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We Are All In Spiritual Battles

by Ida Lawrence

States of mind… oh how they change. It would be nice if we could keep ourselves in mental and emotional balance… always. Never venturing too low, into the “why did I invite this major bullshit” inner dialogue; or soaring through the clouds in the, “OMG my life is a synchro paradise” trip; or maybe just some “geeze my heart is sad… and I don’t know why” awareness.

Frustration, bliss, or mystery melancholy… I don’t know about you, but for me the mood isn’t always the same. And at the outset I’d say, please don’t blame yourself if you’re not always copacetic. There’s a lot to this life, and we’re dealing with not just our own energy, but many other forces. Control system invasion, nasty people infection, financial collapse getting personal, health problems intercepting the flow… these do translate as spiritual battles.

We’re all in spiritual battles, and to my mind we’re pretty darn heroic just for engaging on a conscious level.

So what is the desirable state? You know what the talk is… are you balanced… stable… in the now? Even if today’s circumstances seem like a bumpy fall down a flight of stairs, and maybe somebody even pushed you; the way you experience these things can be warrior-like, sage-like, evolving, learning.

And more talk: the real you is not the person who wrestles with moods. The real you is the one observing you wrestling with the moods. If you slip into a dense energy state – doubt, frustration, emotion, reaction – you’re not connecting with your inner divinity.

Understand… I’m not making light of the talk. It’s real for me… the true journey. We’re geared toward self-responsibility and that’s beautiful. That’s where responsibility belongs. But we’re also conditioned to blame… maybe a bit too much. It’s that old ‘sin’ conditioning: external judge becomes internal one… the ego’s voice.

Remember when it used to be that sin was the problem… if you get sick, or robbed, or you’re in poverty, or pain… it’s God pointing out your sin to you? Going way back to high school, I recall when my best friend’s mother died from a very rare and painful immune system disease. Gossip at the church had it that the painful ending didn’t speak well of her – a faulty relationship with God must have been to blame. What nobody considered is that she had taken a job with a plastics manufacturer a few months earlier… just saying.

Then came the new age philosophies, i.e. your intention and feeling senses, your conscious and subconscious mind, your dense or refined energy and your good or bad karma are the all in the 3D mix of what you’re experiencing. Bottom line: you are never a victim… you are the ‘chooser’ of your life circumstances – it’s all you babe.

I agree, and yet I’m feeling the ‘it’s all you babe’ must be only part of the truth… not the whole truth. There has to be a lot more to this evolution thing. Anyone who evokes the feeling of weariness in me, and triggers the ego’s voice of self-judgment and fault, can’t be ‘talking up’ a full-spectrum spiritual path.

Accepting and loving the imperfect ‘I Am’ brings up the question… have we left the sin concept behind, or is it still subtly operational? Why does a dour mood, a sleepless night, a physical ailment or an empty bank account make me feel like a spiritual warrior failure?





  1. Thanks Ida…had one of those weeks with all kinds of challenges with my work and my child and inclement mountain weather thrown my way. I see it in myself at times, the doubting of my heart and ability. But today is a beautiful sunny autumn day in Appalachia and reading your post just made my day brighter. Thank you for helping me to remember….

  2. My favorite course to aid our plight is to enter the field of consciousness on earth in meditation- as deeply as it may be penetrated. By reaching ‘there’ while embodying a conscious notion of peaceful strength that is unwilling to allow manipulation, a current is set into action. This current then adds to other similar movements of energy which found thought/emotion/active processes under manifest reality.
    Any being then may be influenced toward this bent from an energetic level upward. As if the energy we send into that level can spark into manifest mingling with ‘electro’ aspects of the electrochemical signals interchanged by neurons and axons- becoming an ever so small part of someone’s process. Also; that same energy can spark into sodium or potassium ions- the reactive balance of which create the energy in the mitochondria of our body’s cells, which is called upon by ribosomes to build the next strands of dna which will found to the next generation of cells.
    Imagine if we could prove conclusively that quantum entanglement is ubiquitous and when it comes to conscious beings, the nuanced frequency of energy passing electrically throughout our nervous systems and the way atoms vibrate within our dna entangle the field that we each experience as our future.
    As said somewhere in Autobiography of a Yogi: (I think in the chapter “the science of kriya yoga”)
    “Karma is vibratory space and the only thing which undoes karma is non-vibratory space” Those out there versed in theoretical physics writings ‘the vibration of space is time’ is popular parlance.
    If this then that…. We aren’t so helpless to change course after all!
    There is something vehemently working against our potential- I feel this idea of a reality based framework for affecting change is valuable to knowing one is contributing to the greater good- it also pays immense dividends in helping one to remain centered.
    Have you heard the theory that negative thought forms are actually physical entities latched on to trigger further negative thought loops?
    Not to say the negative deserves our full attention- consider acknowledging the enemy whose binds we must grow through to gain genuine accomplishment.
    Not the devil- it is far more technological and in the realm of far advanced and applied science than a catchall boogeyman.

  3. We all dance like leaves on the wind, swirling, leaping up, falling down, to leap, turn, and dance again. Knowing that the fall is a part of the dance, enabling the higher leaps with momentum and spin, helps me through the troubles. I WILL leap and dance again!

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