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Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering – The Invisible Elephant in the Room


R. Teichmann, News Beacon Ireland
Waking Times

Don’t hear, don’t see, don’t speak.

The subject of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering  (aka Chemtrails) and its impact on climate, health and life on this planet is undoubtedly one of the subjects avoided by the corporate controlled media in spite of being of utmost importance. But it is not only journalists who avoid discussing it and asking questions. The so called “science community” does the same. It is a taboo subject for our so called “representatives” in parliaments. The few who are trying to bring this subject to the attention of the public are attacked and ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists”.  There is an eery silence that needs to be broken because this is an issue affecting all of us, the animals, the plants, the life on this planet in general.

More than 60 years and ongoing


This NASA document dates from 1966. You can read the entire document here. In the introduction on page 1 it says (emphasis added):

Over the past twenty years experiments have been
conducted on weather modification, particularly on the effects of seedinq clouds with such materials as silver iodide crystals.

It outlines a “special commission” to coordinate the multiple governmental agencies, independent contractors and universities. It also deals with managing  international, legal, social implications and mentions possible species disruptions, biological consequences and possible military use. We can conclude that weather modification has probably started as early as 1946. According to the above document the program was funded in 1967 with 6.25 million $ and the funding prospect for 1970 was  248.5 million $. We can only speculate as to the amount of funding today.

After decades of weather modification the climate is now severely disrupted, what we experience today is not natural weather. In the meantime the military aspect has become a major part of the project. In the introduction to an article on Global Research [1] Prof. Michel Chossudovsky writes (emphasis added):

“Environmental modification techniques (ENMOD) for military use constitute, in the present context of global warfare, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

Rarely acknowledged in the debate on global climate change, the world’s weather can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons. Both the US and Russia have developed capabilities to manipulate the climate for military use.”

His article analyzes the military use of weather modification techniques. It also gives examples of how this technology might have been used already. One integral part of these techniques is HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) situated in Alaska. It is basically an array of antennae able to emit powerful radiowaves with up to a billion watts into the ionosphere.


propo1Image source: radiojove.gsfc.nasa.gov

Nicholas Begich –actively involved in the public campaign against HAARP– describes HAARP as 

“a super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere  by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything — living and dead.”

(for further details see Michel Chossudovsky,http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO201A.html )

World renowned scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell depicts HAARP as

“a gigantic heater that can cause major disruptions in the ionosphere, creating not just holes, but long incisions in the protective layer that keeps deadly radiation from bombarding the planet.” [2]

haarpArrayImage: HAARP Antenna Array
Source: http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/HaarpSite.html

haarpohdImage: Aerial Photo of the HAARP Alaska Site
Source: http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/ohd.html

Dane Wigington of geoengineeringwatch.org describes another use of this technique  (emphasis added) [3]:

This is a huge and extremely powerful antenna array which is capable of transmitting as much as a billion watts of power into the ionosphere. The effect of this is to create a ‘bulge” in the atmosphere which in turn can alter the course of the jet stream. Such alterations can in turn “steer” weather systems. By such manipulation, storm fronts can be combined and worsened into “frankenstorms”, or broken apart and dispersed.

There are thought to be at least 18 of these “ionosphere heaters” around the globe, some held by China and Russia. It has also become evident in recent years that “weather warfare” is already a lethal global reality. The potential of these frequency transmitter facilities is enhanced by the spraying of our skies. The saturation of the atmosphere with metal particulates makes the atmosphere more “conductive”. This in turn increases the capabilities of the ionosphere heaters.

Since the beginning of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering the composition of  what is being released into the stratosphere has been changed from silver iodide crystals to a more complex one. It is very hard to find trustworthy independent analysis of the released aerosols. All tests I could find relate to testing on the surface, obviously concerned people and organisations do not have the means to gather samples where they are released.  A list of tests with links can be found here.  In 2010 Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri states in an article on Global Research [4] (emphasis added):

Over the past decade, independent testing of Chemtrails around the country has shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers. Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic.(4) Barium is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function. Independent researchers and labs continue to show off-the-scale levels of these poisons. A few “anonymous” officials have acknowledged this on-going aerosol spraying.(5)

Numerous tests have been done to verify that these poisons are off the scale in their toxicity. They are documented in our water, in our soil, and in our air. For more than 10 years, researcher Clifford Carnicom has been valiantly and systematically reporting on the various detrimental aspects of these aerosols –and what they are doing to our entire environment, as well as our blood.(6) Various “sky watch” groups also have been carefully documenting and diligently reporting about these daily assaults.(7)

 Recent reports from Norway say fluoride has also been found in sample tests [5].

