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So Where Are We?

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by Zen Gardner

We’re in the thick of it. My biggest concern? So many have been warned and so few have heeded. You can’t even count how many seriously weird things are going down, practically all of them carefully designed, and an intoxicated world dutifully falls into line robotically.

That’s the weirdest thing of all.

The engineers we’re up against are in a very powerful position and are not afraid to use it. Besides the other idiocies transpiring in full frontal view, the MSM now joins the asteroid meme saying,  “Get canned food, the asteroid is approaching..”, all while the government says preppers and hoarders are potential terrorists.

Push me, pull me. Typical. The world is such a shitty place to live right now if you listen to these morons’ interpretations and scripted propaganda. But what else can you get during this clampdown?

Everything’s fear and control propaganda.

Steer clear of it all is my advice. Financial scams, military scare tactics, phoney baloney media plays….. stand clear.

Global Spiritual Martial Law – Disconnect City

It’s fucked up to the core if you look at it honestly. Between EU declarations that you can’t grow your own seeds, to the UN gun control resolution while governments militarily wreck desired countries and arm extremists worldwide to overthrow their latest Malthusian inspired targets…we have a serious disconnect.

When Monsanto gets a free pass to not only deliver worldwide health crippling genetic changes in plant and animal life…but to even PATENT it….AND get governmental protection…we have a serious disconnect.

When police are allowed to incarcerate and kill at will any arbitrarily selected “suspect” or “dissident”, without due process….we have a serious disconnect.

When it comes to the beyond Orwellian global armed drone deployment for not just surveillance, but global almost random murder of untried “suspects” anywhere, including in the home countries of these insane “freedom defending” devices…..we have a serious disconnect.

And there’s so much more. Damn.


Politics? Bah Humbugger

Our NeoCon Zionist Masonic Illuminati infested governmental structure, here and elsewhere, is a sick joke on an induced psychotic, sedated humanity. And “it’s everywhere you wanna be”, you can count on it.

Don’t take anything for granted, it ain’t what you think it is. On top of it, we’re infiltrated to the core and lied to beyond comprehension. There are people around you that would sell you out for a Big Mac. That’s the world we’re “quantitatively easing” into, as they like to say.

Surreal. By your permission, mind you dear participant.

And the reason for the big terms, big concepts, “too big to fail” and the like? Mega bullshit to carry the unsuspecting MSG/GMO/Aspartame media addicts into the next spiritual torture chamber, something for further indoctrination, breeding, bleeding and seeding.

“Energy tapping” if you will. We’re not really useless eaters, kind of useful feeders.

Sorry, that’s the ugly truth about this dirty matrix we’re seeing this temporary full fruition of.

Take it or leave it. But I’m of a firm conviction that it’s either get this goddamn lie front and center in your focus and admit it’s real and do something about it, or it’s bye bye.

Time to decide.


That’s the Truth. Now Act…

And deal with it responsibly, lovingly, but truthfully.

Just don’t be another ignorant, unresponsive lump of dead ass unlit coal. There’s plenty of that around doing no good to anyone including themselves. They think themselves into unresponsive oblivion while thinking they understand.

If you’re reading this I suspect you’re looking for affirmations of what you already know to be true.

Light it up. Do it.

Act on it. That’s the key. Never fear. Fear is their vibe, their control mechanism, to induce unquestioning  paralyzing thought and inaction.

Be who you truly are. It’s that simple. The rest will follow. Simply be you.

Love, Zen


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  1. The big fat bird butt thinks nobody can see its huge ass. Thats government and we have a serious disconnect.!

  2. Zen, I dont know what I would do if couldn’t read your words a few times a week, settles my heart down, thank you.

  3. I’d like to add a positive short story to this post. A dear friend and their family absolutely refused to wake up for the longest time. No matter how many times I prompted them there was blank stares. After a brief call recently they relayed some information that tipped their hat. I was so shocked by the realization I had to bite my tongue or I would have yelled something. I think they were trying to find out if I was awake. LOL. They were clearly using terms that unequivocally relate to someone that just woke up. They seemed to be a bit on edge which is understandable. We’ll be getting the families together soon. It should be very enlightening.

