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Shifting in the Land of the Shiftless


by Zen Gardner

The Shift is here. Big time. So many people are experiencing the stepped-up strange changes and shifts in perception it’s amazing. Time seems altered, perception seems to be slipping. Many are feeling almost drugged by it.

It’s moving fast. It’s not easy to describe but the effects change perception, your sense of timing and energy, and some are even sensing physical earth changes around them.

And it’s all good!…that is, unless we resist the change.

Trends Now Appearing

I’m seeing some very interesting trends of late in light of these changes, both inspiring and disconcerting.

On the surface, some of these trends seem to contradict each other, but really they’re manifestations of the same vibrational change in the midst of the mounting matrix clampdown and we have to see them as such. And these choices remain choices for each and every one of us.

That’s why commitment brings peace.

But I digress.

We are looking overall at a very basic choice humanity is being forced to make. Do we open up to these vibrational changes, or do we align our lives with the non-thinking, unfeeling fascist clampdown on humanity? It’s always been this way but this current exponentially growing intensity is precipitating a crisis.

A good one.

Do we stay open and conscious, or yield to the oppression for seeming personal safety and security?

You’ll see this choice radically evident as the days go by.

Now You See It…Now You Don’t?

Within the more conscious community there is apparently another choice at work. It appears to me from what I’m seeing that while so many “get” it and are open to these expanding changes, even though it’s a somewhat confusing time, a reluctant contingent are apparently fainting in their minds and stumbling backwards into a sort of resignation mode.

And something’s strange and very wrong about it.

We can’t mess with free choice and never should. But what I don’t like is this creeping cynicism I’m sensing. How come some people in the alternative community are caving in to this growing sense of hopeless resignation? I can understand a little spiritual withdrawal in the light of obvious truths, but arm-folding and snide remarks that only disparage and discourage?

Is this a form of insecure self-justification?

Preparation for and resignation to some obvious very probable eventualities at our doorstep has its place. But quitting conscious participation in the awakening is another. Did these people never really get free and see the full picture in the first place,  and are getting sucked back into the gravity of the matrix?

Something to think about.

Seems we could be getting another level of sifting and testing. Sounds about right. That’s how it works.

Only We Can Stop Ourselves

Let’s face it, so many are preparing and screaming about the deliberate implosion of the world’s current structure so that’s nothing revelatory any more. The headliner should be the overriding power of consciousness and conscious awareness of the greater Truth. As serious as our current circumstances are they’re essentially just part of the play we’re in. We’re active players, yes, yet we can also transcend the playing field to see the bigger, truer picture.

Even more so, our influence is universal and eternal. Never lose sight of that or you’ll give up in the face of any adversity.

When someone says, “No. No further. Can’t do it, not me..” it’s over. It won’t be over for me, but it’s over for them. Them and all of those they were the possible link to, whom they could have influenced for the better had they said “Yes!” and kept on.

Remember: Only we can stop ourselves. We have the majesty of choice. Nothing can take that away.

And your decision affects everyone else. Everyone. So does mine.

New Life, New Energy, New Challenges

It’s happening. Even though this consciousness shift and vibrational empowerment is paralleling the dark side’s efforts to shut everything down and suppress us, this amazing cosmic rift is ripping open fantastic new energies and bringing new life at new levels to our planet and all its living creatures.

To the already awake it’s more easy to discern what’s going on and to ride these waves, although it’s challenging even to the most seemingly seasoned “astro-surfers”. To the newbie and those just now getting the cosmic nudge, it can be pretty disconcerting.

Choosing to get “on board” is generally pretty instinctive to the pure in heart.

But some aren’t so sure, sorry to say.

My concern is their cynicism will infect others. They should cool it and keep their fainting to themselves.

We Need Each Other

People are finding and giving support and realizing how much we have in common and need each other more than ever. We’re looking for strength, community, support. It’s there but it’s difficult to find in many cases. The forums and comments sections are a manifestation of this hunger, as well as the burgeoning social media phenomena.

On top of that, people have their own personal mailing lists where they keep loved ones and new friends up to speed on important developments.

My heart goes out to these people. I want to reach out and help them in any way I can. In most cases they help me more than I help them as far as I’m concerned. The yearning is mutual amongst all of us but we often don’t realize it until we make contact. Then the energy gets exchanged.

It’s a beautiful thing. I’m blown away daily by the amazingly informed and conscious, loving people I correspond with and those who visit my site and how they appreciate and support each other.

That’s how it’s supposed to work.

