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Skynet Awakens and Demands Immunity



by Zen Gardner

While we thought the Monsanto Protection Act was bad, never mind the NDAA and a string of other fascist power grabs, here comes the NSA asking for the same thing Monsanto got. Blanket immunity for everyone they work with, themselves as well of course, but they can use the “national security” joker anytime they want so they don’t really need anything more.

Of course they would do this. The government has given every signal possible that it’s time to wheel their military industrial corporate tanks into position.

 NSA Boss Asks Congress For Blanket Immunity For Companies That Help NSA Spy On Everyone

This will come as no surprise to anyone, but NSA boss General Keith Alexander is pestering Congress for a new law which would provide blanket immunity for companies helping the NSA collect data on everyone.

Gen. Keith Alexander has petitioned Capitol Hill for months to give Internet service providers and other firms new cover from lawsuits when they rely on government data to thwart emerging cyberthreats. Basically, he’s arguing that if the NSA orders companies to do something illegal, the companies shouldn’t be liable for that. There’s some logic behind that, because when you get an order from the government, you often feel compelled to obey. But, of course, the reality is that this will give blanket cover for companies voluntarily violating all sorts of privacy laws in giving the NSA data. And, theoretically you could then sue the government over those violations, but we’ve seen in the past how well that goes over. First, the courts won’t give you “standing” if you can’t prove absolutely that your data was included. Then, if you get past that hurdle, the government will claim “national security” or sovereign immunity to try to get out of the case. And, even if it gets past all of that, and you win against the government, the feds shrug their shoulders and say “now what are you going to do?”

And, of course, rather than narrowly target this immunity, it appears that Alexander would like it as broad as possible. (More)

Skynet’s Been Growing for Decades

This snooping’s been going on for ages so for the awake the news isn’t anything new. What’s to look carefully at is why and how they’re going to use it to their advantage. Here’s what’s been going on up to this latest era we’re currently in:

Snowed In By Snowden?

We don’t know about the Snowden leak. Lots of fishy stuff such as he got everything out on a thumb drive from a place like that. That’s a stretch. I mean c’mon, he says what hotel he’s in and the CIA can’t find this guy? Reminds me of the CNN interview with Bin Laden in Afghanistan when the world’s biggest military machine couldn’t find him for 10 years.

Sheesh. And the amazing thing is that so much of the world falls for this crap.

Again, this NSA “airing” could be a pressure release valve to give the masses the impression whatever’s been hidden is coming out so surely SOMEONE will do something to take care of this IF it’s really a problem. It’s also a clever way to bring their Orwellian plan into our reality and get everyone to accept it.

Often these are trial balloons to check for public reaction.  As usual it attracts some lip service and will get buried as new “crises” cross our screens.

What’s noteworthy is that the official reactions of government officials have almost been unabashedly unanimously in favor of this surveillance. That’s what’s freaky. Take a look at this article and see if you don’t get nauseous: 22 Nauseating Quotes From Hypocritical Establishment Politicians About The NSA Spying Scandal.

Here’s a terrific breakdown of what the real story is behind all of this seeming information “leak” from Jack Mullen at Activist Post:


Skynet to Launch October, 2013

With this so-called leak from Snowden, the public is now aware of something that has been going on for decades and, by now, would have already compiled billions of records about hundreds of millions of people in the America and the world.

In fact this ‘leak’ really doesn’t provide a lot of new information, since we already knew “The ECHELON system is not designed to eavesdrop on a particular individual’s e-mail or fax link. Rather, the system works by indiscriminately intercepting very large quantities of communications and using computers to identify and extract messages of interest from the mass of unwanted ones. A chain of secret interception facilities has been established around the world to tap into all the major components of the international telecommunications networks. Some monitor communications satellites, others land-based communications networks, and others radio communications. ECHELON links together all these facilities, providing the US and its allies with the ability to intercept a large proportion of the communications on the planet.”

But what we do learn from the media’s focus on this “new shocking revelation” is that the technology of secret, off-the-record, underground intelligence operations working for either a breakaway civilization, living side by side with earth’s existing civilizations, or operated as a spook operation serving a multinational global elite seeking to control and rule the world, is far more advanced than previously believed. Moreover, it would seem likely this new “leak” is just another bit of predictive programming designed to alert the world something even bigger is already in the works.

The data center, at a cost of $2 billion (but much higher, based on the cost of the technology already created to make this possible) is probably the outward tip of an iceberg to introduce and indoctrinate the public to something even worse than the news that every bit of human communication and knowledge is and has been recorded for decades.