The climate debate and Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering

I am not a climate scientist or meteorologist but could not fail to notice some strange things going on in the climate discussion. At present there is a debate going on between those scientists who believe that earth is warming (supported mainly by the International Panel for Climate Change) and those who say the opposite.  It would exceed the scope of this article to go into the details of this debate. But I assume we can all agree that the complex interactions in our atmosphere still are not fully understood yet. In a recent letter to Un General Secretary Ban Ki Moon more than 125 scientists stated (emphasis added)[6]:

The U.K. Met Office recently released data showing that there has been no statistically significant global warming for almost 16 years. During this period,  according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations rose by nearly 9% to now constitute 0.039% of the atmosphere. Global warming that has not occurred cannot have caused the extreme weather of the past few years. Whether, when and how atmospheric warming will resume is unknown. The science is unclear. Some scientists point out that near-term natural cooling, linked to variations in solar output, is also a distinct possibility.

What cannot be doubted however is that the ice cover of the Arctic is disappearing rapidly. The following graphs [7] show this clearly.



The current militarisation of the Arctic (see http://www.globalresearch.ca/western-militarization-of-the-arctic/27626) is a clear indicator that the large corporations (and the states supporting them) are taking very seriously the diminishing of the Arctic ice and the resulting chance of natural resources becoming available for exploration soon.

Dane Wiginton writes on geoengineeringwatch.org [8] (emphasis added):

“All available data indicates that the single largest factor in the climate change equation is geoengineeringand it is being completely kept out of view by the corporate / military / media / industrial complex. …………

It appears increasingly likely that governments around the globe will try to sell geoengineering as a saving measure for the planet when they can no longer hide it. It is imperative to educate a significant percentage of the population on the subject of geoengineering and the utter decimation it is causing before such a PR campaign takes place in order to keep geoengineering from being publicly accepted as a “cure”………………….

Ongoing geoengineering has also changed wind currents, which in turn has altered ocean currents. These changed currents now push warm waters into the Arctic which have helped to thaw methane hydrates on the sea floor.

The global methane image at the bottom should be the most dire “wake up” call of all the charts below. The atmosphere is being saturated with methane which is over 100 times more potent a greenhouse gas than Co2 over a ten year time horizon. It is like covering the planet with a sheet of glass.

The vast majority of peer reviewed science data indicates that the Earth’s climate has already been significantly compromised, and is becoming less hospitable to life at a very rapid pace. If geoengineering is not stopped, and Earth is not allowed to respond on its own without the complete hindrance of the lethally toxic climate altering geoengineering / chemtrail assault, our horizon looks dim indeed.”

The increasing release of methane highlighted in the article by Dane Wigington is indeed alarming. Below are graphs taken from his article.

methane hawaii

 artic methane

methane N-hemisphere

Another issue that arises is the damage done to the ozone layer. This layer protects all life on earth from emissions from the sun, e.g the effects of coronal mass ejections.

A study from 2007/8 [9] states:

An injection of sulfur large enough to compensate for surface warming caused by the doubling of atmospheric CO2 would strongly increase the extent of Arctic ozone depletion during the present century for cold winters and would cause a considerable delay, between 30 and 70 years, in the expected recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole.

Instead of blaming CO2 emissions and global warming (which seems is not happening during the last 16 years) for the “unreal” weather occuring  on this planet and fighting running battles over who is right and who is wrong in the climate debate,  scientists and journalists and the environmental movement should shift their attention to the impact of stratospheric geoengineering on our planet. It is quite likely that a lot of dispute is caused because this issue is not taken into account. 

In this context it is noteworthy that just recently the Rothschild dynasty bought a majority stake in Weather Central, a firm specializing in providing dynamic weather graphic systems. The firm has more than 400 broadcast television clients in 21 countries worldwide. It provides weather forecasts to millions of users daily [10].  The Rothschilds have close ties with the Rockefellers which they recently strengthened [11].

 Bringing it all together – Control of weather, food and population

As we have seen there are many aspects to Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering.  Apart from weather and climate manipulation the most worrying is the toxicity of it.

