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The Science of Positive Manifestation

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Michelle Walling, CHLC, In5D Guest
Waking Times

Are you the type of person that starts the day with a smile? Have you always wanted to be like that person who always seems to be in a good mood? Knowing how the brain works biologically can help you understand why it is so hard to change feelings of depression, sadness, or anything other than joy.

Lost in translation

Many people have been struggling with positivity their whole lives. As negative emotions arise, they know that these emotions must be transmitted to joy in order to raise their vibration, but sometimes the struggle seems almost impossible. The law of attraction states that what you think you will create. A deeper understanding of why this law works lies in the chemistry of the brain and how your heart and brain interact with each other.

The heart and the brain send signals to each other all of the time. One misnomer is that the brain runs the show, but the truth is that the heart is the epicenter of creation. While voluntary muscles get signals from the brain, the heart, which is an involuntary muscle actually runs the show from behind the curtain.

Your heart generates neuropeptides which are small protein-like molecules (peptides) used by neurons to communicate with each other. These neuropeptides are the food that your brain uses to create your reality and this creates an emotion or energy that reflects the state of being of these neuropeptides. All emotions produce a physical feeling in your body that originate from the neuropeptides that have been pumped into your bloodstream from your heart. Your heart tells your brain how to react and what to do.

The brain cells have receptors that are created to assimilate the food (neuropeptides) they receive. These receptors are formed to accept that food and are used to that kind of food. You are therefore used to those kinds of emotions created by that kind of food.

Every second millions of brain cells die off and new ones are birthed. If you change the type of food that feeds your brain, your brain can create new transmitters that fit the new food. As old neurotransmitters die off in new transmitters are created, it gets addicted to the new transmitters which can create positive feelings.

In summary, positive thinking can produce the positive energy in motion that can trick your brain into producing the receivers that create a positive reality.

Push the “easy button” to help get through the hardest times of transmutation

These simple brain tricks can help you stay out of the highs and lows and move towards a more balanced flow:

  1. Meditate. You will find this at the top of any Spiritual how to list. There is no substitute for going within the heart center on the spiritual path.
  2. Fall in love. Being in love is the best way to be in joy.
  3. Listen to uplifting music. Anything that makes you feel good inside is acceptable, no matter what other people think.
  4. Laugh.  Get together with positive friends and have a good time, or even watch a sitcom that makes you laugh out loud. Every now and then, TV can be used as a tool. Watch a hilariously funny movie and enjoy some organic popcorn.
  5. Smile. Try turning the edges of your mouth up right now and see if you can feel the energy that runs through your body. Try smiling at everyone you run across the grocery store and see if you can help spread this feeling to someone else. That in itself makes you feel good inside.
  6. Dance. Dancing gets your endorphins moving like nothing else. Dance like no one is watching.
  7. Sunlight. Our sun is the fuel we need to dissolve negativity. If you live in a place that gets little sun, imagine being in the sun or take a vacation to a sunny place.
  8. Reminders. Place sticky notes by your bed so that when you wake up you will remind yourself of your goals. Put them in your workspace and in the kitchen and on the bathroom mirror. They can say whatever you want but a good place to start is “I am happy, I am healthy, and I am free”.

At first if you don’t succeed, try, try again

If you fall off the horse, it is wise to get back on. It will take practice to erase years of programming. Eventually you will notice that you feel a little lighter and even if you fall back into pattern of negativity, awareness is all it takes to change it back the other direction.

This process is very important to the time that we live in today, while we are transmuting emotions that are patterns of past, future, and present lives steeped in karma. 2013 was a huge year of karma clearing and creating room in the heart space to integrate more of our light. Whatever we did not take care of in 2013 flowed over to right now. The hardest thing to do is to stay positive during this process, but we can all look forward to 2014- the year of joy.

Raising your vibration takes work and is something that will manifest joy. Now is the time to rise above all that is happening in our world. Whether you view things as the observer or as the activist you can learn how to do it in joy. Joy can be found within the heart center and until you experience this naturally, you can fall back on tricking your brain to get a shortcut to where you need to be.




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  1. hi michelle, lovely analogy.
    i find there is a lot of heart, brain and general spiritually uplifting food apart from physical food on zens site.
    it never fails to bring joy into my life.
    thank you to zen and everyone on this beautiful site.
    i am humbled with the love found here :)

  2. Yesterday I had occasion to put this into motion, I looked at the situation at work in a whole different way, it made a huge difference and the day flew by and things went smooth. Power of positive thinking. Today i get a call and I don’t have to come to work if I don’t want to, guess you can figure out what choice I made!

