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Shifting Sands in Amorphous Zones of Vagueness

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by Zen Gardner

You want a shifting playing field with changing rules so you can get away with anything you want?


Since you own the major media outlets, corporate grid and educational establishments it’s yours for the taking. Change the language, erase reference points and moral standards, and keep redefining the fundamentals.

And then keep screwing everything around as much as possible.

Stretch the human mind like putty into massive, undefined, ambiguous anything-goes amorphous zones of vagueness. Deliberately designed to disrupt normal mental patterns for induced confusion and easy manipulation.


Over the Top – Again

Look at the new depths Danske Bank takes this mind-screwing in their move to debase, pillage and plunder new generations of lemmings.

Aptly and outrageously titled, “A New Normal Demands New Standards”.

The ‘New Normal’ Meme

This dystopian mind screw ad from Danske Bank is about as perfect an example as possible. Validating violent protest, homosexual promiscuity and a host of other inferences, they pretend to embrace it all.

Of course they do. The illuminist bankers and their ilk created this mess.

Watch for this type of Orwellian absorption technique


A “How To” on Orwellian Control

Society today is without a doubt massively manipulated. To understand their modus operandi is crucial to staying conscious and above their snares of deceit and control.

Besides the millennia old matrices of religion, controlled economies, dumbed down education, phony politics and corrupt science, they’ve taken new twists to further expedite their plans for societal breakdown and eventual total control. Knowledge is accelerating and people are waking up, and they know it. As a result, they’re using some pretty powerful tools to expedite their plans.

New technologies make much of this possible via the electromagnetic net being spread around that seriously affects humanity. Meanwhile they adulterate the air, water, food, soil and oceans to further weaken humanity.

But changing times require changing techniques, and this mind bending is quite the phenomenon to witness.


New sitcom called “The New Normal”. Get the idea?

How Indefinite Definitions Work – Sliding Scales Have No Value

Here are a few examples. There are lots more but these are front and center and perfect examples.

Climate Change

Climate change is a problem? Isn’t that what the climate does? On top of that, essential life giving carbon dioxide is now a toxin?

Hey, if you want to exercise controls over every aspect of society here’s a nice catch all. It also opens the door for horrific geoengineering programs designed to literally control the weather–and it’s not for good purposes. It’s all about power and control designs. That’s why the military or “security” agencies run the science programs and appropriate all the technology.

War on Terror

How vague can you get? War on fear?  War for peace once again.

Talk about easily justifying endless wars for profit and aggression that can be blamed on anybody you want. Another perfect catch all..and in the name of “defense” and “national security” anything can be exercised..and they’re doing just about everything to strip people of their rights and personal freedoms.

Don’t forget the old War on Poverty and War on Drugs and those other bogus programs. It’s mainly to keep the war paradigm front and center…us against them, and as in 1984,  it doesn’t matter who “them” is. The war industry must keep it’s generational continuity.

The New Normal

We already touched on this but it is a doozy to make it full-on Orwellian Newspeak. The above video is as f-d up an example as you can get, but notice how much this term is being bandied about. It’s another perfect catch all.

Poverty? Oppression? Surveillance? GMOs?  Chemtrails? Tainted food, vaccines and water? Shut up about it.

It’s the new normal.

Just accept it all and go back to sleep



More Talking Points

You’ll see these programmed phrases jump out of nowhere and get assumed into the collective conscious.

The Fiscal Cliff.

There’s another recent one. Accept we’re on the edge of a cliff. It’s no one’s doing, it just happened. It’s a cliff. No engineering here, we just drove down the road and damn, there’s a cliff there. Shoot. Guess we better tighten our belts, pay higher taxes and take more shafting by the banks and government to get through this.

International Law.

Another mega assumptive term. National sovereignty is already shot with the Agenda 21 and International Banking agreements, and who knows what we don’t even know about. Now Puppet-bama is about to sign a gun ban treaty that’s gonna set the U.S. on the road to civil war, and for which the TSA and Homeland Security has been preparing for a long time.

