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by Zen Gardner

I’m sick of hearing this nauseating, pointless moaning and sloppy emotional crap about the latest slaughter in Connecticut. I’m even seeing it in segments of this so-called alternative movement. “Let’s reflect on the terrible problem of growing violence in our country during this season” and blah blah blah.

How the hell do you think it got that way, to the extent that it’s even really true?

It’s staged! It’s engineered! It’s imposed on us! By the very ones accusing us of being violent and needing to be heavily policed and monitored and now disarmed and who knows what else!

Don’t you get it?

Never mind the absolutely outrageous hypocrisy, as they murder innocent children around the world in massive numbers. Where are the tears for them, you lying murderous hypocrites? Absolutely disgusting!

Righteous Anger Clears the Head and Heart

This may seem obvious to some, but I don’t think it’s nearly clear enough to most. The only reaction that counts at a time like this is righteous anger and indignation!

How much longer will these covert agencies be allowed to waltz in and stage terrorist events and blame it on some patsy and imply it’s some “social problem” that needs “meaningful action”? They cordon off the crimes scenes for days while the story gets put in place. Then they blatantly lie in our faces about this lone gunman bullshit while quashing all testimony to the contrary, even threatening action against those who say anything contrary! People should be screaming!

And then they run absolute DRIVEL in the media counseling us how to react, preying on weeping and distraught parents and loved ones while the predatory press rams their agenda down everyone’s gaping throats.

“Lean forward”, says Obama and CNBC. What so you can ram it up our butts?

9/11 anyone? Waco, OK City? Norway shooter? Columbine, Ft. Hood, Batman and Sikh temple shootings? So you bastards weren’t getting the desired full effects yet since so many saw how staged the first ones were?…or maybe some foreign agency wanted to join in the sick action and really screw with things?

Hence the monstrous Newtown massacre of innocent children. Just like them. And it’s working like a charm.

And this LIE needs to get blown wide open to high heaven so everyone can see the Truth!

After All, We’re To Blame

Reminds me of the man-made global warming bullshit. While humanity hasn’t been good to the planet–mainly led by the hellish war machine and rapacious industrialists–the main thing that’s man-made that’s by far the most significant about global warming is the fucking chemtrail program and other technologies being carried out by them, leading to fully manipulated weather and a totally screwed up collapsing atmosphere, accelerating the depletion of the ozone layer with the concurrent release of methane in our oceans, something barely anyone is talking about.

With the solar maximum hitting us at the same time, we’re on track for a man-exacerbated global disaster if these programs aren’t shut down. (Learn more here.)

But no, we’re the bad children.

“Stop breathing CO2 and put down your toy guns. And shut up. You are so, so bad. I know, we got you into this hunger for and acceptance for gratuitous violence with our war programming, violent media, splatter genre video gaming and putting you on psychotropic drugs while dumbing you down with fake education and hypnotic television programming, but who’s looking? Besides, who ya gonna tell? We own the media. Now shut up and take your meds and feel sorry, so very very sorry for these poor children, and think how bad people are becoming. We really do need to do something about this, don’t we?”

Fuck ’em. Now you see why we need to wake the hell up? Beware the stupor. Their shitstorm is in full force and people are getting infected by it.

Creeping Paralysis and Self Censorship

I know a lot of people get this so I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to those who don’t see the creeping paralysis that can get you before you realize what hit you. And this incident and the heavy duty lying propaganda that is permeating every level of society is a perfect example.

That cop gets up and threatens people saying anything contrary on social media with Federal and State action is intolerable! Completely over the top! Yet the reaction? NSA-Google immediately shuts someone down who barely said a thing contrary. Fear, anyone? Don’t let it get you. Stand strong. (Of course not a word about all the brand new facebook accounts opened at the time of the shooting who were immediately screaming for gun control. Nothing fishy there..)

These are all psy-op techniques to get the population on the defensive, pliable and under stricter control. Their agenda for decades, centuries and millennia. Only today they have technologies never heard of before. Any they’re feeling their oats.

Even more disturbing is the self-censorship coming on. Sports stores and other outlets are stopping sales of certain weapons without there even being a ban on them…yet. Can you imagine? Unfortunately, yes. The media is taking gun scenes and shows off the air…selected of course to help send Big Brother’s message.

I mean this is one hell of a bad symptom.

Know why? It’s fear of the State. Retribution. It’s been there all along, but now they don’t even need to pass their contrived and manipulated targeted legislation.  Of course it’s usually the Big Corp stores who are complicit in all this that lead the way, but just watch the dominoes fall.

But just bark, and they’ll sit, or roll over.

Better yet,  just “lean forward”.