Dane Wigington writes [12] (emphasis added) :

Inhalation of microscopic particulates is highly damaging no matter what the particulate material. Respiratory ailments and mortalities are now literally epidemic. Degenerative human diseases that are linked to heavy metal exposure are even more lethal and are now going virtually off the charts. ADD, Alzheimer’s, Autism, ALL, immune disfunction, and many other diseases associated with heavy metals, have all skyrocketed in recent years. According to scientists like internationally know neuroscientist Russell Blalock, the heavy metal nano particles are so small that they pass right through the lung lining into the blood stream. There they can adhere to cell receptors like a plaque, slowly but surely shutting down bodily functions and the immune system. These metals are all but impossible to remove once they have become lodged in the body. In addition, virtually every bite we eat is now contaminated with these toxic nano particles as they are absorbed by plant life, which is highly damaging to crops.

Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (AKA chemtrails) has now tainted all. Every breath we take, every bite we eat, all is contaminated. A mountain of data, studies, and testing confirms this conclusion beyond reasonable doubt.

We are all quite literally under assault. The threat to all life on earth from the global weather modification programs cannot be overstated. It is up to all of us to help in the task of bringing these programs to light, and to a halt so the planet can begin to recover.

It is a clearly stated goal of the power elite to reduce population. Think tanks and even the UN are pushing it. A resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly specifically designed to implement Agenda 21 reads [13] (emphasis added):

…. population growth rates have been declining globally, largely as a result of expanded basic education and health care. That trend is projected to lead to a stable world population in the middle of the twenty-first century… The current decline in population growth rates must be further promoted through national and international policies that promote economic development, social development, environmental protection, and poverty eradication, particularly the further expansion of basic education, with full and equal access for girls and women, and health care,including reproductive health care, including both family planning and sexual health, consistent with the report of the International Conference on Population and Development.

Population reduction is the goal and spraying the planet with toxins  fits the agenda perfectly, especially if it can be sold as a “cure” for global warming.

The same goes for the pushing of other destructive technologies like nuclear power and the use of depleted uranium weapons.

The development of GMOs , especially aluminium resistant ones, aims at the long term control of the food supply. If nothing else can grow, thanks to stratospheric geoengineering, those GMOs probably will. The developments of GMOs are closely linked to Rockefeller. In F.William Engdahl’s book ”Seeds of Destruction” this link is well documented. It is a must read and can be purchased here.

The pushing of more and more vaccines on babies and the population in general is another thread in this attack on the immune systems of people.

Yet another method widely used is water fluoridation, which leads to all kinds of diseases. There is well documented scientific evidence of its effects available, e.g. here.

Another recent development of “medicating” populations without their knowledge, let alone consent, is the delivery of contraceptives via clothing [14]. This is supported by no other than the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

The decisions of the “Codex Alimentarius” group are contributing to reduce the population by restricting the availability of wholesame food, effective food supplements and natural remedies. All in the name of “free trade” and “consumer protection”.

We should not be fooled by the seemingly benign language used to promote these measures.  The connections between all of them are obvious.

Certainly there seem to be those who prepare to re-seed the earth. In his article ““Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic – Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t” on Global Research F. William Engdahl writes [15]:

Their press release stated, ‘so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future.’ What future do the seed bank’s sponsors foresee, that would threaten the global availability of current seeds, almost all of which are already well protected in designated seed banks around the world?……….

Anytime Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto and Syngenta get together on a common project, it’s worth digging a bit deeper behind the rocks on Spitsbergen. When we do we find some fascinating things………………

The first notable point is who is sponsoring the doomsday seed vault. Here joining the Norwegians are, as noted, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; the US agribusiness giant DuPont/Pioneer Hi-Bred, one of the world’s largest owners of patented genetically-modified (GMO) plant seeds and related agrichemicals; Syngenta, the Swiss-based major GMO seed and agrichemicals company through its Syngenta Foundation; the Rockefeller Foundation, the private group who created the “gene revolution with over $100 million of seed money since the 1970’s; CGIAR, the global network created by the Rockefeller Foundation to promote its ideal of genetic purity through agriculture change……………..

To ensure maximum impact, CGIAR drew in the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, the UN Development Program and the World Bank. Thus, through a carefully-planned leverage of its initial funds, the Rockefeller Foundation by the beginning of the 1970’s was in a position to shape global agriculture policy. And shape it did……………………….

