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Staging World War 3 For A Mutually Desired Outcome


Eric Blair
Activist Post

I watched the movie Pearl Harbor last week and it struck me how impossible it would be for Japan or anyone to pull off such an attack today.

In the age of satellites that can read license plates from space, the days of a fleet of aircraft carriers sneaking up on anyone are long past. In fact, there will never be another battle like Normandy where thousands were killed while storming forward directly into the enemy’s line of fire either.

That type of warfare is as obsolete as brigades lining up in formation as they did during the Revolutionary War in America. Even occupations like Iraq and Afghanistan are proving to be completely ineffective and outdated.

Additionally, because of advanced weaponry, the entire idea of conventional war seems utterly ridiculous.

It’s pretty well established that nations like the United States, Russia, China, and the European block all possess amazingly advanced weapons like weather weaponry, nuclear weaponry, chemical and biological weapons, EMP bombs, robotic drones, and space-based weapons like “Rods from God” just to name a few.

And, surely, there are ultra top secret weapons that make these advanced weapons seem antiquated. Thus, it would appear that conventional warfare with bullets and bombs is like using sticks and stones compared even to the weapons we know to exist.

So, what gives? Why do we continue to believe that ragtag nations like Iran pose a threat to powerhouse nations with sci-fi weaponry? And why does anyone still believe battles with sticks and stones are even necessary at all?

Conventional war may make some sense for minor conflicts in isolated areas of the world where one group of violent thugs wants to seize power and wealth from another group of violent thugs.

But if Iran were to launch a significant assault on any of their enemies, they would likely be turned into a parking lot in 30 minutes from these weapons. So they’re restrained by their own self-preservation and therefore pose absolutely no threat to anyone.

Similarly, after Japan struck Pearl Harbor it was rumored that Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said ”I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.” Shortly thereafter, America stunned the world by dropping atom bombs on Japan (even as evidence has shown that it was U.S. policy to provoke an attack by Japan, then deliberately allowed it to happen).

Since then, no nation will dare confront the United States, China, Russia, or European block with a military assault. So the idea that a conventional World War III between these powers would ever be necessary is as idiotic as Iran posing a threat to the West.

No nation is stupid enough to launch a nuclear attack on another nuclear power, as a swift and equally devastating response would be a certainty. Furthermore, no one would benefit from such an exchange. And when there is no benefit, there is no war. Top-level war orchestrator, Zbigniew Brzezinski has said repeatedly in his writings that it is preferable to have small-scale conflicts that are manageable. This has been the ongoing method of globalists since the last world war, where regional conflicts have become so widespread that their effects are felt globally, offering a de facto WWIII without the nukes or the announcement of global conflict. The posturing rhetoric of all-out global war is theater meant to keep everybody scared of perceived enemies and to keep the military-industrial complex flush with fear-driven profits.

What’s more, these powerful nations are too interdependent economically to be so foolish as to attack each other. Their leaders are too obsessed with power and control to let it happen. Their economies are so fragile that one domino of disruption could spur a domestic revolution that can threaten their power — including inside the United States.

Of course, history tells us that when a nation’s back is against the wall economically, the leaders rally the desperate people around a common enemy and use war as the engine of new economic output. This is happening now with the so-called War on Terror which is increasingly an excuse to spend money on surveillance of domestic populations.

Modern warfare is fought at the highest levels with economics through currency battles, sanctions, and tariffs; through small proxy forces like we saw in Libya and now in Syria, and increasingly in the cyber world. On this stage, World War III has already begun. Yet, as these tactics are exposed, they look more and more like mafia hits; or, dare I say, terror attacks than a “just war” to defend a nation state, its people, or its constitution.
In every case, the battles are about gaining more wealth and power for those who are initiating the war. It’s hardly ever been about defending national sovereignty and freedom, especially now that national sovereignty is nearing extinction due to the globalized economy. However, patriotism is still used as a tool to keep the facade of the war machine going.

The fact is, there are no real enemies or real threats to the superpowers, and therefore no real reason to fight conventional wars any longer.  In my opinion, the prospect of a conventional World War III is ludicrous, and the only way it would happen is if it was coordinated between supposed enemies to be controlled for a mutually desired outcome.

