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Spirit Science – DNA Activation

(hat tip: Chautauqua)



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  1. Man that is some cool stuff let the evolution continue and I hope I am around to see this 3rd level of evolution to it’s means personnally it would be a relief that humanity has survived and the right path has been set. Zen dude you are definitely in a zone putting these blogs out for conversation.Keep them rolling


  2. I have read that we are opening up to our original 12 strand dna with the help of the light energies flowing to Earth now. The light bearers are the anchors of this energy – otherwise the energies would pass through and the awakening would not happen. Eons ago beings came to Earth and changed human dna to a simple two strands that keeps us functioning and does not allow our higher energies to become activated – also called the veil of consciousness – so they can drain our low vibrating energies as food.

    It is strange that I have read about most of the info in these posts in the past four years through mostly books and web sites.. I like to read these posts because they resonate highly with me.

    Just to think that it all started with getting electrocuted while painting a house -2 stories up on an aluminum ladder that had me well grounded to a two phase electrical line connected to the house. I had spiritual help detaching me and then falling 2 stories and being able to walk around afterwards.

    Thank you Zen.

    • Jbakes, wow, whatta story (2 stories..;). Good illustration of what’s happened to most of us spiritually, getting woken up. It’s taken a few 2×4’s to get through to me as well. Funny, even if we’re so-called “seeking” we can be so, so wrong and by definition won’t be able to see what’s already rt there and we always already had! Ha!
      I’m so grateful, and sure enjoy and admire the great folks who visit here! Love to all! – Zen

  3. Super video. This site is a ton of fun, thanks, Zen and everyone here. From what I understand, our DNA is a “living library” and carries the genetic code for all beings. So for instance, when I work with the love/light energies, I ground into Earth the DNA information carried by the Arcturians. I truly beieve this and that is why I’m here and why I work hard to elevate my vibes so that I and all who carry Arcturian DNA can reconnect with our Arcturian buds! And if that means I’m waving my freak flag, you bet I am! It is so good to be able to talk about this stuff without fear! Thanks, love, A.

  4. My dearest Zen,
    Thank you so much for all you do for us.I have recently discovered your beautiful website and it was like God answered my prayer, I have had a difficult past 3 years and have shed many tears.Your wisdom has touched my deep soul. YOu are truely brightly guiding light zen chan, I hope we can become good friends ,
    Love miyuki

  5. Zen gets the prize for ‘haarp’ing on the FACT that all of the WiFi technologies

    fracture both strands of the DNA/double helix…, a key weapon against evolution

  6. More great stuff…
    What I wanted to mention is how this is out of the very few sites that I actually trust – so rare these days.
    Thanks Zen
    P.s. also I appreciate how you always use perfect grammar – an indication of your clarity of thought – also rare these days, particularly among the poor mind crippled products of modern culture/schooling.

  7. Check this our brother Z

    Some freaky stuff going on here

    I feel like the robot on lost in space “It does not compute”

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1bkILRpuYA – go to 2:00 of this video

    Then check out this Hecatonicosachoron Inner cell rotation – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c1/120-cell-inner.gif

    & these 4D images here – http://www.entropygames.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=69:4d-maya&catid=35:art&Itemid=54

    & 4th dimension discussion here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four-dimensional_space

  8. Well, I don’t know about all that, but I am a pragmatist and I am even beginning to believe there is something more. I have had a series of miracles, one after the other for about 6 months now and I am speechless about it. I have no idea what is going on but something is for sure. Its way way beyond coincidence…. trust me. You would not believe it if I told you but the good news is I have witnesses who can attest to it. LOL

  9. Ok, but I don’t think there is enough room here to list them all, so I will start with one such example. I have a mission in life that I did not know about, until it came upon me. I ended up in a town in the mountains 7600 feet, after swearing I would never live in snow country again. I did not know I was coming here until the day I got here. The miracle is how I got here and then the other miracles are around my mission and how I know its from God, for lack of a better word. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I will make it clear that I am now a full believer in God and that is because I have experienced his power when I asked for help. I also do not believe in religion, rather God is a spirit being and we have no clue to his powers, methods or purposes or how he has chosen to manifest them. To make this short, I bought mountain winter clothes for two years when living in san diego. Don’t need them there, so why was I driven to buy them? Store said they never get them but did that year. Then after two years through a series of miracles, exhusband sending the wrong paper, ad that was run for a job that the woman had cancelled two weeks before, did not run the previous week , but ran this week, and it was in a durango Co paper. I called and she hired me on the spot. I sold everything and rest into storage and took off and reached Durango at night. Next morning called and she gave me directions for getting to the office. I asked “where are you?” she said 58 miles east in the mountains. I almost passed out. I DID NOT WANT TO GO THERE but it was too late. I hung up the phone and said “I SURRENDER, THIS HAS BEEN OUT OF MY HANDS FOR TWO YEARS…. ” I got in the car and it was the most beautiful drive of my life. Its the first time in my long life that I had ever stayed in the moment, why? Because the future was out of my hands and the past could not help me. So I just went along like a contrite little slave. lol I pulled up on a mesa when I reached my destination, and saw the continental divide and the most beautiful place on the planet and have been here ever since. I knew then I ws there for a reason. The other miracles are about that reason.

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