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So You’ve Woken Up…Now What?

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by Zen Gardner

Many people ask about this or something similar so here’s some thoughts on the subject. I don’t mean to tell anyone what to do, as that’s completely contrary to consciousness and conscious development, but I will share my understandings at this point and my passion for Truth and you can do what you like with it.

“What do you say to people who have woken up but can’t leave the system because of family and friends?”
This and those like it pose a very broad question since we’re all different and need to be led of our own convictions. However, the answer is fundamentally similar in every case.

Do what consciousness tells you.

There’s really no time for fiddling around once you’ve found what you know to be the Truth, which is always something clearly outside the realm of what you’ve been indoctrinated with. It’s always life altering. And if it isn’t, you didn’t hear correctly or it fell on deaf ears.

I don’t want to be counted amongst the deaf or unresponsive. Do you?

Especially when you found out that that’s exactly what perpetrates the big lie you found out about–a compliant, non-awake populace.

System Dependence is the Name of the Game

That’s the trouble with the “system”, it teaches dependency, hierarchy, and rote knowledge, where your choices are carefully narrowed down to “acceptable” alternatives within carefully confined parameters.

That’s why people feel like fish out of water when they wake up. They never learned how to truly think freely, nor did they have the knowledge tools. Instead, most everything was reversed, scrambled, confused and filed away in seeming useless obscurity.

The result is not just a marginalization of empowering Truths into the catch-all dustbins of “conspiracy theory” or wing nut stuff, but worse yet, the system does not cultivate original thought or true personal freedom or responsibility.

The real Truth is not an option in such a controlled environment. Oh, you get smatterings of truths, but drawing awake and aware conclusions is not an option to humanity’s would be Controllers.

The Wake Up Starts with a Bang – But You Have to Keep It Going

When someone awakens to the true nature of the manipulated world we live in, as well as the vast resources at our immediate conscious fingertips, it takes some doing to fully realize what that information means, as well as the vast implications on your personal life.

It can hit hard and may need some time to be digested.

How it affects each of us individually is really a question of simply putting what we’ve learned into action and trusting the Universe for the consequences.

I don’t think there’s time for much else. In fact, there never has been.

If you know the Truth, what are you waiting for?

While many are hoping for some kind of soft-pedaling of any kind of action call, it’s not a set formula. You just find out, and you react. And just that takes some doing, breaking off the rust of your True Self to animate and start to call the shots that were previously hindered by life long programming.

Stages of Development

For me the full wake up took on many stages of development, but the full blown realization of the vast extent of the manipulated lie and its fleshed out intricacies was a head splitting explosion that blew me past the pull of convention’s gravity so fast I’m still grinning from ear to ear as I zip through the universe..ha!

The point there being, the wake up takes on many forms and evolves. What gives the wake up traction is commitment, putting feet to your realizations.

You think TV’s bad? Turn it off. Banks are a rip off? Get out except for perhaps necessary operating funds if need be. Trapped by the ownership of housing, “might needs”, and all kinds of dumb stuff?

Dump everything you can, if that’s your understanding. Knowing “stuff owns you” is fundamental to consciousness. We all get there, but it depends on our enthusiasm…or “spirit in us”.

How many respond to just that?

Do What You Know or Face Confusion

Until people put into action what they already know, there isn’t gonna be much more to follow for them. Just a lot of flailing about in frustration because we don’t do what we already know we should do and are looking for excuses or compromised solutions to assuage our guilty conscience and hopefully preserve our personal status quo.

Sad, but true.

That also includes getting right with people, making relationships honest,  and disengaging from situations of compromise. It takes courage.

Know You Are Nobody–Yet Everybody

All this is a whole lot easier when you realize you are nobody. There’s nothing to defend.

Your old senses of self were the very strings the lying matrix played upon. Get conscious and the sirens of the system don’t affect you except peripherally.

That’s a biggie.

Conscious awareness is number one realizing and seeing through the higher level of awareness that is detached from this life’s experiences, and thus free to discern and identify without attachment what your life experience is.

Seeing through those eyes will bring tremendous peace and understanding.

Get Along But Don’t Compromise

Don’t fret the next steps. If the universe is so vast and full of infinite possibilities there’s going to be something for everybody. Our job is to find it and when we find it, act on it. No, it’s not the “safe” way, or the “accepted” way.

At all. We do have to break free.

In reality the parasitic system has been sucking you dry and lying to you and everyone you love. You now no longer owe it any allegiance and can and should disengage any and every way you can. No guilt trip necessary. You are doing what is right.


And that is not contingent on relationships, financial security, self image concerns, or what have you.

So get any and all attachments possible out of play. Happily. You are freeing yourself from the spider’s tentacles.

There’s Real Peace in Commitment.

When you’ve resolved to go ahead and “make the break” with convention and stand up for what you know is right, it leads to a new lifestyle. How do you think these wonderful websites were formed of like-minded people who found each other and decided to make an impact with videos, interviews, articles, participation in events, etc?

How were Gandhi, Martin Luther King or other world Truth bearers including the present day alternative luminaries birthed from their previous lives?

Something gelled, made total sense, resonated, and they just committed. These Truth enthusiasts on the internet also somehow found each other and it clicked. It’s all about responding to the need and call and openly networking…true response-ability.

The Truth Glasses

I read this fantastic analogy and it’s never escaped me.

