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  1. The uniform is not that thick ..ether is the skin of man or woman that needs a weapon to cause harm to themselves …Physical Beating human for enslavement ..is only beating yourself .

  2. whether directly or indirectly, those in academics, weatherman/meteorologists, so-called news reporters, airline pilots, military and just about all the NGOs and government agencies have these same strings attached.
    all roads lead back to “them”. big question is who is behind “them”.

  3. The string theory is good. I also like to think of it in terms of the proverbial controlling hand up the arse of (sock)-puppets. Howdy Doody, Lambchop and Alf eat your hearts out.


    • A little known fact is that the CEO’s at g-oldman lick sachs call there clients Muppets ..
      Also JP morg .. paid the NYP 500 million in over time for the occupy w. st .. over time ..

  4. Zen your site is still word problematic like i was telling you back in may of last year .. If you type the words (c-hina ) ( g-old ) s-ilver) normally .. it wont post .

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