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Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati


by Zen Gardner

If you’ve ever wondered how the Elite conspirators can really believe what they believe and still live with themselves, this is how. It boils down to one common mindset, where there is no good or bad, just the glorious agenda and end game that justifies any action conceivable.

They really believe they are right. A world of their making is in progress.

The fabulous future world as they see it is a place of peace and plenty with no challenges or inconveniences. For them. The enlightened ones who will bring in the New Age of Enlightenment as per their millennia old plans and programs.

By the way, we’re not part of that plan. Unless you’re one of the sellouts who gave up your soul to their cold, self serving mentalist goals. In that case you might learn something here about how real humans think and derive loving Truth via heart, intuition and consciousness.

But I digress…

Prometheus, Rockefeller Center-6

The Projection

While the reality of an ongoing soft, slow kill off of “excess humanity”, “useless eaters” or “human resources” ramps up, the arrogant self appointed elites are licking their chops for what they think is the coming culmination of their age old agenda. Total world control with complete subjugation of a drastically reduced, subservient, transhuman workforce.

The world they plan is in most cases not seen by them as some dark, satanic empire. In their minds it will be a literal paradise on earth. For them of course. Not their subservient underlings. Massive virgin forests and game reserves for their hunting pleasure. Clear oceans for their fishing pleasure. Seems altruistic? That’s the game. One man’s paradise can be another man’s hell.

Especially when you’re dealing with psychopaths and invading entities with ulterior motives.

The UN’s Agenda 21 gives most of this ongoing plan away, as they work to take away private property and drive the world’s people off the land and into efficient, highly controlled “population centers”. If you want to see how they’re going about implementing Agenda 21 search your local area. It’s no doubt happening now in your community and you know nothing about it, unless you’re in the loop or a real alert activist.

And this beautiful newly restored earth they plan to rehabilitate, using stored seeds from the Norway Vault and other locations? Why it’s for them. And the surviving eugenically inferior Gammas will be evolved into a nice, tidy fully obedient roboslave. Any movies come to mind? Books? Is that an accident? Do a search on dystopian books and movies to get an eye full of this predictive programming. All part of the master plan.

This superior race and “gifted” mental manpower after all deserves to be treated as such. Just look at royalty through the ages, or oligarchical power families like the Rothschilds and their closely held minions. They have convinced humanity that it’s fine, in fact important for our culture, that so few should live in such obscene, hoarded wealth while the serfs of the world die of starvation.

That humanity hasn’t risen up to overthrow these wicked rulers once and for all is beyond me. But that’s why their system is set to entrance and entrain us from birth in the ways of their imposed matrix, so we have as hard a time as possible waking up out of their spellbinding ensnarement.


Hijacking Context – A Whole New World for Whom?

We’re about to see this New World Order meme hit total acceptance and popularity. They’re very good at this sort of thing. Much of the New Age movement is playing into this and a lot of these arising manipulated movements in the alternative community. A predominant sector is the mainstream science community, which you can witness in what their science talking heads promote as steps toward a “bold new world” with such unnatural insanities as transhumanism, genetic modification, geoengineering and micro and nanotech implants.

That is not a good future for humanity. That is a good future for control by the Overlords, at our expense. Yet amazingly great sectors of humanity buy into it. Why? They’ve learned to buy what they’re being sold, period. It’s all about the conditioned sales job, and they’ve perfected the technique…at least to the unwary. Hence the dichotomy between the awake and asleep.

Who doesn’t want a new world compared to the mess this has become? Problem is what a new world means to them versus the one it means to a consciously aware human being.  Just think of all the dreamy songs about a new world coming, or that we’re making. Of course that has appeal. But like everything else, these deceiving manipulators have something completely different in mind than you and me, and something most would never even dare to conceive to be true.

Elites Celebrate Their Plan In Plain Site – And We Fall for it!

The following production as you’ll see is quite elaborate, extremely well prepared and amazingly delivered by an incredible talent. See for yourself:

First of all, I don’t like kids being deliberately imbued with adult characteristics for promotional purposes. It’s just wrong. Children are being pressured into very strange social and cultural straightjackets more and more and it’s a psychological and spiritual crime. Let kids be kids and develop naturally.