Finding out the whole truth is like putting on these amazing Truth glasses, much like the movie “They Live”.

Here’s how they work:

#1. You gotta want to put them on.

#2. You can’t force someone else to put them on.

#3. Once they’re on, you can’t take them off.

If you’ve found and put on the glasses, that will make total sense. If you haven’t, keep searching.

Let your heart lead you.

In the words of Lao Tsu:

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want. – Lao Tsu

Love, Zen


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      • …says another master of wisdom sharing! 😉

        So glad I can be of help. Seems the “information collector” is part of my role. Love it!
        And one of the best feelings I’ve experienced yet – helping others!

        Much LOVE to all who read this!

  1. When I first woke up, I assumed EVERYONE would want to know – I remember how free I felt and of course wanted to share with the world. I soon got a taste of how utterly and stubbornly the masses were brainwashed. And I only shared a small tip of the iceberg – mercury fillings, fluoride and vaccinations. Seems silly now, but I was truly shocked when people ignored the news and shunned me. I have 8 siblings and only two will speak to me – one only by email and those are at best only sugar coated conversations. It’s taken me some time to come to this, but the way I look at it is – their loss!!! Zen – Your commitment to bringing forward the truth brings peace for all of us.

    Thank you,

    • Tx Sand for your always uplifting comments! Yeah, it comes with a price, but like the old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.
      So true too about when you first wake up you assume everyone will want to know such profoundly important information. It’s the attachments that stop people–to beliefs, self image, investment in their past, all that stuff, when it’s so liberating to just let it go. Reminds me of the rich men on the Titanic who tried to swim carrying their gold. Sad.
      Keep on, Sand. Exciting stuff around every corner!..;) Love, Zen

    • Yeah! An overwhelming feeling. Very hard to keep it inside. A strong urge to share it. ;D
      And then this slap in the face that no one wants to know, sees the clear in sight.

      Lost many companions on my way. Tried many times to get them moving. Finally I decided to follow my path. Not easy but I got used to it. No one can walk the path for another. But the “scouts” can leave maps and tools on the way to help those who follow. Some kind of paper chase. And maybe they’ll catch up. 😉

      A family I’m friends with now noticed (many months since I’m gone now) that I’m missing in their life, I’m not visiting them anymore. I hold contact by email, but still I can’t discuss spiritual topics with them. Only “one dimensional” things. Sad to say but it’s annoying sometimes and a waste of time.

      People can’t cope with it or even get mad because they don’t understand that I don’t cling to them. (Clinging to others is a kind of energy vampirism, isn’t it?) I’m no friend they say. I am. But first I’ve to be loyal to myself.
      I’m in a state now that I enjoy company but won’t cry if our ways seperate. But I’m happy if we meet again. And then many don’t understand that I’m still friendly. Why not? We had no arguments!
      Now I know there are different types of company: Reason, Season, or Lifetime.


      From my family I only have contact with my mother. Since teen I’ve been the black sheep. More so, when I began using my own mind, making my own choices. The hate of relatives is the fiercest. (Tacitus)
      But now I’m free to evolve. That’s why we are here! 😀
      Looking back – interesting experiences I don’t want to miss. Without them I wouldn’t be awake. 😉

      Two of my power sources: 😉


      Sand – You are not alone! Just take a look around in Zen’s garden. 😀

      Much LOVE!

      • Wonderful lyrics. A meaningful montage of feelings since breaking out and away. I’ve lost friends, lovers and the certainty of a financially secure future. But the pain of staying is worse than that of leaving. Thank you, Fabian.

        • Rage is a band I hear since 1991. They always gave me strength.
          And since 3 years I fully understand their message. 😉

          Try their albums “Ghosts”, “Strings to a web” and “Carved in stone”. :)
          Hope you like their music, too. It’s quite hard and very powerful stuff.

          I know – You can leave the hook in the flesh till you die or you can remove it under pain and be free afterwards. Even if a scar remains.

          If you like Metal (with a message), hope you followed the link I posted under another article. Here again:


      • “Sand – You are not alone! Just take a look around in Zen’s garden.”

        Thanks Fabian. Wow! I know – I know! I come here for strength. And Zen – I’m trying to keep on, baby – but I’m not sure how much more excitement I can handle.

        Today is a particularly bad day. I’m physically ill and dealing with confusion, panic and dizziness. It’s all part of the game of healing my body, but some days I’m tired of dealing.

        Give me strength and peace!
        Love ALL around.

        • Hang on! Many souls are working on it. Another energy shift is on the way, countering the last days and weeks of weakness.
          Millions of angels are calling us home. ;D


          Have you tried rune meditation? Powerful stuff!
          Recommend the Algiz rune.

          Maybe I should translate it to English, called “A Tree”. Grounding your feet while you have fresh air around your head.
          As far as I know there’s a similar exercise in Tai Qi.

          Yeah, I love those days when I get “high”. But still there are others. We can’t always be “high”.

          My best wishes! 😀

      • Another Black Sheep here. Had to leave all “blood family” behind in 1994.

        I was always the black sheep as a child, talking of things no one else seemed to know or understand. Got labelled a child witch in Ireland for that and tortured.Almost got sent to the Magdalene mad houses in 1964. That is what was done to us back then. But they still have the secret witch trails for those who are awake to try and keep them trapped. We disappeared off the grid in 1994.
        I knew it was futile to try and wake people up having learned that from Nine Deadly Venoms book by Alex Gordon. In this book he says ” get off the wheel” and it is up to each being to do their own waking up.
        No need to follow the men of god and their brainwashing about saving other sheeple..!