    • Wow–how cool. Expect more of this everyone, it’s breaking thru the fabric. Keep on pounding, with love and wisdom, but don’t give up. We can lay clues and hints in their lives at the least, like Jersey literally does on the sidewalk. (And/or get Dane’s chemtrail calling cards. Good idea cuz security cameras are everywhere and it’ll look like you’re just exchanging information.)

    • Ive recently had a similar experience with my daughter in Arizona. She asked me several years ago not to talk about any of my crazy conspiracy theories. Per her request I have not even once. ( I have to say, it’s really hard to pretend that everything is just fine.) I happen to call her up last week and man did I get an ear full about some of the things she has woken up to. She even asked me to send her a map of where we will be when the SHTF for their bug out plan. I was quite shocked to hear this come out of her mouth. So there is hope, but my fear is “is it a day late and a dolllar short?”

      • Waking up to NOW is always on time. Those not spiritually prepared are the most in peril. The physical will come, even if it means last minute clustering where they’ll share their information, now augmented by yours. That’s great news! Our kids go two steps forward, one step back, but they’ve all had the download and know we’re here for them. Our current trip is to find something they can also escape to when TSHTF if it’s even possible, but they understand our “mission”, being as Grandpa puts sticks in the reptiles’ eyes regularly and likes to slap the bastards around all he can…ha!

  4. Is it me or I detect a clear sign of desperation in the hectic/half botched measures and old tactics employed by the PTB? Never fear is a great piece of advice especially when as Nietzsche said “even the bravest of us rarely has the courage for what he really knows”. Keep reminding us not to be afraid Zen!

  5. These sick beings are pulling out all the tricks they know whats coming. They can feel the vibrational change and they know it’s not in their favor. If they can pull things in the direction they want they think they can control it. Won’t happen our uniqueness is what they hate that’s why they dumb the populous down. We are pure energy if everyone could grasp this than the cockroaches would scurry away. Good Post
    Thank You

    • yes – that’s why I like to peel back the band aid periodically, it’s cold water in the face to remind us to disengage, not fall asleep at the wheel. It’s like the Sirens in the Odyssey – if you listen to them you’ll come under their spell. TV perfect example. Our free spirit and changed lives speak the loudest – and when we do speak it comes out loud, clean and clear. 😉

  6. Here’s how I see it. Soon, the large cities will be surrounded and access to and from will be controlled. Next the medium sized cities will have the same happen to them. That’s when the small communities will see what is happening and take to the forests and form a resistance. That’s when the fight really starts. They are going to go down, and they know it. Scares the shit out of them, but they have to play this out. It’s their karma. The one thing I believe in is that there is NO WAY that the forces of GOOD will ever be defeated. There’s no surrender, death is preferable to these assholes inflicting their agenda. Bring it! I’m ready to die!

    • No you’re not! Besides what good are ya dead to anyone! I think you meant you are prepared to face death. You spite them by living! But I feel ya, I know what you mean.

  7. * Apparently, the mind discerns between ‘sense’ & ‘non-sense’… rather than right or wrong.
    …Seems the ‘in-yer-face’ party-line propaganda polarization… is a now in a ‘full swing- full blown-bulldozer-in-progress’ crushing mandate by the Zioarchon PTB…to get us ALL to swallow abject nonsense, as ‘Good’ ‘Right’ & Patriotic’ for us ALL to be on an enervating 24/7/365 ‘Terror Alert’ super-stressed-> misdirection/distraction!… while they surreptitiously erode the Constitution daily & connive/conspire behind Wall St./White House closed doors… to clean out & covet ALL of our hard earned /slave-wage ‘bankster’ accounts et al…because THEY SAY SO !?!
    …This is the quintessential “Playground Bully” superimposed & morphed into a Global NWO “King Rat”(1962 novel.J.Clavell)…Time to push back from a ‘full blown’ AWAKENED conscience with conscious non-compliance!