Again, it’s a question of citizens getting used to loaded terminology and “it’s just the way things are now”. It’s probably why everyone screaming about the New World Order hasn’t been cracked down on. It gets the idea out there, even if it’s an alarm.

How about No World Order? Centralization has always been man’s downfall. The wrong creeps always climb to the top.

Keep it small, keep it simple and keep it local.



Co-opting, Disinfo and Derailing

Remember the hippies? Rebels, drop-outs, non-conformists. Pioneers of new consciousness. The beatniks go viral.

So what did they do?

Co-opt the whole damn thing and popularize a shallow, posterized version to put the lemmings at rest. Just a fad. No worries. And flood the market with heavily addictive adulterated drugs and lead them down a path to self destruction.

That’s how Jesse Ventura gets on the air. You get a partial Truth but the real powerful sense of indignation and need for united action gets cleverly derailed. Why is he the go-to guy as a mainstream spokesperson for the conspiracy movement, for want of a better term?  You think they’re gonna pick a live wire? No. You need someone with a big ego that isn’t all that sharp who can easily be misled or compromised.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate anyone’s efforts in the right direction. You just better know what you’re doing when you go high profile and play the representative or authority on anything. They’ll make mincemeat out of you, go after many others, and skew an enormous amount of  good info in the process.

Partial truths can be a hell of a lot more damaging than outright lies.

Never forget that.




While the concerted efforts of dark forces continue to try to invade our minds and direct peoples’ motivations, a living, thriving community of real and awake people continues to flourish. And exponentially grow.

That’s a wonderful thing.

They, we, get it. We see through the bullshit. We get the shallow, clammy imitations of truth they try to throw up in whatever form. It’s a joke, a bad one, but when you see it it truly is ludicrous. And it ain’t gonna cut the mustard any more as humanity continues to awaken, until the matrix crumbles and its false rulers are thrown off.

The question becomes, what more can we do today to keep the wake up rolling?

Sitting still or in silence won’t get us anywhere except where they’re steering us, sorry to say. We each have to make a real difference, even if it’s simply constant disengagement and encouraging the same with those around us and in as many others as possible.

When that’s fully in motion, synchronicity will lead us step by step to the role we’re each supposed to play.

Ours is to simply respond.

Love, Zen

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” – Mahatma Gandhi



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  1. Another wonderful post, it’s been a wild ride these paths few years diving farther and farther down the rabbit hole, discovering your site about a month ago has timed perfectly with the path I’ve been on, synchronicity has really been building momentum as of late, can’t wait to see where we go from here!

    • Gr8 to have you here! Yes, it is a wild ride, and fun when we keep up with it, ha! Can sure be overwhelming at times but people of the heart like you clearly seem to be make this a pleasant journey! Keep on!!

  2. A couple of days ago I watched an episode of Jesse Venturas conspiracy theory about “the reptilian agenda.” They investigated this because it was listed by Time Magazine as one of the top ten most believed conspiracy theories in the world. I don’t pertsonally know about this, but I can tell you that I don’t believe everything that has been co-ordinated and done worldwide, in so many cultures and power bases for so many generations was all carried out by just normal people. Not even possible. Sure people are involved but they are useful idiots to the real mastermind, just as they useful idiots below them to carry out the day to day tasks. The real power at the top is far more likely to be a spiritual one. Multi-dimentional beings (aka demons, satans, aliens, reptilians, ect…).
    Anyway at the end of the show Ventura interviews David Icke. Ventura is clearly skeptical and just keeps repeating the same question, “Where can I go to see a lizard?”
    Icke finally has had enough and leaves the interview saying “I thought this was going to be a serious interview.”
    Ventura says there is no evidence at all, but in fact there is. Ancient writings and drawings do depict some of the same things Icke talks about. He just goes a little further down the rabbit hole than most. It just requires a higher level of intelligent study and an open mind to see. And this is where Ventura gets off. He apparently shows up just to mock Icke, repeating the same stupid phrase.
    Ventura has served to bring some very important things (like 9/11) to light, but this episode clearly shows the intellectual limitations of this show. Not by accident I’m sure, after all it’s on TruTV, a mainsteam television “programming” station.
    One final point. Earlier in this episode Ventura is told by Alex Jones to go talk to David Icke about this subject. Jones tells Ventura that Icke is the source of all of this reptilian stuff. Jones finishes comments to Ventura by saying “He is the turd in the punchbowl,” referring to David Icke.
    That was a bit shocking. I thought these two guys were friends. Icke has been on the Alex Jones show on a semi regular basis for many years. Well….guess not.
    Jones runs a highly polarizing show, and doesn’t seem too interested in reaching higher conscienceness levels. It all originates and ends with “foreign bankers.” Yeah, if by “foreign” you mean born in the USA. Another partial truth that leads the truth seeker audience only to some useful idiots, not to those in power behind the scenes.
    Remember the writings of the Grandmaster of the universe (Feemasonry) Albert Pike?
    His book says something like “Fed up, the population will eliminate these corrupt bankers and politicians, and then being lost and without moral compass we will introduce the pure doctrine of lucifer…”
    Anyway…. controlled opposition anyone?
    Take care all