      • You have your genetic family and your soul family. Sorry to say, but the latter tends to matter most. Sometimes those in a genetic family will also be of soul, but rarely. Sometimes there are members of the genetic who have their own agenda, and if you don’t follow, you’ll be ostracized. I feel more connected to friendships myself.

    • I have recently woken up, and have gone in full circle I was once a professional sportsman but the food the feed us brought on depression and ended my career, I am now awake to all the wrong that is this world but I feel Lost I am not sure what to do.
      I can go into the work force but it just seems so wrong how we are slaves even money just makes me cringe but I need a career otherwise I will not be able to live.
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated

      • Wonderful news – lots of empowerment coming your way J. Wonderful folks here to inspire and encourage you as well. Go to the ZenGardner timeline (clock logo at the top of the home page) for my articles that may help you – see what resonates. Use the categories and tags as well as folks here have put up terrific articles along these lines. Take your time and be patient, there’s a lot to absorb – besides, the hard part’s over – you’re born into reality, congratulations!! Love, Zen

  2. Thanks for this, Zen. I woke up several years ago and discovered that everything I had worked for so far in my life was based on lies. I am in the process of re-building my life after going through a period of grieving for the loss of my “old” self and the mojo that went along with having a matrix-approved identity.

    For me waking up resulted in leaving the US and all of my friends and possessions behind. Today I am exploring options to re-educate myself in something in alignment with my heart and soul, and while the road ahead is still daunting at times, I am so damn glad to be awake and no longer under the spell of the matrix!

    All the best,

    • Zora, beautiful. Sounds like my journey and that of many others. So true, when you find out it’s all based on lies you can’t just keep on going “business as usual”. Way to go, now synchronicity can lead us! We seem to get much of our “instructions” one month ahead at a time, or something like that. That old life of getting attached to the outcome is such bondage, yet it’s what the system entrains everyone to do. Unless you get out you can’t fully get free.
      Keep on keeping on! Much love, Zen

  3. The price to pay is often sad but remember we all need to wake up some day in some life.
    My son has disowned me and even barred me from his Facebook.
    I am seen as the joker in the corner by my own sister and her husband, they think what I say to them is just plain wishful thinking and that I probably have some brain/mind disorder!
    Someday they will all join us and the world will live as one.

    • Finefeather–I hear you. Surprisingly they come along, we just can’t mess with people’s karma in some cases. But I still usually try in some form, always learning new approaches…or non approaches. Ha! Funny how people can change so quickly though, so you never know. It’s there within everyone just waiting to wake up and play. Love your last line..how many sing that and don’t fully get it…but it works on them!..Such is the spoken Truth..;)…love, Zen

      • Hi Zen
        Yes I find I go through ‘planning’ stages where I sort of rehearse what I want to say to people so they don’t get the feeling they are been led into the jaws of the tiger. I also find I am consciously looking for gaps in conversation where I can drop in a word or 2.
        I often get the feeling that I want to shake some people awake because they are so obviously blind to such beauty :-)
        Love and Strength

    • Hi Finefeather!

      Never mind! I’ve an official certified “paranoid schizophrenia”. Because the doctors wouldn’t believe that I experienced sooo many bad things in a very short time (some years ago before I’d tried to commit suicide) – althought there were plenty of evidences and people who could certify my statements. “I don’t care, I don’t want to know.” they said… (And now I LOVE talking to trees. ;D )

      German “verrückt” (crazy, insane) also means “be moved, be disarranged”.
      I look at it this way: The sheeple are following on a thin line of “normality”. While we are free to roam, explore and see things they’ll never see – until they stray from the path. 😉

      As David Icke puts it:
      “Because we fear being ourselves, we are uncomfortable when anyone around us decides to evacuate the Hassle-Free Zone and express their uniqueness. Their dash for mental and emotional freedom makes a statement about us and our own mental and emotional prison. People don’t like that and they react accordingly. “He’s mad” or “She’s bad” comes the reflex action, standard issue cry from the herd when it is faced with someone determined to be themselves and not a programmed clone. And do you know what people are really saying when they shout “mad” or “bad”? They are really saying “different”. Such is the scale of the conditioning absorbed by the human collective mind that people can’t cope with anyone who dares to be different. “If I’m in prison, mate, you have to be too. It’s only fair.” ”
      (I am me I am free)

      Have fun on your journey!

      • Hi Fabian
        Thanks for your words.
        I have actually just sat and composed an email to my sister and added your 3 links on your first comment.
        There is often much loneliness on the path but usually I am very happy, I have found I laugh a lot for no reason sometimes but I know inside me I have peace.
        When you have family you kind of hope that they can be with you on this journey, it just seems like it should be a group experience.
        Love to you

        • 😀
          I know. Trying my best to teach my mother or tell friends the way I see the world. I can open the door for them, take them by the hand but they have to walk alone.

          My best wishes that you can share the journey with your family. :)

  4. Zen, I really love your blog, it seems that you are always writing what I need to hear at the right moment.
    I’m waking up since I was a kid, I always felt that something was wrong, but couldn’t figure out what.
    During the last few years everything became so clear and now I know what it is. These are the most exciting times, but also the most difficult, because you want to escape, you want to change, you want to make a difference but you don’t know exactly how to do it!

