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[This is remarkably on point and articulate. What an example of conscious conviction. - Zen]

Poster: Josie explains what it means to be an outlaw, and what it will take to make society what it should be.

(If you like what you see here, please consider visiting www.JOSIEtheOUTLAW.com and helping Josie to keep spreading the message of true freedom.)

[Hat tip: Scooter - Terrific!]




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  1. Hear Here! Josie graduated Sigma Come Getcha from the University of Righteous Outlaws. This beautiful woman has sand and lots of it…and I will personally tell her so.

    Zen, LarkenRose has a tag on this site…could be from her. And yes…Terrific!!!!

  2. The anarchist philosophy continues to fascinate me. It’ perceived limitations are at the core of our indoctrination that we need government for anything at all. Privatization of services from security to infrastructure is possible. Governments don’t accomplish anything–people do.

    • Yes freefall…it is possible in my thinking. Anarchy is to governance as atheism is to religion. Freedom wears a peculiar face in opposition of those two columns. Its weakness is the absence of purposeful unity, that when substantial enough, can overturn those few who enslave.

  3. We would definitely need a change of heart at the core of humanity for any “system” to work without doing harm to each other. I think that most people are basically good. I also think that our government that is currently treating us all like potential terrorists and criminals does not bring out the best in us.

    Maybe we could devise a test that would reveal the psychopaths in our society (our leaders need not take the test- we already know they are). Then we can ship all of them off to one place–like Israel. We could keep them in an open-air prison like they do the Palestinians to ensure that they never can thrive technologically so they won’t be able to be a threat to us anymore.

    Then we can carry on.

    • Yes, most people are basically good, that’s not the trouble.
      “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. ” – Albert Einstein

      • Agreed Lisa. The human has been programmed to think little about their actions, and even less about the ideas behind their actions.

    • Freefall, perfect solution!!!! Israel is the perfect place for the lot of ‘em! hehe! Reminds me of a movie I watched years ago and cannot for the life of me think of the name. It was about putting all the criminals in New York, I believe and letting them have it out and make due with each other. Also, the president of the USA finds himself kidnapped there. Yes, that is a great solution – hehe!

  4. Just watched “Psychopathy on a Rampage” after my last post. Nice to see others looking for solutions and gotta agree that testing would be twisted back on the rest of us. Back to the drawing board.

  5. It was me Zenster ;-) thanks for putting it up. Love seeing the younger generations bringing the truth! Government is nothing more than a religion and Josie gets it.

  6. We need to strip this discussion of all of its logical fallacies. We are multi-generational products of a deception that has us so upside down and backwards that we are willing to protect even the last threads of the lie. Truth is, that all of the successful anarchistic cultures were methodically wiped out by the parasites through divide and conquer. It is an inward and downward spiral, designed to make us afraid to break our chains. As we cultivate our mistrust for each other, we cultivate our trust for the ones that will destroy us and the planet. The planet gets sicker while we keep telling ourselves “just one more drink” of the government myth.

    Any argument made for government of any size, shape or variety, is based solely on your programming. It has no foundation in truth or fact. As Larken Rose reminds us, it is nothing more than a superstition, a hallucination. We can quit cold turkey any time we want.

  7. You bring up some good points Scooter. In theory, our system in America was built upon a Constitutional Republic which is just one step below anarchy on the continuum of lack of government controls.

    For those of us who have no desire to rule anyone or serve anyone (at least not through coercion), we begin to see its possibilities. I realize that most of my cruelties inflicted upon others throughout my life were nothing more than the echoes of conditioning taken from cruelties previously committed against me.

    For human beings free from the chains of our indoctrination, this is the only way to fly!

  8. Perhaps I am off base here, but I doubt salvation is to be had via a buxom woman espousing Learyesque rhetoric via a Larry the Cable styled website.

    • It’s the message that is important, not the messenger. If someone is reaching more people than were reached before, particularly younger people, with no-nonsense, simple words of truth and wisdom, then it is a good thing.

    • Don’t get caught in the cult-of-personality trap Rolls! Indigo is right, the message is the message.

      Did somebody take your cheese dude? You are grumpy these days ;-)

      • I am attempting to relate to a group of seemingly good people, that there is a very simplistic way out of this insanity. Perhaps not as an entire collective, but certainly as an individual this can certainly be accomplished.

  9. divine justice has to bow to divine mercy, or else we are all drones/slaves. “all we need is love”, but let love and wisdom be balanced in their eternal embrace.

  10. what bad is there to say about the message this Gal came with?…

    How to know when something said to us is worthwhile -or not???? After a hundred years (so it seems…) I have found that my spontaneous -absolutely beyond conscious control mechanisms- facial expressions tell me accurately the (cosmically) TRUE Quality of the statement /words said to me : IF my eye brows draw together, “wrinkles up” then what I hear is UNTRUE, NOT agreeable by Universe.
    IF the “BS” pops up ; flies out as my spontaneous response then BULLs–t it is….
    IF the words “oh really ” are your spontaneous reaction to something you hear,better check it!…. CAN be OK, but not necessarily….
    Once I learned to trust my being’s own divine/spontaneous reactions to anything outside of me my life started finally change for the better = my days were filled with what IIIIIIiiiii chose, NOT what OTHERS told me to choose any longer!
    IF Someone is outrageously CHAAAaaaaaming yet at some point somhow makes you questionable or making you feeling guilty out of the blue,you rest assured you are dealing with a Psycho…. that’s my two cents to the One who was wondering how to know when One is dealing with Psychopaths…. :)

    …and to you Zen, THANKS for this fabulous easy to understand no nonsense expression of the Divine truth that indeed is written in EVERY human Heart!……how to live….. in harmony with all around you ….how to stand up and fight for LIFE affirming things and not just sloppily accept all Life denying things but somhow take a stand.
    Apropå taking the stand for Good vs Evil ; the big noose is the all pervasive Monetary System!…. Google “Communities using Local Money” . I did so and I found what I read to be quite uite interesting and thought provoking!….