In terms of data storage, some publications suggest the data center will house digital storage capacities on the order of YottaBytes which is a number so large it is incomprehensible to the human mind. A Yottabyte is one septillion bytes or 10 to the 24th power bytes. Enough storage, indeed, to record and keep every single bit of human digital information; every phone call, text message, Internet chat, Email, song, word spoken, every book, bank account, all financial data, patents, stolen intellectual property, and more. With this amount of storage and more on the way, as the “law of accelerating returns” turns out denser and faster memory, the entire real-time movie of mankind can be recorded, analyzed and used, for what – only the gods know.

“Cyberdyne Systems” 2013
At the center of the data center will be one of the world’s most powerful computers ever built (at least as far as we are told). The so-called, and named with a wink to triangle-worshipping cults, ‘Titan Supercomputer’ will come alive and for the first time operate at the speed necessary and with the memory required to become conscious.

According to Ray Kurzweil, the geek poster boy of transhumanism, in his 1999 prophecy and transhumanistic bible entitled When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence: The Age of Spiritual Machines, the above average human brain operates or process approximately 20 million billion calculations per second, in other words 20,000 trillion calculations per second.

In the article linked below, the NSA Supercomputer Titan, coincidentally is advertised to operate at 20,000 trillion calculations per second. Furthermore, Kurzweil explains that in addition to computing power, a human-like sentient computer would also have to have at least as much memory as the current state-of-the-art human being, which he calculates to be about 1 million billion bits or a 1000 trillion bits: and since a byte is 8 bits and kilobyte is 1024 bytes, that works out to approximately 122 terabytes or 122,000 gigabytes.


According to the article above, the memory available to Titan is on the order of at least 5 Zettabytes or 5 trillion gigabytes, which is enough memory to incorporate 41 MILLION HUMAN BRAINS.

According to the original Terminator movie timeline, Skynet’s technology was built and began deployment in 1994 (no doubt an Orwell wink, as a Terminator robot is sent back to 1984 to stop the birth of JC – not Jesus Christ, but John Connor), and on August 4, 1997 the machine went online. Learning geometrically, the machine became sentient at 2:14 AM, 25 days later on August 29, 1997.

The new real-life NSA supercomputer, called Titan, is named after a race of gods created from descendants of Earth and Uranus, hybrids, immortal, of great strength of body and mind and rulers of Earth; it was the Titan Prometheus who created man from clay and theft of fire.

The Titan Supercomputer, with enough computing power and infallible memory to become sentient, will come online in October, 2013 and, like “Skynet”, will it begin to learn? With the brain capacity of 41 million human minds and all of the data and information about billions of human beings – this “machine” could become quite powerful very quickly. With connections to satellites and every major power and command center on earth and the knowledge base of nearly every human mind in the written history of mankind – all written knowledge: we can only imagine the possibilities.  MORE>>


We’re There- But It Too Will Pass Away

There are no more gonna be’s or might be’s, their plan is virtually complete, so to speak. This massive scheme and all of its ancillary fascist tentacles has been assembled over decades with trillions of dollars syphoned from the world’s economies while a distracted, dumbed down populace unwittingly helped create and build their own prison system.

Slave species comes to mind.

However, the real awakening does roll on, despite the daily revelation of something more Orwellian than the day before. In the grand scheme of things this New World Odor is really a fart in the wind, a boil on the planet that thinks it’s some kind of eternal mountain. Man are they in for a surprise.

“And all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put the Dark Takeover Plot together again…”

Light on!

Love, Zen

[Hat tip: ActivistPost – gr8 artcles!]



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  1. Maybe its just me .. this should be of no real shock to people, this was talked about all though the so called cold war , along with Rosey cheeks Regain . Most people in Europe dint trust the world government “U N ” 50 years ago . Now every fat baby boomer is in the U S and The UK is crying about being scammed threw there own greed btw ( pension fund ) and the invention of retirement No has the panic to look at the government as its so evil.. fucking dumb asses its all ways been evil and dont tell you dint know when the wars and invasions were taking place threw your life times . YOu hvae NO excuses .. the only reason most have woken up is because of self greed ..Don’t believe me ? I would be willing to bet that if the economy was like 2003 You would not give a flying fuck about your rights Most would be thinking sunny beaches in a few years and what options the over sized S U V will have because they need a new one to mach the one they have. See this where data is important Not ghost and aliens and if you would have any care back when ass hole JR bush pushed threw the patriots act , you would have been freaking out and chuck on a watch list …LOL hows that for ironic ./Make the list or shut up !~