Welcome to Gulag America. Enjoy the holidays as the State dictates your mood and what you’ll be allowed to even feel. Yes, it’s that bad.

Screw ’em. We Are Free and Clear

This type of reaction can pass in intensity but the mindset is important. It’s good for the soul to see this absolute lying bullshit for what it really is and what it’s doing and meant to do. It’s like this goo they throw at you and you have to keep peeling the stinky crap off before the smell puts you to sleep. It’s nasty.

Hope this helped clear the air a bit for someone besides me. But this is the tack we need to take in answering these events in order to expose them.

Concentrate on what matters most, staying free and clear. Just that sometimes righteous indignation blows the mind fog and sentimental crap out of the tubes. All part of staying clear. Just see all this for what it is.

Stay in love and enjoy the wonderful vibes hitting us now, in spite of all they’re doing to screw it up.

They can’t stop the shift.

Love, Zen

P.S. For a great piece that just nails this recent incident, read Does Any Government Dare Do This?.


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  1. “You can think and you can fight, but the world’s always movin’, and if you wanna stay ahead you gotta dance.”
    – T. Pratchett, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

  2. zen
    Don’t hold back. Quit being so polite about it and tell it like it really is, you don’t have to sugar coat it. Jesus said the same things in his day, even more brutally than you. I appaud you both. Anger, like guns, are meant to protect against violence, not cause it. Do the media think we can end misspelled words by banning pencils?

    • Wow, Bob..profound…”Anger, like guns, are meant to protect against violence, not cause it.” I’ll edit a tad, “Righteous anger, like guns, is meant to protect against violence, not cause it.” Bam. And sorry for holding back, I’ll cut loose next and say what I really think…;))

  3. That one’s OUTTA THE PARK! Brown kids killed by Obomber’s drones EVERY SINGLE DAY. HO HUM. Pass the Colonel’s Special Recipe. And some of that slaw. FINGER-LICKIN’ GUD!!!

  4. I too am tired of it all. But THANK YOU for bringing this kind of BS to our attention. I do not live in USA so our communications here are not very good. We only get what the media want us to get and its limited at that. I just pray for these poor families and what they must be going through. May they find some comfort in knowing there are millions of people out there whose hearts are mourning right along with them. Thank you Zen.

  5. Check out the lowest rated comment in this link…..it was from me !!!

    This just about sums things up when it comes to the mentality of the general public.

  6. Spot-on , Zen ! The masses are still in a globalist induced coma and if they don’t choose to wake up they will be euthanized via various stealth soft-kill methods under the mega-criminal eugenics program , a conspiracy fact , not theory . The now coming shift will empower the truth as the only standing authority and end the BS through a shift of consciousness and vibration . Love is the answer .

  7. The moment I heard of this “incident” I thought

    “oh here we go again”

    not to say that there are genuine people hurt by it, however isnt it usual that children suffer?…um if they dont get shot then they get abducted and held out for ritual sacrifice or something??..same dog different spots…

    The headlines should be “Elitist scumbags steal children a hundred times over before shooting them”….

    Im not a coincidence theorist at all…much!!

    love you Zen! x

  8. (Zensation standing Ovation ! Whistle’s threw his Teeth to show gratification) Constipation in job creation has caused asphyxiation in taxation, cutting social program relations so the sheep get frustration and put on medication for relaxation , but it gives them stimulation with hypertension leads to inflammation with sleep deprivation plus dehydration , feeling overexertion with pineal gland calcification and no erection with lack of direction and mental masturbation all the pent up aggression feeling the rescission but knowing its depression started promises of capitalization for career motivation from Leaders of the Nation high on cocainization with no realization of starvation so the sheep reach for ammunition to deal with the confrontation and this is our deviation threw the population.

  9. Zen, my brother
    Yes indeed, good edit, righteous anger is what I meant, because that kind of anger comes from love, is not the problem, is what is needed to confront the problem. Heartfelt, loving, righteous anger is the foundation of the bodily house, protects the other 6 Cakras like the 2nd Amendment protects the other rights,. The oh-so spiritual types like to condemn anger as “negative” and non-spiritual, but this is the same mistake people make when they want to ban guns. Guns, anger, are not the problem, violence is, trespassing is, that;s why we have anger, to protect us from it. St Augustine said “Humanity has 2 chances, Hope for a better world and ANGER at this one”. We all have to get over our petty, reactive, loveless, self-pitying, abusive anger, but we must NEVER give up our wholly, loving protective anger, the kind you showed so beautifully today. It’s not “pissy” OK? It’s LOVE

  10. Dear Zen
    Please don’t “Snap out of it” Your loving anger is what we need. Anger is a fire, a purifier, it clears the space for love to flourish. Amp it up, don’t condemn it like people condemn guns. Without anger, we would all be way fucked. Anger cares, shows up in spite of the biting snow and wind. Anger gives a shit when no one else does. You care. Me too, no apologies. Anger at abuse is love, proof that you are alive and breathing. Those who say No to their anger say No to Life. Anger at abuse says YES to Life.