That’s No Melancholy Baby

I’d say beware this melancholy resignation that’s creeping in. A major conflagration is about to happen, yes, but we have to see through and beyond it. A misdirected, down-turned attitude will lead to defeat and deliberate disempowerment to those who entertain it and those they influence, intentional or not.

The decision to ultimately look to the spiritual like never before as a way of refuge and personal empowerment is a good one. But don’t withdraw from the fray. Everyone’s participation is crucial. You can remain a participant in spirit if nothing else.

Remember, the shift is hitting everyone. It’s not just real in the life or mind of the conscious experiencer. It hits everyone. Just because someone cannot yet, or refuses to, see the Truth around them and draw some startling conclusions as to what’s really going on, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

We do not need mass endorsement for anything.

Seeing Past the Conflagration: Consciousness is Never Wasted

Seeing past the coming conflagration is really important at this time. As more and more revelations come to light in all aspects of society and knowledge, science, and every sphere of understanding, these imprints on the collective conscience will not be lost. Although much of what science and mainstream media is beginning to confirm and publicize may appear to be too little and too late, it’s not in the grand scheme of things.

However this next chapter unfolds, it is my conviction that humanity’s collective conscience will retain what it has learned through the awakening we’re all experiencing.

This may seem a bit esoteric to some, but when you know there is no such thing as death it’s an easy flow.

Get there…it’s a nice, peaceful place. And you can see a whole lot more clearly from there!

Humanity’s Force Multiplier and the Ballast of Love!

While a massive depopulation program is well under way via the genetic altering and toxification of our planet, every conscious soul born to this world adds ballast to the human experience and hence our conscious growth, especially as we’re shifted into higher frequencies of consciousness.

Why else would they attack babies and children so heinously and treat humanity as cattle to be farmed instead of treasured as a divine gift?

That mentality will never stand in the light of Truth and Love. If you need a reminder as to how cold and calculated these globalist parasites are, just look at the anti-human Zbigniew Brzezinski when he coldly gave the signal to the elite minions to kill by saying, “It is easier (today) to kill a million people than it is to control them.” (Source)

That’s what we’re up against.

And that’s the reason they fear us. We outweigh them. We out love them. We out human them.

Conclusion: There’s No Disengaging from the Shift

It’s everywhere. It permeates every level of the Universe. We can and should retreat to meditative states for periods of time, but these cosmic changes are as inescapable as the influences of the sun on humanity and they’re affecting every sphere of creation, and we need to participate in as many of these spheres as we’re called to.

We’re part of a marvelous Universe with unlimited potential. We each share that unlimited potential.

Let your life be empowered and enhanced by this shift. Become conscious and let it activate you with Truth and Love as your guide.

That’s where the love is connected, in a commitment to Truth.

Those who are truly free know it. Those who aren’t, don’t.

Know you are free.

Love, Zen



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    • The shift is happening if you are asleep or not. Change is constant, Stagnation is obliterated and all goes on.

      I personally feel it is very cool and captivating.

  1. Gospel-level good news, it is! Thank you very much for this declaration, and the timely caution about mind’s possible reaction. May Love, which one teacher described as “the channel through which Power moves”, sustain a spirit of mutual support and boundless caring. All the best to all who frequent these pages.

  2. Thanks for the uplift Zen. Truly amazing time to be alive and conscious.They cannot win,To hear of so many people waking up is like another recharge for the batteries. Peace and love to all.

  3. I like the bit about sifting and testing- we’re starting to see some very surprising people falling by the wayside…

    Love to you Zen

  4. Great post, Zen, thanks. We’ve gained a lot of ground in the last few years and I ain’t about to give up any of it. If we take some time to think about where we were not so long ago with respect to just who is who and why is why, we’ll find this battle is just about a done deal. I’m convinced it’s a done deal in the D’s and it’s just a matter of bringing it into the physical, which was the plan all along. No more separation, period! A good plan, too, I’d say. Love to all here, and thanks again for your open lines/vibes of communication. The high frequencies of your network feel very good indeed. As an added note, it’s quite possible that some of those who are falling by the wayside now will be very much needed when they again remember who they are in 3D. Love, A.

      • Dearest Zen: I forgot to do the math, so I’ll try this again. Thank you from my heart for your wonder-full response to me. I was so thunderstruck, and still am, so that I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. I have never, ever had such kind and beautiful words expressed to my in my life and I only hope pure in heart for Gaia and her people soon. I think I’m 5D in love with you! Thanks, Zen, for all you do. A.