If you were touched by that song and think ‘what a wonderful thing’ I can understand. At face value there are a lot of sweet sentiments and it’s a rich tune with an apparently inspiring message. Applied the right way.

I, however,  only saw that backwards. As I said, it’s a sweet sentiment, but it’s the Illuminists’ message I’m afraid. They’re talking about the day after,  after we’re gone to the dumpsters and they have full sway…the fulfillment of their New World Order just down the road, so they think. No way those elites attending there see this current world in that context. They see an eviscerated world that has been carefully replanted.  See the Georgia Guidestones for proof.

Mannequin Manipulation

She’s way too choreographed and coached, and as I said it’s clearly not a child’s sentiment. The setting and promotion is elitist, with a hot shot big time insider music mogul, stuffy theatre with penguin elites and all, and if you noticed as the end it had illuminist torches across the ceiling. That’s symbolic of Prometheus  bringing “illuminating” fire to man against the orders of the mean other god yada yada.  A whole subject unto itself. Another false opposition for the sake of appeal. (Man the creepy critters behind all this are wickedly smart bastards.)

The very clever deceptive message is that the elites want peace and a new world for everyone. Oh, sorry, forgot to mention, we’re not included. That new world is for them and it’s one nasty, twisted idea of heaven on earth with those they murdered under their feet.

And the gooey message appeal? We get literally forced into those feelings because there’s so much truth to it and we instantly jump into OUR interpretation without the least big of understanding of WHO is promoting this message and WHY!

You do have to wonder if this poor little girl isn’t a product of the massive mind control program. She’s almost robotic in her perfect gestures and delivery. Scarey.



The elites have always been the art, music and knowledge guardians, and the mainstream author, researcher and education “sponsors”. Not by coincidence. Control and programming information is the name of the game. And how they see their message of “hope” and what they aspire to is crucial to understanding what we’re witnessing around us, via logos, media programming, scientific advances etc. etc.

We’re witnessing their plan unfolding…one of total control of our people and environment, with an eye to even move out this control grid to other planets. We’ll be seeing the space programming coming on strong now with more fake asteroid attacks and perhaps alien “disclosure” as the Vatican is currently engaged in. All in the plan, folks. We’re militarizing everything we can get our hands on at our expense. Ever wonder where the disappeared trillions went to?

It’s time to end all of this insanity and throw some cold water on our faces and wake up while there’s still time.

These so called “elites” who’ve wangled their way into places of power and control for centuries are an aberration. They’re a type of fungus or parasite that has spread throughout the body politic. As the host weakens the infection spreads more quickly, like what they’re doing with chemtrails and tainted water and food. Eventually the very thing they had hoped to conquer and own is dead if it succeeds, so not such a smart game plan after all.

Healing for all of us is in becoming conscious, awake and aware of what they’re up to and the glorious realities of the powers at our disposal. Indigenous non compliance and diversified pro-active responses will then naturally proliferate, as they are now. The human body can heal and recover from any infection with the right nutrition, stopping the poisonous influx of wrong attachments, information and vibrations, and detoxing from any currently held “beliefs” and attitudes.

It is that easy.

But knowing our enemy is a big help. And essential to understand.

Stay clean. See past the illusion.

We’re approaching critical mass and it’s all about conscious awareness, detaching from the matrix, and understanding and Trusting the intuitive.

Much love, Zen

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. – Lao Tzu


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  1. Awesome article. When you say they are a fungus or parasite, that’s the truth. Literally. I’ve researched parasites quite a lot and there are many that change the behavior of the host. My dad used to spout on about how most people are not human anymore but have been taken over by parasites and when I was a teenager I laughed about the things he said, but not anymore. I don’t know if you mean it as a metaphor, or literally, but I believe it literally. I think there is a connection between the microscopic organisms in our bodies and our consciousness, as if our human spirit is made of many organisms’ spirits.