    • Really well put, Jared. My sentiments as well. The broadbrush, ad hominem put down on David Icke, whom I consider one of the bravest and most sincere and committed researchers and presenters and freedom fighters ever, was a concerted hit job, and Ventura played rt into it. Jones as well. Two people of the caliber I was alluding to–self promotion driven which can only lead to compromise for advantage and a host of other problems–with Jones it’s things like as you said polarizing, and promoting a lower level response that the controllers can easily use.
      Sad, and not conscious, as you said so well. Still Jones has some good info, but this spectrum of full true and false info is coming to light–don’t be surprised as the compromisers and destructive elements come to light.
      Again, it’s not all this way or that way, but as the expression goes “a little leaven leavens the whole lump” and that’s where we stand. Our purity to cause and consciousness is our greatest strength, coupled with our ability to put things into action and not just sit by on observer status.
      Much love, let’s keep chipping at this, it’s a morphing landscape, but their perfidy must be exposed, especially where they try to sneak into the truth movement.
      And controlled opposition? Hang in there, something in the works on that one…;))) Love, Zen
      PS as far as reptilians…it was quite odd they did all the other info, including some spacey channeling, on reptilians and said nothing. Yet they blasted Icke as if he was the source of it all and couldn’t prove it. Dystopian to say the least and showed poor Jesse’s lower vibrational state–as well as Time Warner’s clear desire to debunk the truth. OF COURSE there’s reptilian entities (amongst many others) —they’ve been covered in detail for millennia! Where the hell have they been?

  3. Another excellent post, Zen, thank you. One more reason to get rid of the TV if anyone needed another. For years now I’ve been noticing how conversation in (unawakened) groups, social, government, or otherwise, always gravitates to the lowest common denominator in the group. And it is more than obvious that when media/banks et cetera talk about “new standards” you can bet they will be much, much lower than any previous standard that might have been held out to the masses. The good thing is, as you say, more and more are waking up to the manipulation and, at the risk of being booed off the stage here, I do believe we are getting help from invisible friends. I mean, there can be no doubt that the reptiles are invisible and so it follows that there are those beings (also invisible) who are fighting the good fight with us. In that regard, I’d like to make known to your readers that 12-12-12 is a huge day for invisible friends of the good variety and so it is more than likely that that date will aggravate the hell out of the bad variety, so just a heads up on that. That said, I’ll now get back to rubbing people the wrong way. Love, A.

  4. Excellent post zen and I always enjoy reading the comments too. That dystopian video also stole from a video I saw on You Tube called something like “Faces of the Occupy Movement.” In that video, you just saw faces of some really sweet looking people. Now this irritating video uses that technique (sans the sweet looking people in favor of colder types) and adds all the dytopian elements. I know anger only fuels their energy. But come on, the woman in the suit all made up with her child on her lap. Where in society are the images of the loving mother that nutures. The PTB have completely eliminated her from the landscape they present. If a loving mother ran every government in the world, you would have utopia. A loving mother would not allow any child to go hungry, any elderly person to suffer or any member of any family (no matter what country) to unnecessarily grieve in any way. A loving mother has compassion, empathy and uncondtional love, sorely missing from those in control today.

