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The Solstice Vibe

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by Ida Lawrence

The season of peace, the solstice, the inward time, the feeling of the womb; there we know that night is equally as beautiful as day. When it is quiet, and dark, and we are together and trusting, heart-centered exchange of energy is ours to enjoy… if we make it so. Higher understanding comes from this: communication from the place where love and truth dwell.

A few weeks ago I started an article that I called “In the Groove”. I was trying to get a grip on that moment in live music where the mind drops away and the musicians are not only in sync but are communicating instantaneously and intuitively. That’s such a cool feeling… when the mind drops away.

And we can experience it not just in music, but in so many ways. One of my favorites is in the kitchen, with a partner, cooking a meal… delicious.

I never finished the groove article, but the subject stayed on my mind, especially the instantaneous, intuitive communication part. Now I know we humans are constantly bombarding each other with thoughts… negative or positive. In the consciousness movement we know enough to watch what we’re projecting, and we do what we can to protect against negative incoming. But ego-based thoughts are not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about back and forth, heart-centered, nearby or at-a-distance conversations. It happens to me frequently with my down-syndrome granddaughter. She has no barriers to it, it seems. I just shine in on her, from miles away, and if I can catch her attention she shines right back. There is only one thing in our communication… love. It seems the rule is: heart communication doesn’t convey the ego’s need or desire or concern because it doesn’t have an ego. It’s just light shining back and forth…a safe place.

I wonder sometimes what we can grow into with this, especially collectively. I get emails from the readers of my blog, strangers from halfway around the world, and it seems like the barriers are down already. We can laugh and joke as if we’re neighbors having lunch. This leads me to wonder about our ever expanding consciousness community… what will we eventually be able to create? It seems to me a possibility, that one day we’ll be masterful enough with our instruments to slip ‘in the groove’.

Moving back to the solstice… I know there will be a number of quiet, sacred, heart-centered gatherings, perhaps for no other reason than to honor the experience of ‘vast and beautiful night’ from which light is born. It is a time for reverence, and many will gather in that spirit. There will also be global group meditations, and these meditations have meaning… they can hold space and create peace. I suspect the number of people involved nowadays is becoming quite large.

It hasn’t always been so, and I haven’t always trusted in our collective intent. My thoughts at an outdoor reggae concert some 30 years ago reveal much about personal growth. Toward the end of the concert I watched a few members of the audience slip away to gather in a separate area. When I asked what was going on, I was told, “It’s a Nyabinghi. We will be drumming and chanting for peace, probably all night.” Inside, I kind of scoffed at the idea, thinking that a few people in a field aren’t going to bring peace. That was a jaded opinion of course, but at the same time, other musical influences were incoming.

During the 1980s we received a song written by Foreigner. It was a big hit: I Want to Know What Love Is. I was absolutely taken with the song, and so were millions of others. What do humans want… well, millions, at that time, wanted to know what love is. I believe millions still do… it’s what we yearn for at the deepest level: to change this heart of mine… to end this loneliness.

We are a feeling – the feeling of us that we used to call a ‘vibe’. It’s our energy/information. We are crammed full of thoughts; magnets helping to create our circumstances. We experience emotional states, ever changing. Sometimes they arise from ego getting or not getting what it wants, or in a very deep sense, they can arise from the soul’s yearning. We are physical body… a seasonal existence, just like all things in nature. And we are eternal spirit wherein all is forever, and nothing is erased.





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  1. You’re in the groove with this one, Ida. Concise and precise, and making every word count. The love connection crosses all boundaries and has no sense of distance. That’s how the heart communicates and light illuminates. You are so right. This is the year’s most sacred period – an opportunity to reflect and contemplate; which is why it has been poisoned and distorted by the control system.

    Lovely piece of writing, by the way. Love to know what kind of wisdom you managed to inhale in that reggae field all those years ago.

    • Thanks, Mike. And I do have a story about the reggae field although it’s not about inhaling… :-)

      I was pregnant with my fourth child, and I sat under a tree with a woman who was pregnant also. We talked about at-home natural childbirth. Turns out, all of her children were born at home and what she told me gave me confidence to do the same. I still remember her face, by the way.