    • All so very clear to many of us. Yet oddly, so many otherwise intelligent folks are totally oblivious. Such is the power of mind control and/or denial.

      • * Ain’t that the truth….Seems that to enjoy a play-movie-or a dictate ‘from royalty’ et al…one must suspend their Perceived ‘reality/belief’… in order to *’entertain’ *…Another!……hence the manipulation of this bi-polar phenomenon via it’s use as a psychological weapon!!!… the Hegelian Dialect… the elite wield so expertly to control the ‘mob’………..by laying the ‘unconscious’ ground work for holding 2 contradictory beliefs…while believing Both to be true…ie: truth & denial playing in a ‘macabre dance’ polarized in ‘irreconcilable’ dualism… creating an undesirable & agitated state of mind with ‘cognitive dissonance’…..not exactly conducive ‘clear thinking’ to evaluate just how badly we’re ALL getting bent over…just sayin-(lol)

  8. keen observation Zen….Remember… Byron “Double-Speak” Sage…? This is not an Assault


    Mass Murder with covinous collusion of the “Media” and the criminally insane psychopaths calling themselves


    We are here….awaiting their self immolation as members of the stool sculpture deity cult


    are designed to do…

  9. Excellent article Zen!

    This will not sit well with some folks, but the apple does not fall far from the tree. One of the greatest challenges for all of us is that we are a product of the system. We are its offspring if you will. Its ego, at least in part, is our ego. Our blind spots are many, and even the most awakened individual has them. They have violated everything: science, food, weather, spirituality, music, economy and much more. And when we think we have one area figured out, another one is controlling us.

    When I attempt to reach out to an unaware human, most often it is their ego that repels me; the archon hand-up-the-back-of-the-puppet that is fiercely guarding the ground it has taken. It comes off as great arrogance. It causes me to consider what false ground I am holding onto. A captured mind is a weapon in the hands of someone else.

    • I think that is my problem. I am still trying to sort all of this out, even though I have become aware of the lies (well, some of them). I still have alot of figuring out and work to do to recognize and shake off the conditionings and fear. I’m still very new to all of this, and am learning more and more each day. Thank you.

      • Tamara, in the beginning when it was very new to me, I was scared. Once you start putting the pieces together and can see the bigger picture, the fear tends to go away. My mom is only partly awake and she is scared, but I don’t know anyone who is “fully awake” who is. I think it’s more fear of the unknown. It can also be overwhelming to have your world turned upside down.

        I’ve got two ears if you ever want to talk… {{{hugs}}}

        Much love,

  10. ” We’re not really useless eaters, kind of useful feeders”. Oh yeah Zen. Most people will stop bellying up to the trough when they’re dead. Fools Gruel.

    Excellent article Zen!

    • Come to think of it how I felt when writing this was the same in that dream I had where I was watching a fat kid standing in front of a pizza oven transfixed by the fire. The fire grew bigger and bigger until he was literally cooking. I was screaming at him at the top of my lungs to get away from it and he just stood there as his flesh cooked deeper and deeper. I woke myself up yelling. That was 4 years ago. Slow boiling frog, same thing. Stockholm syndrome gone anesthetic. So many are past waking up, very scary.

  11. Bravo Sir well done .. Love the sum up ! .. Standing O … and never say sorry for the truth ! ugly or not ,, its the Truth as you said ,, Under the burning heat the truth comes out ….

        • That happened after I bought my first piece of orgonite in SD. Guy said put it by my bed and see what happens. Wanted to take it back and exchange it the dream was so vivid and horrific – he interpreted the dream and bingo. Still hv that piece and several others and have given a lot of ’em away to family and friends.

          • must have been for you to member it 4 years ago .. that the party that stuck out in my mind ..