    Peace to you and everyone who contributes to set us free. No one has to give up, because we are already there! Love, Laura

    • Hi Laura…glad it helps. You’re seeing it just like so many of us. And here we are, alone together…;). Don’t miss the Are We Alone or Strategically Placed? post. Just put that in the search bar on the site.
      Keep on..we each make and are the big difference!..love you, Zen

  5. Zen – I stumbled across your site recently and WOW, I have been thinking all of this alone until recently. Your eloquent writing and thoughtful prose provides a daily dose to keep me on the path of enlightenment. Love & Light – please keep them coming!

  6. One word on sheep(le): ;D

    “The merest accident of microgeography had meant that the first man to hear the voice of Om, and who gave Om his view of humans, was a shepherd and not a goatherd. They have quite different ways of looking at the world, and the whole of history might have been different. For sheep are stupid, and have to be driven. But goats are intelligent, and need to be led.”
    – Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

  7. Thanks Zen you helped me connect the dots. I ended up reading excerts from this web site http://www.thehiddenrecords.com/ and ordered the book. This website and Waynes interpetation of it’s meaning and origins of the ancient star maps really brought things in to a different light.


    Just sayin

  8. Those of us who know the truth do NOT have the option of dropping out. There is no place to go. We are a firm part of this civilization and we need its accoutrements to survive. Throughout all this, I have lost friends, lovers and the certainty of a financially secure future. But alone I can move faster. As I tell my dear friend Tony in Italy, who holds my hand across the sea, just stay under the radar and keep on going.

  9. Same here, very difficult times. I so wanted to share and bring everyone on board, instead—people became angry, distant, some downright hateful. I was and still am being threatened and may lose my job at University for speaking out about weather modification and chemtrails (much GMO research done—federal grants funnel these scientists into doing the research they want them to do). One thing I can state firsthand—the education system was used to brainwash and has done a perfect job of it, the more education–I am around post-docs and phds—the more they have been indoctrinated—and it is frightening and sickening.
    The good thing, I have made great contacts and friends through all of this—by joining freedom force international, emailing folks who are on the same page such as Michael Murphy and Rosalind Peterson and just from approaching strangers and giving handouts of my research on all of this.
    I have found the ones who are aware of the kindest and biggest hearted souls–it goes hand in hand. they were and are connected to the natural world and source which is why they are awake.
    much love,

    • Rt on Betty! I assume you’ve found the work of Charlotte Iserbyt? Great lady! http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/

      Way to go taking the stand. We can do what we can do…the repercussions we can’t even look for, we just do it. And rt you are about the wonderful people, I feel so blessed to have met through all this the most beautiful people I’ve ever known! I hope everyone can reach out and find that real sense of loving comraderie..it’s there for the finding.
      Much love, Zen

    • Betty, I have experienced for decades just what you describe. Those academicians who think they are so smart, they have their reward. Academic appointments, grants, prestige, wealth; but, they don’t have what we have: Truth. To do well in a corrupt and evil world is not necessarily a virtue. See my post below.

    • Hi Betty,
      I got wrote up for sharing information at work. I still do though. At least some are now more aware and seeing, at least, chemtrails, taking pics and then sharing with others. For a long time, I felt like a stranger in a strange land. LOL. I usually tell those who call me nuts that I am certifiable, but not certified yet.

  10. To have fallen in with a group of so many like minded people has been a true joy for myself and my son. I concur with meanjean, there is no option for dropping out. I consider making sure my grandchildren get the benefit of my wisdom even if a few of their parents refuse to listen to reason, my most important “calling” now

    Being considered different, weird, eccentric or whatever, has never bothered me, when the light was switched on at 12, you learn to live it or ignore the peanut gallery. It has taken many years of personal exploration to figure who I am, what I am, and what my purpose is. The most important lesson was, believe what you “know” to be true. I have had so many “aahhh” or epiphany moments in my life especially in the last 5 years, all I hold dearly in my heart for the odd time of ridicule. Always let it flow away like water off a duck’s back.

    “Always remember, you are having an experience, you are “not” the experience. The Universe seems to be providing me with loads of those “experiences”. If I had not researched chakra openings, I would have thought I was having a painless heart attack one day not too long ago. It was exhilarating, slightly scary and brought tears of joy flowing, but I knew what was happening and was humbled that I should be so fortunate for the experience.

    I know that we all are bodies of light and energy, if you have ever practised Tai Chi and do Qui Chong exercises, it can not escape your notice that we give off energy and accept energy in return.

    May we all have the courage to leave no one behind, I myself could and would go it alone if needs be, but I am not ready to let others stay behind, there may come a time when I will have to make that decision, but now is not the time.

    Peace, Love, and Enlightenment everyone.

    • Firequeen….same wonderful greeting back to you. Wonderful comment, you are an amazing example of conscious conviction!!…thank you and bless you, keep on, Zen

  11. This might be a bit of a “fart in the space-suit,” but it’s not really a harmful thing to contemplate also.

    Being “awake” as is the self-appointed term, very often is a cunning disguise; masking something else entirely.
    In that, the “awoken” observes that there is a “them (illiminati, dark cabal)” who are responsible for the global predicament. And there are the “sheeple” who, because they are “asleep” are also responsible for allowing the global agenda to barrel-on unchallenged.

