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Supremacist Thuggery – The Zionist Exemption and Permission Scam


by Zen Gardner

Who’s paying attention with open eyes, minds and hearts anymore? It’s a wonder people can’t connect the dots with so much information hitting them squarely between the eyes.

Let’s look at a few headlines from the past few days:

Exclusive: Rick Perry’s October trip to Israel sign of another White House bid

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday that he will visit Israel in October, a move that signals to the political world that he is seriously considering making another presidential run in 2016. Source

THAT’S how we know? Is this like getting a ticket at the turnstile run by the local thug ring for “protection”. What the hell is that all about? Who set these people up as the blessers and ordainers of potential candidates and power brokers?

Surreal. And very upsetting. What fucking alterverse have these people assumingly subscribed the world structure to be in obeisance to? How was humanity subverted and subterfuged so thoroughly that this crap passes as nonchalant “news” without absolute disgust and outrage?

Let’s keep going. Try this one on from PressTV:

NSA spying never catches Israelis – Why not?

Intelligence analysis ALWAYS follows a dual track of analyzing what you can see…and what you can’t. The massive coverage on the recent Snowden revelations has basically all been theater as most had already been revealed and/or was known about by every Intel agency on the planet.

Two old platitudes come to mind…’Crying Crocodile Tears’, and Shakespeare’s “Me thinks she doth protest too much”. When you cut through all the smoke and mirrors, the essence is very simple.

Snowden, like Assange…despite the huge amount of classified material with all the embarrassing things that involved so many countries, neither of them seemed to know anything about the massive Israeli espionage that is carried out all over the world.

For example, the field reports from Afghanistan and Iraq involved Israelis being picked up as contractors doing very nasty things, and yes, doing them even to American troops. None of that stuff made its way into the leakers shocking release pile. We have people who wrote some of those reports, and they were major headlines.

My verdict? No leaker who has had access to the mother-load of dirty Intel laundry on numerous selected countries, and who never releases any on Israel, is for real. They are an operator. Why? Because busting open the Israeli espionage cover-up is the story of a lifetime.

On one side you have a loyal faction of modern Intel professionals trying to monitor and block Israeli penetrations. And then there is the rogue bunch assisting the bad guys for all the rewards offered, not so much by the Israelis themselves but their substantial political helpers.

This battle has been going on for a long time and there is a huge amount of material available even in the declassified files. If you want to find out more, all you have to do is scratch the dirt. It is the espionage scandal of our time and these phony leakers have contributed nothing.

Veterans Today burned Assange in the fall of 2011, with Ziggy Brzezinski helping through his big PBS interview where he spilled the beans about the Assange information being released having been ‘seeded.’ He gave our initial claims a lot more exposure.

So that really leaves only one plausible explanation for ‘missing’ the Israeli espionage angle. Remember I said it would be impossible for a really connected leaker not to know about it. And if Assange and Snowden were really these altruistic goody goodies who cry about the public’s right to know how they are being abused by government spying on them, then why would they give the Zionists a free pass for doing it to all of us?

Press TV readers would know why…because these guys are on an Israeli string. This is simply Intel 101. When everybody is getting embarrassed by leaks except for that one special group, there is no suspect number two.

How About This…

Had Enough? This self serving, self righteous, voracious disease is everywhere, covering itself up by its own bought off, subversive agents:

I know, it’s disgusting. But check your “programming”; how you’re “not allowed” to think such things, never mind voice them.

There’s your proof, if you’re willing to face and admit it.

It’s time we stood up to this bullshit, their coming in the name of sanctified “chosen” people in any way, shape or form; be it Zionists, Catholic bolsters or other protestant religious reformers or otherwise hierarchical engineers…..or just plain lie-spewing historians and politicians.

Remember, the loud-mouthed and always outspoken Zios and their ilk are just the spearhead conditioners. The rest follows into your conditioned state of subservience.

Beware, bigtime.

Just say “no!” Period.

Be the conscious change.

Man, it’s powerful when you take the conscious stand!

Love, Zen



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  1. Their true religion is essentially kabbalistic, and a variety that is off limits to the uninitiated. Secular Judaism is their “human shield” if you will. It is like a dual citizenship should they be accused of something, then they can pull the anti-Semite card. Cowards.