  12. i know it is just from a book, but it really works for me, like a mini meditation to calm myself. i repeat the bene geserit words against fear from the book DUNE by frank herbert. “Fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death. I will face my fear and let it pass through me and beyond. When I look behind me, only I remain.” hope this helps.

  13. Inspiring post, Zen, and with just the right energy to get me through the day.

    We’ve had day after day of rain here. Yesterday afternoon as some of the clouds were being blown by the wind and an opening appeared, I could see fresh new chemtrails hidden behind.

    I happy to report a newly-waking person here. Others do seem beyond hope. My husband says we are “on different paths”.

    Some of the cracks are getting bigger and new ones appear to be forming.

    Many thanks for these wise words:
    “Be who you truly are. It’s that simple. The rest will follow. Simply be you.”

    Much love,

  14. If I look at outward signs, I see so many who seem to be sleeping and they kind of fade into a painted backdrop as the play goes on on a different level.
    Yet, and especially now, I see many who are stretching and uncurling and rubbing their eyes as they step into a more authentic interaction with themselves and the ‘world’. Awakened or awakening people don’t usually have a halo or a badge that says ‘spiritual’. You can find them behind the counter at 7Eleven, collecting bus fares or feeding their babies. These days I meet fewer awakeners wearing robes or dog collars or the equivalent. “Curiouser and curiouser” said Alice.

    • Well said “more authentic interaction”. That why the crash is backfiring.
      But yes, we don’t know unless we prod a little bit. Twice getting her hair cut my wife met very straight looking women who turned out to be 9/11 Truthers and well beyond. Just gotta bring subjects up to get the ball rolling – I use the banking scam everyone agrees with or health or GMOs usually to test the waters. When the second one eventually said her favorite website was forbidden knowledge my jaw dropped. After a long talk “all over the shop” she told me about her Uncle saying, “You need to meet my Uncle etc.” I always love to hear that cuz you know it’s another Truth fanatic like us. One of our kids is quite skeptical and while we were there she was getting her air ducts replaced and the older repair guy and her had become friends since he’d been there on other jobs. They’re chatting and apparently she brought up about her crazy step dad and what he thinks and he exclaims “He’s right!” and goes on a tear about how fucked up everything is and that there IS a conspiracy. Ha! Don’t you wonder how often that happens when people scoff the Truth to someone and the come back like that?!?!?!?! I bet a LOT!! The Truth rolls on!!

  15. I still think people are too afraid to admit they are awake. I will talk to anyone and am always surprised like you Zen, it’s usually the straight looking “normal” ones that are awake . In our local pub just recently my husband casually mentioned the video on YouTube that showed what appeared to be an alien looking body guard guarding Obama at a conference I think in Israel, any way doesn’t matter because his reply nearly made husband fall over (wasn’t the beer !!!!!!) The farmer, yes the straight, seemingly mainstream farmer launched into a conversation that included Area 51 ,Gnostic Gospels Archons UFO’s in our local area and Agenda 21!!!!!! Wow amazing who would have thought? but he ended the conversation with “don’t say I said this though ” Similarly whilst talking to a seemingly fundamental elderly Christian lady I was told (by her) about her incredible inner spiritual life that involved serious meditation practices, Kundalini rising and how she wasn’t really into the Christian thing at all it was more of a “social”t!hing to her.but the conversation ended with” I don’t usually tell anyone this” The worst to crack are strangely the young in their thirties the ones just starting along or establishing career’s if you tell them any thing remotely “weird”or try to open their eyes to even seemingly simple truth’s like our debt based monetary system they immediately get on the defensive and close up totally. This is the fear factor. If you are say 33, have a young family and are collecting “stuff ,”including a rather large mortgage , and are told that this is all illusory and rather meaningless ,dragging yourself out of that system is almost impossible and absolutely terrifying. During their inculcation (education ) with state rhetoric this group of people actually believe their government is a benign entity doing all it can to help and support them. We are slaves to our fear generated by those who think they are our master’s. Getting out of that cave by removing the shackles and heading toward’s the light need’s serious work and some people would simply prefer to wallow in their own cognitive dissonance because even that nightmare is warm and comfortable compared to the glaring light of truth.I think the way to go is to not assume anything about people , the one thing you can predict about people is they are unpredictable .!! Some younger people are a worry they seem to have lost the will to live and view their situation as hopeless , they are the generation subjected to the full spectrum of the control system in all it’s form’s . Still we must carry on, Have no fear ,fear is illusory .What are we truly afraid of ? face it, (the fear) move on, and out of the control system, practice compassion, kindness, give of yourself freely be loving just be .Even if you open the eyes of one person you have done well and made a difference however small and that’s how it starts, small beginning’s , little acorns !! xxxx

