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Staged Cyber 9/11 Now In the Offing?


by Zen Gardner

This cyber false flag sabre rattling has been going on for some time. The alternative research community is all over the various possibilities for what the PTBs might use next to get humanity scurrying into their next stage of control.

They also probably get a sadistic kick out of all the things we try to second guess.

We don’t want to be guilty of bringing things into our reality by visualization and intention, but I maintain it’s been smart to be aware and even envision different scenarios to keep ourselves alert and prepared.

Who knows. It may just push them back and keep them from absolute total abandon in the execution of their obvious Machiavellian plans.

The Latest Never-So-Subtle Outburst

Leon Panetta looks the perfect stooge. I mean perfect. The spiritual plastic surgery on his brow to give him the “perma-cern” look even outdoes Joe Lieberman’s “I’m just a helpless Zionist protecting my persecuted people” look.

Disgusting people.

Anyway, Leon the Mafioso peon comes out with this script the other day, as if any half awake and partially warm human being couldn’t read his drippy, lying intent:

“In a blunt admission designed to prod action, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Thursday night told business executives there has been a sudden escalation of cyber terrorism and that attackers have managed to gain access to control systems for critical infrastructure.

In a speech in New York City, Panetta said the recent activities have raised concerns inside the U.S. intelligence community that cyber terrorism might be combined with other attacks to create massive panic and destruction on par with the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

“These attacks mark a significant escalation of the cyber threat.  And they have renewed concerns about still more destructive scenarios that could unfold,” he said. “For example, we know that foreign cyber actors are probing America’s critical infrastructure networks.

“They are targeting the computer control systems that operate chemical, electricity and water plants, and those that guide transportation throughout the country,” he added. “We know of specific instances where intruders have successfully gained access to these control systems.  We also know they are seeking to create advanced tools to attack these systems and cause panic, destruction, and even the loss of life.”’ Source

Nothing New, Lyin’ Leon

Like the buildup to 9/11, this cyber terrorism “threat”, mostly Mossad facilitated like 9/11 and the vast majority of so-called terrorist actions, has been deftly used to cripple nuclear facilities for years via the Stuxnet virus, still ruthlessly roaming the webesphere.

These people are beyond unscrupulous, and know they are way above any kind of law enforcement.

Welcome to the hell called the modern politico-society grid.

Built to control. Built to intimidate whole nations and peoples. Built to slaughter and kill indiscriminately.

The prelude to this apparent “possibility” for the obvious purpose of totally fascist internet censorship, has been “fishing trips” for public reaction, and has been going on for some time.

Now Joltin’ Joe  the Infiltrator and Internet Freedom Traitor

This fascist Zionist bastard’s been pounding on this issue more than any other. Seems the lowest scum take on personal assignments for their overlords at whatever cost to keep their rubber-faced propped-up jobs. (One look at NWO gorgin’ Gore and you’ll get the picture.)

Just sickening scum. And to think they’re considered “leaders”. Talk about a madhouse.

Here’s the frikking story:

“Lawmakers will adjourn for a summer break without passing a cyber security bill which legislators warned is imperative to pass due to an “imminent threat” of more sophisticated cyber attacks facing the country.

In recent days the Obama administration ratcheted up the fear, warning that without this legislation the nation’s security is at risk, vulnerable to a far-reaching cyber attack, a sentiment echoed throughout this week’s debate in the Senate.

“We don’t want a cyber 9/11,” Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., said, “right now, our adversaries are watching us. We’re debating, protecting America from cyber attacks, and it looks like we’re doing nothing, that when all is said and done, more gets said than gets done. Our adversaries don’t have to spy at us. They can just look at the senate floor and say ‘what the heck are they doing’?”’ Source

More Pre-Programming

Here’s another example from a year ago:

“Cofer Black, veteran CIA spook and former vice chairman of the mercenary outfit Blackwater, sees parallels between the terrorism threat that emerged before the September 11 attacks nearly ten years ago and the emerging cyber threat we supposedly confront now, according to Reuters.