    Yet, the “awake” classify themselves as none of these. Some go so far as to regard themselves as the beacons of hope, light (and all that kinda stuff) for the rest of humanity.

    But, what has transpired is that the “awoken” has merely crafted a scheme of denial of responsibility – a false sense of disassociation from their environment.

    Hence the seeking of ‘strength in numbers’ (security) for what comes with such a system of detachment is actually powerlessness (hence the frustration, difficulties relating etc)

    And what do these “awoken” types do? Tell everyone they can of the terrible world they live in. Which, when viewed from a wholistic regard, this is more accurately understood as being the SPOKESPERSONS for the NWO. The amount of energy that goes into this pursuit – it’s no wonder the agenda barrells along – it has a rich energy source!

    This approach is quite problematic, for this delusional sense of disassociation promotes the delusion of “things are SUPPOSED to be the way “I” (and my like-minded “awake” partners) say so – and anyone which disagrees is either evil, corrupt or asleep.

    • Some people feel good about themselves because they have power, and some people feel good about themselves because they don’t have power!

      Which group of people is more awake!?


    • I agree, I think we have to be careful about detaching, although I find it increasingly difficult to have meaningless conversations with people, we are all one, a part of the whole & I don’t want to live in another cult! I seek out like minded friends but have to deal with the public also and this often brings me great insight and aha moments so I would never stop this interaction. I personally don’t feel the need to live out in the forest although l do want to build an earth ship. I don’t see why we can’t have a foot in each door and gently transition. History tells us it takes time for change but there is this undercurrent feeling that we’re running out of time so maybe that is why people are jumping!

    • Flex, thank you for being soberly detached from the awakened wan-a-bees.
      To sit on a mountain top is not feasible to most who have responsibility for a dependent loved one. Awakening to mercury feelings and good nutrition are important but still on the physical realm. Judging and reacting to the terrible world it’s not much of a spiritual journey. The controllers want us to be detached. At times a “fart in the space-suit,” can be more awakening than “love, love, love” only sang but not practiced.

  12. Hi Zen,

    I enjoyed reading this. I do agree with getting rid of attachments, particularly to stuff. One of the most freeing things we can do is get rid of everything in our homes that is not in constant / regular use (plus the TV of course).

    I have done this – constantly challenging myself to let go of all sorts of things I thought I would never do, not that I had much in the first place but it’s all relative. What an amazing feeling to have such a light load!

    I have posted this song by Janis Ian before, but it’s always worth a listen. Where she sings: “You’re more than beginning – you’re learning to fly. You feel like you’re falling, but it passes in time…”, this sums up the ‘waking up’ feeling very well. It can make one feel disorientated at first, but I actually love uncertainty and feeling unsettled.


    Glad you’re here, Zen, and Hello to all the readers and commenters XX

    • Indigoviolet,
      Great! Letting go of attachments and aversions is a powerful thing to do. Was talking to my son about that today. Yes, I would like things to be a certain way (peace on earth, goodwill to all life forms), but I let go of the attachment to it, then I let go of the aversion (or revulsion if you really wish to bring feelings to the surface) to the way things appear to be. It’s like holistic releasing…letting go of both polarities. It can help to dissolve quite a lot. When I first really “woke up”, the mind was shocked. For a period of about two weeks, I couldn’t sleep. Felt like a mental/emotional mess. Then I got mad. LOL. Now, I pay more attention and do what I can to help others, but there again, releasing had helped tremendously because for awhile, I was really attached to people “waking up.” Now I share what I feel compelled to share and let go. It really goes a long way in dissolving suffering.
      Thank-you, Zen and all who share here. It’s good to connect.

  13. Reality exists outside of human thought or “belief.” Reality is Truth. “Belief” is irrelevant. If everyone in the world believed the Earth was flat, it doesn’t make it flat, they are just asleep, unable to see the truth. Being awake means that one has learned how to base their consciousness, their paradigm, their core system, their essence, on Truth. This doesn’t mean they know everything, or that they are always correct, it means they have escaped the systematic deception that enslaves. The awake have a tropism toward Truth. My experience has been that most people do not have this tropism. Many, the “sheeple”, have a tropism toward deceit. They seem to relish it, poor lost souls, live and die alseep. If the authorities say the Earth is flat, then, for the “sheeple” it is flat; and do not bring up evidence to the contrary. This is the difference between “awake” and “asleep”.

  14. Thank you Zen…and commenters for sharing your awakening processes! I stumbled on your site via other spiritual searches. I was a lost wanderer until I found there are actually others out there experiencing the very same thing…..and the awakening still continues. Each day, it seems I devour as much information as I can. I discount nothing and learn from everything.

    You’re so right that it does get very lonely. I have to say this year has probably been my loneliest year of all. There are not that many of us and we are just kind of scattered about out there looking for each other.

    The general population truly does live in the matrix. My journey has taught me much about the way people think…and that it takes far too much responsibility for them to want to know or to even open their minds to take in new, real and unorthodox information. I’ve accepted that some are just pigeon-holed into their own “safe” and rigid belief systems and societal constructs. I’ve learned to leave them bee (even most family) and align myself with those that are like-minded with a willingness to grow into new dimensions. I now find peace with being alone and have taught myself calmness and detachment and will share with only those who seek it out and are participating in their own journeys. I’m just accepting what IS at the moment.