      • and so group resistance is far more effective than one.

        my dumb ass went at these filthy demons alone and I got worm out for the goyim sat by and did nothing while I battled them Jesus/Adolph style.

        Zen is a much smarter tactician and has wisely nurtured an awesome community here which is now starting to open their eyes to the real enemy.

        all truth warriors should back Zen up and give him MAJOR props for calling out Judaism as the enemy..

        and for Christ’s sake.. if a jew or a shill attacks Zen…. RIP them to PEICES!!!!!!!!! no mercy ever for a sociopath. NEVER back down . hit them 10X harder and never stop.

        • Alexander Sholsenytsyn (sp?) and Juri Lina are two of a handful of writers/authors/historians who have exposed Zionist, Bolshevik, Talmudic Jews for what they truly are. These two wrote extensively on the near genocide of Russian, Ukranian, and other East European Christians under both Lenin and Stalin, in an effort to completely stamp out Christianity; but, fortunately this attempt failed and 70 years later, Bolshevism totally collapsed and Christianity took its rightful spot.

          Now, the same elements that tried (but failed) to exterminate Christianity from the face of the Earth is making another such attempt right here in the US. Under Obama, the Zionist/Bolshevik/Talmudic Jews are beginning to increment the same laws that isolated Christianity in Russia back in 1918; only, when after being put totally in place, will make what happened in Russia seem like child’s play. Instead of 50+ Christians exterminated, they plan to exterminate well over 100 million of them, right here on US soil.

          It’s time for all Christians here to WAKE UP, and prevent this most horrific hate crime from happing.

    • I thought it was the zionist jews, not the orthodox jews, that were doing this? I know there was outcry by rabbis when Israel was being formed, as the act was called a corruption to the religion. I know there is a group, I think more than one group, of orthodox jews against Israel and one group has even burned the Israeli flag. The zionists seem to have taken every judaism for themselves and have decided they are the ones who speak for all jews, and have convinced the general public that what they say is judaism and any who speak against them are anti-semetic…. but what of the jews who speak against them, who reject Israel and who reject zionism, calling it a corruption and not the true faith?

      Damn zionists…. I suspect that most non-elite zionists have been tricked too, because they have been told what to believe and taught anyone who questioned the given history or faith are evil anti-semites… The zionist elites have rewritten history, and I suspect the non-elites are just as brainwashed, indoctrinated and duped as the sheeple general public, but in their case it is also in terms of their faith or ancestry…. We really need to get rid of the elites. If it weren’t for their manipulations most of these conflicts, death, suffering wouldn’t be happening!

      • The 4,000 Jews of all different types of Jews who never went to work in the New York WTC on 9/11 never had this idea of genuine Jews and ‘fake’ Jews, or of Zionist and non-Zionist Jews, or of any conflicting belief systems within their various groups.

        They worked exactly like an extremely well-trained military unit , coming into action at a moment’s notice, operating under conditions of extremely tight security, acted as one man, and still do today by maintaining their total silence, having allowed their Gentile workmates of many years, who trusted those Jews totally with their lives, to be vapourized, or burned alive

        The Jews all over America and throughout the rest of the world would stand together and do just the same again, in an instant, at any time again, to kill all Gentiles in the entire world, here is why;

        You may consider looking at this from a slightly different angle, that the Jews regard themselves literally as a different species, both physically and spiritually, and that any Gentiles who might suppose themselves to be Jews, such as darker-skinned Sephardic Jews and Ethiopian Jews, are not recognized at all by real Jews as genuine Jews, and are sterilized with Depo Provera, or sterilized, and/or murdered with radiation, see ‘100,000 Radiations’ by Barry Chamish.

        Jews provide propaganda to kid you that they are so divided amongst themselves, so that you will not have an identifiable ‘enemy’ to face, or know their true numbers, or their true close allegiance to each other, so that you will continue to accept the continuance of the Jewish religion because it is made to appear that there are always some ‘good Jews’.