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  1. most wars in the last 300 years were not wars … they were sacrifices … lining up to a firing squad, storming a cliff, or officers shooting retreating soldiers sound like military strategy? … “german” officers were roasting pig and drinking brandy while the german soldiers were trying to find a rat to eat in stalingrad … “russian” officers shot any retreating russian, even though half werent issued guns

    countries dont genocide themselves … the officers were about as german and russian as bernancke and romney are american … they are all jews trolling people to kill each other

  2. Before the day Hell-fire raged
    Man’s leaders spoke of peace.
    A deceptive harmony achieved by the premise
    Of a mutually desired and assured demise.

    Men totally soma-nized by trivial videos,
    High-speed Internet and designer jeans,
    Didn’t questioned their leaders’ genocidal scheme
    And were blind to the nature of its satanic theme.

    Instead Men were completely enchanted,
    By their systems’ so promising prospects,
    Of the worker’s state new five-year plans,
    And the capitalist’s stock market returns.

    On that dawn before Hell-fire raged
    The leaders were well prepared,
    They took to their cloistered shelters
    To await the final trumpet’s blares.

    As workers toiled, and children played,
    As lovers smooched, and others prayed,
    The demonic command was issued that day
    Which unleashed Hell-fire’s rage.

    Worldwide as the people fried,
    Their leaders regrettably cried:
    ‘Alas there will be no great profits to be had,
    Nor political dissenters or anarchists to harass.’

    For their sanity and of the unlucky remaining few,
    The psychopathic leaders tried to justify
    The necessity of their deadly nuclear moves,
    ‘For through war they maintained comes peace’

    ‘Once peace is achieved’ they proclaimed,
    ‘Reconstruction of society can begin.
    For a new order will rise from the ashes
    And spread to all the lands of the world.’

    But on the evening after Hell Fire raged,
    Mother Earth curtailed their rebuilding plans,
    For She rocked and rolled, shook and rattled,
    Till all her wrath exploded forth,as she explained:

    ‘You failed to heed the words of the Man from Galilee,
    Thus you deserve no more from me then cosmic dust!

  3. To the good devout religious people of all faiths pray that the demented psychopathic fundamentalists among us do not destroy us and our beautiful planet.
    The hate that these warmongering cretins are spewing will ultimately engulf our world in flames. We cannot continue to worship the god of greed, hate, and destruction. Mankind’s survival is at stake.

  4. cossack
    that was spot on until naming one ethnicity as the culprit
    the same way we have been trained from birth to hate this or that group, the responsible party has in fact infiltrated all groups.
    look for the money
    sure some ashkanazi zionists do have a lot of money
    they are still not the most wealthy
    they are just the scapegoats
    as are the royals, masons, shriners, and on
    we need to find the smallest denominator in the fraction
    what is the smallest group wielding the most power?
    who’s religion/philosphy declares absolute power?
    deity on earth power
    and owns the resources and paper wealth to control the mercenaries to wield that kind of power

    • unfortunately, nothing youve said here proves it isnt … in fact, it is the answer to all your rhetorical questions

      if we were trained to hate jews from birth, how come the media and education goes out of their way to protect the jews … you never hear the word jew in the media except beside the word victim … you arent allowed to debate the holocaust … professors lose their jobs if they do, and in some countries you get jailed

      how come 4 million jews received holocaust pensions? i dont get it … did they get mass exterminated, then did they mass resurrect? … how come russians and ukrainians didnt get holocaust pensions … was it because they were actually holocausted? … and who holocausted them … surely you dont believe russians genocided themselves? … surely you dont believe stalin went door to door and murdered 40 million himself? … so then who did? … reptilians? … its the jews, stupid

      indeed, take a look at all the money … the names and faces of the people that print our currency … that own the media, that print our books … this is all pro-jewish lies … and you call them scapegoats? if they are scapegoats, you have a mountain of logic and facts to overcome … and you havent started

  5. and by the way controls the ashkenazi, shriners, masons, royals,….. and has for centuries
    and has these groups organized and controlled using the same basic structures

    • how come there are over 100 jewish anti-racism groups … and less than 5 black and white groups … how come these anti-racism groups were formed after jew Leo Frank was lynched for raping and murdering boys and girls … was it to prevent future justice when the corrupt courts served the jews?

      if you are so innocent, how come you need 100+ government funded groups to protect you … how come they slander anyone as hater or racist as soon as you just begin an intellectual discussion … how come we are intimidated to debate … it is because we been brainwashed not to look at race … or brainwashed to look at this as a black-white thing

      • i usually dont respond to adjective debates … because it is pointless to debate how to call this death cult … im pretty sure we are referring to the same people

        however, if you are going to call a group scapegoats or victims of hate, when the media and education system clearly does the opposite, i felt compelled to expose this lie

  6. After reading the comments above about who did what to whom is irrelevant to me. The fact is I saw a comment that if all nuclear weaponry was released in WW3 that it would end in a hour and half and so too would our civilization.

