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Sick Occult Elites Conjure Ceremonial Death


by Zen Gardner

Even the mainstream pundits were blown away. The public didn’t know WTF to make of it. The entire ceremony had to be explained away as a leftist statement of some sort.

Then they just shut up about it.

But not alternative media. We saw the occult Olympic ceremony for what it was. As is always the case.

Big ass bullshit. Nothing more than mindspell madness to perpetrate their debasing social insanity.

These jerkwads and their lower dimensional cavortings think they’re the cat’s meow, when they’re just an insipid fleck of crap on the windshield of eternity.

Nice uplifting Satanic image to give the world. Typical. They’re feeling in control. Resist confidently. They’re impotent usurpers.

The Big To-do? Nothing.

They can program and prognosticate all they want, they can try to conjure usurping occult powers all they want. We’re not impressed.

The Truth’s bigger than their weeny lies, and we know it. Anytime, anyplace, any circumstance.

They’re lying bastards. These are all made up subconscious scare tactics based on illusory bullshit. And we’re tired of it and how they manhandle the unwitting media hypnotized masses.

The BS excuses for all this ritual were all over the press. Peter Pan, leftie leanings and blah blah. As usual, the party line is spoken while your mind and heart tell you differently.

If nothing else, remember that one thing and you’ll understand the world around you.

They lie. Continually.

Trust your heart instead.

And never fear their smokescreens.

Love, Zen



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  1. >they’re just an insipid fleck of crap on the windshield of eternity.

    ha, well put. I think it would be difficult to find a better analogy :)

      • When THEY are accused of relating to US as vermin to be terminated, fed-off, used (as the usual accusations go) It’s a demonstration of how “evil” THEY are.
        But when the same energy is projected toward THEM, it’s not just OK, it’s applauded by those who count themselves as somehow the arbitrers of what is good, right, worthy…

        As when THEY spew the rhetoric of fear:” there are evil people out there who somehow, somewhere, someday will attack us…” THEY are fear-mongerers etc…

        But when WE say:” THEY’RE an evil bunch, who somehow, somewhere, someday are going to do something terrible yo US…” Again, it’s not just OK, it’s something to be praised.

        And if I may refer to a post which appears a little further down here (thanks for entertaining my perspectives Zen, by the way) where the OCCULT is brought into question, by Amelia – what has become branded as the occult, has roots in the ancient wisdoms (some say sciences) which, when allowed, takes one beyond the THEM and US delusion.

        So, whilst there is a wealth of data to evidence the position that such occult knowledge is indeed used in rituals which further the hypnotic trance all too many are unaware of – the fact that such devices are used in a ‘self-serving/reckless’ fashion (without regard for the effects upon the ‘whole’) reveals the very limited ‘level’ of understanding of such matters (occult knowledge) by those demonstrably attempting to use such.

        Herein lies the glaring solution. When you find yourself “mirroring” the proverbial THEM, with attitudes of hate I referred to above, the hypnotic command is in effect.

        • gotta call b.s. on this one, flex.

          just like so many people who want to “reconnect” with “ancient wisdom,” you seem to just leave out the part about human sacrifice.

          so much human sacrifice – often accompanied by prolonged periods of torture.

          early civilizations were so enthusiastic about sacrificing people to their “gods” that one could accurately describe ancient temples as being made out of human suffering and people’s remains. i guess the only way it could be clear to most people would be if those pyramids were made out of human bones.

          it’s okay to destroy what it is that is attempting to destroy you. that’s called self-preservation – an essential survival skill.

  2. They are continuing to make mistakes as always happens when the offender becomes over confident. They are no exception! The bizarre nature of these Olympics has even the asleep ones thinking ” How weird!” Once again they have brought unwanted attention upon themselves strengthening the light even further. It is embarrassing to watch these sicko’s flaunting their supposed superiority as they come unraveled at the seams. So tired of their BS….. Vis

  3. “We saw the occult Olympic ceremony for what it was. As is always the case.”

    HAHAHAH, yet you still link to ADMITTED freemason les visible, who often brags about his “deep occult knowledge” – and his words usually mean something a LOT different than his readers imagine. I was once one of his biggest “fans” until he revealed who he really was. And everyone seems to have ignored or forgotten that even though I have told all of you, over and over and ovwer, no way you CANT know now.

    Lets review that FUNNY quote again: “We saw the occult Olympic ceremony for what it was. As is always the case.”