    • Yes. There are many detox methods for parasites. Look up zappers. Also, the chemtrails are breaking down our immune systems along with other toxins, but these persistent coughs are becoming fungal. Many are convinced cancer is a fungus. When the body gets weak fungus will set it and is nasty to get rid of. Takes rigorous eating and lifestyle changes. Looks up the chemtrail flu and other chemtrail articles on the site for some solutions. Thanks for sharing that, yes, anything affects the overall so especially the unawakened are taken down even further by these parasites since they operate solely in mind/body. Consciousness reverses those effects and transcends body, but we are of course affected by them and should shed these influences just as we shed the thoughts and entrainment of the mental and spiritual matrix. Be well Rachel! As my dear wife always says, “Only good can come of it!” 😉

      • I follow your work with a passion, have known what is going on for over two decades. I recently stopped my hiv medications they were making me ill. My counts were always good don’t know why they tricked me into taking them. Had lots of problems health wise. What’s difficult for me is I live in a flat lost my job dueto health reasons. All the health products like zappers are so expensive cost a lot to import on top into the uk. Do you know of any reliable sources for zappers uk or good supplements I shouldbe taking? Peace & love always

  2. I live in an ICLEI (Agenda 21) community – (that’s why we’re getting OUT). If your town has sold out to this intrusive program, you’ll see the signs. The city “leaders” use key words – sustainable, vibrant, and green, which all sound lovely, but the rules the city are putting in place are not so pretty for humans.

    A large chunk of our town has become either a pedestrian crossing area or a school zone where the enforced 20 mph zone is under constant police monitoring. Our MANY “bike routes” where cyclists are allowed to use the entire street, seem really forward thinking until you realize the plan is to eventually turn those streets into “bike only” – and that means no cars. Well, once the streets are closed to cars, what happens to the people who live on those streets? Perfect excuse for the city to call out imminent domain as the reason to throw the residents to the curb.

    It’s happening in our campus area too. Streets are being closed to auto traffic, open to pedestrians and more and more crossing areas – where you MUST stop for the pedestrian or incur a HUGE fine. Again, this sounds like a great idea – getting humans back to walking and riding bikes. But, there is much more to it. Their plan is to confiscate the land slowly – little by little, house by house. They will take the land all under the guise of sustainability – and under Agenda 21, humans are not sustainable.

  3. Call & response?
    I agree about the exploitation of kids…
    & the need to protect their innocence,
    but the cynicism I feel here takes away
    from our engaging any & all, in the hope of
    & for, what most all, hold dear…
    As always, thank you so much
    for all you do!

  4. Mr. awesome soul “Zen”, you did it again! Bravo! You put into written words, clearly and so transparently that even a comatose person would feel the impact, this was truly great post. I have little ones as you know and that is my biggest problem; having to assist them stay clear from these nice traps specifically design to catch vulnerable children. It is NOT natural for a little child to behave the way we see here period, but ”they are so mature..” Yeah right, it won’t take long before you’ll see her in the same state as the former Mickey-Gang, another victim. They coat everything these days in their agenda, “for the children”, because they are their number one target. I think Zen, that most of us here did not fall, not even for a second, for the emotional song because we have a tendency to be overwhelmed by all other inputs (very dark nature) we pick up naturally in this video. Last but not least.. Yes on the music/arts control from these beasts, that is why the Internet is something they’ve been trying to control since day one; I almost believe some minions got severely punished for not catching this “internet” vulnerability early enough before it had its positive impact in humanity…

    • Tx. It needs to be as transparent as possible. Articulating it can really throw some switches toward greater awareness. Some think I’m being cynical when looking thru some of this stuff, but if we don’t see this bombardment for what it is and play pollyanna, we’ll tolerate the fact that millions are going numb and falling asleep listening to these sirens of disinfo.
      Yeah, the net, like human consciousness, blew their minds and the only solution, they think, is a total draconian crackdown. Good luck, boy, we are eternal consciousness and we are many who carry it. 😉

  5. Yea, well if these clowns are soooooo smart how come their plan is falling apart and why does it take a millennium to get their shit together? Maybe they should put down the crack pipes and step away from their sex slaves for longer than a 10 minute recess. Perhaps some reality would sink into their putrid abyss of a mindset.

  6. Just watched the music video. What came to mind was a huge cup full of sugar – the white refined stuff! Very contrived and manufactured like a lot of popular music videos now. Good music has soul and passion and speaks to the heart – the music in this video, albeit technically good, has none of that. And yes, very sad to see children being used as human shields.