(I know. Nice face, bulldog.)

Black worked nearly 30 years for the Directorate of Operations at the CIA, now known as the National Clandestine Service. As former CIA employee John Stockwell noted, the unit has “engineered covert action operations in virtually every corner of the globe,” resulting in violent coups and countless people killed. In 2007, it was revealed that more than 50 percent of the National Clandestine Service has been outsourced to private firms.

Black mounted the stage at a Black Hat conference in Las Vegas to make his prediction. “Your world, which everyone thought was college pranks … has morphed into physical destruction,” he told the nearly 6,000 hackers and security professionals at the conference, reports the Wall Street Journal. “Guess what: It is your turn whether you know it or not.”

Black’s comments fall on the heels of a suggestion by former CIA and NSA boss Michael Hayden that a “digital Blackwater” may be required to combat the threat of cyber terrorism.

“We may come to a point where defense is more actively and aggressively defined even for the private sector and what is permitted there is something that we would never let the private sector do in physical space,” Hayden said. “Let me really throw out a bumper sticker for you: how about a digital Blackwater?

Cofer Black also said the cave-dwelling terror group al-Qaeda will go cyber. “They will enter the cyber world because it’s comparatively remote, comparatively safer than strapping on a bomb,” he said.

Black’s prediction follows a report issued by the British Home Office claiming al-Qaeda has launched a “cyber jihad.”’ Source

Get the Picture?

These bastards are twitching at the trigger to pull off the next stage, however they do it. I still maintain that like a boxer they’ll continue to use a combination of fear-inducing events to keep everyone on their heels, much like the 9/11 buildup with supposed al CIAda bombings of embassies and ships and whatnot, similar to the American shooting set ups going on now.

It apparently works pretty well with an apathetic, drugged down populace.

But we’re on to them. A real lot of people are on to them. And it makes a damn difference.

Never Forget That – Love Does Rule

Here I go again, but our conscious awareness of what these f-ers are up to is extremely powerful. The more we inform, the more we empower. The more we empower, the more they in turn empower. We pass it on…..furiously.

We can lay down the meme for Truth and Love in our everyday activity and change everything!

Never, ever give up. We’re up against a non-empathetic force that knows not the power of Love and Truth.

Resist with conscious awareness, Truth and loving interaction.

We know we’ll be fine, but while we’re here our job is to help the rest.

Much love. Keep on helping.

Love, Zen



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  1. What a chilling mob and scenario. yet with conscious awareness moment to moment we shall not let this happen!

  2. “We don’t want to be guilty of bringing things into our reality by visualization and intention”. On the contrary, I think we stopped an attack on the Olympics by publicising it in advance. I can just see “them” grudgingly giving up as “wasted effort” all their preparations – I Love it! I really think we won that one.
    The biggest problem for them with a cyber attack is the way most of the “hacker” community are firmly on our side and are not easily kept quiet, combined with the inevitability of a programmers individual “style” showing through in their code to an expert. So if they try this it will be VERY hard to disguise who did it – they will virtually have to use the Stuxnet team and it Will show.

  3. Between the repeated bills SOPA, PIPA, etc + repeated calls from Zionist subhumans for kill switches + the UN constantly year after year trying to tax or take over control of the internet + the repeated talk of alleged critical infrastructure being vulnerable you can tell that they are desperately looking for ways to stifle and control the internet.

    Keeping busy killing us through every means possible just isn’t good enough.

    Reminds me of the fable of the Dog w/ a Bone and His Reflection

  4. Good post. All I can do for the moment is to share this. Although the sound of deaf and blind sheople around is deafening and blinding…..

  5. “We can lay down the meme for Truth and Love in our everyday activity and change everything!”……….It’s already here, we are not alone. Don’t be afraid, let God arise. God is love and He loved us first. Christ is on our side and we are in the majority. Be good and loving at all times and in all cases, with caring example evil has no power and will shrivel up and die.