        Theodor Herzl, the Zionist leader stated “We shall lead every revolution against us.” It is all a con trick. The deeper reality is this, that Jews accept that they are a totally different species to us on the ultimate spiritual level, and that they alone are from God, and that all we Gentile souls are from Satan, from the three hellish spheres of creation, literally a form of excrement left over after the creation process, pure evil, guilty of all types of sin, and all instances of it, in the entire world, even before entering into the womb, and eternally irredeemable, the eternal enemies of the Jews, demons, comprised literally of a different type of spiritual substance, so that all Gentiles are held to be ‘non-living’ eternally.

        So it is quite impossible for a Gentile to ever convert, they cannot, and the rabbis state this to be the case (see the genuine research of Dr Karl Skorecki, on the real identity of Ashkenazim as GENUINE Jews, and compare this with the unreadable gobbledydgook of the fraudulent Elhaik, who, along with an odd bunch of Jewish writers, all set out to ‘prove’ that those responsible for all the evil that Israel does, and that the Ashkenazim do all over the world, comprising 95% of all Jews worldwide, are actually Gentiles. So they get a load of ‘patriots’ happily and numbly joining in with the great proclamation that the baddie Jews are actually Gentiles just like us, and these patriots are led to think that this is some kind of great victory over the Jews in Israel.

        Actually, it is quite the reverse, as it creates the false impression that ‘real’ Judaism and ‘real’ Jews are actually good, also creating the impression that the actual number of Jews in the world is extremely minute, and thus totally ineffectual for the purposes of achieving world domination by the Jewish tribe, thus helping to justify the continued existence of the Judaic belief system, and those few ‘genuine’ Jews in Israel will always be enough to guarantee the continued existence of Israel anyway, as no one would ever de-legitimize Israel just because someone tries to prove that Ashkenazim are actually Gentiles, the idea that they would is actually totally pathetic, and it would be thrown out of any court hearing almost immediately.

        Jews know who they are alright, even if they insist to us Gentiles that they are all divided.

        And even if a Jew appears to convert to be a Christian, the rabbis hold that they remain a Jew always nonetheless. The Jewish rabbis maintain that only when all Gentiles on the whole planet are exterminated, then and then only, can the Jews enjoy their world of spiritual peace in communion with their version of God on this plane, as the sin-carrying Gentiles will infect the Jews with their Gentile sin no longer, and there will no longer be the possibility of any sin in the world any longer.

        The Torah and the Talmud of both Sephardim and Ashkenazim both contain statements calling for the extermination of all Gentiles.

        Thus, there are NO ‘good’ Jews’ when they are embracing a belief system that calls for our extermination.

        Personally, I accept Vaishnava vedic philosophy, which holds that all souls are of uniform spiritual quality of substance, whilst remaining distinct individuals for all eternity, and I accept that there is no ‘Satan’ , or any eternal hell, as would an eternal Lord God who has all eternity, not permit His own children, His own expansions, to come and go, repeatedly, as they please, throughout eternity, remembering Him and forgetting Him repeatedly as they wish, expressing total free will, throughout all eternity?

        The Abrahamic beliefs with the instances of eternal burning alive, or boiling alive of all non-believers, or simply making the non-believing souls dead, so that they ‘know nothing’ for all eternity, is the mindlessly short-tempered, utterly brutal and insanely sadistic belief surely not of Godly people, but of those people who possess the most inconceivably demonic mentality.

        Both the Torah and Talmud contain prophecies concerning, and edicts demanding, the extermination of every single Gentile from the face of this planet.

        As more and more people are saying now, including Brother Nathaniel and David Duke, Zionism and Judaism are the same thing, and I know this to be literally the case too, as Judaism demands returning to the ‘holy land’, hence Zionism; it iS the Judaic religion, full stop.

        ‘Making Aliyah’, or returning to the ‘holy lands’ to become spiritually and physically whole again as a Jew, is a central part of the Jewish belief system, and Zionistic movements, even if discouraged from time to time, will resurface time and time again as long as Judaism is permtted to exist by Jewish-controlled politicians.

        Judaism should be banned entirely worldwide as a terrorist genocidal criminal threat against the entire world. Think of the 1991 US Noahide Laws, that the Jewish Chabad Lubavitchers want to be effected all over the world. Think about the continuous threat of the Samson Option of nuclear destruction of all other nations on this entire planet except Israel.