  7. Definitely mind control, which serves to enhance talents at very young ages. Very sad. Seen in Brittany Spears and the other Mousketeers, Osmonds, 5Browns (sexually abused by Father), Jackson5, etc. Read “Paperdolls: Healing from Sexual Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods” to see how the LDS apostles have joined the NWO in the mind control/trauma-based sex abuse. Also read LDS Cathy Obrien’s Trance Formation of America and note the Patriarch with no hands who she went to for a “Blessing”. This same Patriarch (hands cut off by Cathy’s husband, Wayne Cox) was given honorable mention by LDS “Prophet” Spencer W. Kimball and others. I’m an awakened Mormon who knows about the “follies and abominations” of the LDS Church, which need to be cleansed, as well as America from the New World Order elite! I believe the truth exposes the elitists and destroys their agenda. Seek truth, prepare, and be armed as Guns are an American’s right to protect our homes and loved ones. We’ve written a book “The Great and Most Abominable: The Prophetic Cleansing of the Mormon Church” which exposes the NWO and their agenda within the LDS Church

    • LDS founded by a Freemason. These boys are committed. Nothing but Masonic in the Catholic grid meme for power and profit…now that’s a story in and unto itself that needs to be told! Ha!

  8. who the heck is Jackie EVANcho? 13 years old? and she has 248 “references” on her wiki page? whoa I’m impressed. nice voice

    well…. maybe this “angel sent from heaven” will solve world hunger and finally spread peace around the world (after all the puppies have a peaceful place to stay, of course). you go girl!!

  9. Creepy and certainly full of empty words. I’m 52 and all I been hearing all my life is wage peace end war,
    end poverty, a better world for everybody….but nothing ever seems to get done . In fact it gets worse.
    Yes, where did all those trillions go? I despise most entertainment. It’s an agent of Satan and clouds people’s reality. She may be a kid but most Jews who program these kids make, package, market and deliver them to the extent that we must kiss their ass. Personally, I teach my children to make fun of them and do not idolize. Like her funny robotic moves and creepy deliverance. Keep Jon Bene Ramsey in mind as well.

  10. If memory serves me well, the origin of that first photo (the human pyramid) is a pop music video produced in the Ukraine, or Hungary, or Latvia, or somewhere else in eastern Europe. Just thought readers would appreciate knowing that. The entire video in question celebrates “mind control” of the human race.

    Zen … you wrote another very fine essay. Thank you for your consistently penetrating work, your labours, and your persistent efforts.

  11. Zen,

    First off, I thank you for a very insightful article that should definitely make people do some thinking. Secondly, man did that little girl have such a beautiful voice! But like you I don’t like to see children being manipulated to strengthen political or philosophical world views (and things much more sinister). It’s obvious she’s been trained in the art of deception (acting) and that she is being used as a tool to carry out a much larger agenda. What a shame indeed.

    “That humanity hasn’t risen up to overthrow these wicked rulers once and for all is beyond me.” – Zen.

    It shouldn’t surprise you at all. Over 60% of the human beings on this planet (more actually) are completely asleep, and the remainder only partially awakened, The elite dream of a “New World Order” was conceived over 4400 years ago by Nimrod and he attempted to make that dream a reality by building a great city and building the tower of Babel (Babel means gateway to God). The mighty hand of God smote Nimrod’s plans into ruin when He scattered the people and confused their language. It has taken man many millennium just to get back to the point in which Nimrod was at 4400 years ago or so. Their New World Order will not stand for very long at all but it is coming and they will have a King over them.

    “Hence the dichotomy between the awake and asleep.” – Zen.

    But who is truly awake? The One God has many sheep in other sheep pens (the followers of strange gods as opposed to those who follow Yahushua Messiah) and they will hear the truth. The fact is that God will awaken those who are true in heart immediately preceding the Great Tribulation that is to come and these people will become the righteous witnesses of God’s Truth and they will preach it to the whole world. All religious systems will be exposed as fraudulent when this appointed time begins. Catholicism and Protestantism, Judaism and Islam, Heathenism, Atheism, and Eastern Mysticism, the seven great religious systems of the world will collapse under the Truth of Yahushua Messiah and His unveiling.