  6. Everything ‘they’ do stinks of being pre-planned but not everyone has awoken upto their agenda yet (many have and are) everyone can see that all these ‘events’ and related ‘fear porn’ that keep happening and being plugged by the corporate media and evil Zionist henchmen are in fact staged incidents to centralise power to themselves. They are destined to loose and that’s shy they are all pathetic just like bullies in the playground who shit their pants when karma catches up with them. And they can’t escape karma because its a coming…

  7. Zen your line about them knowing not the power of love resonates exactly where I am in thought right now. They dont know how powerful love is! To me that thought is amazing because they have been forced to us our currency of love in order to capture our attention. There are countless love songs, romance novels and every movie lead has a love interest.
    Of course, because they live of fear, what they didnt know about Love is that it grows as soon as someone feels it in them- it grows. Anyone who has a child knows that an insurgence of love comes with the birth of a baby. It hits a whole family and even friends and there is more than enough for everyone. People want to feel that and let it grow in them and pass it on to the next person.
    And when I have seen/heard or learned of anothers sufferring I may feel fear and heartache but my love wins out and I want to help them, not just myself. I love my children so much that i want this world to be a wonderful flourishing place for them. Love creates, shapes and defines us in many ways.
    We won this before it even started because of the power of love.

    Johncook, I agree that we stopped something at the Olympics i also truly believe we slowed Hurricane Isaac.
    I was horrified to realize I actually was glued to the set waiting to see the destruction from the Massive hurrican slated to hit on Katrina’s anniversary. There it was in my face, my own deep inner reflection of what I was learning about the dark side. A part of me wanted destruction.
    so I adressed it, forgave myslef and started urging and yearning for Isaac to go back. The odd thing is that i picked up on a wave of energy and relaized I wasnt the only one asking a storm to at least slow down.
    To my delight- the much hyped up hurricane became a tropical storm. I know peope were still hurt and displaced but it wasnt what THEY had intended it be.

    • Yes Twelve, I know we can do anything with our thoughts. We can literally move mountains or perhaps carve rocks into perfect blocks and make pyramids hundreds of feet high with just our thoughts – Wow.

      I used to use this power when I was younger(not knowing my thoughts could create reality) when I got mad and I would project these thoughts to people or things and created tough times for them. When I was in my 20’s I used to be a bouncer at a few bars and saw the power that I had and got out of it before I killed someone. I broke up a few fights, but never had to hit anyone to solve the problem(I had a lot of spiritual help protecting me).

      When I see something or am involved with some situation that is not what I believe to be good, I project cleansing energies to them,myself and everything and anyone that is connected to it.When the situation persists, I project my thoughts to move the problem physically away from me and usually within 24 hours it is done.

      Yes, when we project thoughts of love to everything around us – things change for the better.

      Imagine just a few million more people directing their positive thought patterns into a negative situation, this world is going to change fast.

  8. I see the Cyber black out coming in 9/11 style. Their numerous attempts at tip toeing it in through legislation have failed numerous times and I suspect they are getting frustrated. So cue the sloppy, full-of-holes instantaneous false flag cyber attack by Iran/Russia/China/Al-Quada. It will work well like 9/11 (even look at the recent Batman shooting – the sleeping masses, the millions of them couldn’t get enough of the “official story”), but perhaps the window on the truth emerging will be shorter than 9/11 given the massive wake up over the last 11 years since 9/11. However, on the flip side, the truth was able to come out as a direct result of the free and open Internet. Without it, hmmmm…….

    TPTB also realize that seemingly the only linchpin in their entire takeover of the world is the free and open Internet. So many sites now have the truth broadcasting 24/7, it’s like brilliant sunshine on a vampire, and they must be frikin’ itching to put this vessel of truth out of business forever.