        That is why every single type of atomic and nuclear weapon ever invented has been invented by Jews alone, starting with Leo Szilard, who invented the atomic bomb in 1933, patenting it in 1934 in London, England, because the Jews alone possess that insanely criminal genocidal mindset, it is a very part of their religion, the ability to annihilate vast numbers of Gentiles all at once, whilst Hitler by way of comparison, possessed such immense foresight and compassion, that he totally banned all German scientists from working on any atomic weapons, though it appears he certainly used atomic power to generate electricity, as evidenced by the heavy water program in Norway that he created, if that is not also another piece of ‘allied’ wartime propaganda, and Norway still uses that system today, without any program or intent to develop atomic or nuclear weapons from that means of energy production, used by Hitler because of the oil embargo against Germany at the time.

        Hitler’s senior bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny, testified that this was the case.

        Think what the world would be like today if Hitler had won, and there were no nuclear weapons on the whole planet, hey, we would still have a planet!

        See ‘Mothman777’s Blog’.

        • EPIC post Mothman… EPIC EPIC EPIC!!!

          Amazing work, Warrior. I salute you fellow jew fighter… u a bad dude!

          I read that post twice and am on my third reading. pure TRUTH.

          Pay heed, this is what a real warrior looks like.

          • Thanks Wad, I admire the way you express the same vital truth as well, and it is always heartening to read your comments.

            Our very physical survival is on the line here, and it does not matter that many people who share this knowledge about the real intent of the Jews have different faiths themselves at this time, as this most pressing of all issues requires that all Gentile peoples of the world, of all nations, set aside their differences at this time, and become highly educated on this subject, which is the most important one of all at the moment besides faith in God, and that all nations and peoples form new non-Jewish governments, and stand as one people united, to face down Jewry and stop their plans for Jewish world domination.

            If this does not happen, and nations remain divided on this issue, then the Jews will continue to use the armies of the nations that they do control to smash down each isolated country one by one.

            The world-wide implementation of the Noahide Laws may not be too far away, so every people of the world needs to form their own ‘shadow’ governments right now, ready to assume control of their countries at short notice with the consent of the majority of the population of each country, after their peoples have been made properly aware of the reasons why new governments have had to be formed by such a process, as their present electoral systems only provide for multi-generational Jewish banking families and those with Jewish banker/royalty crossbreeding to stand for ‘elections’ that are all fixed from the start by ‘Diebold ‘ machine vote-rigging and so on.

            A network of non-Jewish future governments needs to be formed right now, and they need to maintain close contact with each other all around the world, so that they can coordinate together to offer new governments to the population of all countries wherever such new governments may be necessary, within a very short time frame, to free each population there from Jewish maladministration, so that the Jews do not have enough time to counter with military force, or any form of subterfuge.

            A list of remedial new Gentile governmental policies can be put before the peoples of each nation to win hearts and minds, and the peoples of each nation should draw up relevant new policies suitable for each individual country now.

            A league of independent Gentile nations could agree to trade without the use of fraudulent paper money, without usury, without fractional reserve banking, by means of exchange of actual physical commodities, effectively removing all forms of Jewish financial chicanery from the financial system.

            If all Jewish policies are reversed, we can have real medicine, real food, that is organic, grown on properly remineralized soil. With the money freed by the banning of fractional reserve banking and mortgages, all people will easily be able to have much bigger and vastly cheaper houses with very big gardens to enable each family to have the means to produce all the food necessary for their own survival if food supplies are cut for any reason, as the Agenda 21 style housing with no gardens is surely a means to kill us all whenever the Bolsheviks currently in power decide to cut the food supplies to the supermarkets, Stalin style. An 8 to 10 hour working week will be the norm, when 50% of food is no longer routinely destroyed, when vast percentages of the each country’s Gross National Product are no longer destroyed constantly in waging perpetual wars between Gentile nations. Such abuses take place currently, to genocide the non-Jewish races, and to exhaust all workers to prevent them expanding their intellects by means of study and spiritual meditation.

            Dulled minds and spirits, wasted lives, and exhausted bodies are the intended product of this constant over-production through over-work, and the constant needless destruction through wars of the commodities that those workers produce.

