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Spirit Tap – How the Manipulators Steal Your Fight


by Zen Gardner

Ever wonder about all these rousing freedom fighting movies and “outnumbered little guy gets back” scenarios? Don’t they seem counter-productive to the cause of the contained control world we’re being shoe-horned into by the hour?

In a world of manipulation and social engineering, why would so many heavily promoted dramas regarding rebellion against totalitarian control, and even specifically against a mechanistic, fascist future, be so prevalent?

Think about how you feel after one such moving media event. Spent. You might identify with Braveheart or Leonidas and the 300 and every sinew in your body is pulsing with getting back at the Man. You feel vindicated in your convictions. “Yes, it’s always been this way and we too shall stand and fight to the finish!”..yada yada.

Do you see that happening? Why do you think the droids of Orwell’s 1984 were not just allowed but encouraged to participate in the “2 minutes of hate” against the staged enemy of the day?

Think maybe they knew this innate craving to rebel had to be vented? Sure don’t want it directed at the Elite PTBs now, do we?


Siphoning the Spirit

This is how religion works, or erudite phony intellectualism and the like for that matter. Seeming self expression and empowerment nicely encapsulated in an innocuous little bundle of self-absorbtion. Won’t hurt anybody, too much self loathing and original sin think going on. “I’m innately bad, carnal and easily misled. I’m wrong by default. But oh how I love living vicariously through the machinations of others!”

Brilliant, no? The theatre of the mind, easily reinforced by literal cinemas and scripts thrown about in revisionist history, the nightly news and the readily manipulated false reality shoved in front of our faces via mass media spectacles.

Hell, I’m Spartacus too. Who isn’t?

These fuckers really know how to wrap humanity up in itself, using its innate intuition and conflicted, compromised issues in dastardly ways.



Channeled hate toward an external threat

Glorified, But at Arm’s Length

And how do you work this innate rebellion against tyranny born in the hearts of any normal human? You deftly set it aside. It’s either classified as historical information for a day gone by,  or would-be-nice romanticism that’s really not for the real world. In effect, it’s being mocked as futile, but most would never recognize that. Or it’s directed at a pre-designed enemy that works for the PTB’s favor.

Again, clever clods.

Don’t you find it ironic that so much of this type of expression to fight for personal freedom is set in either bygone days, or a futuristic, off-the-charts surreal setting?

Point is, it’s not now! Now is eviscerating any attention or even memory of the recent Occupy movement. “Now” is government’s suppressing dissent in ways not seen in so-called developed countries ever before. “Now” is drones, surveillance, check-points, tracking and invasive monitoring such as the world has never experienced.

Reality check, please. (But you won’t get it from “them”. They don’t like to make the connection.)



So Why the Heroic Rebellion Movies? Emotional and Spiritual Exhaustion.

I can tell you’re starting to catch on.

We’re wonderfully, marvelously human. We have hearts, we have empathy, we have love, we have consciousness. That they could be this cold, evil and manipulating is something we’re catching on to at an exponentially accelerating rate, but we’re getting it. It’s not in our nature to behave in such dark ways, but they’re forcing us to face their ugly temporal reality for the sake of survival.

That’s good and part of our communal spiritual evolution.

This is yet another wake up for those ready for it. They’re tapping humanity’s innate craving for freedom and love, allowing us our emotional outpouring, but in controlled conditions. That’s what it amounts to. It doesn’t propel people to want to rebel and stand up for a cause. It thwarts it.

Instead, it emotionally and spiritually spends them and effectively exhausts them. Sad but true.

Cinemas and TVs are spiritual sucking stations. As you suspected, toxic and to be avoided in almost every case.

But don’t despair. The Truth is there. The real channeling of information and empowerment is amongst the alternative research community. Granted it too is compromised somewhat but that can be expected. Don’t be naive.  And certainly not so much you won’t find the Truth you need to spur your soul.

flaming sword


I want to encourage you to keep heart, keep hope and keep your eyes wide open. Not necessarily in a paranoid or wary state, although that should be a hefty part of looking at today’s world.