  11. I suggested that we eliminate the logical fallacies, Waiting, not perpetuate them. 1) burden-of-proof fallacy: Just because you and nearly every other person on that planet has never seen a voluntary, cooperative, symbiotic interaction between humankind, doesn’t mean it can’t exist. 2) the false-cause fallacy: hierarchy and higher organization is the only way I can have a computer, or energy in my home. 3) black-or-white fallacy: either we have organization and manmade rules, or nothing good will ever get done. And many others, but I will leave it at that.

    Free you mind.

  12. Hi Waiting.

    There’s a big difference between a top down organization and government. If I don’t want a Dell computer, nobody is coming to my house with a gun in their hand to make me. The government will be here soon though when I don’t buy into their obamacare scam. People can organize in a voluntary fashion and offer some product or service – they don’t need the “authority” to kill me if I don’t want it. And that is exactly what happens with government if you don’t bow down to them – violence and then death if you resist.

  13. Valid points from all on this topic. We know that paradigm means repeating pattern. If I am as enlightened as I think I am, then I should be working overtime on laying out, in principle, a workable format that would address all the evidence of failures that exist in historical records to break that paradigm.

    We know what hasn’t worked, but I think we would like very much to know what will work, some formula for life that is an embraceable understanding for all of humanity. Is that Utopian thought? Perhaps. Ubuntu (African word for contributionism), for me, is an interesting consideration in our quest for abundance and harmony. Just sayin’.

  14. Great thoughts Randall. I can’t escape this simple, yet incredibly deep idea… that truth is love. Where there is even an ounce of deception, there can be no real love. The universal laws are adequate enough as the foundation of truth, but even simpler than that, do no harm.

  15. You just said everything there ever needs to be said I think Scooter . Do no harm and truth is love . Beautiful !! How did something so simple and pure get so hard to be and do ? Kitty XX

  16. XXX Kitty. You get it girl! It never ceases to amaze me how a human can embrace an idea (government, war, laws, etc) and then become completely brain-dead on how to interact with the rest of the living beings on the planet. I was there for most of my life, rationalizing, justifying, be-lie-ving that this is just how it is. This is their sorcery and spiritual alchemy, and based in the evidence, incredibly powerful stuff.

  17. waiting ??? who pays me??? book music ???? make sense please .. If you saying I am paid to mock // Mock who ??

  18. waiting .. that your thoughts on a medium of exchange called money, and your left right paradigm of western culture thinking that there is no other way to live ..Also even if fuck with the matrix in witch I do and have for many years .. does not mean that i have to be 100% 50 % or even 20% involved with it ,, So If I am taxed on the earnings i report its forced tax that is taken not paid .. BUTTTTT that does not mean that you can barter :-) and this takes place all the time .. It might be 100% off the grid as put .. But By know means it’s 25% on the grid .

  19. waiting on ,… Its fun to try and understand my fucked spelling :-) Gods ” Noes ” ;-) it keeps the Nose ones guessing ..

  20. OK i will , make this one clean so you can read it .. If you can get reduce your use in the Matrix , just using banks for what the are ..a Utility .. or better yet Just paying your services direct.. along with buying food and other Needed goods key word ” Needed ” ,, from locals or a local level .. traded your time for product which works well for People that cant do the physical work . all way small children that are in need of adult eye or some sort of logging data to be kept ect .. Bottom line you start small and your will end up making big changes..

  21. I have your Voice in my Mellon ..Its the “Zenster machine ” .. We all Need to be grounded once in while ,,It keeps up helping others .

  22. We are so much on the same page Scooter !! You said it again :) Spiritual Sorcery , so true , it’s the deepest of all Majik and we are totally and absolutely bewitched . Your description of Hollywood is always so apt as well when you mentioned sorcery it came to mind We are all supposed to worship at the altar of everything that place represents and live this bizarre enchanted life whilst our true inner reality is ignored and the beauty of us is pushed to one side .
    We really are stupid , who needs all this glitter and lies when the glory and truth of the entire Universe lies within us ? XX Kitty

  23. rt on Doc — without love we’re dead meat…in every sense…LIVE meat however, watch the hell out!!!! Yeeehaaaa!….love WILL find a way!!! EVERY way!….

  24. That IS the word….”Current events”, 9/11, OK City (etc), music videos, Presidential mindfuck speeches, all the same…real “sorcery”….it is not joke….beware, as is be-aware!

  25. No problem, Kitty. I often think in mysterious ways. :D

    But I was not only thinking of Pratchett’s “Sourcery”, but also of the “magic” provided by SOURCE. ;)


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