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Solstice – A Spiritual Responsibility

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December 19-22nd 2013.
A Spiritual Responsibility.

by Elva Thompson

Occult science teaches that the Earth is a sentient, living being that breathes once a year. The in-breath takes place over the four days of the Winter Solstice, and the out-breath takes place at the Summer Solstice June 19-22.

Whatever the Earth breathes in, in terms of frequency at the winter solstice, she will breathe out at midsummer.

The Satanic control grid.

Archonic consciousness is well aware of the inbreath and its importance to their satanic control grid. In the days leading up to, and during the Winter Solstice, the elite will be conducting satanic rituals and blood sacrifice on a massive scale across the planet. Ancient sites, pyramids, stone circles, temples of the sun, all the places where the electromagnetic pulse of earth is strongest and most vibrant, will be utilised for satanic purposes.
The poisonous frequencies created by these demonic rituals flood into Earth’s electromagnetic meridians, ley lines and energetic grid, bathing all life in a matrix of hate and fear. Satanic rituals are practised throughout the year in accordance with the satanic calendar, new and full moons, eclipses and auspicious planetary alignments.  This constant negative charge into the electromagnetic grid keeps the planet and all life on Earth in a constant state of anxiety, fear, war, chaos and disease.

The energetic farm.

Archonic beings created the separate reality of the third dimension as a trap for consciousness, and the success of their mission depends upon the frequency of the grid. Earth is an energetic farm, and people who cannot raise their consciousness above the first three chakras:  security, sex and self, are the food source for these creatures. Through the sex drive, bodies are continuously replicated, creating a never ending food supply for the archons.

All of us, and everything around us, is a piece of computer software, and as long as we are instinct and pleasure driven, we will remain Archonic food.
To defeat the beast we have to smash its programme in ourselves. To do this, we have to move into the fourth chakra, the Heartfield and the seat of Air. The vibrations of love are an anathema to these creatures; they cannot stand within its presence, somewhat like sunlight to a vampire.

Many of us have heard the mystical call of love, the small voice within, and are awakening to our true nature. We are being summoned to fulfill spiritual agreements that were made in another space and time—a summons to take energetic action on behalf of our beleaguered planet.

Dec 19-22 is four days, and that’s a long time to stay in love with life in this competitive and stressful, dog eat dog world, but we must do our best to keep our thinking heart based and guard our thoughts.

Let the Earth breathe in our love, joy and happiness on these sacred days.

For every laugh and every loving word, is another nail in the coffin of the beast.

Remember, we are the Warrior Magicians of this Age—and no matter how dark our future looks, we will prevail.
Love to all.





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  1. Oh my dogs, I thank you!! Exactly what I need to hear and reflect upon.
    The fan has been running and the sh%# just made contact.

  2. Truly valuable information…….from a beautiful Soul. Thank you Sweetheart. Will now barefoot it outdoors into the glorious sunshine under a bright blue sky and implement what you taught me just now. xxxxxx

  3. Very motivating piece, Elva! I have had some of the best moments of beauty and love so far this Solstice (to include an amazing “Solstice angel” that delivered a powerful message to my husband at a soul show of beautiful energy and music that we gathered at last night) and will continue… Much love, Elva!

  4. I know this already somehow. But big thanks for putting names and a bit more understanding to “IT” for me. I really needed to read this today. My son is in the hospital at the moment and my wife and I are apart as a result. Looks like Christmas in hospital. The beast works in many ways to distract us from our true selves, at those very moments we need to be nothing but “beings of LOVE.” Thank you for all your comments guys! I made it just in time. I think you guys are my Angels of solstice.