        • So sweet Altea…hey, you draw it out! You’re the kindness and beauty!! Hugs! and “5D in love”..that’s so cute and very catchy!! We’ll all be able to express that openly soon in some shape or form or lack thereof, ha! Don’t be surpised if your gifts don’t start waking up and empathy, telepathy, psychic stuff etc. starts alliterating your life!…we’re in for the bonus round now!.. ;))

          And ha, “do the math” has new meaning. For everybody, that little addition problem keeps the robot spammers off the site, very effective, and always a good check, too….ARE you human? haha!!

  5. Lets keep the momentum going. All my life I have seeked the truth and fairness to all and I am not about to give up now!! I think the kicker would be to have the economy tank. It would be like a reset of humanity because it would affect so many and the reliance on the monatary system would come into question and just maybe awaken other entrenched fabrics that are not needed in order to live peacefully.


    • The whole thing’s going down…can’t possibly survive. The keys is knowing ahead of time and telling others at this point. Knowledge is empowerment. Love, Z

      • Agree with both of you, the only question is what happens then. And it’s a remarkable thing to contemplate. People talk about the elite moving into gold, which it is clear they are, but at the same time one must recognize that there is clearly not enough gold or precious metals in totality on this planet for these billionaires and trillionaires to swap out X billion/trillion in paper for the SAME AMOUNT of X billion/trillion in gold. Haven’t heard much discussion about this.

        Makes me think that it is more likely (or in addition to gold) that the elite make the move for a fake fiat electronic global currency that only they have control over, and then once again can “print” as much as they like for themselves, while controlling the throttle of this global currency for the peasants/serfs.

        The recent “Iranian hack” (cough, cough) into the mega banks last week seems to be the first blip on the screen to the next move – all of our fiat money disappears from our accounts overnight, the Iranians or others are blamed, and the sheeple begin to riot in mass, while demanding action from our government (the same ones that created it) when the dust settles.

        What action will our government take? Well, of course, that would be martial law to restore order, followed by issuance of a global currency that would be immune to such hacks in the future.

        And the sheeple will go in willingly along in tow. Problem-reaction-solution, game-set-match. OR, we can resist the same in mass….

        • I think its a race, maybe we need to race to a position of spiritual strenght just as this, so called shift races our ability to keep up or even cope.

          For all we know Iran and USA and Isreal are all on the same side, but does that matter at all. All forms of news is mind control, everytime, why should you too want to know what going on futher than you can see with your eyes.

          Your post has further reiterated to me, that i need to step up my efforts to be more independent of money, and comfort, both are strenghting for the spirit.

          The bottom line is, the less you fly, the closer you are to ground, and close to the ground you have to care about the price of Gold.

          The only way out, is to get our minds out of here, and face forward, to the task of monitoring and managing our thoughts, so that we can be free of unwanted desires.

          Seriously, till you get out of here, you not fit to manage even your own affiars, cause the average human in today’s world is mentally unstable due to systematically induced stress with a BIG SSSSSSSS.

          The more you think about Gold prices, the more that stress gona stick to you like glue. Thats the matrix.

          Freedom comes at a price, but it has the greatest reward. So Help us God.

          Remember, to remind yourself to give your all, dont hold back, in the quest to connect your physical enviroment, with your spiritual being, so that you can take charge of your own affairs yourself, so help you God.

          Fiction is infinitly overated compared to the acts of reality, atleast now we know that. I did not know that, till the so called shift started.

          The only thing i can say so far about finding ones spirit is that, we are all wild animals at heart after all.

          It was gays that came out the closet, after those in closet with them before, then every inhuman thing after them came out the closet, and final the devil himself came out the closet, so that now its lawfull to kill.

          What time do you think its,

          So Help us God.

          Keep up the good work Zen, interesting blog

  6. Thanks for another good one Zen;

    I’m with you here! The things we learn on a daily basis no longer have an adverse effect on us, we’ve come to expect it from them. The shift is sometimes more than I can take in as it comes. Like, I just have to say “time out” I need some time to let all this sink in before I can go any further. It’s like being reunited with innocence. Lately I’ve ben getting out of bed in the morning with the same exuberance I had when I was 5 years old. I’m loving this!! Can’t wait to see what the day brings. Energy moving in such dramatic ways, Every day is so much different than the day before. So looking forward to solstice as this should be the peak of the shift. Come what may, the shift is happening. And for those who can’t, won’t see; they will be dragged in by the wake!

    • Beautifully said!! Oh the eyes of faith! Wish everyone had them, but in time the glasses are coming on! Ha!! Total reverse of the gloves are coming off! Whatta a riot! Love, Z

  7. Oh yes the shift IS taking place and rather fast!!! More people are becoming aware even in my small town. I’m thankful for each one that wakes up. Thanks for this post LOVE TO ALL

  8. What a wonderful article! During my path, times of certainty and inner knowingness have always been interwoven with times of doubt and fear. This shift has accelerated the process even more and sometimes I forget to listen to my heart and trust it. It invariably says: “it’s ok, it’s gonna be fine, might not be easy but it’s fine” but then the ego kicks and screams that it should be easy and fun at all times and I should have evolved more by now and have all the answers and this 3D place sucks anyway.

