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Storm PsyOp: Emergency Internet Kill Test Next?


by Zen Gardner

A lot of possibilities are making themselves available to the PTBs with the arrival of this manipulated megastorm in the northeast. Katrina was the perfect platform to test military involvement in disasters, disarming Americans and brutalizing innocents at will with no fair media coverage whatsoever.

That engineered event served to not only train and desensitize the military and police forces, but to set the tone for future heavy handed tactics in whatever (usually engineered) emergency situation may arise.

Worse yet, it unfortunately foreshadowed an even worse step in the totalitarian takeover….the absolute control of information, resulting in a scattered, confused and easily picked off populace.

The Emergency Catch-all

The power to shut down the internet being firmly established by the executive branch over the course of several executive orders, one can only imagine how much they must be itching to test it out.

As Rockefeller said years ago regarding the New World Order and as the mantra of the Elites has always echoed, all they need is the right excuse or “emergency”.

 Obama’s Internet Order: Power Grab or Simple Update?

“The White House revealed President Barack Obama’s new executive order clarifying the federal government’s communications authority in a national crisis.

Entitled “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions,” the blandly written document lays out a series of directives to government agencies to prepare plans to be able to communicate with “the public, allies, and other nations” in the event of a national crisis. It seems to assert the government can take control of private telecommunications technology, presumably including those used for the Internet, for government communications in an emergency.

Internet privacy advocates are raising concerns about the scope of the order, worrying that it represented a power grab on behalf of the federal government.

“Under the Executive Order the White House has … granted the Department [of Homeland Security] the authority to seize private facilities when necessary, effectively shutting down or limiting civilian communications,” wrote the Electronic Privacy Information Center in a blog post.” Source

Pretty broad definition as usual. Any emergency would do. Will this storm in the heavily northeast megalopolis be a perfect chance to try it out? They’ve said they may need to “divert” internet availability to emergency services in some future situation. Will this be the first test and effort to condition Americans to such a “state necessity”?

Fostering Dependency on the Authoritarian State

While writing this they’ve just made two very revealing announcements. First, Comrade Obama is telling us to listen to authority.  Thank you Big Brother. Your word is as good as God, we wouldn’t know what to do without you and your wonderful State.

Next they’ve announced a curfew in Atlantic City beginning this evening. So you’re not allowed to move around now? Clearly it’s the big wigs protecting their casinos and other investments, but c’mon, it’s a frikking storm and you don’t even know what’s going to happen yet. I was in Iran during a curfew and many a doctor was shot for “breaking curfew” for answering emergency calls for help and were gunned down as they reached in their pockets to show their credentials to the trigger happy Iranian guard working under the besieged Shah.

Things get ugly when you put the pressure on people by first hyping up the fear, and then exacting the authoritarian state dependent behavior to ridiculous degrees.

And they’ll have it no other way. It’s all in the training.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The silent majority has fallen for it so far, why not keep on going?

Never mind the mindless, keep on shouting the Truth.

It always pays off.

Much love, Zen

*see also Will Sandy Go Nuclear?




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  1. Too soon, I think, for the internet kill switch. Perhaps when a major false flag event occurs — some (VT, G. Duff) point to the explosion of one or more nuclear weapons in an American city or two. Otherwise, we’re still boiling frogs in this country..

  2. Things are getting so Hot, so fast…

    P.s. I like the new additions, the spamBot rejections count is cool, my god the net must be calling with them, 227 and your post has only been up for a short time…

    I hope it’s not rejecting all these helpless kids who can’t do simple arithmetic lol

  3. We all knew this stuff was going to ramp up as the year went along. Anybody disappointed?

    Keep your wits about you. Focus – Center

    Think about it. If this is our world, do you really want to live in this crap? I’m either going to rise above it or die.
    This is a game. I’m all in!


    • Jeff, I came into this world kicking & screaming, covered in someone elses blood ~ I have no problem going out the same way.