Time will tell whether, God Forbid, the Svalbard Doomsday Seed Bank of Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation is part of another Final Solution, this involving the extinction of the Late, Great Planet Earth.


I agree wholeheartedly with Dane Wigington when he says [16]:

We must all pull together in the effort to shine the light on this greatest of all human crimes.



See Briarpatch, January, 2000



sources for the notes in this article:

(4) See Pesticide Action Network North America [PANNA]:http://www.pesticideinfo.org/Detail_Chemical.jsp?Rec_Id=PC41174

(5) March 12, 2010: www.lightwatcher.com/chemtrails/text/faa_confirms_Chemtrails. An interesting conference at the University of California, San Diego [UCSD], “Atmospheric Aerosols: Health, Environment, and Climate Effects” addresses some of the cardio-vascular increases due to “atmospheric aerosols” but these academics never use the word Chemtrails. Yet, satellite photos they show clearly indicate the atmospheric impact of Chemtrails. See: Jan. 31, 2008: UCSD: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztHV5RF-xyw

(6) For numerous detailed reports, see: www.carnicom.comwww.carnicominstitute.org;www.bariumblues.com; and Dr. Marijah McCain. “Chemtrails and Barium Toxicity.” April 6, 2002:www.rense.com/general21/tox.htm ; Material Safety Data Sheet, University of Utah:www.chemtrails911.com/docs/bariumhealth.htm. This last cited website is very outdated. It does not address the increased amounts of barium now found in our air. Additional info: “Local News Station Confirms Barium in Chemtrails.” Nov. 10, 2007: www.youtube.com/watch?v=okB-489l6MI

(7) See: www.newyorkskywatch.comwww.californiaskywatch.com ; www.arizonaskywatch.com



[7], [8]
source: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-and-our-warming-planet-no-its-not-getting-colder/









About the author:

R. Teichmann is living in West Cork / Ireland and is an activist within the Awaken Ireland movement. He can be contacted via brtirl@eircom.net

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.




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  1. Tie it all together like that and (WOW) it painted me an entirely new portrait of the times ahead of us if we don’t stand up to this. I’ve been trying this week to wake up few more close friends, but having a hard time snapping them out of “Super Bowl Mode”. Gets so frustrating but I’m keeping on them.
    Take care

  2. If only I could express all that I know and have been through pertaining to this. I am and have been in academia for over 30 years, it is no longer what it once was. My saying in these times is: “See no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth”. Attempting to speak on this topic I was threatened, I continued and threatened again and “written” up. sounds insane doesn’t it? Why? Simple, so much of the research going on in these “institutions” are things like GMO, this is so related. I their little drones (students) found out and began to wake up, they might actually start to question what they are doing and this little slave system would be rocked.
    I refer to this geoengineering program as being the T-Rex in the living room. This is the principle technology these “entities”–whoever or whatever they may be, are using to take control of planet earth. In so doing, our “home” is being destroyed. It has/is eroding the health of our planet, all its flora, fauna as it unravels the web/balance of earth’s biological systems. I keep wondering what the hell is wrong with everyone. I can/have seen this fallout on my car, in rain and in the air itself for over 2 years (having access to a microscope has helped though it can still be seen with the naked eye). My family and friends have had numerous unusual sinus, respiratory infections along with dizziness, headaches and fatigue. this is a multi-edged sword. The taking away of the sun can not be over-stated—all life needs this to remain healthy and thrive, without it we get sick both physically and emotionally. Everything remains dank and damp and I have noticed a proliferation of molds and mildew which is also a health risk. I began noticing and feeling a stillness in the spring of 2011 as did several other I know. The birds and animals are exhibiting unusual and sick behavior, insects have diminished in large numbers and species as have our birds. lately I have noticed birds are staying on the ground or low to the ground–species such as hawks, crows and vultures. I believe it is due to all this charged energy and frequencies in the atmosphere as this behavior and the satellite images coincide—I know as I follow the satellite maps daily. Then there is the inhalation of all this crap they are releasing in the air we breathe. As you know, It has now contaminated the entire planet–the soil, the waters and all living organisms. this is a toxic soup of both metallic oxides, nanoparticles, fibers, biologicals and electromagnetic energies we are now being exposed to daily. This deadly combination of factors is eroding our immune systems. On the Visible satellite maps as well as many of the cloud formations viewed with the naked eye, one can see these wave patterns in the “clouds”, I see them every day now where I live and on many areas on the N. American continent and the oceans. From what I have observed, this is going 24/7 and has been for quite some time. It is so bizarre to those in the matrix who are indoctrinated and plugged into the hive/media, they cannot believe it, will not believe it–a combination of cognitive dissonance, ignorance and apathy. Many, especially those under 40, when approached with this topic will outright laugh and walk away. This is not only ignorance but disrespect for others not to mention a closed mind and intolerance for any other viewpoint. Sadly most in this area I live in are sleep-walking.
    Countless millions are aiding and abetting this evil by working for and promoting this research in academia and corporations. What we are up against is daunting to say the least.
    In conclusion here are some things one can do: speak to people, at the supermarkets, stores wherever–use your intuition–it will guide you as to who can be approached. Be informed so as not to discredit the truth. give cards, handouts with the best links and sites. Make bumper stickers, I have never seen one person do this yet. Putting geoengineeringwatch.org on one for example would be a prime example. I have joined FBook, I hesitated knowing it is really (FBI) book, but have met and reached many folks this way. One can join freedom force international. I did 2 years ago, they will put you in touch with other enlightened souls in your area. I have met and made some great friends this way. Use your imagination and go out and be a warrior of truth and enlightenment—and never stop learning and questioning all you know and read. Use your heart and your gut as well as your head.