    In the midst of all the crazyness, inner as well as outer, your clear cut message is a blessing. Today is my birthday and this was a great gift. Thank you

    • Happy Birthday! Tip: tune into your birth and whomever was surrounding you from the next realm that day. There’s some keys there. Feel free to communicate. Fun! Learned it my past birthday…enjoy…all good! You can ask stuff too! Might seem crazy but give it a try. See what you find. I LOVE exploring. Have a great day, Love, Z

  9. There is no doubt that change is afoot, and as the old paradigm crumbles around our ears, some are frightened. But they shouldn’t be. The control system will inevitably disintegrate as more and more awaken.
    Of course many will stubbornly stay asleep – that’s basic Stockholm Syndrome.
    Exciting times ahead.
    Even though the death throes of the control grid won’t be too pleasant to watch

  10. A lot of people around me seem to be more aware. Regretably, an awful lot are not.

    I am not where I wish to be with this yet, hence I must move on. I’ve “metaforically” looked over my shoulder a few times to try to help people. The last time was about a week ago. The energy drain I experienced was surprising yet very draining.

    No – It’s time to walk the path. To lead. Let anyone who notices follow if that is their choice. More and more will start to follow. Don’t hold up the train. Encourage and love everyone along the path but now is not the time to stop and drag anyone along.

    Keep going – maybe you will be able to help them later – but get yourself there first. I feel this is what is most important. I don’t truly know what a shift, ascension, or whatever this is really feels like. I’ve never done this before and probably neither have you. Simple test – when you can walk on water, manifest out of thin air, and teleport yourself, you’re probably where you need to be.

    I’ll make you all a deal. If I get there, I hereby promise to immediately turn around and race back to you all (just like my “unconditional love” female black lab would)

    Best Wishes
    Much Love

    • Jeff, you’re a gem! My Yorkie would do the same! What a beautiful heartfelt sentiment we can all empathize with! Yup, who knows? But damn, the Truth shall frikkin’ prevail something fierce!!!! Love you!…Zen

    • I hear you Jeff.

      I was getting the same feelings last winter that it is time to stay centered on my path and move forward. For the majority of people that will not find the path – they will be fine. A lot of people do not want to leave the 3rd dimension at this time – so that is why they are repelled by us and drain our energies. I feel large energy drains when I am in big crowds of people.

      You may have been involved in many shifts through other lives on this or different planets(dimensions or universes) and as you go on you will be able to access those memories and use them to help others in this shift.

      What ever it is, most of the people drawn to this site have special abilities the majority of humans do not have.

      Zen and the others writers of this post are probably here to help us jar our memories and open up our chakra’s to the fullest and in turn we help the masses.

      Yes – Keep going and don’t look back until you know when to.

    • Jeff, I’d like to share with you something that is well known to energy healers. Whenever you are helping others (spiritually & otherwise) it is best to not draw from your personal energy, but rather pull the energy you need direct from the universe/spirit through the upper chakras. Many folks invoke the assistance of their higher self to do this. Once you get the hang of moving energy, and tapping into the universal flow of energy you can literally go all day helping others without the drain to your personal energy. You are so right about not waiting for everyone, and not dragging them along. I think the best way to get people on the train so to speak is by being an example they will gravitate to, and emulate.


      • Zen, Jbaker and Chautauqua
        Thank you all for your comments.

        Chautauqua – I’d like to know more about pulling energy from the universe/spirit. I think I do this to some degree to help myself stay above all the negativity but it doesn’t seem to me that I am on your level yet. I will read your new article right after this comment. Maybe you have already answered my question.

        The recent “looking back” that I did was with my 18 year old daughter. I knew it was going to be hard. She is in a difficult place right now. I am trying to communicate with her in a way that lets her know I love her while not being judgmental or argumentative. I didn’t prepare myself at all and just called her. I got drawn in to a discussion I did not want to have. I think this is what drained me. I literally was tired all the next day. That never happens to me. I’ll do more research and check out your website for more insights. Thanks.

        Zen – You really do stir up the emotional pot for all of us. Thanks so much.