  11. Outta the park and so delightfully politically incorrect! This one gets posted my friend…. that revolutionary spark! besides… the tide has begun to turn against the dark entity in the consciousness of humanity…. The situation is still so terribly volatile but at least now we see glimmers of long term solutions and results. This has been so long coming…. and you are such a great voice for this movement …

  12. I certainly feel your anger and frustration. It is said around these sites that people are waking up. I am not sure about that , many of them get their bread and butter from this circus of the damned.
    I pray for all of us Zen, I have no idea what else to do. Being awake is painful but I would rather know see thru all the Bull %$^& in spite of it.
    Maybe this planet is not meant to be fixed but to be transcended.
    Peace to all

  13. Zen
    I would also like to point out that Our Lord Jesus Christ kicked ass in the Temple. If Jesus, the most radical, loving, and revolutionary force the world has ever seen, the so-called Son of God, can display such Righteous Anger for all the world to see and benefit from, then you can too!!!
    God bless Zen Guardner

    • I am, personally, sick like I’m eating rotten excrement of this “our lord jesus christ” crap. The churches that call this character Lord have lead the most disgusting wars in the history of the world. If there really was a Lord Jesus Christ he would have vaporized the priests that santioned and, in many cases instigated the rampant murder in the last 200 years while they were in the womb.

  14. excellent commentary on the complete inversion of the natural order by the truth hating terrorists who own the LIE factory…
    the war on common sense is not going well for management at the LIE factory…

    these agenda stage play theatre
    bring out the henny penny and turkey lurkey types….



    Good on you Zen

    Truth is Beauty

  15. Two days and counting. Santa Claus is coming to town. Were you naughty or nice? Better think about it and get right with God. You are running out of time.
    ps – Right on Zen! Wonderfully stated from start to finish!

  16. lets see if you let me comment this time. My spam question was 4+ =6; my answer was 2. Zen I don’t always agree with you 100%, but this time I do. Icke says “the bigger the hype, the bigger the lie.” This is all B.S. Anyone with a brain can see the media is all the same page. Only time that happens is when they are all lying. Don’t like the F-word in respectable works, however, it is warranted here. Thanks for saying so, brother.

  17. I’m righteously sad today. Two days ago a sub-artic bird (razor-billed auk), a close relative of the puffin was found dead on the beach here in south Florida. They say he probably died of starvation. Seals and whales not normally down here have been found also. It was stated that these events are due to “global climate change”. Yet I see chemtrails on a daily basis.

  18. I profess to be a writer and I even claim zen-ified philosophies. Usually I would try to dazzle the writer with a witty and/or insightful comment. But I am just gonna sit back and read this again.

  19. There…I knew ya had it in ya Zen!!! Time for Folk to man up or pony up and be men and put down this evil BS coming ourway!

  20. So far, the only drivel that *I* have seen published on this page is all of the opinionated gradeaux on this inherently inflammable verbal and mental waste being perpetrated herein!!

  21. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. That was power packed and a mountain of truth. Soon it will be winter solstice. I send you my love and warm wishes.

  22. Fire in the heart – the great purifier.
    Compassionate righteous anger is a great purifier too and it gives you the power to act. It lifts you up beyond hopelessness and fear.
    It is the bottomless power that can enable a small woman to lift a car to rescue her child. It is the root power that can bring on rain to stop forest fires, melt forbidden and hidden technologies of death and wipe out the blueprints for it.
    It works effectively if compassion was the instigator of the anger. If hatred for the apparent ‘enemy’ was the trigger, the power will be scattered and ineffective.
    It can work miracles through individuals. And if those individuals pool their energies it becomes exponentially more effective.
    The time is NOW!

  23. I hear two messages today,
    On your site Zen, thanks,
    ‘Snap Out Of It!’
    ‘How Thoughts Affect Our Reality’
    (David Icke website)

  24. I just heard the old Bruce Springstein song “Sandy” and there’s a line where he sings: see the aurora tonight. hmm Sandy hurricane, sandy hook, and aurora

  25. You’re feeling it Zen, as we all are. Good on you. Humanity is in it’s ultimate, and I would say, final race against the machine. The elites see the mass awakening and realize they are running out of time, so the speed governor has been removed and it’s full throttle ahead for the vermin. I can’t imagine we have much longer now before everyone is forced to recognize the truth as it will be beyond in their face, although I would say this is the case right now…

    ps: If I had a dollar for every time some new ager told me they don’t like to hear “negative” news, i.e. the truth, and that these people should just keep it positive, i.e. lie to themselves and others, I would have millions of these fake dollars in my bank account. Reminds me of the non-believers on the unsinkableTitanic, going off for another drink at the bar, while laughing at the “nuts” getting in the lifeboats. Oh you silly people you . . .