  3. This is a very frustrating issue. I see chemtrails overhead every day in the northern Rockies. Even if we wake everyone up to the truth, then what? Not a single government agency, politician (local, state or federal) will answer letters, questions or even acknowledge that you exist. If millions of people complained, they will still ignore. How to do stop planes flying at 30,000 feet above you, day after day? I read many articles about this issue but no suggestions how to stop it. I take chlorella and other metal detoxing herbs and foods but that does nothing for the soil, water, plants, etc.

    • Satori hello to you. I fell ya . These pricks are bug spraying the shit all over us , But as futile as letter and talking about may seam it spreads awareness. On a local level here a few of us do gooders have gotten together and started paying for giant posters on vacant store exterior walls , you would be surprised on many people will donate to a good cause. I will be posting one of our poster up soon . we have used the main stream marking tactics , example Got Spray ? with pic of jet dumping its shit. STOP CHEM TRIALS at the bottom. our goal is to use a 3 poster campaign for each season.The cost and time was is very little the pay off is huge.

  4. I did my part yesterday. Hung around a few gas stations and started pointing up to the sky, asking folks to please start registering complaints with their local PD. gas stations are a great place because the customers are pretty much forced to listen to you until the pump stops!! Also, ask people to start calling their local radio stations and the local weatherman. Also, you could print this outstanding report and ask your local librarian to post it on the bulliten board – book a meeting room – and invite any other sky watchers to come and discuss their thoughts …..

  5. Great article with alot of important information.
    I saw something unusual yesterday. It was the third straight day of no spraying which in itself is unusual. The sky was clear blue with numerous large, puffy billowing clouds. The size and amount looked strange. What was weird was that they did not move! Everyone knows that when you see a face or image in the clouds it eventually changes and disappears. They were stuck in place for the whole 30 minutes I was watching. But today back to normal (criminally abnormal). Chemtrails systematically blanketing the sky for the past four hours straight. I watch it happening and wonder why it isn’t spoken of. When I bring it up to people, they ask why would they do that? If I say what I think, I’m immediately looked at like like I have the tinfoil hat on. So I refer them to geoengineeringwatch.org after I speak of all the poison being dumped on us.

  6. Speaking the truth is the most commendable service to humankind in the times of complete but artificial chaos. Kudos to truthtellers!

  7. The way the dots have been connected throughout the article to bring the message home is genius. In all the discoursed I’ve read on chemtrails, this ties all the loose ends perfectly. This phenomenon is happening in Kenya where I reside. We’ve been having abnormal weather patterns and everyone blames it on “global earming” or “climate change”. Heck, we even NGOs supported by UN to don projects on “Climate change adaptation”. When you point out to folks about what is happening in the sky (chemtrails), they claim its efforts to seed clouds so that it can rain. When one tries to educate colleagues on what is actually happening, no one is interested. Instead, folks are focusing on writing proposals to get more money to implement projects on climate change adaptation or its many variants. The same goes for vaccines, fluoride in toothpaste, GMOs, etc. (they are good because the government says so). I am going to share it with all my friends. Maybe it’ll give them something to seriously reconsider. Many thanks and LOVE as always.