    You see the occult for what it is? HARDLY.

    I should add you will censor this comment like every other I have ever left on your pathetic HALF-TRUTH masonic-leaning site, which suggest you are either AFRAID of the TRUTH or there is none in you.

  4. It was like watching a retarded kid play with his toys… even if he can explain what he’s doing, you have no reason to care. “Oh, is that what the dead baby means? Oh, I see! Yeah, that’s real nice!”

  5. Don’t forget your regular dose of Jesus, and never forget the death cross of the death cult where your life will be far better after you die. (whew writes that garbage) Now go spin a flock of chickens for what you and they have done. Don’t break the eggs, you will need some more chickens for next year.

      • Did not The False and 13th Apostle Paul say He is a Mastermason? Are not there 13 lights around the satanist Olympic stadium?

        • Of the Seminal Importance of Distinguishing Clearly in the Book of Ezekiel Between “House of Israel” and “Mountains of Israel”

          Gog (Khazar/Ashkenazi false israelites from Caucasus) and Magog (Anglo-americans) Will NEVER fight one against the Other. Gog AND Magog are a core team. The large team of Gog and Magog being comprised of peoples from Gomer, Meschech, Tubal (other european caucasians ) 
          Still In Ezekiel, peoples from Lybia ( North african sephardi true israelites) , Cush and Phut  ( kemitic or black israelites) and Persia ( israelites from Iran) join Gog ( Ashkenazi/khazar false israelites an Magog ( anglo-americans ) in invading what Ezekiel marvelously described as a ” PEACEFUL LAND without WALLS and BARRIERS” ( Palestine ). 

          In The Book of Ezekiel The “invading of a Peaceful Land WITHOUT BARRIERS AND WALLS” ( Palestine) is done primarily by Gog ( Ashkenazi zionists),  Magog ( Anglo-americans) and other Gomer/Togarmah caucasians in order to wage war and posess what Prophet Hizqeel/ Ezekiel ( who is resting peacefully in Islamic land in Iraq)   called the “Mountains of Israel” making here a SEMINAL and FUNDAMENTAL DISTINCTION between  ” The House of Israel” ( the ethnic Israel of the TWELVE tribes that received many prophets including ‘Issa The Son of Mary who were sent EXCLUSIVELY to this  population ) and “The Mountains of Israel” ( Islâm as the Universal Kingdom of G-d that Eloh-in-Hebrew/Alah-in-Aramaic Jesus’mother-language/Allah-in-arabic , the Most High, the Creator of All things sent TO ALL HUMANITY not only the ismaelites or israelites tribes. 

          The Advent of The Son of Mary who was sent EXCLUSIVELY, EXCLUSIVELY, let me repeat it again EXCLUSIVELY to the “HOUSE of Israel” was only a Announcement of Islâm, the Kingdom of G-d, the monotheistic  Divine Revelation to Muhammad-sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wa salam, that teaches, from The Law ( Shariah) to Love ( Haqiqah), what all Israelite Prophets taught  including Moses and ‘Issa the Son of Mary With the BIG PARTICULARITY that Muhammad -sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wa salam- had, UNLIKE The Son of Mary and Moses, Divine Authorization to CALL and LEAD ALL the other Nations or tribes of Humanity and EVEN the Jinn Races ( Hyperterrestrials in Dimensional Universes ). This Divine Authorization is granted ONLY to Muhammad -sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wa salam the Sceal of Prophecy.

          Gog, Magog, Gomer, Togarmah are the main human actors behind what The True Apostle John called the Last Babylon and its 10 horns powerful nations that dominate and oppress the other nations ( The West ) in Revelation. It is easy to see that in prophetic languages “Horns” are States and Nations, “Women” are Religions ( they feed and raise good or evil children ).

          The False Christianity of Paul “The 13th and Impossible Apostle”, the Never Repenting “Pharisee , Proud Son of a Pharisee”,  the “Mastermason who may well lead his follower to Hell” as it is clear he calls himself ( for whoever have vigilance and understanding )  who created False Christianity ( babylonism/Mithraism that has been impersonating and distorting continuously the true Teachings the Son of Mary and His 12 Authentic Apostles) for centuries is described by John as the “Whore Woman sitting in Babylon”.

