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"Snordelhans Has Been Terminated…" – YouTube


“Snordelhans has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted. “

[I couldn’t say it better than Steve here. What bullshit is going down on the net. Damn them. – Z]

from PhilosophersStone

Ahh Fuck YouTube…..

“Snordelhans has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted. ”

Watch the wording YouTube, that could be taken as a threat… “Snordelhans has been terminated”

YouTube keep changing their site. They try to make it more and more difficult to find “real” stuff and keep pushing shite. Then show us the complaints.  Youtube….  Can anyone complain and have any account closed?
Response from the irrepressible Snords:

Yeah, baby!!!

Rock the fuckers!….and we’re here to help!!

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  1. You Tube is going to start charging you money by this April to watch most of what is on their site. Better start looking at Vimeo or whatever else is out there.

  2. I caught the same surprise while looking for his Rivero requote of ‘zombie Jesus’ for my blog. :-(
    I’ll bet the new video posted today, which I haven’t yet watched mentioned a certain middle Eastern country

    • Now for my rant 1st off ! fuCK YOU JOOOoOo TUBE! what a shame one of the best if not the best channels gone because some dick head complained? Ye right Here’s a tampon stfu we all know that that channel spoke of hard truth in worldly problems most dare to even mention.Not only was the channel filled with fantastic visual art the research and subject matter was extremely educational it had a brilliance that many enjoyed. But hey cant have enough fucking dummy videos like morons lighting them self’s on fire or directions on how to collect more state social hand outs.More over sized ass shaking to hip hop and useless talking pet vids,Well i can say this from personal experience, I offer Pat donations ,even said i would pay him in silver since the fucking paper is as good ink it was printed in ,this is his reply. (Heya Peek,
      That very kind of you to even think a thing like that, and I appreciate it more than you know.
      Although it does take a lot of time and money to produce the pieces, I have to say that I do it because I am outraged by how we are being manipulated as humans, and, most especially, who is doing the manipulation.
      I am old school. I believe, from the core of my being, that once one’s eyes have been opened, you have a moral obligation to pass it on. That is what I am doing and it be improper to accept donations from anyone for expressing my moral obligation.
      Thank you for the offer though.

      Peace out.
      Now thats a Human! Bless ya pal need more of ya’s sorry if my posting that is wrong because you sent it to me but It has to shine lie the truth it is!

  3. Any shrink worth a hill of beans (I love Laing) will tell you (or a competent Buddhist) that you can only repress unwanted subconscious content for so long, then it is going to burst forth, whether you like it or not. This also applies to the macro, the collective consciousness. Transformation can no longer be postponed. Only thing the pigs-that-be have accomplished (terrestrial and otherwise) is helping cause one huge event when the breakthrough manifests. Buckle your seatbelts!

    • We’re the white blood cells in their sick matrix of lies and are giving them fits!! We’re the good virus they dread! Keep on, they’re squirming and pay no attention to the phony anger and threats!

  4. My termination was painless. Quick as a silver firefox. I will begin the process of re-upping onto the Snordster account. Thanks, once again, for those that helped, both morally and physically. If we give up… they win. If we carry on… they lose. That is all that interests me. And thank you too Zen, for being who you are, your words are a chisel shaping the future.

    • Patrick, I couldn’t believe it, but of course, I wasn’t a bit surprised. Your works are priceless masterpieces and will one day be an example of the rare few who were brave enough to do what was necessary and right: to shine truth out for the world to see. My personal favorites are your presentations of Visible’s writing. :)

      You do have my moral support but if there’s any other support that you need, please let me know: clarityATlesvisible.net

      Much love,

    • Patrick,

      To attempt to silence a man is to pay him homage, for it is an acknowledgement that his arguments are both impossible to answer and impossible to ignore. –JBR Yant

      You’re a good man Patrick, and your work is superb. Have faith in the tenacity of life; losing is not an option, it’s not on the table, it’s not in the room, nor is it anywhere near this planet.


  5. Snordelhans is some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard. Truth is a sharp stick. I hope he can continue on elsewhere.

    • Fear not, like all of us he’s eternal…expect something cool. He’s the real deal. Universe knows exactly what it’s doing and/or allowing…;)))

      • you’ve got that right, Zen. PAINLESS is the key word here..

        keep on keeping on, Patrick. You are a true master of the universe. (hey! my number quiz was 3 – 6 – 9)

  6. when this happens to you in a world run by murderers, liars, and thieves … it is simultaneous with the awarding of a real peace prize in the eternal world

    congratulations snordelhans

  7. Is there anyhting we can do to resurrect this channel somewhere else. We can’t live without it. What can we do to help Patrick? It is vital we all come up with a plan to make sure this light of Truth continues to shine

  8. You also have my love and support snordlhans, your work is an inspiration and your words encourage others and give us light and hope in this dark age, please do what you feel is best in your heart and soul, i am anxiously awaiting your return, sincerely angie

    • Sounds like the Scarlet Pimpernel. In revolutionary French daze, a person could be ‘Denounced’ by virtually anyone, and summarily dispatched! Sound familiar? Snord and Visible are intellectual and creative artists of the highest sort. This is censorship of the worst sort, committed by fearful, small minded psychopaths, terrified by the cleansing, white light of truth and perspicacity. This badge of honor will go on the vest alongside the many others ribbons and medals, as the necessary and irrepressible message of non fiction rises again, phoenix like, from the ashes of terror and weakness. The museum of Snor/Visible must reappear, in another form, and in another place and time. We learned so much from these sages!

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