    The journey I’ve had has ironically been occurring like clockwork (since childhood…but a late bloomer to pay attention to it all). Within the past year, I’ve taken in all the negatives of world politics and have come to understand the strategies that are employed to depopulate this planet. This has had such an adverse negative affect on me that I’ve had to let it all go…for the most part. Now that I know what I know, I’ve shut most of it out (keeping the awareness) and am bringing myself out of that darkness (so I’m grateful for the lonely space I have to take this crash course in). It’s given me the practice of profound deep thought and clarity. I have so much information and resources (both positive and negative).

    I am almost done coming out of a negative detox (still struggle once in a while) and have sought out Reiki treatments for cleansing. Now, I’m focused on spiritual wisdom wherever it may come. Still alone, I’m practicing detachment of “matrix” people and material things, non-judgement and learning not to take anything personal (I was really bad about that). Ever since, I’ve felt very liberated.

    In a nutshell, my lifetime interests have always been in natural health, preventative medicine, organics, pet health, meditations, body awareness, energy medicine, crystals, chakras, more recently…shamanism, the metaphysical world, sacred geometry and the sequence of nature…and all phenomenon that’s not in our linear thinking pattern…if that makes any sense. There’s only a handful I can actually talk with and share on these levels without someone thinking I’ve gone looney.

    So…to anyone that is reading my post, I’m always looking to align myself with new like-minded friends into a mutual spiritual circle. Some have found me and I have found others to connect with via Facebook. I welcome others to connect with so that we all might not be so lonely in our journey together.

    Feel free to send me an email. Mention the Zen Gardener and I will send you my FB link or you can send your link and I will friend you. 😉

    Blessings to you Zen and to all reading this post.


  15. Only the ego can let you believe you have truly ‘woken up’. Woken up into what? Who controls that paradigm? The very people who control the matrix also control the truth movement. Alex Jones, David Icke et al are all controlled in a way. David Icke is a Theosophist who is known to be a Mason. Alex Jones is a Zionist controlled shill, who’s married to a Jew and purposefully diverts heat away from the Zio-Masonic-Israeli shit storm. Wake UP? Come on.

  16. I’ve woken up and have become even more saddened. As long as these ridiculous religions live we will never as a species grow and develop. I can wake up all I want, but as long as religion is keeping billions of people in bondage it’s hopeless. We’re not even close to having a reasonable discussion on the issue. All kinds of people “awakened” on the internet, but praising their monotheistic God in the same breath. Can’t be done. Oh well, onward and forward. I am disengaging.

  17. If you feel this system isn’t one that furthers you and embraces your wants for knowledge and just being. Look towards TheZeitgeistMovement and The Venus Project, which is a better vision for a cleaner future and a push for a independent system with no elitists, no monetary system no government. Its coming, and I think its time we evolve, into a new way of thinking. Peace. Love.

  18. I synchronistically found this article that I am most pleased to absorb.

    In 2011, I awoken to the Realization that I was more than I perceived myself to be and consequently, I left my entire life, sold everything and left to Europe.

    My finances ran out and the Beautiful Reflection that I have met on my journey have helped and supported me to continue to share my message of the Absolute.

    I am currently typing this message from Goa, India. I have been traveling now for 1.5 years and I am continuing on my journey wherever the wind blows me.

    I am sharing my journey with everyone on Facebook, I share to empower, encourage and elevate as those who are Ready and Ripe have the knowing that we are One.

    As we come into this Realization and know there are those already on the path we can grow together and create the New World in which we know to be in our Hearts.

    Thank you for Sharing your beautiful message Zen.

    Love & Light,

  19. Do what you feel needs to be done. I have found that for each person I have cared enough about, to wake up, there is always a moment to reach them. Examples:
    My father, worked in the aircraft industry for, what seems like ever… Would get physically upset red in the face angry when I hi jacked dinner conversations…pointing out absurdities in the “official” 9/11 narrative. He falls for most propaganda…One thing I knew would lift some wool off his eyelids…
    Point out obvious chemtrails. He had a new hobby for a week…busted out the binoculars. He is old, in his late 70’s, and I can introduce new concepts more readily now. I’m no longer a conspiracy theorist in his mind, just a cynical realist.
    Another friend…who is a half a health nut. Caught him drinking Coke zero. Called him an idiot…told him to look up aspartame…he did…Now he sends me anti gmo links and heads up on the food world order front.
    If you want to start a mini wake up revolution in your surroundings …try this trick. Create a cd/dvd of nwo,freemason,gmo etc etc related material…leave the cd dvd…or thumbstick at certain locations…my favorite was the telephone booth. It was an hourly average before I would return to find out someone had grabbed a large dose of reverse propaganda and might be watching it at that moment.
    The “thing” that has never made me second guess my truth dispenser…be it my mouth..or words on a screen..is that…all I’m attempting to do…ultimately..is save you from your programmed self. Wake Up
    Don’t scurry around the symptoms while I point out the source of the problems and than blame me for your new found source of consciousness.
    I hope somewhere in these ramblings you can find a hopeful solution to dealing with people who are quick to complain about circumstances…yet will not accept the obvious answer but will take the side of a talking head on tv.
    Thor,Ontario, Canada, North America, planet earth.