          ANOTHER ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT, WOMAN, A WONDER WOMAN is described by John as “The Desert Woman With 12 Stars on His Forehead ” at war with The Dragon ( The Devil) , Gog ( Zionist Ashkenazi/caucasian khazar false israelites ), Magog and various other caucasian nations : that Woman is the Noble Islâm and the 12 Stars on the Her Forehead are the 12 Imâms Ahl Al Bayt of the Holy Progeny of Muhammad – sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wa salam .

          Apostle John in Revelation makes it also clear that the Second Coming of The Son of Mary will be accompanied by the coming of the “12th Star of the Desert Woman that went up to G-d” ( The Mahdi in Occultation, the 12th Imam of Islam, the Son of the 11th Star Al Askari) “who will RULE the world with a Iron Rod” and take it from Gog and Magog. It is important to see here that “The 12th Star of the Desert Woman” and not Jesus will rule the world and the Global Tribe of Humanity and even the Jinn ( Hyperterrestrials) Tribes that Follow G-d. The Evil and rebellious Jinns (“babylonian anunakis” and other evil dracos devils, like their human slaves ( illuminatis) will be either severely punished or destroyed in Hell by Almighty Allah and his mighty angels.

          The Illuminati are preparing the physical Advent of Dajjal ( The AntiChrist or adversary of the Son of Mary). The Son of Mary mission seem to be mainly to confront and destroy this Antichrist.

          This is the REAL Reason of the millenial war between the West ( Babylon) and Islâm ( The Wonder Desert Woman ). This is Also the reason for the current Final Showdown between the masonic Anglo-americans/ Ashkenazi zionist/europe axis and Islamic Iran ( the largest nation of followers of the 12 Stars of the Desert Woman ever in History).

          The arab dictatorships of The House of Seoud, Wahabism ( Al Wahab and Al Seoud are the Two -sufyani – Horns of The Devil arising from the arabian region of Najd Prophet Muhammad warned the Ummah about), Jordan, Qatar and UAE were set up by Gog and Magog. Al Qaida is only a tool of Gog/Magog and their arab dictators proxies to achieve their goal of Total control of the “Mountains of Israel”. 

          Wahabism/Alqaida is cryptically described in Illuminati Hollywood  symbolism and contemporary lore as “Hulk The Green Man Doctor – islamic part of the character- of Anger, Destruction and Ignorance -manipulated part of the character”. In the latest Hollywood movie “Avengers”, the ultimate tool ( Terrorism and false flags) of a “Captain America” and his “Avengers” is This Manipulated Green Man of Anger and Destruction ( Wahabism / Al Qaida) against a “Two-Horned Enemy that appeals to the Heart” ( a hollywoodian/satanist subversion and disregard of the Divine message of Love by the 313 Prophets reprensented here by the Prophet Dhul Qarnain ( The One With Two Horns probably referring to a Prophet-King who had Two Dominions and was given power over the metaphysical and physical release of Gog and Magog on earth; By the way Prophet Dhul  Qarnain has NOTHING to do with the degenerate warmonger and little king Alexander of Macedonia ). 
          Avengers is another satanist hollywood movie (like Dark Shadows that mocks Apostle Barnabas and the recent discovery of his 1500 old Gospel, The Noble Son of Mary  and true Christianity ) and not only mocks the Tasawuf islamic message of Love but presents also transpires the ultimate fear that Gog and Magog  have for Prophet Dhul Qarnain. The Quranic Story about This Prophet and Gog and Magog is revealing of the reason of their fear.

          Gog and Magog ALREADY control the “House of Israel” ( except maybe some pockets of resistance like “Neturei Karta” ).
          As a matter of  fact Gog and Magog actively participated in the oppression of true israelites in Europe in order to further the masonic/zionist agenda which is pivotal in controlling the “Mountains of Israel” ( Islâm as the Universal Call and Dominion of Allah/Eloh/Alah) as a precondition for World domination. 

          So-called “Christian” Zionists are only the ultimate useful idiots of western/zionists masonic powers.  Christianity died in 325  with Constantin’s institutional imposition of Mithraism/Paulinism ; the False Apostle Paul, the “Mastermason that may lead people to Hell” in his own words, the 13th Impossible Apostle, being the real founder of false christianity that wreak havoc in the world and its esoteric counterpart freemasonry.