  26. Zen is preaching to the choir, but it’s so true that people have no perspective and therefore focus on what they are told to see and believe. Ironically, historical perspective reveals that Civilization is the villain, not the hero. The alternative is the culture of Atlantis called Beini, a social-equality of benign-sufficiency that results in the harmony of Peace. In other words, the opposite of hierarchical, exploitative, aggressive-competitive Civilization. Beini has access to the hyper-local holographic Resource of all Quanta/Data connectivilty, so as it were even One mindset attuned to Beneficence can “move the mountain” of propaganda/programming that currently blinds humanity.

  27. Shot straight from the hip, Zen. :) Thank you for saying so eloquently what i have could not. Truth gets me high, really. =)

  28. i agree, thanks for reminding us all to grow some backbone! Bruce said something about not back ing up from a dime because it just aint right?

  29. Sometimes you think it’s only an issue of dealing with people who are naively asleep or innocently won’t awake to the tyranny of criminal political/corporate/banking powers that run our world, and realize they won’t awake simply due to fear and the like. Sensing there are millions upon millions like this, more than a bit of despair typically ensues in the hearts of those who are awake. What is one to do?

    But then it gets really frightening when you discover people like Pamela Geller. Wow is all I can say, and I never knew of her until recently. Frightening to say the least. 100% wildly aggressive, fanatical Pro-Israeli, no exceptions/100% Anti-Muslim, no exceptions public persona and her latest endeavor is spending tons of cash on publically plastering hateful propaganda all over the city of NY (i.e. on subways, buses, signage throughout the city, even public media feeds on the streets of the city). Her blog: http://atlasshrugs.com/. There’s a video about 2/3’s of the way down her blog page entitled, “Pamela Geller speaks at Gotham Tea Party.” It will destroy your soul to watch it, so don’t, but do watch only the last 2 minutes (min. 33-35) to see her reaction to a sincere, intelligent question about 9/11. Her aggressive, Bill O’Reilly type-style ensures that even a wacky, dismissive non-response such as the one she provides to the question gets muted amongst the adoring crowd.

    Awareness takes many forms, and the importance of such cannot be underestimated…

    • You’re prompting a post. This dynamic is dastardly, as you well know Gus. These lying bastards and zio-agents are vitriolic, hate spreading manipulators. I feel a list coming on. Got any more you want to add. “Monsters Among Us”. Faces of Evil got humungous cuz I added on over the course of time…obviously we could just keep going.
      I wanna hit new agents like this that people need to be aware of, that are in fabric of this latest drive. The O’Reilly comparison is spot on, but these self-appointed social mobsters that rile such hate speech are the real terrorists. Where’s the google shut down with these types, virtually calling for an Islamic genocide? I thot “never again” oh self righteous hypocritical hate mongering Zios! Damn.

      • Yea, you know this crowd is super evil, but every now and then you can errantly let your guard down and picture them all being clumsy, spineless, weak-kneed wannabees like that guy Patrick Clawson, who probably got the shit kicked out of him his entire life. Then someone like this woman comes along and it wakes you up like a vicious slap in the face to what these maniacs are really all about.

        And of course, yea, super double standard on the freedom of speech issue, and where best to showcase it then in the capital of the USSA Gulag, NYC. Just when you think Orwell’s dystopian novel couldn’t get any worse, now the citizens of NYC have to see this filth all over the streets, subways and public transportation. Maybe Bloomberg can get some additional funding to showcase her work at ground zero, adjacent the, er, “Freedom” Tower.

        Keep the lists coming my friend, a personal fave of mine and I’m sure many others….

  30. Gentlewarrior Gatherings

    Once a month in 2013, I will arrange a time and reserve the space here in this Bangkok Centre for those who have at least of glimpse of how we have all been manipulated and controlled – so that we can come together and share.

    Many of us know something is going on but can’t quite put it into words, or maybe we can, but there are the questions that arise from that realization….

    What can I do about it? and the biggie “HOW” ?

    Each of us has a unique part of the puzzle. Let’s put the puzzle pieces together.

    If you would like to participate or just come along, please let me know by e-mail at dhamma.art@gmail.com. There’s no charge for this, but those who come often and contribute their ideas and energy will be given preference if we get crowded out, which hopefully we will.

    The first three gatherings will be on Thursday evenings from 7.30 – 9.30 pm on January 3, February 7 and April 25.


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