  5. A co-worker of mine, who grew up in Ukraine and is devoutly christian and I have this ongoing discussion about secret societies. He has a particular disdain for freemasonry and claims the members “live under satan’s yoke”. Now, being that I was taught that people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, both high level freemasons, were heroes during the American revolution. So, at the time of our first discussion, I was of the opinion how could men of this caliber be evil or satanic in any way? I pointed out to him that many of the founding fathers of our country were freemasons and that MANY of the towns and cities in our area were indeed founded by freemasons. He shook his head and said “what a shame”. I also pointed out that some freemasons have even leaked certain secret information about success and how the universe works (Napoleon Hill and possibly Earl Nightengale). My friend was unimpressed. He claims that the bible gives you all of that information and more and you get to keep your soul :) I guess what I am getting at, the farther I fall down the rabbit hole, the more confused I become at times. How could our forefathers be these evil monsters AND provide future generations with a bill of rights, that any sane person can clearly see, is for the betterment of all of the citizens of the United States? Were freemasons of their generation actually purveyors of freedom and somewhere down the line infiltrated by satanists? Or have they always been “under satans yoke” and we (the masses) have been deliberately misled? An article on Stuart Wilde’s website concerning the real story of Jack the Ripper has me wondering. Things are certainly getting “curiouser and curiouser” the farther I travel down the rabbit hole.

    • Hi John. Yes, it is a strange ball of wax. Those involved in perpetrating the “grand design” are at many different levels of knowledge. The early American “forefathers” were largely European taught elitists themselves and/or useful idiots in a plan hatched in Europe with this very end in mind. The US became the engine that it did on purpose, controlled by them, and now will be dismantled for a world model. (And no, we never broke from England..illusion..still in subservience today–think City of London.) In effect our seeming freedoms were “granted” in order to get the job done. They’re now rescinding those freedoms and literally breaking down our immune systems and normal bodily functions to accomplish this. It’s similar to the controlled release of secret info you alluded to. (Funny, I’m writing about that “motivational” subject now…)

      I mean chemtrail pilots think (are told) they’re mitigating global warming or spreading protective radar chaff or some such nonsense and we’re just too dumb to understand. They have no idea how extensive the objective is of the spraying or how nefarious. I suspect they go on line and look but are scared spitless to ask any questions and are warned accordingly with the usual “top secret” BS.

      I met an area 51 worker from way back who genuinely thought he was helping keep America safe and the supreme power by not talking about what he’s seen and knows. (Said he worked on stuff in the 60’s that still hasn’t been made public.) And proud as punch about it. It’s rife. I have a relative in his 90’s who still won’t talk about his “secret” WW2 and otherwise involvement, even though he said the people he dealt with were of the worst sort imaginable and probably all dead. It’s like high level sorcery how this is perpetrated. But trust your instincts and your heart. When the dots connect they paint a very clear overall picture. Compartmentalization is very powerful..few know how everything connects and that’s how they can get people to participate in such unconscionable acts.

      That’s why the trans-dimensional element has to be at play to make this work, and it’s carried out over generations to boot. Religious paradigms use this “other worldly” knowledge to draw in devotees, similar to what you said about Hill. Freemasonry is all about this ploy of leaking “secret” empowering info. Manly P. Hall is a perfect example of how they offer up this knowledge periodically but in their own, controlled way. Talk to a lower level Freemason and to them it’s just a club, but man, you can get ahead in the world fast if you’re a member of the “brotherhood”! So join they do. That’s why they brag about it to each other in their logos and architecture. There’s over 70,000 registered Freemasons in California alone. And how many are unregistered? And where do the upper levels connect with other secret groups? NASA and the JPL are known to be rife with occultists, as are most agencies. Even that tool Obama has sported the Freemason ring but not a word. Think they’ll explain to the asleep world they’re manipulating what they’re really up to? Ha. And believe me, idiots like Obama or other public jerks have no idea either. They know just enough to feel special and on the “inside” to keep them fired up for their jobs. If they knew too much they could blab, like Kennedy did, and was summarily taken out in a Freemasonic ritual in Dealy Plaza.