    Think about it: One day we wake up and no matter what “website” you go to it has this generic message from the President of the United States (and/or others) telling us, well you know the rest of the story… Then he instructs us to wait for further information, or to turn on our, cough cough, television sets for additional information. At this point, George Orwell is then officially in our living rooms, every one of us and permanently, at least until . . .

    Great point Zen about “don’t want to be guilty of bringing things into our reality by visualization and intention, but I maintain it’s been smart to be aware and even envision different scenarios to keep ourselves alert and prepared” and my take is this one is too important to not risk it – there’s too much on the line by remaining silent.

    I see the three most clear and present dangers as (1) WWIII (2) Collapse of the global economic system and (3) The end of free and open Internet as each one of these will end our existing way of life/reality/paradigm.

    But finally, YES – LOVE. With love (blanketed firmly in awareness and truth) all we indeed be well in the end. Stay tuned, same Bat Channel, Same Bat time!

    • ps: Zen, this article kinda makes me think you ought to get crackin’ on that hard print copy of your book so that when Miss Internet goes down we all have some irrefutable physical truth to show our progeny!

      I can see the conversation now – What do you mean, Daddy, that there was this website back in 2012 called “Just Wondering” and this article entitled, “Staged Cyber 911 Now in the Offing”? What Internet?? C’mon Daddy, stop being silly!!

  9. Outstanding article Master Zen:
    Omte; sources report that the MSS ( Chinese Intelligence ) have 3000+ experts hacing US government and private sector entities.
    MSS assisted Iran last week in the successful takeover of Bank America and other major banks computers.
    Be aware and prepare!
    Right on Master Zen – WRITE ON!
    “Terrorist Attack On America:

  10. “They are targeting the computer control systems that operate chemical, electricity and water plants, and those that guide transportation throughout the country,” he added. “We know of specific instances where intruders have successfully gained access to these control systems. We also know they are seeking to create advanced tools to attack these systems and cause panic, destruction, and even the loss of life.”

    LOL Like those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Liar, demon, human excrement. The jig is up, your all caught. Just a matter of time and circumstance before your all brought to justice. We are not going away.

    Here is a way around any attempts to silence us by censoring the web. Prepare people.



    Also I agree with many posters here that we stopped a few false flag attacks. Keep the light on these cockroaches. Open uncensored communication will be our salvation.

  11. Zen, you do good work. You and I are pretty much tuned in to the same frequencies; it’s just that our concept of love and loving are probably not on the same level or scale. I don’t think I have the slightest idea what human love is, and I don’t believe humanity, in general, has any means of possessing it. I do know that there are tiny spots of it here and there in humanity, almost all of it in babies and children, but virtually none above age of puberty. You could be one of the Christ-like exceptions in humanity, of course, as any flesh could, and you appear to be evidencing it quite well. I wish you the best of fortune in holding it to the very end and may God bless your effort.

    Your pictorial contrasts (as above) are the stuff of which legends are made. It is so easy to see who loves and who hates, isn’t it? It doesn’t require humongous smarts or thoroughgoing psychological training; it’s only necessary to look at the animal and listen to him/her/it. That the whole world cannot see what you and the few here see, is proof that the world of man is insane. Is it any wonder that I find so little love in this world?

    • Hi Adam,

      The only pure Love I truly understand is the love between a mother and her children (can’t speak for men because I am not one), children and their parents, grandparents and grandchildren, animals and their young, pet owners and pets, and general animal lovers and animals. Unconditional love, in other words.

      Children are spirits before their hormones kick in, IMO, and Love is their essence.

      As an adult, I feel love for all children and all animals. I don’t pretend to feel love for those who slaughter animals or destroy the spirit of a child, for instance. I try not to feel anything in these scenarios, as it only upsets me (who I love very much).

      Most other forms of Love are conditional, so it is probably not Love at all. People have a hard time admitting it that love between adults is conditional.