  20. I rarely leave responses, however i did some searching
    and wound up here So You’ve Woken Up…Now What?
    | Zen Gardner. And I do have a few questions for you if
    you don’t mind. Is it simply me or does it appear
    like some of the responses look like they are left by brain dead
    people? 😛 And, if you are writing at other online sites, I’d like to follow
    anything new you have to post. Could you list of all of all your shared pages like your twitter feed,
    Facebook page or linkedin profile?

    • hi jual – the links to social media are on the site. New stuff to some of us but we’re trying to utilize it. If you like the original articles, go to the home page and click on the clock next to the home icon – it’s a timeline of my posts over the past year..see what you think – cheers!

  21. Without judgement I’ve started calling the folks trapped in this soul sucking culture block heads. The impossible cube or Metatrons cube is what their minds are trapped in, the stuff of matter and the illusion that “stuff” of any kind matters. Balancing my mind, my chakras, and genuinely living from the hearts is the path for me. The chem trails, tv “programming”, Hellyweird’s hints at what’s to come, and fluoride are attempts to use technology to keep us trapped in the illusion. All that and black magic with full on blood sacrifices of American citizens and military personnel in these wars for total “control” and all the “power”. They can have their singularity and their brains programmed into computers to live forever, they will lack gut instincts that come with character and morals, the compassion and yang to the ying that comes from our hearts, and who wants to be stuck in this “reality” anyway. The fallen angels can play with matter in their hell and they are sick of it because the clock keeps ticking. Transcending space and time is the name of the game, that’s the truth that they don’t want us to realize. We are infinite beings with a spark of divinity directly from the Creator of all and we can earn a Soul that has a place in “heaven” (to me more about union with the lord) My number one goal is to impress the hell out of our Creator, not for myself, not for my ego, for Humanity and peace in Heaven. Remember kids the kingdom of heaven is within us, see ya’ all inside. Oh and if you woke up tomorrow morning and found out that Jesus had incarnated into this world as.. yep YOU, what would you do? That’s my take on Christianity, there are many wisdom’s in the different religions, they all have truths some exoteric and some not, they are all different hues of the light and the true light is pure and of the absolute truths.
    Each day we are new people in a new World and it is what we make of it.

  22. Welcome, therefore, to the love which expects and demands – that of Conditionality, whereas real/true/absolute love, Love the Almighty, is fully Unconditional, the aim of every Birth being to afford the realisation of Unconditionality [which is NOT Abandonment because Abandonment is merely the latency/latterday-saint of Control,] before Death arrives once again to possibly recycle the Conditional-Conditioned to another round of Fame, Fortune & Immortalty [FF&I], the duty of FF&I being to weakened The Immune System of those who cannot deny their addiction to self-damage, be that exuse/justification being [re-]presented as “Saving” or “Destroying”. That of being unable to deny Frivolity & Nonsense and all because Morality & Sense had given way to The Chosen Few driven agendas of FF&I, Greed being the latency/alterego of Fear and not the neutralisation-denial of Fear which the Frivolous & Nonsensical are gambling their heirloom for. [It is benevolent to realise that the granting of a rebirth is not automatic because that possibility depends on how much one had “deposited at The Bank of Divinity”. One reason why squandering away one’s chance of a rebirth is truly Of Regret – once the human had reverted to The Spiritual and is therefore able to see spiritually/absolutely.]

    Be conscious and be aware that when The SS Humanity is sinking, only the salvageable matters, The Salvageable being the one whose desire to become pure and not to merely desire purity before the fact, Comfort being merely the co-latency/co-limit/co-efficiency/”latterday-saint” of Control. Afterall, when one becomes Of Purity, what then is The Desire for Purity? Worshippers of FF&I like Le Apflings, Zer Androidites, Outa Space or Bust, and the myriad of Frivolity & Nonsense that is The Multiplicity of Choices who are FF&I, be conscious and be aware, there being no such a thing as The Desire for Purity when self is not Of Purity [yet], the ancient description for Divinity, oka The Spiritually Benevolent [who has ZERO association with the humanised saviourship-worship that is Religon & Religiosity] being, “When There is No Other”, The Mantra of The Pet Tentacle of The Bookie, The Chosen Few, being An Eye for An Eye, AEfAE being that which will definitely makes you blind.

    Witness, therefore, the multiplicity of humans who demonise, the hobby of The Westernised, the one who is unable-to-deny/addicted-to self-damage via the promotion of banners like “Democracy & Freedom” – and all because they are Of Malevolence in essence/reality. A Simplicity which Eludes as The Overly Informed, oka The Conspiratorial, fall into the trap of demonising those who are malevolent without realising that the duty of every Principle of Absoluteness or Concept aborted from Thought is to replicate – the real Simplicity which Eludes being that should Divinity exists, why would He need any human to counter His Antithesis/Absence/Myth? More so when Divinity is refracted-within/”shadowing” all via The “Tree-of-Life”/Virat, awaiting His-Her Moment of Reflection – the moment when the individual realises that his duty is merely to offer passage to The Divine – by being of Neutrality/Unconditionality [which is NOT Abandonment/Comfort-Control/Cruelty], the expression of Divinity being via Human Institutions that are Of Collectivity/Unconditionality. And all because when a human is Of Divinity, will Reality, oka The Example, be then possible, otherwise, the FF&I that is “Leadership”, is the alternative. Hands up those who believe that “Leadership” is the way forwards. If so, ask yourself one question, “What if the chap is but a hypocrite/imposter?” When Blind-Blindedness/Gambling/Knowledge & Knowledging is the only choice, there is no such thing as Choice. It is benevolent to [finally be able to] realise that true/absolute religion is Self-Mastery, ALL humans being innately provisioned with “The 10 Commandments” within. One reason why Malevolence needs to blind humans to the 10 Commandments without. That of Religion & Religiosity/Belief-System that is anchored upon The Other/Without, thereby leading the puppet away from Self/Within.