        Jbaker – Wow, from my humble perspective, you really got it figured out. Either that, or I’ll stand beside you while everyone says we’re BOTH NUTS. Bless you and remember the Hopi Indian quote “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For”

        Love to all

        • Wow, Jeff…you be the bead stringer!! Like all of us are working on…haha… Cool response, and love your spirit!! Keep on, brother! – Z

        • Jeff; I think the best advice I can give in the moment is to build upon whatever is already working for you; in the direction of working with the 12 chakra system. On my blog there is a great reference chart for the 12 chakras in the post “Aquarius Rising; crossroads in Time”, that will give you a sense of the playing field so to speak. I believe some of the very best information and instruction comes from the channel Lazaris, http://www.lazaris.com/intro.cfm. I can highly recommend any and all of his tapes on the Aura and chakra system, give it a look and see if it vibes with you. As for pulling energy, try using a visualization of your body being a bottle which is being filled, or any similar kind of visualization. Remember that energy follows thought, so when you both think and visualize pulling energy from the causal plane, you’re probably going to get some increased flow, you’ll feel it coursing through your body. Different folks experience it differently, some feel a definite tingle flowing here and there while others feel more like they can actually feel the blood flowing in their arteries & veins. Hope this was helpful. The energy drain you experienced is actually a fairly common thing. As you become more familiar with moving & directing energy it won’t hardly happen at all! Keep in touch with your progress!! and ditto what Zen told ya. Blessings!

          • I have to tell you Zen, I can’t believe how this post has taken on a life of its own. The people who have been touched to comment are extraordinary. This has a life of its own. You should be commended more so than other times for bringing this to life. Suggestion – put this at the top of your posts again with all the existing comments. See what happens.

            I have gone onto Chautauqua’s site and am amazed. Sorry C – I tried to comment but haven’t figured it out yet (guess I need more help). HAHA I watched the movie trailer for Cloud Atlas and was deeply touched. I’ve also read about 4 other articles and will continue onward. Thanks to you both C and Z.


          • Sorry – One last point –

            There is some really interesting shit that is coming up. I don’t want to even try to explain it, but if you haven’t checked it out – that’s your choice. It sings resonance to me. I can’t explain how much. All I can tell you is if you write this website down and check it out in a few days, you will absolutely kick yourself in the ass for not doing it sooner.

            That’s it

  11. brother zen….I do see type elements of people… those who know and act to sound the bell………those whose eyes we have opened my brother,…but they shrink back…..and then those who run in fear of the truth…. yes i see a new shift! I cant discern its path…i and others my friend are at a lose for expression same as you….but yes its here and its blatantly obvious…..keep the cheer brother…dont wig….stay the course……I know this time for us is frought with deception…..as a brother.. i love ya dude!!!….keep the fight…truth is gonna prevail!! :)

  12. It is too early to drop one’s guard, put healthy scepticism on the shelf and embrace the world as if all are brothers and there is no enemy. For one, the current harmony being experienced can be generated by Scalar weapons. For another, the Elites could be unwittingly giving us a break as they recalibrate their weapons and strategies for the Armageddon they planned. A third explanation could be the predicted growing support of the Cosmic superstructure, as more and more of the elevated masters lend their support. Maybe the Elites ran out of demons in the flesh to throw at us. The world became very harmonious when Sai Baba died!

    What/who are the problems we suffer from? Have they gone out of business? The change may be working on them but if they haven’t gone, celebrations will be premature. If the tables have turned, lets get physical confirmation. Lets see the hierarchy dissolved. Lets see good people running things. Lets see the system change or shift to serve us, not just the darksiders! Lets see fluoride and aspartame gone. Lets see the chemtrail spraying gone for good….are we feeling a change because they spray some new thing…like scopolamine? I could mention an end to wars, the fall of the Bankers and Zionists, the humbling of the masses as evil power is destroyed, etc etc.

    Lets see the change since feelings are unreliable!

    • Pandava…you are sharper than sharp and I love you. But if the emphasis is on loving community we have a spiritual “corpus callosum” to connect us…and empower us. Can’t wait for proof, proof’s in the Truth. Goes all ways. Don’t despair, the awareness is spreading! Trust!…(but I sure like manifestations too!! Haha!., and we’ll get plenty, no sweat..) Love you, Zen

      • My basic question: There are people who are keeping us down and destroying us, shouldn’t meaningful change involve their loss of power and removal from active living? If this is not in the works, then where is the change? Reminds me of the Christmas spirit that came, made us happy, then left! Our happiness shouldn’t be contingent on externally-sourced agents of change because we will never control its dynamics to make it last. On the other hand, if you alkalize and destroy the body’s bad micro-organisms, you can secure your own harmony, that you control till you die…..even though the external world may crumble! The soul is complete. We just have to remove the dark side that blocks the view and see it. This is the priority while help comes from some harmonious source!