But know we’re what they fear the most. We are their enemy. An awake and aware populace is their living nightmare, hence all the drugs and deliberate pollution of everything, from our air, water and food to the electromagnetic vibrations surrounding us.

Don’t let them distract or disempower you emotionally, spiritually or otherwise.

Stay awake and aware and alive and conscious and in synch with the Universe and you WILL fulfill your purpose.

As will I.

Much love,




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  1. And always remember, you are, and always have been and alwayes will be, your own hero. Zen, thank-you. Love, A.

  2. Zen I’ve recently learned WHY!!!!! the Elite are as they, THEY are indeed since the story of Cain and Able, even futher back are a different species from others. They look like us, do alot of the things we do BUT!!! their race Has No Soul. that’s why they are vile and have NO compassion or love, I’d love to Email you a huge eye opener all about it with MASS research to prove it. If you or anyone else is interested ,Step up, be Bold and email me for this info. I’m very glad to share it, LOVE TO ALl

    • Angel
      I would enjoy sharing your research and connection with some of the discoveries from my excavations.
      From your comment, it is my firm conviction that you are on the “bridging path”, connecting the ancient past to today’s world situation. Of immaculate design and incredibly old, we can begin to see…really see…why we are enslaved.

      I look forward to corresponding with you.


    • Yes, the elite are different. They are all sociopaths, deficient or totally lacking in empathy for others. Allowing them to run the world is like allowing the inmates to run the asylum.

    • welcome to the club!! and it is for each one of us (humans, not the elite) whether to choose which way to go. that choice is made by actions, not words. remember how one fights dementors and boggarts? and how HP defeated V in their final duel? that is key. tasha, sll

  3. TX Zen! You’re absolutely right!

    Thinking back to my “Dark Ages” – as teenager and young adult, I played games like D**m and Resident Evil as an outlet for the anger in me.
    Released of some pressure, the system could “play” with me again…
    Thank goodness, I also had games like the Ultima series, that taught me some real values and how to look through the smoke screens.

    Love & Blessings!

  4. We haven’t watched television for ten years… and the body/mind needs outlets for suppressed emotions… suppressed emotions kill…A good way to handle the suppressed emotions are through tantrums… done just like little chidren in the safety of ones home on the matress… no one gets hurt, stuff gets moved and everyone feels better.
    And the opportunity is to learn how to process movies so that one is pumped instead of drained… And watch movies that support growth. Remember, like it or not the world only reflects the consciousness of the masses. Your world may reflect differently and probably only minimally… because the morphic field of the mass unconsciousness is huge ( and thankfully is changing). There is nothing outside of us… everything is filtered before it is conscious… filtered by everything we have “learned” to be true whether it really is true or not. And until one has moved enough of the learned stuff… we are just as affected as most everyone else.
    And another biggie… you have never done anything wrong… however, until you get that, you (like everyone else) are blaming someone, something or yourself and nothing can change.
    So, yes, turn off the TV, throw away the paper, move to the country… and find yourselves…. a home…and stock up it probably is going to appear to get worse before it gets better… sovereignty is yours… can’t be fought for or taken away unless you choose to.. learn to self empower.. be moving your assemblage point… change your frequency… get out of “their” radar… learn to live simply.

  5. Zen
    Thank you for pointing this out. Siphoning off our passion and energy for life is easy as long as we humans identify with the underdog, the hapless “ego” who must always be saved, placated, consoled, entertained, and resued. When our identity shifts from the imagined “Giant Within” to the Living Current Itself, individuals will be immune from such manipulation, not until. The complete domination and subjugation of humanity is based on this default on ourselves. As long as we are willing to identify with less than What we are, then the wolves and predators will always have a nice meal, and rightly so. It is our emotional recoil from our native Condition at Infinity that opens the door to the opportunists. When we see that it is we who invite them and are not merely their victims, but also their enablers, things will change because we will have regained our power, our sanity, and our ability to act in our own behalf. The Gloomanati are the reflection of our collapse from Who and What we are and we attract them in the same way that feces attract flies.. When we Stand Up, they will die like vampires at High Noon.
    Robert Cinque

  6. I have been making a conscious effort to love my enemies.
    All the great masters live from a place of love and can find the love and forgiveness neccessary to get past the crap and just deal with the issue.
    Remember that we needed them to play the role of evil so we could see that. Every step makes a staircase not just the top one.

