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It’s About Shutting YOU Down!

From Patrick: Forget the Government Shutdown — It’s About Shutting YOU Down!
Americans are being treated to political theater at its finest. It’s not a theater of entertainment, however, but a coliseum of enslavement where in the world of deception, perception becomes reality. This theater requires audience participation, where we, the theater-goers, become part of the play. We are a truly captive audience, entranced into mindlessly choosing sides at the frenzied urging of the corporate media and partisan cheerleaders firmly seated behind the microphones and television cameras of the nationally syndicated media. From RINF:




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  1. Government = Govern Ment = Gubernare Mens = Govern your Mind.

    The ALL is mind, that’s what they’re ruling. Maybe a government shutdown isn’t so bad after all…

  2. Great work Patrick, appropriately chilling with the predator sharks hunting their prey – US, a stupidly captive audience at that.

  3. I have been saying exactly this for quite some time now and am always laughed at or been told “I’m crazy”. A film called “Shark Night” was partly filmed here on the lake I live. Was walking my lab on our daily 3.5 mile hike and ran into the crew. Nice folks. Invited me for breakfast. Declined as I needed to get back to work. When the film was released went to see it. Thought about – - yeep, this is the way of this world we live in. This clip just reminded me of it. Kinda cheezy film but this one is right on!

  4. no offense but i see alex always comments and cheerleads the new age…Eternal Life? Not to be a judge…but just by the looks of alex…id keep my water far away from any pond lake stream river or sea that he is involved in.no body is perfect (if i saw alex as my own reflection..then it is proof to myself not to enter into a pool and make it dirtier….and if what i saw is real and truth and good…..then i should not go in the pool and allow other peoples dirt to become a part of who i am. To see and experience evil and then make the choice to allow it in and duality into your life is what someone sick and powerbent (regardless of material possessions) does….these are the same that rule the world…if you want to make a real difference…dont be a wimp…come out and be seperate….until it is your turn to physically die…then if that ball of shit is there and you go to it..then so be it….if you want power over others and innocent good people…then do what alex does…be afraid of death

  5. also…Zen ive read your site alot…dont agree with all of it but you surely and truly have deep insight and entertaining tuff…and alex…no hate here..i was critical of you…ive grown up studying the occult and strange stuff..only to experience it and have it be like nothing ive read. alot of people drawn into it are looking for an edge which for survival is the nature of the animal kingdom…humans are not animals..they are mammals…Although i was baptized im not writing from a christian dogmatic point of view..I am almost against civilization..laws are used to allow people to be killed in movie scripted bombings and gunfire….Law protects the strongest….and to become strong you follow the road they follow in their bloodlines…so technically you are under their umbrella and a part of their system…They are holding your umbrella…and they will take that umbrella away when they want….unfortunaetly you will never be close enough or know someone close enough to these beings to make an impact and stop this sinking ship..they allow you to be able to access this power..and its all for their benefit..so they can see you coming…so accept the nwo/brave new world and all of its technilogical and spiritual trappings……when the shtf you will will be like the rest of the slaves…..as far as saving all this atlantis info so future society can remember how to grow corn before the winter….imho..it isnt worth it…especially western society after WWII……So if any space aliens are taping into this website…please…just finish us off already

    • That’s exactly what I said heading to the post office today. “Please……just finish us off already” with a few tears running down my checks. I’m not afraid – - – I just think it’s so very sad all the suffering, fear, hate, greed, on and on. But, we still have the “now” and I’ve got to stay in it. Here, right now, woops that’s gone here we go again in the now.

      • Watch out for that emotion – I’m convinced suicide programming is in their program on many levels. Despair and fatalism. I point these things out to identify what we’re feeling and seeing so we can rise above it. You’ll be fine Peg, keep on…I know it gets pretty ugly and I get down too. Keep on…

      • * Peg I’m sorry you were inadvertently shoved in between myself & the ‘Superstitious Babbling Rambler’ I do indeed empathize with your trepadations regarding our world right now…I’m giving you a BIG HUG & sending it your way…as Bill Hicks said”this is just a ride”…for an eternal soul that ‘waaaay’ beyond fear…cheers Peg

    • PS…Are you drunk?…if not…you definitely have a ‘Thinking’ problem….Are you aware that you’re rambling & babbling idiotically???…be sure to wear a life-jacket if you get anywhere near the deep end of the gene pool.

  6. Brilliant Patrick. You have portrayed the duality deception so well.
    There is something more than two sides or even a synthesis of sides. It’s a frequency lift – a created-by-each-person’s awakening dimensional shift and it is happening now.

  7. Is this going to be it, then? The major event that starts the final descent into chaos? If so, I guess the fallout will soon affect us here in Europe.

  8. Now you all know why they build the DUMB’s(deep underground military bases)
    “They” will all dissapear and leave the chaos to us.
    A false Flagg will hit the US soon much worse than 911 was. NY will be hit
    Once again

  9. * Patrick …seems I was segued from leaving a comment at this articles inception…I’m slightly perplexed as it ‘sounds’ like the ‘Snordster’ narrating …is that you?…or did you do the visuals as well…either way it was well thought out…Gr8 delivery…cheers

    • PS…it was absolutely not my wish for someone to clutter up your post…shit happens!…have you got another in the werks-lol?

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