      • Indigoviolet: you nailed down a whole bunch here. Unconditioned Love is a subject of which millions of words could be (and no doubt have been) written. Unconditioned Love is something that can’t be manufactured except by the nature of the beast, isn’t it? Change the nature, change the beast–which is what some dangerous enemies of humankind (presently the various governments of the world, which includes MSM) have learned, all of which is being revealed wholesale and in staggering volume through the miracle of the Internet. It is by agency of “change the nature/change the beast” (worked directly by the U.S. government) that more than a billion babies worldwide have been fiendishly slaughtered/murdered and thrown in dumpsters by otherwise natural mothers since 1973, which action, by the way, is taking the whole world down with the babies, but said world is too stupid and too damned, by those very actions, even to recognize it.

        Like you, I Love all children and all non-human animals, too. And like you, I love myself very much, as True Self Love is from whence all Love emanates. Love can come forth only from Itself and none other. Love oneself, one loves others, too (any or all of whom may be deserving or undeserving); hate oneself, one hates the world in the same way.

        Unlike the case appeared to be with the reported Jesus, I don’t love haters and can’t/don’t/won’t tolerate their proximity. Thus, my life is a solitary one as natural elements within me reject hatred and blast it outward from me ere it gets too close, irrespective how bejeweled its appearance may be. When the hatred is blasted away, it blasts the afflicted humans with it. Two things that can’t hide from me: 1) love, 2) hatred.

        Hatred is so ugly and evil that one can’t help being affected by its presence. On a global scale hatred translates into world wars, as war is the most treacherous presence of it. Thus, WWIII appears on the horizon today. The world may not notice any babies, but I’d bet it will notice a hot WWIII.

    • Humanity has been victimized in numerous ways. For example, stats run around 20% for women who’ve reported sexual assault. Also, military suicides are extreme victimization turned on to self.

      Unconditional Love does not fare so well in this Earthly dimension. We attempt to control our environments out of fear of a reoccurence. Believe the Wanna-Be Controllers have also been seriously damaged.

      When the Light of Truth burns through the clouds of aerosols and confusion, trust will be restored. It will be a time to let go of any need for hyper-vigilance; a time to love and be loved.

      I have a fantasy that the hate-full, ruthless ones will ooze an unbearably foul odor, kinda like a pole cat. And via experienced extractors, they will be removed from polite company.

  12. Thanks for the balancing input, Brother!

    Peace and Protection to you and those you hold dear!!!!

    Sean (Eaglehart)

  13. Great!! post. It’s been my greatest fear and they know we are slowly connecting the dots by the FREE internet and YES they definitely want control of it and YES I am sure they will rachet up the false flags to get that control. So YES we need to be on top of our game. This may be were the rubber meets the road. Because we have this piece of technology that allows honest human global communication. So like Zen the man states ‘Never, ever give up. We’re up against a non-empathetic force that knows not the power of Love and Truth’ All the bloggers that are hear know this is coming and while we are hear and in the same boat. Lets give each a nice warm loving hug and keep on with our awareness to not let it happen on are watch.


  14. The problem isn’t a lack of information: There’s enough information to fill a large library. The problem, as I see it, is the “We can do anything we want and get away with it.” attitude by the PTB. Their arrogance is sickening. The one-party system we have controlling our nation, since 1913, has already destroyed our country, socioeconomically as well as spiritually. If there was a ‘Devil’ personified there could be no greater model than the United States Federal Government ~ all three branches. Our Bill of Rights has been subverted into a Bill of Goods. We no longer have a Fourth Estate watching our backside and Big Brother has moved into every neighborhood in our once viable Republic. When they shortly deprive US of our 2nd Amendment rights our 1st Amendment rights will vanish as well.

    The solution?

    Yes, awareness and education are necessary and so is peaceful demonstrations. But they will not be enough to turn the tide. We are a nation of laws and not the whims of powerful men: The bottom line is a restoration of our legal system, from the Supreme Court to our State and County judicial systems.

    How do we restore our corrupt legal system?

    If the thousands of lawyers graduating each year from our universities and colleges cannot or will not lead the charge in restoring our Constitution, all will be lost, sooner than latter.