    I play a little game when I am particularily mad at the elite. Its cheeky and spiteful but in a good way. I send them love.
    I imagine them rolling around in a grinch like scene wondering what the weird feeling is and it makes me smile.
    Maybe they cant feel it all but it brings ME closer to source. It helps me grow as a loving being.

    I have always tried really hard to imagine what it is like to be in anothers position before i judge but time and time again, I ignore this for the evil.
    Truth is, they are born, bred and raised in a fear based envirnoment. They cant possibly understand things the way I do. I live from love and it feels safe and true. How would I feel inside if I lived form fear? have known fear and it doesnt feel good.
    If we want to become Christlike we have to act Christlike. .Just like a path through the forest, we must walk the mental path of love and forgiveness over and over in order to make it a path that all can see and follow. Forgiveness and love is something we have to push out to everyone or we will never grow as a whole.

    • They are getting your thoughts of love just fine. Some people revel with evil and hate. If we keep sending our love thoughts out to these beings, the hate and evil will melt away as well as that ego that is attached to it.

      You have had some good heart felt responses this week Twelve. Keep on and Best of Fortune to All.

      • JB, This week I crashed through another wall in my awakening. I know youre aware of the tension I had earlier in the week but now I feel renewed.
        I really do thank everyone here for that. I follow my intutition and find the things I need to read to help me and most of the time it is from something posted here that I find my new lesson.
        I feel like I’ve found my lost long relatives sometimes when I read things.Sometimes when I read your comments I wonder if you are that big brother I always wanted.

        I read your post below about thoughts and their power. I am really starting to explore this within myself so it helps a lot to read your interpretations of what is going on.
        I’m a gemini so I am intensely curious but my attention span is short. Ever since my awakening moment, i have been unable to shut these thoughts off. Hopefully once I get to the point of total enlightenment, I can get some peace and quiet.

  7. Spot on, gardner

    I’ve been watching revolution on the teevee. came to the same conclusions.

    all you asthmatics out there need not rebel!

    and I thought I was prepared — NOW I’ve got to find a reasonably priced cross bow

  8. How true. Serious rebellion in movies is always in films like “300” or “Star Wars” – unless you include the speech in the movie “Network” (“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore”) – of course, the Spartans and the Jedi didn’t give speeches, in order to defeat the Evil Empire.

  9. Also, ever notice how the word conspiracy is ALWAYS followed by the word “theory”? If you want to know who owns and controls you – study the history of the Rothschild Family, and recognize, that if you wish to know who owns you – all you have to know is who you are not allowed to criticize. Think about it – which group – if you criticize it – could cost you your job? There’s a great film, entitled DEFAMATION, Yoav Shamir – definitely worth watching:

  10. I have warned friends for years how subtle the media content producers use the empathy our creative designer implanted , to channel our passion into useless symbolic actions that further corrupt the noetic inception TRYING to replace the Newspeaking meme masters. Thanks for the chance to comment in a worthwhile vein. Chip

  11. Hi Zen, totally true what you are saying – one comment I would like to make at the end of this halloween week – I have heard of atleast 4 suicides during the course of this week as well as a couple of intended suicides – I have also noticed that people at work as well as family have been exceptionally angry this week. I have noticed many hightened sensitivities in the people whom I interact with, lots of tears and lots of upset. Do you think the celebration of the macabre (Halloween) has anything to do with the general mood of our society?