    • Brilliant Kitty – so so true. Yes, that generation includes our kids. We’ve always been off beat so they just chalk it up to a doomsday negative outlook since they just don’t want to live under that knowledge of just how bad it is when they’re trying to raise their kids in a world in which they want to have hope. I think this is what the Obama illusion tapped into and reinforces, very clever marketing. They’re just waiting for the awake boomers to wear out and die as they intensely condition the next generations. it’s been this way for centuries, we’re just seeing an accelerated version. But like you said, the choice to not see it is a choice, just that. Always has been, always will be in this cycle.
      As far as making a difference, I think we’re each responsible to make as much of a difference as we can. That’s why part time pop star activists burn my ass, when they could make such an impact on the hypnotized. Good on people like Roseanne Barr trying to do what she can in spite of the pressure in that industry. If people don’t pop out now like Turkey thermometers and start screaming, many many many people will needlessly suffer, when they could have been prepared and well armed with Truth.

    • Kitty , I love your posts, and Zen, you are our inspiration. It is funny and surprising when random people open up to us. It shouldn’t be, I guess. I come from a large family, 7 siblings total, plus wives, husbands, children. Out of the 7, who were raised in the same household, same structure, 3 are in denial of the present world situation. Funny, because 2 of them are twins. My father is open, my mother is closed. All I can do is share what I learn and laugh and talk with them. They will be where they need to be.

      I want to share something that happened to me today. I have really expanded my garden this year and went to a nursery that is close by to get tomato plants. I had never been there before, but the owner of the place greeted me immediately and we started talking. He showed me his gardens, helped me pick the best plants for my needs, dissuaded me from buying his plants, that I could start from seed on my own. He offered for me to call with any canning or preserving questions, and introduced me to the new baby goat, that looks like a fawn. I picked out my plants and went to pay. I handed his wife, who does the magic on the flowers!, my card because I didn’t have much cash. They only took cash. They sent me home with my car full of beautiful plants and told me to come back when I could. Well, I came home, got the money and came right back, of course. The man says to me, “Well, you didn’t have to rush back. You could have just brought it by when you were around.”

      That is not the world I am use to. Good thing I moved to the country! That kind of blind trust is unheard of in most places in the US. It was a really moving experience.

      One more thing about “Moving Experiences,” I just saw that California is shaking. I hope everyone there is safe and well. I am concerned.


      • Hey Carla , love your story too. Isn’t it a wonderful thing when goodness comes your way it’s such a joyful feeling and makes every thing else fade into insignificance.I’m looking at my garden right now and planning all the thing’s I want to do this year , it bring’s me such joy and pleasure to do this , Isn’t it amazing you are in the US I’m in England and yet we are sharing the same thing’s Love Kitty xxx

      • I do hope everyone took that in Carla – the story. This is the bedrock of real community – and ultimately the world is a family – and its just one community.