            The liberation of the technologies of Telsa etc. could be brought about to free us from the present oil-based limited technologies.

            All the present sick Jewish policies designed only to torture, cripple, maim and murder the Gentile peoples of the world will be no more, if only the people can be re-educated to desire Gentile governments to replace those presently in power.

            Such vile racist statements as “I will empower UK Jews”, spoken by present day UK PM David Cameron, of the self-proclaimed ‘Torah Party’, would be openly condemned in a country with a free press, and he would be totally rejected, not accepted as PM!

            War that has hitherto only been organized by Jewish bankers to make the Gentiles slaughter each other can be entirely outlawed as an evil and unnecessary barbarity. See the most excellent ‘All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars by Michael Rivero.

            We have only to educate the people about what is really being done to them by the Jews in power now, and they will welcome new governments that can be offered to them outside the present corrupt electoral systems, but only with their own consent.

            Good on you mate.

        • * Why do you time & time again….insist upon monopolizing the commentary here & thereby exclude others from the opportunity of contributing ….with your endless sophistry & specious rambling regurgitative dissertation/manifesto…You’re just another ego maniacal conceit-freak…*NEWS FLASH*…you’re not that important!….or do you just like stealing Zen’s thunder because of your failure to attract a following at your own blog…& how do you manage to upload all this pap when most of us here get our commentary disappeared after a couple of paragraphs???….”Mothman” the “Trollman”???

          • @ Alex;

            I am utterly disgusted by your nasty attitude, which is entirely unnecessary. You are the troll on this site at this time.

            Maybe you should see a psychiatrist about “how do you manage to upload all this pap when most of us here get our commentary disappeared after a couple of paragraphs?”

            You are pathetic. Ask Zen publicly on this site where the rest of your comments keep going, if you have the guts.

            Having a nervous breakdown are you Alex? Or, are you just a sayan doing your job here, as my comments do not stop anyone at all from making their commentary, and I am always very grateful to Zen for giving me the opportunity to comment on his articles.

            I have never found any of my comments to any of Zen’s articles to be redacted after a couple of paragraphs, so that seems to be some kind of phenomenon that you alone are suffering (allegedly).

            Do you really think that there is anyone else here who wishes to allege that their comments also are being redacted after a couple of paragraphs? And what could that possibly have to do with me anyway, even if it were to be stated by anyone else to be occurring?

            If someone does not publish my comments, then I simply do not offer any more comments to that site again, so why are you hanging around?

            What I write, is not at all about trying to attract any personal following, and that should be perfectly obvious to those who are not insane, or sayanim, as I am quite obviously simply putting forward good possibilities here for a better society that everyone can contribute to.

            There is no genuine criticism that you could make here to anything that I have written, and that is why you attempt to resort to using the ridiculous underhand innuendo that you have used here.

            If you feel that your comments are being unfairly redacted, then why do you carry on trying to pretend to have admiration and liking for Zen, when it is quite obvious that there is hostility in you over the fact that you feel that your comments are being redacted?

            It is no good having a go at me over your comments being redacted is it? Think about it (though you appear to be incapable of doing that).

            Your pressing need to attempt to demolish the good truth that I have written here tells me exactly what you are, and what you are not.

            There is nothing trollish in anything that I have written, but only good suggestions in my words, for a vastly happier and freer society. That makes you an agent of the dark side.

          • Alex,

            U need to let him have his piece. no one else is saying what he says and look at the facts and leads contained there in. It is great writing packed with info.

            Others can do the hifives n manhugs. and thats great
            others can go for a straight torpedo down the throat of the death star

            we need all kinds

  2. Right on Zen! For ‘gods’ sake … the very clothing of these shysters screams Central Asian Plain (Pontic Steppes). Irrespective of location … Judaism is one long scam and fairytale, from beginning to end. But those who practise the Orthodox Version do take the cake. I’d kick one up the arse just as soon as look at him. I think we have already sussed out their basic strategy, haven’t we? When push comes to shove, it is nothing more than organized crime dressed up in “Babylonian belief system” garb.