  5. * Elva …Just some reflections on my observations of your posts over the last couple of years herein… as I’ve always noticed that you are a ‘stand alone’ original… as I’ve never detected any artifice or presumptuous memes interferring with the way you communicate …other than the ‘straight goods’ of your ‘own’ subjective singular thoughts & reflections… coming from (my guess) your intuitive/awareness heart frequency (528 Hz-lol)… emanating from your ol’ soul/ heart chakra … (as you’re definitely not a cut & paste ‘repeater’ basking in the alternative gravy train) …so tip-o-the Hat to your singularity & strength of purpose & vision….hope I conveyed an intelligible tribute…merry everything & happy always & cheers in the NOW

  6. Elva, I very much enjoyed this read. Your assertions seem very straight-forward, honest and transparent, and for this reason resonated with my soul. I had not previously encountered the planetary “breath in”, “breath out” concept, but it makes sense to me. As my comprehension of our attackers increases, I try to discern their motives. You connected some dots from me. thank you!

  7. Yesterday’s experience: so many people still believe that one has smoked something, when talking about such topics like Elva shared in this post, even those who should be more mind-opened like martial artist masters….sad but that’s the reality…

  8. You are the light warrior that opens the path for us all. You are always light and love and I am blessed to know you. May you be blessed four fold.

  9. we are the warriors of love, they will NEVER have this beautiful planet, not on our watch, be happy, learn, be nice to people and help those less fortunate than yourself, peace and love to ALL :)

  10. Thank you for this beautiful article Elva . It meant so much more to me as my birthday is the 19th of December . The in breath , life renewed every year, such a beautiful thought , this whole article has given my own birthday an entirely different meaning . Kitty XXX

  11. Jews are the problem. The Synagogue of Satan as Christ said. Those who do not name the enemy by name, JEWS, 24/7 are complicit in their crimes. YOU stand accused.

  12. ~Archonic beings~….. ~The vibrations of love are an anathema to these creatures; they cannot stand within its presence, somewhat like sunlight to a vampire. ~ ……please tell me…can a person very close to me…as a son or daughter…brother or sister…father or mother…be one with the nature of ~archonic being~…?…the reason I asked…is……I feel so ….sad sometimes….thank you

    • as far as I understand they can appear or ride in any unsuspecting vehicle – and none better than a close one that can affect you for the negative. Spiritual warfare is spiritual warfare.

      • You do not have the guts to talk about Jews. The Jew Airy Fairies have you talking about and fearing made up ‘Archons” while the real enemy lives and breeds among you and your are too PC to name the real enemy.

        • ComZ, you have much to learn. Judaism has been the prefered facade for the archons and their minions for the past 3000 years, but today you will find an equal number, if not more in the Christian church. It makes it easier for you to imagine that your enemy can be seen, but at the moment, your mind is your greatest enemy.

        • * Put a sock in it Commander Zealot…your prosethelytizing ‘Hate-Speech’ regurgitative rhetoric …is a perfect example of someone who is gravely & deleteriously compromised, with an obsessive compulsive disorder/ fixation….Try creating an ‘original’ thought for a change….Here’s a big hint…..’Who are the 0.0001% ‘Puppet Masters’ scapegoating the jews…& lurking in the shadows??? …figure that out & you can swing the door open on your prison cell…I’m probably totally wasting my time trying to help you see the restrictions you’ve placed on yourself…..but this will fly like a lead balloon if you don’t have the courage to really examine & evaluate the world situation & realize that there’s just a tiny minority of criminal Zionist- so-called Jews… compared to the sheer weight of the rest of the world population….point your finger at someone & you got 3 more pointing ‘backatcha’…just sayin

      • thank you Zen…as my name is…~Mir I Am~…*Peace I Am*…choosing EveryMoment to Be’ Peace… in Peace…I Am…Kiss!…oh! and yes even more I Am …Now understanding….with gratitude Zen…..Namaste

  13. I am confused, because when it is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. So wouldn’t the summer and winter solstice be occurring at the same time on the whole of the planet?

    • Interesting point, Bianca and I’m glad you brought it up. This is all about the positive and negative charge of duality operating within two hemispheres[also a duality]. In-breath in the northern hemisphere, is the outbreath in the southern hemisphere. The out breath in the northern hemisphere is the in -breath in the southern hemisphere. They are opposites and they compliment each other, but there is actually only one breath in both hemispheres. It’s just opposite because we live in a duality. a year. Does that make sense to you?.
      Love Elva.

