us left to keep the lights on, caring for a huge population of neutrally-challenged adults. And we are seeing the beginnings of this in a media-influenced society of imbecilic beliefs, road rage, and inappropriate reactions to stimulus. The reasonable people, on whom we depend for restaurants, hospitals, and democracy itself to function seem to be dwindling in numbers, replaced by those with short tempers, inferiority complexes, and an inability to read basic social cues.

    On the other hand, if all this bothers us, we’re supposed to take medication in order to alter our perceptions of and responses to social phenomena that should rightly make any healthy person depressed. And the number of people who have chosen to pharmaceutically limit their emotional range should be of concern to us, not because they have some duty to be depressed, but because they are no longer bearing witness to our collective reality. There are fewer of us left alarmed enough to take the action necessary.

    Not to mention that all these drugs end up in the water supply and beyond, likely leading to increases in spectrum disorders among children. (Taking SSRIs during pregnancy, for instance, leads to double the probability of delivering a child on the autism spectrum.) So we come full circle, increasingly incapable of doing anything about this feedback loop, or even caring about it. We’re soaking in it.

    But, there’s an even greater concern. We should worry less about our species losing its biosphere than losing its soul.

    Our collective perceptions and cognition is our greatest evolutionary achievement. This is the activity that gives biology its meaning. Our human neural network is in the process of deteriorating and our perceptions are becoming skewed—both involuntarily and by our own hand—and all that most of us in the greater scientific community can do is hope that somehow technology picks up the slack, providing more accurate sensors, faster networks, and a new virtual home for complexity.

    We should worry such networks won’t be able to function without us; we should also worry that they will.
    ~Douglas Rushkoff

  6. We are all born “Crystal” kids -if that is the (little sloppy New Age Jargong) that you want to use…. I personally belive that ANY HUMAN EVER was /is born 100% Divine with ALL the divine faculties given as a Birthday Gift Package at the delivery -moment to this Planet. Nor is it only humans that was befallen this Divine at Birth, but ALL animals and plants alike together with these animals we call Humans. NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever!….. Isn’t there here in the Zen Archives the pic of the human sleeping in the field and the horse keeping its head in the human’s lap and a little kiddie sitting pressing tight up against the horse.. THAT image is THE TRUTH about how GOD meant all His/Her creation here to live/share Life with eachother, I truly believe.
    so, indeed to even toy with the thought that humans born today are made somehow (to be) different by GOD is…. just that sloppy New Age jargong, jumping on whats his name again, the guy who introdused the concept in his book and made MILLIONS of dollars -which was the whole purpose of coming with this idea.
    So, either we are ALL everyone/evevrything BAD/ROTTEN to the core -OR DIVINE,like the One who made us all (animals,nature included)
    This truth shall NOT be mixed with the truth that Humanity has finally as a collective Society risen to a frequency where people (kids) “mature = become ADULTerated earlier/much faster than let’s say some whatever years ago….50 , 60, 150 years before..,.,. take your pick. Maybe

    People were kept “babies” much longer then in those times…. This so called Domestication Process has its advantages AND dis….

    Either ALL are ALWAYS Divine all the way from Adam’s birth -or NOBODY!!! This is part of ( the Divine Understanding of ) the Power of ONE

  7. The Divine Birthday Package we all received at Birth is: Intuition, Instinct, inspiration, imagination, compassion,discernment etc…. use your…… we all know these…we all -at least HAD them all (at one time…. 😉

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