          How amusing that these ultimate useful idiots of Zionist  (“christian” zionists ) perpetually quoting Ezekiel 38  are waiting for the “13th Tribe”Khazar/Ashkenazi Caucasian “Israel” WITH CITIES FULL OF WALLS AND BARRIERS to be invaded by “Gog and Magog”!!!!! 
          Have these people ever read Ezekiel at all?

          The illuminati present to  the “christian” ( in reality Paulinian/mithraists) zionists the Victim’s Past as the Criminal’s future. That’s the ultimate promotion of Crime and Injustice and the ultimate negation of Truth, Retribution and Justice.

          • sorry…islam stopped being monotheistic when it deified The Prophet – a MAN who’s word is to be taken as the word of “god.”

            monotheism is one of the biggest, and unfunniest, jokes ever told.

  6. Tell it like it is, the snake bastards are already doomed and they know it and ‘their’ god cannot save them.

  7. They’re totally ridiculous assholes. Campfire ghost stories is all they have. Their “power” is in the consent of fools who fall for their little dickhead ghost stories.

    Thomas Jefferson said slavery was like having a wolf by the throat. You didn’t like it, but you didn’t dare let go. That’s where they are. Drive them insane. They’re on the verge. They were dumb enough to start pushing that boulder and now they have to keep doing it.

  8. Provide so evidence to back up your claim! That picture you are using contains a puppet of voldemort a character from one of GBs best selling childrens books ever and was part of the ceremony highlighting childrens authors from GB who over the years have provided great stories for the worlds children.

    What do you think it represents exactly?

  9. There hearts have turned so dark they care nothing for anyone but the one or many they serve whoever or whatever it is.Keep your heart and mind clean and you can see the lies for what they are. As always Love to you Zen

    • jesus? for real?

      do you know who lucifer is? he’s the “light-bringer.”

      jesus is “the light of the world.”

      six of one, half a dozen of the other.

      they mock you with their religions, and you still eat it up.

  10. I have come to the conclusion that they are using us as part of their ritual, they want us looking, poking around and talking about it. Thats why they leave clues.

    I do not give my consent.

    • They give us clues and glimpses so we keep them in our mind. Us and them is a cold-bloodied game to them. They need us, they use us, but they hate us. They will not be more powerful than us in the future because we are waking up. The ‘ big lie ‘ is becoming the ‘ truth.’

      • I like that. It’s true, the backflush reversal is on. Olympics attendance weeny, hotels are lowering rates…serves em rt. The real ew day continues to dawn…Z

      • Truth is in Pisces, the God Box.
        It is the end of the end of the end, that which can NOT be changed.
        Thats what they fear.

  11. Oh sure, they were celebrating GB’s children authors at the opening of the Olympics, because these writers have so much to do with sporting events. And what a warm symbol they used to remind us of children’s books….a dead baby.

    • Where does it say that baby is dead, and the opening ceremony is to celebrate the host country not only the sport to follow.

  12. The Zionist-puppet American President Woodrow Wilson (1913 -1921) confessed in his book The New Freedom : A Call for the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People, “An invisible Zionist empire has been set up above the forms of democracy… There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive…” The 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony is intended to subtly showcase the power of Zionism.

  13. God’s name is Chaos.Fear and respect it.Order is its first generation respect it as you would Prometheus who sought to better the world.It is very much apparent that the Ordo Abdo Chao crowd does not know this.Its amusing to watch,a bit scary but amusing none the less.

  14. Now you’re talking, my friend. You said it right. Especially that spec of crap on the windshield of eternity bit… That’s exactly how the Good the Conqueror sees them, Sabaoth Lord of Armies and His Hosts, to include any Good Being left anywhere in this Maya Filth, will all at once throw all this lower-D crap into the bin where it belongs, into the transmutation bin, and that will be that.

    Just taking out the trash soon. It’s very convenient that they boldly announce that they precisely are trash, makes it a lot easier. Then again that is always their motif, blind and arrogant ignorance about a greater a fully MORAL reality above them, which laughs at them and will squash them like a bug in due time. Rest assured of that, but as you say don’t rest in the personal battle. That must be until the very end or until relieved of duty here.

    Well done, this one!

  15. I don’t remember ever hearing an announcer or newscaster referring to the olympic torch as a cauldron. But they kept using that reference when talking about how upset tourists were that they were not allowed in to the stadium to take pictures with the Olympic torch/cauldron. Since when is it a cauldron anyway?