    For example. When was the last time you or your wife checked the fine print on what you are adding to your weekly shopping bill? Look for those (non-fresh) packaged items that have the letter (U) stamped in a circle, and printed on the label. In reality, we are paying the protection money several ‘Jewish’ organizations are demanding from processed food manufacturers and packagers. Annually, this criminal fraud is costing the food industry tens of millions of FRNs ($) … perhaps much more.

  3. Zen,

    dude…. you are THE FUCKING MAN YO!!!!

    cuse mah french. :)

    Your righteous anger is infections and your skill in guiding your warriors.. just masterful.

    yes Judaism continues destroy everything in it’s path like the voracious pathogen that is is.

    We must stop falling for their dirty tricks, like those “anti zion jews” they are the WORST.
    I met Rabbi Weiss and his people in NYC. asked them about the Talmud.. he defended it… he also mentioned that he goes to the Talmud reading in NJ everywhere where 90 Rabbis gather to recite every filthy word of it, yes the part where they talk about Jesus being boiled alive in shit in hell.

    Judaism is Zionism parent company.

    This whole NSA Snowden thing is just a big psyop. We have known the info Snowden leaked about since 2004!!!
    Why now does the jew media make a big deal out of it?
    to get the light off Israeli spying which has been going on for over 100 years and far far worse than the NSA.

    remember the USS Liberty was an NSA ship.

    Also the jews are putting pressure on Obama to attack Iran with scandal after scandal.

    I’d take the NSA any day of the week over the jews. God bless the NSA,

    I’d rather have the NSA spying on me 24 7 and seeing EVERYTHING I DO than the JEWS spying on my politically elected congress men….. why ?!?!?!?!? because then they can black mail him and ROB me of my political voice….

    Think about it folks;

  4. Thanks Zen for the heads up in this article…Ricky baby visits Is-Ra-El….wondering why we are getting rain now.

  5. “The reason the collapsing buildings look like a controlled demolition, say experts, is because they WERE a controlled demolition.” LOL Priceless.

  6. My guess… Snowden used as a “symbol” to justify/create nation vs nation conflict. Their goal is to bring the the US… so what better way then to totally undermine the country in the “public” arena. Like Zen states, anyone who’s anyone already knew about what Snowden leaks and much more… if the info he held was the treasure trove he would not be on TV or on this planet…. also who is the Greenwald fellow??? Latest headline I read had him quoted as saying the next revelations could ruin the USA…. hhhhmmm what a coincidence as that is the exact, aforementioned goal. REMEMBER… the people pulling the strings and most of their puppets have NO national allegiance. This is all manipulation… id say manipulation squared… you have to be VERY awake or in the know to see what is going on… Im grateful that there are some of US out there. Stay awake and safe my friends!

  7. Why is it nobody asks the most important question when these guys pull the “anti-Semite card”? ….. What is a “Semite”? .. because every definition I have ever read for “Semite” includes “Palestinians”, and who currently is the only country actively engaged in “anti-Palestinian behavior”?

    Tell you what …. every time I talk with a Jew and Israel is brought up and lay this logic on them, they can not help but answer “yes” to the question of “So, would Israel be considered anti-Semitic?”

    • If you are able to get your hands on a pre 1920’s dictionary and compare the entry of “Semitic” with that of a dictionary today, you will clearly see who manipulates entries within publications. Not difficult to do when you own the publications.

    • judaism is anti semetic… and anti human.

      hollywood is antisemetic.

      the jews blast their own children with radiation of they are semetic. look up operation ring worm

      • WAD .. I will make this LOUD and clear ,.,, IT only a religion ,,,that’s wall dont give those ” HUMANS ” any more power buy p[lacing them in a subcategory by identifying them as a RACE ,thats what they want . Dont feet it the attention its requires.. People were not born Islamic ? .. And if your Born out of the Torah or Talmud , the Qur’an or the Bile in which all pray to the god Abraham ..then tell me what page gave birth to you as human life. .. Dont feed them with what they want ..starve em .. Its only a religion words on a paper written by them for them

  8. If you can stomach the hatred and pure evil of it, I would strongly suggested reading or listening to (YouTube) “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. Henry Ford the Auto-maker tried to educate the unwitting to these writings and said they were playing out exactly as they were written..

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