    • Yes, Leo, it’s an ancient ritual time and the dark side has their concurrent ceremonies and rituals that intensify the negativity. Also with the post-Sandy Northeast being tooled into chaos you’re no doubt picking that up as well. Again, they pick their times carefully. Try to stay above it and encourage others to do the same. When people learn it’s manipulated that knowledge empowers and pops them out of much of the influence. Take care. Love, Zen

  12. Physical fighting is the last resort your ego uses to defend the physical body. You have ultimate power by using your thoughts. Watch out though – What goes around will come back around and when thought power is used wisely for the betterment of all it comes back around to save your ass every now and again. The same holds for malicious attacks – these nasty thoughts come back to you usually as something physical that your ego needs to defend.

    I am not a bible thumper, but I thought that I read the walls of Jericho were brought down by people that surrounded the town and used thoughts/sound waves? Explain how the pyramids were built, when even today our technology can not lift these huge blocks of stone much less place them perfectly together(though thoughts we can move or create anything). The ancient books speak of people healed though words(thought),weather controlled though words(thought) and much more.

    Thoughts are all powerful. I used my thoughts in a specific way last night to get the neighbors cars(6 of them) out of the front of my house and off the street altogether. They were all gone this morning(even the pickup truck without license plates that sat there for 5+ weeks).

    This was an easy one. I practice these thought controls often, but only when needed. If you have no clue on how to do this – start to read up on these things -Now! I listed several sources of writers/books in one of the posts a week or two ago.

    These things in conjunction with being centered-using my intuition makes me prepared for what is to come.

    There is nothing to fear – but there are many around us that will be fearful because they are not prepared. Until or unless those days arrive I am having fun every moment I am here.

    • JBaker,

      Once, many years ago when I was trying to get to sleep one night, I had a twinging pain deep within my knee. I decided to see if I could get rid of it by forcing it with my mind down through my leg and out of my big toe. It took what seemed like a half hour to do it, but it worked.

      I would stop occasionally just to check that it had moved further down, but when I stopped I felt it would work its way up again, so I’d carry on focusing and forcing it very slowly until it had reached its destination.

      Yes, amazing what the mind can do.

      • Once you find that it works on you, try it on someone else, but do not tell them about it. As long as the injury or disease is not in final stage, there should be improvement. ost people would not believe if you told them you sent healing powers their way and if they did believe you your life would end up like Whoopi Goldberg in in the movie Ghost- never ending requests.

    • Jbaker,
      Do you remember which post you listed those books and sources on? I’d be very interested in learning more on the subject. Last night I joined in a webcast from Shift Network featuring Gary Zukav speaking about Authentic Power. I grow every day through these various resources.
      An observation of my local spiritual sucking stations, the weather report on each one are practically verbatim word for word of each other! I noticed the netwwork coverage of Sandy was served up conviently packaged to us in a hurry just like the Aurora massacre. Peace

      • It was Mystery of the Dark Rift- Oct. 20th. About have way down-Twelve and I were opening up.

        Yes, There are Dark Groups that practice Black Magic that cause Great Problems for others. As more White Magicians Wake Up and counter them things will get better.

  13. Yes, I saw my typos – I left out the r on through twice. I am better at being long winded than an editor. I can talk for hours with someone I connect with – it is the listening part that I am always working on.

  14. Good article there is a site that goes into depth on this subject its called And the word came forth.com a spiritual journey for those who wish to know more.

  15. Movies are subconscious programmers. They’re creators usually don’t realize what they are unleashing on the world, they are made unconsciously. Psychic pollutants.

    Creative work made consciously can be art. When its not it might as well be another product on the shelf

  16. Well, Zen. Brilliant piece. You and I both know about these things but you have put it all so nicely and succinctly for readers to move along on their path with greater understanding of our struggle.

    This one is being posted now. Thanks for your always enriching insights and for using your skills to make a difference.

    • Nice to see you Noor!! So glad you got this..surprising how many haven’t! They think it’s “negative” I’s sensing. New one coming soon…compliments what was missing in this one…the mindscrew is soooo pervasive….can’t expose it enough! Love you!

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