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Shocker: Disinfo Science Project – Contrail Watching for Kids


Chemtrail conditioning for Kids – the biggest arm of disinfo is the mainstream media. – Zen

[This propaganda being used to infect the next generation is just one such example. If this doesn’t make your blood boil I don’t know what will. – Zen]  – (Hat tip:  Jersey – wow!)

(From Mynasadata website:)

Science Project:  Contrail Watching for Kids

Purpose: Contrails are long clouds made by high-flying aircraft. Because kids are so good at watching clouds, they can be easily taught to identify contrails.
Age Range: 6 – 10

Time Required: Young children can observe and report on contrails in only a few minutes a day: Because kids are natural sky watchers, they are curious about both clouds and contrails. It is likely that when contrails are present that young children will notice and pay more attention to them than adults. Here are some basic facts that will interest them:

1. Contrails are long clouds of ice crystals caused by the exhaust from the engines of high-flying aircraft.

2. Contrails can spread into cirrus clouds that reduce sunlight during the day and warm the Earth at night.

3. Contrails are formed when the temperature of the air is around -40 degrees Celsius (which equals -40 degrees Fahrenheit).

4. Contrails do not form when the air is too dry. The length of contrails provides a clue about how dry the sky is where the plane that caused the contrail is flying.

5. Clouds that shade the sun during the day can cause cool weather.

Significance: Kids know that some clouds signal rain and other mean fair weather. They need to know that contrails are actually manmade clouds and that they can cause measurable changes in the temperature far below where they live and go to school.


Actual photo from site – taken by the author “scientist”. Surreal. – Zen

Project Links:

Real Time Data Source:

MODIS Rapid Response System. Use the highest resolution images to look for contrails.


A related parameter of interest in the LAS is Atmosphere, Clouds, Cloud Coverage, Monthly Cloud Coverage for Cirrus (ISCCP).

Project Ideas:

1. Contrail Identification. Young students should learn the differences between natural clouds and contrails. They should learn the three most basic kinds of contrails: (1) short and transient, (2) long and persistent or (3) spreading. They can find out more about contrail identification by visiting the S’COOL Cloud Chart: Contrails and GLOBE Contrail Resources.

2. Contrail Calendar. Young students can easily add contrail observations to a daily cloud calendar. They might even consider a separate Contrail Calendar. The calendar can be a pocket notebook or a calendar with plenty of white space for each day. If a notebook is used, the student should print the day, month and year at the top of each page. For more ideas, see Science Project 1: Clouds for Kids.

3. Contests. Kids love contests. You can motivate young students to observe contrails by organizing a contest for the highest number of contrails that are observed in a given week or month.

4. Science Fairs. Young students who make a detailed Contrail Calendar for a month or more have the ingredients for a good science fair project.
Analysis Ideas:

Observe the temperature cooling that occurs when a contrail passes in front of the sun and shades the ground.

Related Projects:

The GLOBE Program
The CERES S’COOL Project
Elementary GLOBE

1. What makes contrails?

2. Are contrails formed of water droplets or ice crystals?

3. Why are some contrails very short?

4. Why do you think some contrails spread across the sky?






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  1. You know my little ones (3) are well educated in the science of CHEMTRAILS. They cause controversy for all the kids in the street every single time they bring up the comment “they are really spraying hard today, look at all those chemtrails!” Of coarse the parents try to correct them, you mean contrails.. They usually say, no chemtrail; those could not possibly be contrails as they do not have the ability to stay suspended and expand in that white haze long after the planes made them…

  2. Total horseshit! Thank goodness kids know a lie when they see one. My kids, too, Gustavo. And right on, bus stop rally- it just takes one kid to look up and call it like they see it to wake up the others!! I saw a poster at the teacher supply store recently-“cloud patterns”, that had a picture of a large double chemtrail, labeled “persistent contrail” with a disinfo blurb accompanying it. My eldest laughed and rolled eyes :)

  3. Saw this a couple of weeks ago – still growling mad….

    I was showing my students some pictures I’d taken of the sun setting on a few different nights, when we had some very colorful skies. I told them that it was because of chemicals being sprayed by airplanes.

    Two of the students said, “I know.”

    Apparently on an outdoor survival show (“Man vs. Wild”?), he complained about a plane spraying chemtrails and they showed the plane spraying. I loved that they saw that on TV, as so much disinfo. comes from there. I guess this one slipped through!

    If i’m given that lesson to teach, you can bet I’ll be telling my class that they made a mistake – here is what it says, but a lot of people get confused. THIS is what it really is!

    Much love,

  4. so…… it’s not real – right? can’t be can’t be can’t can. not. be. It’s GOT to be a spoof site — RIGHT???

    I’m rewriting this song in my head right now- HELP ME my 45 is skipping….

    “NASA’s gone Funky” (WE – gotta doggone beat now — we’re gonna call our very own) Huh

    THEY do their own thing
    they don’t care about me or you


    la la la la not true not true la la la la la i’m running out of coping mechanisms

    • LOFL!!!! I’m still chuckling at that song – you’re a riot!! You’ve got gr8 coping skills – keep it coming, we need to remain sane and laughter is our breath!!! ;))

  5. The formation of contrails tends to occur at 16000 feet and above. I have seen aircraft fly over, and often I am able to see the “lines” of the landing gear doors. No one’s eye sight can see partition lines from a mile away, let alone three.

  6. I have noticed lately that a hue is becoming more and more prevalent as a result of the sunlight being filtered by the chemtrail coverage, leaving an almost “animated” effect. Would appear the intent is to create some form of overall controlled animated world……. I think it may already be here.

  7. How do I put a picture of a contrail on this post. I have a close-up picture of fluids being pumped out of jet aircraft that show pumping action. These pumped fluids are quickly dispersed in the jet exhaust.

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