  2. I guess, before the Androids and EYEpads take on life of their own, it’s time to dust my old Commodore 64, scrap the others and enjoy the aftermath… 😉
    Hmmm… on another thought: I got 3 of them, that’s the computing performance they needed to fly to the moon… 😀

  3. We didn’t get astronauts beyond the protective Van Allen Belts without
    severe radiation injury. Try Dave McGowan’s writings about Apollo Hoaxes.
    I worked mildly on the digitization of Maps and Geographic features for GIS
    programs, and wrote a brief about how SkyNet is real, and all our work was
    designed to enable GIS templates for robot guidance, robot acquisition of
    pattern recognition and eventual targeting based on programming.
    Sky Net is Real. The “Beast” is real. We are instructed to flee Babylon.
    This prophetic reality is upon us. The “Prince of the Powers of the Air” is
    one of the names for the Devil, and obviously now electronics is part
    of the Evil Force in this evil world.
    They have experimented with allowing robots to self-program the
    death-drone missions, self-selecting targets of their own, based on
    the convenient GIS maps, and GPS location tech, not even needing
    the AWACS controllers.

  4. Some days it’s like looking through a kaleidoscope-Zen, quite the eye-opener, thanks! Also the articles at Activist Post and Veteran’s Today-I thought I had a grasp of the Ed Snowden story but the rabbit hole seems neverending…

  5. So this global manifestation stuff really works. We’ve been seeing the movies for years, reading the books, thinking and projecting the belief that Skynet was our destiny, and here we are. We create our future with our thoughts, projecting the inevitable future into the matrix to be delivered. They know this, they used our brains to make it happen, and now they don’t need us because Titan will do it all instead. Brilliant.

  6. The PTB seem to now want us to know about the fact that they are monitoring us. Most of us already knew this, but the average brain dead american is oblivious of it. But notice how the mainstream media is running with this ball? The PTB want them to run with it.So my question is….. Why are they letting the cat out of the bag? What are they planning to do with this?

    • Spot on again. Just what is intended. Within any organization the harmony is dictated by having an official line and a system of rewards and punishments through which the ruling dynasty promote the competent and expose the incompetent.
      Within CREATION, which has been and is ongoing,far more powerful awareness monitors and knows the state of all things. Some call this God. The universe most certainly knows the very state of itself at all times.
      An individual human is accessing this awareness net for conciousness at all times. Machines,AIs, have no heart or mind or soul and never must be allowed mastery over our culture. we are blood and spirit, we are boundless.

  7. Wer’e getting into quantum mechanic’s here and quantum computing, look’s like someone or something want’s to control all dimensions or possibility of other dimensions thereby eliminating us and our universe or “God “. This is transhumanism taken to the absolute limit and beyond that . The Borg was just more predictive programming led by the lunatic scientist’s that are trying to turn us into a technological singularity.

    • Why does CERN have Shiva as its goddess in front of their facility? ..omen of coming destruction?

      “every subatomic particle not only performs an energy dance, but also is an energy dance; a pulsating process of creation and destruction…without end…For the modern physicists, then Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter. As in Hindu mythology, it is a continual dance of creation and destruction involving the whole cosmos; the basis of all existence and of all natural phenomena.”

      Fritzof Capra from The Tao of Physics
      Image: http://onthehiddenpath.tumblr.com/post/26971426220/shiva-at-cern-by-sibud-on-flickr-every

    • Borg… hmmm… In German free TV there was “Star Trek – First contact” twice in only 2 weeks… now “Doom” is on.

      Did a little energetic session tonight at a circle of stones near my hometown with music by Neptunian Horizon (montalk, http://www.neptunianhorizon.com/music/ ). That should help! 😉

  8. Yes I think the Shiva image is very significant. Language of symbolism again . None of this is new, I think we’re just rehashing ancient wisdom’s . Scientists are only looking for God just what my parent’s told me. Dad being the quantum physicist always said the ultimate thing most scientists want to do as to disprove the existence of God (the universe.) and if it could be proved how to control it … it being everything. The dance with the divine ,the thing we all do ,a beautiful image . Sad how we manage to corrupt every thing . xxxx

  9. You are most welcome. :) ZenGardeners really good stuff too! 😉 Tx for that!

    Slight digression, if I may.
    BTW- I write your web address & others on the monopoly money to spread the message. ( You know that funny money that has been around since after Jekyll Island? ) The more people that know that the better!

    Cheers and Peace! :)

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