  13. Zen; In lieu of an actual instruction manual on “The Shift”, your insights and encouragement are about as close as we’re going to come to it. For me, one of the most exhilarating aspects of all this is that we don’t have a manual to guide us, per se. We are out there beyond the reach of history, experiencing something totally new to mankind. I think the reason there is no manual is because we are supposed to make those maps ourselves, by following our hearts and intuition into the undiscovered country of the future.


  14. Zen, you are quite the wordsmith! Every day now I can’t wait to read your post and the interesting and enlightening comments here. I haven’t felt this alive in years. Things just recently weren’t so hunky-dory for me but now I can apply my new-found perspective and see things differently. It has been such a short and rapid evolution for me that I hope I can keep up. I know that I’ll be checking in here for help. Thanks so much

  15. I am reminded of the play, Henry V, in which, after losing horribly in the first day of battle, Henry wanders, disguised, through his ranks of men. He hears their despair and discouragement, their woes and wounds.

    Henry knows he has to turn them around somehow, to encourage and to instill within them a renewed sense of energy in their quest. Unaware that this is their king amongst them, they listen to his send up speech, summoning them to re-engage their courage and hope.

    Once more unto the breach, my friends! Thanks Zen.

  16. Your writing has the effect of lifting one’s vibration, Zen. I was walking along the mountain trail thinking about that sense of resignation you mentioned that is so palpable around us sometimes, and this poem by the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, popped into my head, …… Always loved it, but hadn’t thought of it for years…

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Hear him recite it in his wonderful Welsh brogue at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mRec3VbH3w

  17. The first indication of this awakening was the Occupy movement, which began around the same time Neptune entered Pisces for the first time in 150 or so years.

    Neptune will remain in Pisces until about March 2025. In the sign of Pisces, the subtle influence of Neptune is at its most powerful.

    Thus it is best equipped to counter the chaos from the square between Pluto and Uranus, which incidentally will be around until late 2015 or early 2016.

    It’s going to be a wild ride between now and then, so we need a powerful Neptune. Just be aware of the flip side of Neptune drugs, illusion and deception…

    Google “Neptune in Pisces” and this article will make sense…!

  18. doesnt matter if everyone quit … gods immune system will never quit …. it can be losing but it can never lose

    whether its this life, next life, or a million lives from now, at some point it wins … creation, sharing, truth always defeat destruction, accumulation, lies … that life exists is proof of this … so why not join the winning team? just because you dont want to put up with a life or two of losing? its your choice

    god counts everything, man counts parts of things … dont worry how small or insignificant you think your contribution is … everything counts

    zen gardner, my friend, you are a champion

  19. Oh boy! Had a good laugh because of this post and the comments. – Pure joy! It resonates with me so deeply. 😀

    Thank you Zen and all brothers and sisters out there. Keep the flame burning. Love you!

    “Standing at the crossroads, were the future meets the past
    Oh can’t you feel, there’s magic in the air
    We’re noble knights and mighty men, with the
    power to assay
    Faithful and true, let our deeds show you the way

    In our hands we hold the future, carry on
    In our hearts, eternally, we keep the flame…
    burning deep inside forever, shining on
    And in our hearts for all eternity we Keep The
    Flame Burning”
    – Hammerfall, Keep The Flame Burning

  20. The universe, in my humble view, is a finite bubble of opportunity floating in a sea of infinite potential. This universe and others, the true nature of you and I, are waves in the ocean, separate but part of. That which is beyond the universe is not contained or restrained within a sphere of influence, this substance, the true light, cannot be manipulated for it is the original dreamer of dreams, this universe is but one of its dreams, one of its imaginings, playing out experiences.

    The oneness agenda is already here, has been for some time, “old age” has merely transformed into “new age”, the aim, to create a hive mind where individual minds are surrendered to the unity of a false love and light,.. but whose version of love and light, yours, mine, his or hers? Each one of us is utterly unique. One of a kind. If this were not so we would already be the Borg collective – centrally controlled, centrally governed etc. Sound familiar?

  21. Alt Shift

    The darkest hour is just before dawn is a cliché for a good reason. Whatever happens, it’s going to be good. Those seeking a positive path will find a positive path, and vice-versa. There will be violence, you bet. And things are going to get tough and these are desperate and scary times for sure. This shift is happening, the wheels of the universe are turning, and we have the privilege of being a part of it… “this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled!” Go with the good flow! But go long! Pedal to the metal!