      Sure enough, I gave birth to our son at home and my husband delivered him… and then wept for joy. After that he inhaled…

      • So cute, Ida! I think I almost fainted when our first child popped out in Goa, India; I thought I was just having a spiritual experience and realized later I was woozee! – wow! Ah, childbirth – a mega shout out to our wonderful Moms! What warriors of love! You’ll have your rightful place back again soon, know we’re fighting for it… ;)

  2. I really do not understand why some people are offended by this article. The story of the Downs Syndrome girl was not to offend or belittle anyone. The author was trying to expound of love. And, as usual, it was taken wrong. The Author gets it. Those who are offended, do not.

    Some of you people just need to grow up. It is that simple. You need to not get offended and show love. Maturity and character is a symptom of love. Try it, for it is the season.

    Love, to you and yours. Ida.

  3. I often wonder why a person who claims everybody hates them and condemns them never look at themselves and realise they are the common denominator in everything happening to them. Surely one would realise that maybe there is something wrong with their attitude. Yes people can be bullied and picked on but if everyone has a problem with them then maybe they need to look at themselves. Common sense really. I hear this all the time and the people in question generally have a victim mentality and blame everyone else for all that goes wrong with their lives and never take responsibility for their own actions. You see it in teenagers all the time but once they get a bit of life experience they accept that they had a big part to play in it. We are all trapped in our own perception and negative thoughts, when we express how we feel to another we may be shocked to find that it was all in our mind and that our perception is skewed.

  4. The Waiting character sounds a lot like a trouble maker. Since there is no reason for the anger or hatred, this person is troll that frequents blogs such as this and others. Les Visible’s Smoking Mirrors has had his site attacked where comments were disabled, Visible’s message was hacked to look as if he was a poor speller and such. Very likely Hasbara or Mossad, or one of their agents.

    • The community here catches these – I’ll nip ‘em when I need to, but they more often than not serve to strengthen and remind…and then we move on. Not going to waste time, we’re too busy learning and sharing…

  5. Ida!!! I I I SO can relate to your post. EVERYTHING. EVERY WORD. EVERY DESCRIPTION…… ESPecially when that needle on the arm drops into the continuous groove on the vinyl. “back in the day” I always imagined the needle as being my mind and the record as the world. As soon as one met the other ……well as you point out — – — INSTANTLY IN THE GROOVE. just like dropping into life — What ever is spinning, I am playing….instantaneously and intuitively! No mind required. AND if the record starts skipping – just add pressure (I use a special buffalo nickel!!)

    I was fortunate to grow up listening to and watching these guys perform their magic LIVE

  6. A few verses for us all to contemplate.. In the Bleak Midwinder (sung by Beth Whitney) will make everything o.k. …. who said: everything will be ok in the end – if it’s not ok – then it’s not the end


    “……Hymnologist and theologian Ian Bradley has questioned the poem’s theology: “Is it right to say that heaven cannot hold God, nor the earth sustain, and what about heaven and earth fleeing away when he comes to reign?”[3] However I Kings 8.27, in Solomon’s prayer of dedication of the Temple, says: “But will God really dwell on earth? The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you.” Regarding “heaven and earth fleeing away”, many New Testament apocalyptic passages use such language, such as II Peter 3. 10-11: “The heavens will disappear with a roar, the elements will be destroyed by fire… That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.”

  7. Waiting,

    If you have mental health or self-image issues, please consult a professional. This is not the place for the crap you are espousing. Go and sort yourself out and choose your words wisely. Verbal diarrhea can always be alleviated with the right treatment.

  8. I take your hate Waiting and return love to you :) I’m sorry you feel the world and us are against you, but I assure you Ida has one of the purest hearts I have ever seen and any way she made you feel targeted was completely unintentional. I hope you find the path life is calling you too, and I truly do empathize with your current feeling of purposelessness. Please consider us with a more open heart :)

  9. I think you’re right JC. The last few days the multitude of responses from Waiting on most posts has raised a big red flag and lowered the vibration here for me BIG TIME. Such a shame.

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