      • C – That is so good. I’m with you all the way.

        Great site you have also. I read all of your articles. Nice to finally be able to thank you. I hope all goes well for you.
        Here’s one – Matrix (part 3) – “Remember, if we have to give those bastards our lives; We give them hell before we do.”

        Keep the faith.

  4. Zen, you are a great thinker of our times & writer…I remember back in say 1500s we had no electricity….We had farms….then farms were taken away from us, then we went to America a Free Country….and Now, and Now, and……………..Now! The question should be are cities really a great place to be, or back on the farm being self sufficient? God Bless America! God Bless our Planet! And for each and everyone that reads this – May God direct you to always choose love over hate, compassion over cruelty, and be generous with with you have with those that have so much less. Amen brother Z!

  5. My concern in this state of semi-lockdown was if the absence of witnesses will prompt the false flag people to MOVE their stuff into place, in readiness. With people indoors and the bridges and tunnels closed down anything can take place! The lockdown during 9/11 facilitated the quick removal of both gold bullion and WTC debris.

    While some suspicious political moves and legislation is pointing to great nastiness in our future lives, lets not be too quick to make connections that are not quite there.

  6. “They’ve said they may need to “divert” internet availability to emergency services in some future situation.”
    Millions of people are without
    power, so they don’t have internet access in the first place, and they need
    to divert it?

  7. Zen, We need to become proactive in purveying the paradigm. I’m just One, and if the doom and the gloom describes the situation, We should then say that there is hope. And We should keep this hope in Consciousness. We should not be silent about the injustices, but We should be pointing to the path Humanity CAN take – IF enough of Us know We CAN do it.

    First three of the series.

  8. ” I was in Iran during a curfew and many a doctor was shot for “breaking curfew” for answering emergency calls for help and were gunned down as they reached in their pockets to show their credentials to the trigger happy Iranian guard working under the besieged Shah.”

    Zen,how long ago did this happen?

    • 19788-9 during overthrow of the Shah..was teaching english and editing there…that’s why I always say when real revolution hits people who’ve never seen it they will freak out…esp. spoiled Americans…have no idea….

  9. While I love the Internet, it has become less open since the cable option came in. Remember modems anyone? They still work since the original concept was to find a way to get messages through in difficult situations. It was slower, true, but the message did get through.
    There’s also the InnerNet. But that takes discipline and a clear focused mind.
    Well, bonfires on mountain tops, smoke signals and homing pigeons work too, but it might be a good idea to tell others what the codes mean before a ‘storm’ pulls the switch.

  10. The truth will set you free, but first it will make you angry.
    Bumper sticker noticed today. True that. But, it pisses one off to know that it (truth) will piss you off.

  11. Another outstanding reality check Master Zen.
    It’s about our closet Muslim/communist’s zeal for control.
    A bit of research will divulge that he is following hard-over in the footsteps of Marx, Stalin, Mao, Castro and currently Chavez in Venezuela.
    Be aware and prepare!
    Thanks you. Right on Master Zen – WRITE ON!
    “Yoda’s Little Known Tactics To Avoid Being A Target/”

  12. Hi Sister!
    I can’t say for sure which of the “natural” disasters are man-made or not. At least mad-men toy with haarp and stuff.
    But since a few years I FEEL that Mother takes actions.
    Looking at the outcome, let’s hope it’s Gaia in action here.

    One for the go: 😉
    George Carlin – Natural Disasters

    Much Love!

  13. Since the government controls the weather now, can’t farmers sue the government when their crops fail?

    Since floods, tornados, etc. are no longer acts of God and are mearly acts of government, can’t we sue the government for damages? I have some branches that broke off my trees lately that I have to clean up. Who do I send the bill to?

    Think about it.

  14. Good to see you thinking about that Jeff, one of the basic things about admittingthat they have and use effective weather control would be the lawsuits. They have to keep it unofficial.

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