    • QE3, Financial sacrifice of the 3rd version of America, has already started so the matching WW3 sacrifice of humanity probably isn’t too far off. America certainly is the prime scapegoat to start it. Must silence that pesky Constitution and any source of global thought about freedom. They don’t realize they can’t silence and idea. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

      Still a bit surprised so many sheeple seem so totally clueless about what awaits them. Maybe the mass terror instilled during the events will feed their masters.

      There will be no winners in a nuclear war. That’s one reason all the DUMB’s & the seed vaults were built for around the globe. The slave masters know any above ground problem will end it for all of us. (Planet X, if you believe in it, asteroid, nuclear, biological, chemical war) whatever.

      Watch On The Beach. It pretty much sums up the nuclear angle of it. There’s a newer version too but not free. The brainwashing propagandists do like to keep re-releasing the same messages over and again. I don’t recall a big budget holywood movie about world peace? Anyone?

      Woodstock, just a re-release of the event but not full budget. And then of course that was put into the big budget Omega Man w/ Heston to squash that idea with a message of total death and destruction due to a biological plague.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mxvx9gQ8k0 – Part 1
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn7JAE5D39o – Part 2

  7. Sorry but do you really believe that the anglosaxon countries are the most advanced on the planet? sorry, you re a dreamer, or still too much programmed. the asien culture is 1000s of years older and even the germans, russian and french were lightyears ahead of american inventions already a century ago. Not to talk about the fact that it has been mainly immigrants who played a role in the US. So wake up, or come back down, get a grip or simply get rid of your decades of indoctrination that the US could seriously do whatever they want any time, because if they really could they d do so on a daily basis. and who cares any more about the US except americans? the rest of the globe would miss modern day america and the average overweight brainwashed american as much as the tax man. And anyway, who cares, these are fake wars and we got no idea what s really going on behind the scenes. all this american, english, german, french, chinese, moslem, jew, christian, black and white and sheit is only there to separate us as is money to enslave us. cut the crap and stop feeding the wrong wolf, we need solutions which will free us and bring us together. there is no case for competition, competitors are losers by definition, only cooperation will save our arses. so either be human and forget what that shitty paper you call passport says or drown in the control freaks drone filled world.

  8. Spot on. If anyone attempts to attack another nation its BABOOM!!! They all have the technology to launch bombs that would create EMP’s, if one fires they will all fire and BABOOM were back in the 1800’s. Very few really know the technologies that exist and a prime example are the Voyageur 1 and 2. They were launched in 1977 are past Pluto and still communicating. That is old technology and was 35 years ago. What can they do now…

    Nature has a way of taking care of business and if we all don’t get on the same page soon….. BABOOM one way or the other.

  9. I guess he never heard of asymmetric and guerrilla warfare. Countries like Iran may use EMP, infrastructure and other attacks and we may not even know who did them.

  10. All of us will be dead in 100 years. Sad to say we observe an evil machine at work and cannot stop it. Prayer is an excuse for spirituality. I always comment that the only real answer lies with a) Becoming souls with that set of possibilities, b) Good Aliens, c) God , d) some help from the cosmic superstructure, e) The balance of the super powers.

    Waiting for the masses to awaken when the threat is current, is an ostrich’s move. Scalar weapons are too powerful to defend against. The super powers all have them. Of course, there is secret powerful technologies. C’mon, death is not all the disaster it is painted to be. The body is just a vehicle. Use it to evolve regardless of what happens. This means, defeat the dark side within and see what possibilities open up!

    • good perspective, we are all eternal

      if you act with the consciousness of a cockroach, you will be reborn a cockroach

      if you say and write the truth, you have demonstrated your humanity and will be reborn as such

      to advance our consciousness past human, you have to (develop your intelligence and courage to where you) act against evil

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