      • Makes absolute sense Elva if you don’t mind me joining in :)
        This beautiful article touched me so much , it was really quite a wonderful read
        Thank you Kitty XX

    • A breath has two parts to it. Both are important. The in breath comes first, and the out breath always follows. We head northwards around the galactic centre. Neither breath can exist without the other. But light can exist without darkness. Light is the breath in – love is the breath out. I sit under the southern cross too…

  14. Yes! This was my personal aha! Moment regarding the energetic breath! So awesome!

    A really fine meditation/contemplation is to sit and let “your” breath breathe your body. This is how I recognized the feeling of understanding here in this post.

    As I see it, the two Solstices (or four) would work with each other in respect to geo location. So what we as beings in the NH put into the grid at Winter, we reap out at Summer. Same going for SH. But, I’m getting the feeling that they also work in opposite as well. What we in NH put in effects outcome during SH Summer and vice versa.

    Anyhoo, just my take :-)

  15. “as far as I understand they can appear or ride in any unsuspecting vehicle – and none better than a close one that can affect you for the negative. Spiritual warfare is spiritual warfare.”

    You’re so right, Zen. This is perhaps the most opportune time for them to be making their attempts on our spiritual states. It happened to me too, a few days before this Solstice. This article added to what I’d already been suspecting. Thank you for it, Elva, and thanks to you, Zen, for posting it.

  16. Wonderful Elva – captures much of what has been moving through over the last week.

    I’ve felt a tremendous urgency to purify everything in my life.

  17. This ties in with the Amanita subject, but I am not sure many see it………..it all ties in with the Amanita subject.

  18. Technically speaking its more like the contraction and expansion of a heart beat, electromagnetism creates a standing wave that is the human heart – not the lungs. The earth “breathes” through some other process, most likely through the magnetic portals that open up every 8 minutes in the upper atmosphere and connect us to the sun 93 million miles away via Birkeland currents. Streams of high energy particles flow into the atmosphere – not to dissimilar to a foetus in it’s mother’s amniotic space, being provided nourishment, such as oxygen, through an umbilical cord, rather than a solar energy wave. You might find it illuminating to google the work of professor Alexander Tchijevsky and look at the links he found between solar maximums and human consciousness, his research charts sun cycles back a few thousand years and shows links between solar activity and human behaviour. It doesn’t require conjectured ritual blood sacrifice on a massive scale to bathe all life in a matrix of hate and fear when the sun is quite capable of generating that effect on its own, via our skies – evidence points to the sun influencing war, anxiety, fear and chaos, which is why there are solar and moon cults, to this day. Archonic consciousness is like A++ rather than C++ programming language. Earth is not an energetic farm, its an experience, playing out, and like any drama worth its salt, it grips a lot of people right until the end. You talk about raising consciousness to the fourth chakra, making it sound like the temperature gauge on a thermometer or something. You can’t even stop the flow of your thoughts so what makes you think you have any control over consciousness. To defeat the beast you simply have to realize you are both beauty and the beast. There is no moving into the heart chakra if it is tranquility you seek, because love is hate. Let love go. Have you ever heard the mystical call of the soul, the knowing, the peace – not the conditions of love. The soul summons nor expects nothing, there is no beleaguered planet, only the experience of it, and if you listen to the calm and follow your soul, rather than your heart, you will rediscover the harmony. The earth does not need to breathe in human love to survive and for every laugh and loving word brought to bear, an equal and opposite amount of crying and spite mirrors it’s image. Stop looking at the white light of love against the black light of hate. Instead join the two and embrace the grey area… there is a reason why its named so.

    I call this McSpirituality… fast food wisdom. It will quench your hunger to begin with but ultimately its going to leave you feeling empty and still hungry…

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