  23. It is benevolent for The Salvageable to be conscious and then be fully aware that all that is of greatness attributed to Humanity is merely the odd/infrequently reflection of the Divinity refracted within ALL humans. If true, the caveat then is how to realise the materially intangible. Certainly not through Agencies of Materialism nor through every human’s non-material-but-materialsied thinking processes. That of Knowledge & Knowledging, oka owning/dominating via The Mesmeric Tentacle of The Bookie, Religion & Religiosity. Perish the Thought if only because of what “Sun Tzu” had advised, which is, “Keep Your Enemy Closest”. Not when almost ALL humans have yet to realised who their real enemy is – even when the Joker is driving them “Round The Bend” with imaginations like “Worry”. So near and yet so far indeed, one miracle being that Divinity is everywhere as “Nature” and yet most are unable to see Him-Her other than their worship of Fame, Fortune & Immortality.

    Humans cannot “Wake Up”, especially not when one had yet to realised that Thought is one’s 24/7 Hypnotist. It is benevolent to realise that when self is not Of Purity, the manifestation then is to “Seek Out”/Desire Purity. Afterall, when self is Of Purity/Self, the desire to expect and/or demand purity will not be there. And this Simplicity Eludes. More so when almost every human believe that he is made of greatness which is why almost all seek Fame, Fortune & Immortality. It is also benevolent to realise that those who are entrenched like, say, a preacher, will not be able to accept God even when The Divine is standing infront of him. This is because when Reality has yet to be realised, declaring the ability to see Reality is merely that of perpetual Blind-Blindedness. Afterall, those who have woken up has the solution to Humanity’s Inhumanity. Is that not so? As such, own Nothing and Nothing will be able to own you. Own Everything and Anything will be able to own you. Just like that. When a question like the caption is posed, that is the sure sign that The Awakening is merely another dream at best. At worse, it is ……..

  24. I have woken up, I believe, I know the world we live in is manipulated and I too have tried to tell others, and that look they give you, that look, you know the one, I have lost friends and been ridiculed as we all have and the only thing that keeps me in this matrix of deceit and lies is my other half, who is so firmly rooted in, that it is difficult to have a relationship with someone who only wants to watch tv, shop and drink wine, we have 3 fantastic kids and i’m trying my best to impact my newish wisdom upon them. my other half too her credit does see some of the things that I see and I have to point them out in a light hearted way, it is not always easy being awake, but I wouldn’t change it. change is coming, of that I am sure and to take the line from a Seal song ‘if I could, i’d make you understand’ and I would, I wonder what this world will be like once the veil pulls back and I know there are some truly wonderful people out there who have the answers, I would love to meet them all, Much love to you all

  25. How very true you are, Once the glasses have been put on there is no going back.
    Once pandora’s box is open you cannot close it.
    Once you have awoken, it can be a long and lonely journey sometimes.
    But you will also be glad in a way you are as you would not want to go back.
    It can be frustrating as well. You will find yourself judging others, the people you try and tell mostly will not understand and just will not listen to your new found inner self ,this means close loved ones as well. That is why you have to leave them to find out on their own. This will be the 1st thing of your awoken self you will try your hardest to do try and awaken others this will be very frustrating as it is very hard to do.
    Leave that path and concentrate on what you can do with your new found awakening.
    Make a change in yourself and project it on others. People will soon see a change in you. You also will need to find something to take your mind off of the constant internal wish for more answers (but they will come). It is like a the start of a great novel and you are only half way through it. I thought my awakening was a curse at 1st, now I embrace it and have or never would have a desire to go back to my old herd like self ever again. I hope this may help some newbies out there struggling with their awakening as it can be a painful process to start with as you are very much alone, but you will find others sooner or later that also you can connect with and that is worth it all even more.
    P E A C E and L O V E.

  26. The fact that this instinct cannot be quenched as easily as the
    others, makes it even more tempting. From observed hand patterns, a Taoist
    analyst may be able to tell that you have rebuilt your home, a Chen-Yen Buddhist that
    your grandmother’s spirit was watching over you, and a Buddhist-cum-Taoist that your liver was overworking.
    When we humans put things into perspective we will soon realize that science is no
    different from metaphysics and spirituality.

  27. No more fence sitting, either you are in or out. Make a decision, make a commitment to yourself and do the work.
    It takes courage to walk the path. Like you said, when you put on the glasses you really see the game. Then we can lean to avoid the scam we were all in, and get a real life. Take a honest stock of ourselves and our activities and see what’s in alignment to us, our path and what’s not.

    Dump the things, people, thinking and all of it that’s not supporting this new thinking and the reality we are creating..The less baggage we have the less pain it is to take the journey. There will be family and friends and many who gets scared of this sudden change and pull us back but we got to find a way to free ourselves.

    The more we are aligning to ourselves, the more we are shown how deep the rabbit hole is….

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