  8. Zen –
    Many thanks for your add. comments on 1/25/13 posted article, “How to Protect Yourself . . .” by Drina Brooke. Have made multiple bottles of recommended nasal cleanser/ inhalant and have been elated w/ effectiveness. Believe it desires a repeat:

    “In 2 oz’s of pure water in a nasal or mist sprayer put half of a small packet of neti salts, and a drop each of tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract and eucalyptus oil. Inhale deeply as you spray in each nostril. Also mist spray into the lungs in deep inhales. Do twice daily at least. Has been very effective and a great cleanse.”

  9. Just think about how all this spray raises conductivity, and how we breathe and eat it, so it’s in our bodies, and raising the conductivity in our bodies. And then think of all the frequencies (you can see them as waves in the clouds) and how those frequencies are affecting our bodies. The more spray-crap in our bodies, the more conductive we are, and the more our health is affected. I measured the electricity around my house a while back with a emf detecter, and found that on certain days, the frequency is higher coming through the old phone lines, the cable box (which i now keep in a faraday cage) and the electrical outlets. I feel like crap on those days too. I can feel the vibrations deep inside my body, and get bloated, asthmatic and nauseated. I think the general conductivity of the atmosphere is affecting all electricity, but I don’t know. Maybe it’s the geoengineering doing it, or maybe I’m just a Targeted Individual and that’s why the electricity is like that in my home…I am very sick from it, more than anyone else I know.

  10. Apparently you can clear these things up (the ch-trails i.e) with Wilhelm Reichs orgone cannon guns. You have to build them yourself. You aim them at the chemtrails and it dissipates them. This is worth looking into for the backyard scientist/tinkerer.

  11. zen g- incredible article; i have looked at this in our skies for over a decade and every question was met with “you are an idiot” from the general public or completely ignored by any politician. i found a site related to orgone (wilhelm reich may have been the one who turned the government on to this weather modification in the first place, unfortunately) which talks about fighting the sky ‘kings’ with orgone devices of our own making… don croft has a site which talks about building these devices, others are out there. i dont know anyone persons who are doing or building these things, are you aware of any such thing- orgone therapy is real, i know many who have benefited, i will build a machine to point gaia energy back at the sky… and pray it works… thank you for this information.

  12. is anyone out there fighting back with a orgone device as don croft and others have built? are they working? wil helm r eich proved orgone energies real, the sith lords put him away and used his ideas. have you heard of this zen?

    • Yeah, I’ve posted about it several times. I have a piece around my neck, by electronics, usually one in my pocket, around the room, in the car, all my kids have ’em, some several. Have gifted over 50 nasty towers (esp. near schools and hospitals), a massive synagogue, mormon temples and freemason lodges. It resonates with me big time. Lots of great sites about it with testimonials and how to make. Several swear to seeing the chemclouds bust up via cloudbusters. The emf protection is a very important property of orgonite, but the effects are on the quantum level so hard to substantiate. Many have huge mood improvement, and plants definitely grow better around it.

  13. Ironically enough, here in sydney, I haven’t noticed chemtrail in months. I don’t know whether they take the summer off, but in the past 8-10 weeks, I’ve noticed 1 Chemtrail. And it’s been bloody brilliant, I must say. I can tell instantly if there has been spraying because I can feel it n the back of my throat. I couldn’t say why there has been no activity lately, although the cynic in me says that it’s probably for a reason. All I know is that I’m absolutely loving the cumulonimbus clouds!

  14. I’m not so sure it is about depopulation. The world’s population is growing exponentially daily!
    I don’t know what it is, but I’m not convinced it is population based. Something is going on, I’m
    just not sure what it is. I know what it isn’t, but I don’t know what it is. There’s got to be another reason for this. And why would the elite poison and kill themselves? Could it be as simple as changing the climate to develop the north. Can it be as simple as greed? If not that then I fear something much more sinister is going on. Something we can’t quite figure out it is so horrible.

  15. To initiate a rational discussion where the very first image is one of a photoshopped, de-seated defense secretary inside a drawing of a cockpit…a drawing !…complete with the skull and the picture of the family is to me, the greatest form of dishonesty one could EVER commit. IT’s a BALD-FACED LIE from the word GO.

    And YET, you expect people with rational minds to believe you and your cherry-picked, photshopped drivel ?

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