    It’s that simple.

    If ‘love’ means love for our country then it must be ‘tough-love’ and I think we all know what THAT means… –Joe7000

  15. Lots of words, concious awareness, bla bla bla. Do any of you think yaking at stone cold killers will accomplish anything. Hearing of misdeads, Americans have been trained to talk tough and set action as some future fantasy. There is only now and the only way to stop “these monsters” is to put your own life at risk and take theirs…hmm…didn’t think so. Go back to your intellectual porn now. You all deserve the rullers you have.

  16. Never, ever give up. We’re up against a non-empathetic force that knows not the power of Love and Truth.

    That’s why they will fail. At the core of our species is Love and it will have the final say.
    Keep up the good work, Zen.
    Love to all 528hz

  17. You say “We know we’ll be fine, but while we’re here our job is to help the rest.” I ask you to declare who are “we” and who are “the rest”? Just what are you driving at? What do you think this “helping” is supposed to be aiming for? Why don’t I just say it for you? You mean by we “awakened” humans, and by “the rest” you mean “all the other humans” (as in, we are all one, we are all one great big human brotherhood, etc.) and what are we driving at, do you imply? We are driving at helping “heal the world” and establish “peace and brotherly love and earthly restoration” in some form. Is that not it? Of course it is what you are implying. I would bet you even think that in some way these foul beings at the top of the Evil pecking order have decent, Divine Essences within them, do you not? Without saying it explicitly, while you call them “f-ers” you also would confess that you share the “brotherhood of man” with those “f-ers” in fact, though in action you would claim they distinguish themselves as “the bullies on the playground” on this earth, which you would also probably claim is a “classroom where we learn to love each other or suffer” is that not it? And you would also say that “we” come here to incarnate in order to express “Love” and that our “lessons” got out of wack but all us “goodies” will finally “wake up” and the earth will see a worldwide resurgence of “real human nature” and these “classroom bullies” will be booed off the stage albeit not going quietly whilst the main body of humans will awaken to 5th dimensional Christ Love Consciousness or some such thing? Why not just come on out and say that you basically believe this or some near-equivalent line? Just spit it out and say that you believe this so you can be clearly and easily classified as a “NEW AGER” of this sort so that those who are looking for the TRUTH can see you clearly and were you stand. Then you might help some REAL AWAKENERS by letting them see through your bullshit.

  18. Afshin: Not sure where all your negativity is coming from or what the problem is but here’s hoping you can resolve whatever it is that is troubling you.Love truly is the answer. If you are not getting anything positive from this site then perhaps you should look elsewhere, might i suggest inside yourself.

  19. Good suggestion, Gemini. Afshin appears to have foot stuck somewhere that is causing toes to hurt, or maybe smell bad.

  20. Zen
    When a thug has a gun to your head and he tells you, “Either do as I say or I’ll kill your children”, you are obligated to comply, for now, until you can find another way. Our “leaders” are extorting us and are responsible for whatever happens.
    Thank you for pointing out Leon Panetta’s announcement about immanent cyber-attacks, and at the very time Obama is being grilled about Benghazi! It’s a Trojan Horse through which Stuxnet and other cyber-weapons (think Fukushima) will be employed against Americans and then blamed on Iran or whoever the Obama “Administration” would like to invade that day.

    The Mossad and CIA, through Stuxnet and weather engineering using HAARP, which is Tesla microwaved interference patterns projected onto chemtrails and military targets, weather has now been weaponized. Heat the air in front of and above a hurricane and you can steer it, increase or decrease its intensity. Treaties were signed under Carter banning weather weapons.
    I sent you True Ott’s article, I think it would make a good post on your site!
    Robert Cinque

  21. Zen, my brother
    I hate the sin, I love the sinner. Let us condemn the act and hold the actor accountable, without condemnation of or withdrawal from the miscreants. Holding them accountable is a real act of love
    Robert Cinque

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