      Weird times at Matrix High. Take care and stay conscious. Don’t let any of this crap ensnare you or get you down. Apparently it’s part of existence to try and figure it out and learn to steer clear of and help others do the same. It’s so ugly and wrong there’s no way it can stand much longer. Cheers, Z

      • Thank you for this food for thought. Which brings me to a question I would like to ask. Ideas am article on your site about chembusters. Which led me to to educateyourself.org where you can learn how to make your own orgonite. One of the steps is to cut a copper wire at an exact length and that wire will pull energy out of the ether. Reading this got me wondering. Could Freemasons use similar theory in manufacturing an obelisk. And if so could they be using them as sort of a broadcast antena? Could the obelisk be an ancient form of ELF tower? How many obelisks can you count in any Freemason founded town or city? Personally, I drive past one every day. It sits in the center of an intersection that suspiciously would look like an interposed compass and square from an over view. Just wondering.

        • I would think some at least do. Technology like this has been around a long time. Look up the Baghdad battery. Think Tesla coil. They also put all of their sacred locations on ley lines, the natural energy grid. Cell towers often use them as well. Compressed quartz is often in these monuments. The difference is the intention and what occult crap is going on there.

  6. Altea
    I hear you and agree. New and lower bank standards? Hey – I have an idea – lets go to a cashless society. Can’t afford or want an Iphone? That’s ok – our bank will give away free chips and installation in your hand. Haven’t got a hand? Lets see – what can we do? How about your forehead?

    Yea, that’s the ticket.


  7. Have been disconcerted twice in the last few days by professionals who had seemed to possess journalistic integrity. Both took on major issue of apparent truth, but repetitiously planted a subtopic that was bogus, e.g. Hamas as aggressor; economy potentially slipping into recession.

    Having to readjust my bearings and realize that no one has the truth that we individually seek. Unique DNA, Life Experience, and Truth.

  8. turn off the telly for sure!! what utter pap is on there – that cruddy ad shows it. lol! i have no outside influences like that in my home – thank the lord – my own private oasis away from the insanity that is today’s society. they shan’t sully my mind.

  9. I was going to say something very similar to this post. I think, to start with (as long as you graduate from it) the conspiracy theory ideas are a good way to start. For me, I think I was blessed with an inquisitive nature, and I just needed to know more info, eventually leading me here.

    Having said that, if I started here, I wouldn’t have been emotionally, spiritually or mentally prepared for a lot of the info. So contrary (somewhat) to the opinion of the powers that were, these ‘disinformation’ sites can be of benefit!

    But for the most part, I don’t really tune into all the illuminati crap. I just see it as a giant red herring- distracting from the true purpose of what these peeps are trying to do.

  10. thanks Zen, a great article and the comments too, thanks to all for some synchronistic uplift, keep on keeping on, In Lak’ech 😉

  11. Zen, I loved that explanation you gave and the comments from John to help me figure this out. If you can give more information on your take of Manley P. Hall, I’d appreciate it. Also, I have come to think that Shakepeare contains sorcery and each time it is performed it elicits negative effects.

    • Interesting about Shakespeare. Some say it was (Sir-pent) Francis Bacon which would fall in line with the occultism. Wouldn’t be surprised. “Boil boil toil and trouble..” 😉
      Hall was a 33rd degree Freemason so must’ve had the nod to get that info out. I always assume there’s disinfo and misdirection, but like the Bible there’s truths in there, you just have to watch your step. The Truths are often a lure, like the mainstain media.
      We’re visiting a house of mirrors and shams on this planet so I don’t expect to get it all. But you do start to get the idea how they work and when you apply the formula it seems to fit way more often than not. Frustrating being genetically handcuffed…but I guess that’s part of our learning cycle–learning to go by the “consciousness senses”. Be well Clara! Love, Zen

  12. Ryan Dawson has a thing or two to say about alex jones. As for jesse ventura he has lost most of the respect I used to have. Little aj and little jv . Two peas one pod. Was it Stalin who said that there is nothing more useful that a useful idiot. Keep gardening Zen

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