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A Sonnet for the Earth. Beautiful poetry by Anna Hempstead Branch brought to life as only the Snordster can.

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"When you argue with reality you only lose 100% of the time."  --Byron Katie

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Native Voice TV Host Cihuapilli Rose Amador has Good Shield Aguilar, Lakota/Yaqui musician, as her guest for the second time. Great meaningful music!

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Do you think your government is NOT scaring you senseless and stealing your cash while screwing the population of your country in their collective arses?

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David Icke once again deftly lays out exactly how the social engineers hoodwink society utilizing what is called the non-divergent mind to perpetrate their agenda.

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There are people who feel like they don’t belong in 3D, where there is pain, and inhumanity. But I’m not into the idea that home is somewhere other than where I am.