        • Thank you Julian. I feel so lucky. In just the past two months, I was given space to triple the size of my vegetable garden(s), met a new friend who is bringing us beautiful eggs in all colors and sizes, and a source for raw milk. In exchange, I am baking sweet treats for everyone. It feels like a real mutually giving exchange. It is so much better than just dealing with money!
          Kitty, we are sisters!
          Love, Carla

          • We certainly are sister’s Carla , what a fantastic idea to exchange good’s and barter, !! It really is great not to have to deal with money it’s so much more” kind “I do it myself and I love to bake !! as I am typing this I am making a Devils Food Cake for my Kid’s they love cakes !! I still havnt found a source for raw milk. It isn’t illegal here yet( England) but is in Scotland apparently , (more control) so I’ll keep on looking Love kitty xxxx

      • Thank you, love being here. it’s so good to talk to like minded people . Even though we are all a long way from each other physically I feel there is a real connection here Zen’s garden is turning into an Oasis in this crazy world we live in xxxxxxxxx

  16. What is worse is having a wife who is completely awake,and refuses to adjust to that reality,preferring instead to max out on what we have left to perpetuate her unreality of superficially expierienced luxury instead of living life according to the truth she has aquired.The rest of the extended family are eye rollers.Even the awake ones seem to get a big ego boost by telling me how awake they are,then don’t want to listen when I try to connect more dots about what they said.

    • With ya brother. In a similar situation. It is particularly funny when THEY ask a serious question and then 10 seconds into your response… they all of a sudden need to do laundry or text some body or some other mundane task. Start with love. They have no idea what is controlling them.

  17. “You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is THE HOUR.

    And there are things to be considered…

    Where are you living?

    What are you doing?

    What are your relationships?

    Are you in right relation?

    Where is your water?

    Know your garden.

    It is time to speak your Truth.

    Create your community.

    Be good to each other.

    And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

    Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, “This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

    At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

    The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

    We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

    -Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

    I would just like to add that Douglas Reed was one of the foremost journalists of his time and knew most of the world figures personally. As WWII approached he realized the world wars were rigged phony wars and began to examine why they were occurring. Folks who have not caught on yet to today’s archonship might really enjoy the insight of one of the greatest free journalists of all time-


    Forewarned is like knowing how to swim in the big river, in the time of right now.

  18. Thanks Zen,I have tried to be that way.But I even have a sister who listened to me for hours about what I see is really going down.She told me she was so proud of me and my clear understanding of the things that are going on around us,and thanked me for sharing.She said I must be the smartest person that she has ever met.That was expressed on the phone.When I came to visit her in her town,she had a group of friends around and proceeded to villify me and my views,even down to the very rudimentary foundation of what she had agreed was so insightful.Sometimes Zen,I want to open the escape hatch and and just accept that what goes on in this world just does not matter to me anymore.People all around me are so willing to lie to me about the simplest,non-consequential things that I just shake my head instead of trying to be rational or logical in a response anymore.They get mad at me and call me names when I try to point out the incongruencies of what they tell me.What do you do when everybody around you can’t see the forest because the trees are in the way?Am I as ignorant as most others when I say I get it,and cared to relay some truth and understanding,only to be betrayed by close family members who value their friends acceptance more than standing true to what they tell family members they now understand?We are now in a world where you can’t even trust people who are family who will agree with you just so you pour your heart out and expose yourself so they can point you out as a non conformist for the simple pleasure of having approval of vicarious friends.I’am ready for my next life,all the lessons of this one keep repeating.O.K,I get it,over and over,the same lessons thrown at me.Same lessons all throught history,and most do not get it.Life to me has become a total frustration,and I’am better off than about 5 billon other people of this world.I feel guilty even thinking I should expect more out of this life.I even feel arrogant that God will understand me,and deliver me from this insanity.There is hardly anything I believe is true and righhtous in this world worthy enough to hang around for.I have enough insight of myself to make a statement to the people and the world around me in a profound way,but I can’t get my head around the fact that all my loved ones would pay the price for my actions whether they believe in me or not.I can’t do anything in a vaccuum,without effecting others right to exist in their own chosen paradigm.Knowing so much puts the burden of action to test ,knowig that that is still incomplete.Just like total democracy was probably at the pinacale during the French Revolution,where the people decided who was next to be on the gillitine,who was just about anybody who thought differently than what the mob conjured to be true,all