    The dichotomy of those awake and those asleep is simple to understand and they and are divided into two classes; sheep and goats (the righteous and the wicked). The NWO and those following it (The god of the New World Order is Lucifer/Satan) are the goats and the sheep are those who follow the Lamb that was slain yet lives, Yahushua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). The Bible was written so that we (who follow the Truth) would be aware of this great deception and have the proper information in order to make the right decision as to who we will choose to follow, both before and during the Great Tribulation. For none of us would be aware of the New World Order if it had not been written down in the Scriptures. The rich men of the earth themselves know the truth yet so many people are deceived to that same truth. They attack the Most High God and exalt the man of sin, the son of perdition. They attack the Word without mercy and curse the name of Yahushua above all others yet still people deny the Truth. The predictive programming goes very deep indeed. Millions of people in Christian Churches are being deceived, millions of atheists are being deceived, all the people of the earth are led astray. But the Truth can be found and it can be discerned. All people need do is pick up a Bible and begin reading and studying it. God knows the end from the beginning and He put many prophecies in the Scriptures (which have been faithfully fulfilled) for our benefit, so that we could trust His Word.

  12. Zen,

    as always, a brilliant piece of work and connecting the dots.

    Got the goosebumps when she hit these lines:

    ‘…That every sparrow’s counted
    That you hear the cries and listen to each prayer…’

    If you’d allow me, I’d like to share a thought or two with you and the readers here.

    This is the end stage of their game, the total NWO and control of everything, putting in place Agenda 21 and doing the final touch on everything, knowledge of who each and every person is, what they do and what they think. Why do you think Samsung started putting cameras on their latest generation of TV sets? And did you finally figure out why all this hype with cell phones and all that free wireless access everywhere you go?

    With collapse of banks in Cyprus and EUSSR taking away the savings of the people, this is what’s coming. Cesar was the first engineer of the manipulaition of the sheeple – get your daily does of ‘Bread and Entertainment’ in Circus Maximus. The entrance was free, and most of the crowd was beggars and jobless people, but they were extatic when they got a piece of bread and could watch gladiators being decapitated. And that was two thousand years ago. What hurts most is the fact that contrary what they tried to do and brainwash us in schools telling us fairytales that we are now more civilized than back then, after you dig a bit deeper, you discover that eventhough after two milleniums of ‘evolution’ we there wasn’t any evolution after all in most of the sheeple. It’s very sad, but with little satan’s helpers like most of the sheeple, the minority of sane people have no alternative but to make a serious revolution and cut of the snake’s head, before they turn us all into zombies.

    Thank you for being a beacon of sanity in these weird and rough times, much appreciated! Keep with the great work, you are not alone.

    Bad Santa

    • Tx Mr. Clause..Humanity hasn’t changed much, agreed, but it seems the technology just speeds up the evolution or devolution in many ways. Spiritually it’s always been the same challenge, to wake up or not. But there are other influences at play such as the age changes and vibrational influences from Universe, and ours is a unique time to make serious spiritual headway. Unfortunately the polar opposite is at the other end of the spectrum, but they don’t think anything’s wrong over there, or only to a very shallow extent. Hence the coming conflagration to whatever extent it will happen. Ours is to wake up fully, act awake however we’re each led, and help awaken others. And yes, we are not alone! 😉

  13. The sociopathic mindset is “feels good = is good”

    that’s why they don’t care for others except those in their immediate family whom they care about the same way you care about your property, like your sports car or house!

    holding power over others “feels good” therefore “is good” to the sociopath
    no other outside considerations

  14. Give me a break. You guys are so into looking into every detail and psychoanalyzing everything – that you twist everything into Illuminati Reality. This little girl is just talented. Period. Quite looking into everything with Illuminati Eyes. They have you where they want you .

  15. Much as I want to be awake and I do see the mess of this world, the growing injustice, separation, people being brainwashed, selfish and so on, and the ugly and terrible trend, I can’t see what’s wrong with the lyrics, about ‘not to ignore the anguished cries of the poor,’ healing hearts that grieve …

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