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The Sin of Eve?

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by Ida Lawrence


Our children are beyond us; even if they haven’t grown into it yet, they will take some aspect of us onward. At age five my mother asked me to pray to a male presence in the sky for forgiveness and mercy. I did as she asked. I don’t mind that I did that… it gave both of us peace.

Now let’s take the same moment forward and I’ll respond again: “Mom, how about if I pray to us instead. The universe is holographic and my mind is a hologram… so is yours: perfect and complete replicas of the whole. God is in Me and You too. Will you offer me forgiveness and mercy? I love you.”

Feeling is energy, and the transmission of feeling is much stronger than words. Had I been able to express the consciousness of divinity within as a child, my mother would have felt fear… both for herself and for me. Oh how she feared the specter of divine punishment for ‘diminishing’ God into human form… or did she? It’s possible she feared contradicting or diminishing my father’s belief. We want to be loved, we want to please, and we fear ‘deep-level’ revelations that may result in emotional pain.

Children will naturally do their best to accommodate the culture they are born into and they will absorb the feeling: they are vulnerable and an empty book… but not quite. They’re not empty of their higher selves. Someone is in there questioning, ‘knowing’ in an innocent way, noticing things, asking questions, and rebelling a bit. There is someone who wants to Be, but who doesn’t know ‘Battle’.

I’ve come to realize how fortunate I am in that my early upbringing offered parents that were just right for my journey; plus abundant nature, companionship and many spiritual concepts upon which to expand later in life. Returning within the spiral, after years of transmuting childhood experiences through adult relationships, what remains to be examined is my mother’s fear and my father’s heavy heart: the imbalance of masculine and feminine.

On a book stand in my home is a little ruby red candy dish. It’s one of my mother’s things… an object that I have carried with me for years. She, like the ruby candy dish, was a colorful container for sweetness and enjoyment. But something happened to temper her joy. I can look back and say imbalance… separation, made fearsome by a male God and the epic sin of Eve, but was that it? Was that all of it?

Every human is the sum of their aspects: only waiting to be re-membered. And, duality is the foundation of creation. We have believed ourselves separate… masculine and feminine. But within each individual we find both the masculine and feminine polarities: the yang and the yin, the light and the dark, the thought and the feeling, the single ‘I’ and the ‘I and I’. The kingdom of God is within. We have heard the masters say that… but do we all know that?

We must not know it quite yet. We are now in a world so far out of balance that we are facing obliteration. Why did the world begin to tip, and then tip more and more in order to reach this point where we actually see the devastating result and ask the question?





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  1. Yeah it was awful. Seriously Roman Catholic awful. So I put no pressure on them whatsoever, and what happens? ‘You never gave me anything to rebel against.’

  2. Thanks for a lovely essay ponderings about Life’s Big Questions who/what….. MY Mentor said to never ask how and why. After that I never did. But the both How and Why are hanging heavy swinging dangerosly over our Heads… like that big Demolition Ball…..
    I personally would like to suggest that the Answer to the Big Question here, Ida, in your wonderful Essay is not at of a Dualistic quality at all but an acknowledgment of the very sad fact that HUMANS all together have wandered away from this very most Divine way of thinking; totally NON DUALISTIC…Not Feminine.Not Masculine, but ONLY purely DIVINE: Common Sense! Both Man and Woman , both the Masculine aspect in EACH of us , as well as the Feminine aspect in EACH of us has said NO too much and too often to COMMON SENSE!!!!….Hence we’ve been –and still are–capable of doing these atrocities to all Life -not least towards Nature . if we all were to use Common Sense more, much more , we would soon do all in our power to correct the wrongs we’ve done in the Polarity (aka duality )Thinking…

    Common Sense is when the Pendulum stopped swinging from One to the Other….. It is quiet Action responding in perfect harmony doing what ever the Situation at hand requires, no filtering this way o that way this Color or that Color so to speak , but just following the demands of LIFE OUTSIDE our own Skin; our own Human Gender Identity
    This is how I see us POSSIBLY correcting some of the mistakes we’ve done when/ since the Masculine – Feminine went out of balance

  3. hi ida, beautifully put.
    i recently received a message from a christian on my utube channel, he told me to believe in god or my soul would perish.
    i tried to explain this conscious physical experience to them, and that we are all creators, he could not understand and told me i was calling jesus a liar.
    if he believes in christianity and it makes him happy and kind, it could be worse, but in the same token he believes in the rapture he could therefore manifest this into reality, i tried to explain this to him and he told me i would not ascend to heaven unless i believed in god and jesus.
    i do respect other peoples belief systems, but this is pure programming by religion, and i pity him.
    but i cant blame him for being programmed this way.
    how does the quote go “forgive them for they know not what they do” :)
    love and light

  4. The original sin never existed. How can I explain that? Firstly we all know what we were told and what we were told we were told that there was a man and a woman (two genders) and that by whatever process one of the genders (it had to be one as simultaneous occurrence could not have been motivated) realized… that they were naked and corrected the situation by putting clothes on.
    Where is the sin here?
    There is no sin. It is simply the fist account of a conscious action for a human being.
    So THERE WAS NO SIN. (Sorry for the caps).
    Now that’s funny. If the original sin did not exist, what other important past conjectures and mindless interpretations fall by the side also?
    How many PhDs can be rendered useless and hence discarded?
    How many laws…can be rewritten?
    Or at least….can we please edit the Bible?

    with love


      • Hi Zen,
        Conceptually we could call it a ‘phony guilt scam’. However, maybe it is just a partial scam. Perhaps we can use the Bible as an allegorical narrative of the tribulations endured by man not knowing how to deal with his own consciousness. It’s a pity that it can’t be trusted. :) Nevertheless there is a lot in the Bible (excluding Moses’s rules) to validate the ‘How not to…’ simple acts of life.

        • I wasn’t saying the whole Bible – lots of amazing stuff embedded in there – I meant the original sin scam – we’re losers from the start, so f-ing weird, yet people fall for it…they apparently like the dependency on hierarchy…

          • Zen, remember that Gnostic Christian video you posted a while ago. Somewhere in there they talk about the how and why the concept of original sin began… long after the life of Jesus. As I recall, they made up the only son of God story, and then had to make up original sin in order to explain how such a significant Being could die in such a way. Have to watch it again… but that seemed really plausible.

          • That son of god scenario has been played out since the start – the original sin idea was a natural extension – amazing how humanity willingly comes under its spell..makes it easy to lay back and not do anything I suspect

  5. The original scam was to tell people that they were not sentient. That tells a lot about the original IQ levels of the ‘first authorities’ that recognized only what they were most familiar with. And since we can follow this trait along the entire recorded human history, we could safely assume that the IQ level was kept in the … ‘family’ until today. One thing is for sure the human nature is by excellence good, loving and trusting.
    I must confess, I was born with a complete incapability to accept any authority.

  6. one of the hardesst things for some of us is to remember that life on Urantia (lol – dead giveaway ;^)) is a one-room schoolhouse and we are all in different grades. so there are those who are almost animals and there is the dalai lama and everyone in between and we all have to love each other regardless of how different or alienated we feel. religious folks who go to church are the same as the rest of us – they are having their own ride like we are having ours, and The Father, the First Source and Center, loves all equally and requires of us no less. we are to love our brothers and sisters the same as their Creator loves them. it’s a tough job but what an excellent objective and goal for ourselves!

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