    i can be is me,however that came about,I only whish God would have the balls to inform me somehow that I have the right things together to know that I’am not just another arrogant ego thinking I have all the answers.Why am I immune from all the propaganda and see thru the lies of life.Why was I aware of the B.S all the way from about 2nd grade,yet nothing in my life has progressed as far as people around me percieveing even the slightist understanding that I’am a good person that want’s to expierience profoundly a compassionate world where people put forth an effort to make things better for everybody?Change is inevitible,but,do we really have to care what the results are in this world when we know that this is not the the world we wish to live in?

    • I feel you here. It’s part of all of our voyages. I ask that question often, “Can I go home now?” half jokingly but in all sincerity. It can get pretty rough at times, but it really is part of our passage here. The ridicule, backbiting, mockery – it’s all cover up by scared individuals who have to huddle together to give themselves a sense of authenticity.
      You’re seeing your sister with her group, and people just don’t have guts any more. Actually that’s endemic to the matrix system, conformity is good, individuality is wonky. It might be time for you to move on to greener fields with some people like yourself, once you feel you’ve given it your best shot. By definition the blind cannot see. They’re punching their way around the inside of a paper bag so just stand clear until Universe shows you an opening.
      It’ll pass and you’ll see through and past this. But it happens to all of us. It’s actually a good sign even though it sucks. Shows you’re detached. Now look the other way at the light – the wonders of the Universe and listen to something uplifting about the amazing infinite world we REALLY inhabit!! You’re already there, no need to go anywhere – cool? Much love and big hug, hang in there – every awakened soul is needed rt now – all hands on deck! Love, Zen

  19. Its time to focus on what we want people. A good portion of us are talking about the imbalances and disharmony, injustice and disillusion so prominent in our life-experience today, but don’t realize this is precisely what exacerbates the situation. Rising above it all is the only answer, the solution to bringing peace, health, harmony, balance, joy, and happiness in our lives. We cannot, I repeat, we cannot effect a change in our lives or anyone else’s focusing on the many streams of negativity that so systematically bombards and overwhelms us each day.

    The way to control our energy and thus our lives is to focus heart-felt(ly) on exactly what we desire in our life-experience; everything else is a distraction, everything. If you truly desire to manifest positive changes in your life-experience, you must change what you focus on heart-felt(ly). Any thing/situation either experienced personally or through media or our five senses that carries negative vibrations is a situation that should not be allow into our sub-consciousness, consciousness, energy field or heart.

    Human beings are extremely powerful and that power is exactly what has help to create our current reality. This is a conundrum for the power/energy we contribute while ingesting the negativity simple creates more of the same. Its been said a million times before and will undoubtedly be said a million times more, “we create our reality”. If we ever want to live in peace, health, harmony, balance, joy, and happiness we need only focus heart-felt(ly) on those qualities.

    Try it and see what happens!!!

    ~Vibe right~

  20. Ever wonder why things are predictably moving towards the extensively-commented (focussed) upon totalitarian-nightmare; with the (self-appointed) “awake” powerless to do anything about it? Except comment about it and claim “our day will come?”

    Pontificating and adopting an adversarial approach, distancing oneself from the proverbial “them,” and “their-crimes,” is as much a part of the problem as anything one blames “these-others” for.

    All is one, is it not? So “who’s” responsible for everything complained about? (the) One – that’s us, all of us. Who carried-out 9-11? One did. Who drops bombs all over the world? One does. Who’s poisoning the skies, land, food? One is.

    Being distracted to the point of delusion, where one excuses oneself from total responsibility, renders one powerless to do anything more than disguise one’s powerlessness beneath ‘noble’ claims, constantly fighting “them.” (and) Claiming to be “awake,” ignoring the real predicament, which is too painful, for it would reveal that “something” (the self) has to transform.