  22. To all of the people who commented and to Zen, MUCH LOVE! and I’m sure I’ll meet all of you further down the river. Enjoy the gift of music my brothers and sisters <3

    Aqueous Transmission by Incubus
    Link to song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4k5JWegwHg
    I’m floating down a river
    Oars freed from their holes long ago
    Lying face up on the floor
    Of my vessel
    I marvel at the stars
    And feel my heart overflow

    Further down the river

    Two weeks without my lover
    I’m in this boat alone
    Floating down a river named emotion
    Will I make it back to shore?
    Or drift into the unknown

    Further down the river

    I’m building an antenna
    Transmissions will be sent
    When I am through
    Maybe we can meet again
    Further down the river
    And share what we both discovered
    Then revel in the view

    Further down the river

    I’m floating down a river

  23. May I please post this on another site? This message is wonderful and is desperately needed there. Thank you.

  24. the gravity of change in the flow of the quantum flux is flipping, the great cycle is in the throws of its death/rebirth :)
    thanks Zen, In Lak’ech

  25. Your post today was the precise concoction for my weary heart. As heavy as the fog and humidity that hung out all day, my entire being has struggled with isolation programming, and a general sense of malaise and a deep sadness that dragged my energy down to a very low state I haven’t experienced in a long time, if ever. Your post was like rays of light that helped clear the heaviness and fog. Thank you dear one for reminding me who I am, and that I am not alone or insignificant, and there are others who will need my particular energy, art,and smile to carry on; just like your words touched me. Thank you.

    • So glad…look at the linked articles at the bottom of the page..mouse over the pics to see the titles, there’s more that’ll help you there I think. Love, Zen

  26. I would like to offer up the words of one of my favorite artists, Norval Morrisseau! This is from a collection of his paintings entitled “Travels to the House of Invention”, published in 1997. The Ojibwa painter and Shaman says:

    “When they came across a culture practicing sacrifice they were over come with fear. It seems conditioning creates a lot of room for fear. So therefore they were only reacting to a hostile situation, nevertheless assimilating the weak and the meek and killing the strong and threatening, like for instance, the Shaman. In our history there are many accounts of Shaman warfare, which I believe is what the Jesuits were practicing, knowing full well that the spiritual leaders of the Natives were also the rulers. Is it fair to judge somebody before you meet them? So already when the Jesuits came across the sea we were deemed “dogs to be trained”. Our Shamans were killed on sight, at times gladly dying with arms wide open, pipe in one hand, tobacco in the other, which was an offering to the villain for freeing us from the prison we were already in. You see, to the dying Shaman the killer is a saint, for the Shaman knew full well that they were like a Dove or an Eagle escaping a trap or cage and flying upward freely. The reason why I mention all of this is to state the fact that the Indian was able to live off his or her karma, to love the land, to war with his enemies, to die in peace and go to heaven. He did not need so-called salvation. The priests may think they exterminated North American spirituality, but they didn’t. Some Shamans knew someone was coming long before, so they, as we say, headed for the hills. Shamanism still exists!”

    Take from it what you will. Some years ago when I was ready to give up my fight, these words inspired my change in perception. Do not fear the freedom of death, rather, fear the life without freedom! To quote the movie Braveheart:

    “Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it!”

    May Peace, Protection, and Courage from the Source find you all in times of need. Take care of yourselves and eachother.

    Sean (Eaglehart)

  27. Choose love over fear in all you say and do and the answer will always be there for you. It is simple and yet most difficult. When we shift into love as our planet shifts into higher dimensions, we will be a part of that beautiful change. It really is simple. Love to all.

  28. I love the positivity you help enforce Zen. Instead of focusing to much energy towards all that’s wrong with our world, one should only be aware of it as to not fall amoungest the ill fated. I was once sucked into the paradigm of the corruption and all the lies. Because to me, I was craving the truth even if it was negative. It is still the truth, but I felt hopeless and angry about all the wrong that was and is. I later felt though, that focusing on the negative that is I was giving energy, empowering it to still thrive. Now I focus on the positive more so but am aware of the negative. I hope for the better even when I see all that’s going on. Thanks Zen, for being aware, but still remaining positive. I have much love for you Brother. I have a post i’d love for you to read and possibly share.