  3. I don’t know if it was on here that somebody posted the following video, but I owe a MASSIVE thanks to them:


    I watched the video three times, and went out and bought some ‘Vitamin’ D3, and oh, man, what a difference it has made! Every October, without fail, I sink into depression, and only come out of it in the spring. No amount of positive thinking can relieve a person of what has been labelled as ‘SAD’ (simply the lack of sunlight).

    I take 2000iu each morning. My eyesight has gone back to crystal clear from very worryingly blurry, fatty-food craving has gone, sleep is much more deep (vivid dreams, too), skin even clear, hair looks great, and I feel like I do when I’ve spent a day on the beach! I am so, so grateful.

    Apparently, we have Vitamin D receptors in every cell, so essentially we are solar powered. How can we expect to function well in winter without it? Lightbulb moment!

    Please look into it everyone – it’s amazing!

    The video gives some clues as to the recommended dose, but 2000iu is good enough for me, whereas 1000iu didn’t make a difference.

  4. So glad this was mentioned Indie and Zen . I was recently diagnosed with D3 deficiency , and I must say I was totally shocked . I suffer from SAD too Indie it’s a nightmare but then living in England sun isn’t really something we see much of . Now taking MEGA doses . It is now working !! Now feeling tons better , this hormone is essential and most people are deficient .,in fact it is reaching epidemic proportions . One of the biggest problems is young parents are being persuaded to regard the sun as the enemy , children don’t play outside without body armour or cancer inducing sun screens . Madness !!! Have told my elderly relatives and young ones to take this . No need for ‘flu jabs and the research into anti carcinogenic properties are very encouraging . So invest in Vit D3, best investment you can make health wise XX

    • 8000 iu’s a day minimum – and sunshine, chemtrails permitting – (barf) – gotta fight with everything in us, esp our knowledge and understanding and consciousness – when we go we go, but as long as we’re here it’s all our war at this point – but ours is a war of love….

      • I know some people are advised to have large doses of supplements, then go down to a maintenance level, but I instinctively felt the need to start off gradually and work up if necessary. Plus I’m only small, so don’t need mega doses.

        I think Vitamin D3 has been kept quiet for a reason. I hear that doctors are not trained in nutrition, but it’s hard to believe they are not aware of this simple concept. And it’s funny how many older people seem to think of vitamins and supplements as drugs, and yet drugs as perfectly ok.

        The difference in me has prompted practically everyone I know to try it. I’m really glad you feel tons better, Kitty. Sunburn is dangerous. My dad died of skin cancer when he started going on foreign holidays, and I know this was the cause. But lots of morning or late afternoon sunshine (chemtrails permitting) is vital.

        • You don’t need that much direct sunlight per day, depending on your skin melanin levels. But nothing’s better than sunlight. Tanning techniques are a good suppliment as well, just be sure of the UV types and levels…and be moderate…

          • This article explains how to dose Vitamin D from sunlight, taking into account the latitude of your location and your skin type:

            ‘How To Make Sure That You Are Getting Enough Vitamin D For Your Best Health’ (Dr. Ben Kim)

            “…There’s a growing mountain of evidence that indicates that having enough vitamin D in your body is essential to reducing your risk of every disease that we know of.…[instructions:] simply google “latitude of the name of your city.” Once you have the latitude of your city…”

  5. On 10 ,000 at the moment Zen , more maybe ?
    It is a war of love ,always has been , but that’s the very reason why we always win ……

  6. Combine both PMA, daily positive affirmations, and love=no depression. Also remember that your body responds to your physicality. What does depression look like, sad downturned face/head, slumped posture, listlessness. We can all change that STATE, just by sitting/standing straight up, smiling[as the author mentions]and by thinking of something ridiculous, to wake us out of it [like eating a bowl of live bugs] lol, or something equally as bizarre. Then get up and move around, take some deep breaths, and realize you are fine.
    [a salutation in Ojibway]

      • Yes Elva, Anishinabe Annashinabeg. Ojibway, Saulteau French, and Irish, adopted by a German/Irish couple. Neebin Makwah, is my given {tribal] name. I am a Native American flutist/drummer/performer, student and friend of Nakai.

      • Throughout millenniums past it was everyone’s favorite, now unfortunately many seemed to have bought into the corporate demonization of the subject……………so much for the awakening.

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