    But ego doesn’t want to give up its fragile grasp, it needs the “enemy” for it reinforces its own identity, specialness, meaning. “We are here to change the world…” and such. So, without transformation, things go on predictably. And the “awake” will claim it’s not their fault, it’s either the “sheeple” (unawoken) or the “dark-forces…” Anybody but themselves, who are responsible.

    Only ego (the divided-self) can find logic in such a delusion.

    If the body gets sick, does one seek to reject, destroy the suffering part? Or does one commune intently with the dis-ease to discover harmony? There is only ONE, mind, body… whatever you prefer. If you want pain and suffering, continue to delude and separate yourself from your “usual suspects” and project your unresolved issues upon “them.” The carousel will continue…

    If you want love – give it (you’re giving it to the self) If you want peace – give it (ditto) Whatever you want – be it, give it. If you can’t give the things you desire to all, especially those who need it most (your targets of your condemnations) then do the truly courageous thing and get to work on that self – who is the source of the problem. That’s where the power lies, everyone has it, but you have to give-up the little-self, with all its grievances and condemnations… But in doing so, one realises that nothing has been lost, only the delusion and all has been gained.

    • Right on the money. I’m very tired of hearing how the PTB, the these, and the those, and the other ones are doing all of thi, and so so everyone stand around with hair alight, yammering about how terrible it all is. No one can make me do anything that I simply refuse to do. It’s just a question of how inconvenient it is for me to make the choice to refuse. We’re all the problem, and we’re all the solution.

  21. I agree with this totally. Standing on the battle ground, beating your chest and shouting is not the answer, IMO.

    • It’s like being a tightrope walker
      Get acquainted with where you are and the environment around you. Check out the path ahead. Tune into your own inner balance. Focus on the path and step out there. Maintain your balance and your focus unwaveringly as you cross over from a sense of victimhood to a joyous confidence that you can and are doing what you know to be right for you right now.

  22. Love Roseanne Barr too Zen she is a real thorn in the side of the” controllers”. I totally agree about the current generation of so called Pop Star’s they are no more than puppet’s selling a vile agenda to a young and impressionable group of people who need nurturing and guidance , not to be bombarded and corrupted with sound’s and symbolism that is so deeply occult in nature it’s mind blowing.Why don’t this generation get it ?it’s almost as if they have been for want of a better word “hexed”.Watching my very young granddaughter dancing to a Rihanna song absolutely sickened me but my eldest daughter just didn’t understand when I tried to tell her how wrong it was ..Your comment about Obama is really interesting” illusion “is always a word I have used when thinking about him ,.I was never sucked into the election and inauguration hysteria that surrounded him, his use of neuro linguistic programming and the mantra” Yes we can,” hypnotising people into a false sense of hope but never delivering the promise immediately exposed his true agenda, so clever and so so wicked. My youngest daughter is very awake, as were sitting in her school yard this week she laughed pointed to all her friend’s ” immersed ” in their i phones totally oblivious to each other and the rest of the world and said” Look Mum, the Zombie Apocalypse, it’s here already” !!!!!!!! , we’v got so much to do, like you say we are all responsible that’s what true spirituality is all about . xxxxxx

    • Wow–what a contrast. Yeah, our grandkids listen to total garbage with no discernment – just cuz it’s out there and popular. Some of the older grandkids are showing real good signs of snapping out of it and we’ve had some good talks, esp. about spiruality, but the younger ones have learned to hide what they’re listening to when we’re around knowing what we’ll say – ha! The parents don’t know what to do with it being pumped at the kids the way it is and all their friends being into the same crap.

  23. This one seems to have got lost down a digital black hole. Sending again.

    It’s like being a tightrope walker
    Get acquainted with where you are and the environment around you. Check out the path ahead. Tune into your own inner balance. Focus on the path and step out there. Maintain your balance and your focus unwaveringly as you cross over from a sense of victimhood to a joyous confidence that you can and are doing what you know to be right for you right now.

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