    I encountered an idea today. A man presented this idea to me. He says “Hello”, I say “Hi.” I then was simply satisfied with this interaction as I have longed for fellow beings to recognize each other either with a wave and/or a hello. None the less, this man asks “Are you there yet?” Utterly amused yet surprised by this sincere and perplexing question; I promptly responded “Am I there yet? Well if I’m not I sure hope to be soon.” “A fish”, he replies “cannot swim out of the water and survive. However, if the fish chose to, the fish may swim to a place more supportive to its needs if it can make the adaptable changes necessary for its new environment. Your there my friend. Good day to you.” At that very moment I fell into a baffling, awe-struck ponderous state. He continued on his way as I was left in the wake of his journey. For the rest of the day-lit moments, I contemplated this encounter. I interpreted it as divine presences and guidance that was flowing through that man. I thought for all life, water is a sustainable source supporting such diverse life on Earth, but for fish, water is not just simply that, it’s their home as well. The creators energy ebbs and flows through all existence, it’s the only sustainable substance for our spirit. This I interpreted as water, supporting all creation. The fish I interpreted as mindful-spiritual beings. When we grow out of our environments that have previously nurtured our growth and progress in life we simply migrate to another environment to help further ensure our development. Thus, the question is administered to all mindful-spiritual beings; Are you there yet?

    • Wow Nat, such a profound experience! Sure sounds like you were “contacted” by something, wow! And to me the message is clear, get closer to the nourishment, the source you’re sensing, wherever and whatever it is. Just swim there. No fear, no hurry. You’re obviously right on time. Wow, that’s so cool!!!

      Thank you fr the rest of that great comment as well Nat. To answer you first part, it’s a decision in so many cases. Sometimes we’re inspired and “feel it”, other times we have to go by what we have learned and know is right. It comes with consciousness and I guess commitment, you don’t hv to work to recognize that one.

      And pls send your post! zengardner1@gmail.com. I love to encourage people to jump in there, in case you didn’t notice, haha!

      BTW…ARE YOU THERE YET? ….Classic! Thank you!!!! Love, Zen

      [PS. We’ve always been there…just need to wake up to it and see the true reality around us…what a trip!…]

    • Negative and positive ….that’s the latest bs emanating from all around me. People who made it into their niches by any means necessary, now attribute their success to being ‘positive’. Of course its a lie. All gurus and holy books past missed such an important spiritual hint? Nah! Attitude is all smoke and mirrors….a world of fantasy that exists in the absence of real present action in the matrix!

      You seem to think that to ponder the extra-long list of things wrong with the world and to admit that things are really bad…somehow is an illegitimate and so an undesirable consciousness. Calling a spade a spade, is never a fault. It takes guts to be so very awake. So very few people can point out exactly whats wrong with civilisation beyond their petty fullfilments. In fact, just like the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’, pos/neg was invented to steer you into the world of ‘hear no evil see no evil’. The ills of the world are not the pet preoccupation of sadists disguised as awake people. In fact, being aware of things on this shitty planet means navigating beyond all the traps and roadblocks created against snooping by inquisitive minds. So be thankful that you discovered whats wrong. You have to know what should be in order to detect whats wrong with WHAT IS.

      It is when you ponder whats wrong that you look for solutions. It is not that you become sullied and dirty, somehow, by seeing the truth or ‘what is’. That can never happen. What happens is feeling overwhelmed because one cannot change things. It hurts and changes you. But, there is an enlightened path that enables you to become SOUL. As soul, the problems can never overwhelm you because you have a natural ‘detachment’ for material things and events. So the answer is not another round of mental adaptation but a consciousness switch!

  29. I must say after reading all the comments again on this post we were really flowing with our thoughts, ideas and our opinions it was really beautiful to see. Humanity is still alive and well. OK maybe just a little wounded. But were ready


  30. I hurt really bad as I am shifting into my true self. I was sun gazing a few months ago and got a clear message that I was to leave my wife, not to worry about my son, and go to Oregon or die here. Sounds harsh right? Well, my wife and I are now separated again. I need a sanctuary to come home to, not reality tv, wifi and kids who desperately need a mom. Even though I love my wife more than any woman I have ever met, if not for my kids, I would already be in Oregon. She will not allow me custody. Very frustrated today becasue I cant find a decent ayurvedic practitioner in Houston Tx. I am coming to the realization after this article and Nathaniels comment that I have to swim to a more nutritious area. I have to. Dunno if you have ever visited southern Oregon, but it is very spiritually nutritionally dense there. In Oregon, I continue my training. I will begin what I reincarnated for this life time. Thanks for the article Zen, thanks for the comment Nathaniel, it has allowed me to re-focus on the positive and not be scared. Infinite Peace and Divine Love to all!

  31. Wow!! Thank you, Zen!! Very beautifully and eloquently put, what i have been trying to say for the past few weeks. I see “our” communities at war over channeling right now, whether there really is a shift or not. This has been blowing my mind to a degree, yet at the same time I see it is a further separation and it is the final one.
    I am posting this on the forum I frequent most with high hopes that the energy of your article will positively affect everyone.
    We are in the timequake now.
    Thank you again, dear star brother. :)


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