  16. The global tv networks should have had a long video for the world to watch on all the crop circles appearing in their fields over the last 20 years…..and music of the dna frequencies to match the beautiful sacred geometric shapes….now that would be worthy of watching……friend, I give tv NO time, I dont care what they program…not me brothers…


    Thank you for making the math doable today…:)

  17. I was sickened by some of the imagery of the Olympic opening ceremony, scary monsters running around in black furry suits to frighten the children with nightmare images, then more nightmare images with the giant monster wearing a black cowl.

    What sort of message is that supposed to convey, and what on earth could it possibly have to do with Britain or the Olympic athletics, just evil scary shit.

    Then the utterly perverse imagery of all the rag doll NHS nurses wheeling in hospital beds, hardly a celebration of the NHS, and more of a right in your face “You might be needing these fucking hospital beds yourselves very very soon” sort of threatening message.

    Just like the 4,000 Jews who never turned up for work on 9-11, and avoided getting blown to pieces, or atomized into dust along with all the 3,000 gentiles they deliberately left to get wasted there, so today there are huge sections of empty VIP seats. I suppose the VIP’s couldn’t really turn up every day except on the day of a Mossad bomb blast that would be blamed immediately on the Iranians, before an immediate go-ahead to waste Iran.

    No they are going to not turn up every day to make it a little less obvious than last time at the WTC Towers, but the ghoulish marionette NHS nurses have made it very plain with that right- in- your- face “There will be something happening here that will mean lots of people needing hospital beds and we are telling you stupid dumb goyim right to your stupid faces right before we do it because it turns us on to laugh at just how stupid you goyim are after we have hypnotized you, and you are so stupid that you are still going to let us go right on ahead and kill you, and you are going to clap and applaud right now and worship us because that is how fucking stupid you fucking stupid dumb goyim are.”

    Just like the white van with explosives traces stopped in New York, driven by Israelis with a mural painted on the side, of an airliner crashing into the WTC Towers, right at the same time as the planes crashed into the WTC Towers in New York, the Jews love to fuck with us like this. That is how stupid we are under hypnosis, and they like to push it to the limit for a joke amongst themselves.

    They even took most of the articles down that proved about the 4,000 Jews not going to work that day, and how they left 3,000 gentiles, workmates of those ‘good’ Jews for many years, to get wiped out.

    And those 4,000 good Jews of all different Jewish denominations all stand firm today just like a Mossad military intelligence team to this day, all keeping their mouths shut and pumping out the same sayanim lies.

    Here is an article that tells the truth, and still survives on the internet; despite most other ‘news’ articles on the subject now denying that 4,000 Jews should have been at work that day:


    ‘On September 12, 2001, the Internet edition of The Jerusalem Post reported, “The Israeli foreign ministry has collected the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack.”‘

    ‘Yet only one Israeli was killed at the WTC and two were reportedly killed on the “hijacked” aircraft.’

    I just hope that this will not happen, but the signs are that something may be going to happen with all those empty VIP seats; the VIP’s seem to know something that we don’t.

  18. I’m not even bothering to watch the elite’s 2012 games! I have better things to do with my time ! Thanks for the photo’s though didn’t catch that!

    • I didn’t watch either, Cindy. Hate the crap. But someone sent me a pic and I blew up. Ha! – Be well beautiful creature! – Love, Zen

  19. what I dont get is why cant we view the opening ceremony on utube without pixels? It seems as though they are wanting to hide what they did. As far as I can tell its all based on paganism but I would like to see it again!

  20. We didn’t watch and refuse to watch the criminals playing out their garbage for self-gratification. Or in queenie’s case, not. It would have been nice to read a detailed analysis of what transpired. Also thoughts on how that plays into any views on the motives and meaning of the scum through the rituals played out before billions. Maybe next time if there is another chance for free speech in a free world.

    Peace out

  21. what about all those children and the hospital beds… glorifying illness and disease? imprinting on the youth? marking them?

  22. I’ve seen a few of your posts and I can agree with much of your observation but let me ask a specific question: To exactly WHAT TRUTH are you referring? I think I understand.

  23. Jeez! That first image puts chills down your back. Sick sick sick so many levels I can’t find the words. I wouldn’t be able to sit there and watch. That’s something that stuns me about these bizarre events, why the hell do people not get up and walk out?
    I realise a lot of them are under mesmerising mind control and/or are enjoying the show in their own twisted way, but come on people, open your eyes!

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