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Synchronicity And The Singularity


by Zen Gardner

It’s amazing. It’s wonderful. And it’s so significant! I am experiencing and observing the most exponential increase in synchronistic events and communication I have ever witnessed. Writers, posters and internet information sharers are networking at such a consciously connected level it’s just fantastic!

I know for myself, I no sooner write or read or post something on a subject but bam, there’s related stories, videos, articles or personal comments coming into my own and the general information field like a flood! And it continues to increase.

Of Course It Does!

That’s how it works. Especially now as the awakening soars into critical mass like an event horizon. There’s a lot of encouragement to be derived for all of us here. We know we can’t trust the media, we have our hearts to guide us, and favorite sources we each have found and turn to. But the key to all of this is the Source and getting the best connection possible.

It takes time and dedication to try to keep attuned and there are a lot of wonderful tips and advice on this subject. As you get deeper into it you’ll find you have to give up other areas of your life that are holding you back. Do it. Time in this current state could run out quickly if we don’t do our utmost to tune into and help amplify and thus spread this marvelous awakening we are experiencing.

There’s no limitations to the Creative Source, and there’s no blockage to our accessing It except what we individually allow. It’s sometimes big things in our lives, sometimes small, but it’s all built on moment by moment decisions. Do we go here, or do we go here? Do we waste time, or are we not taking enough breaks and relax time? Are we relaxed and loving and having fun or is it all work and no play making for very dull boys and girls. Lots of questions we all deal with but remember, it’s all made up of decisions, big and small, and one builds upon another.

Thankfully with this great creative collective Consciousness it just keeps on and we can get back “on track” any time we want. The thrill is living in that spiritual current as much as possible and having a blast as well as helpful impact at the same time.

We are each others’ amplifiers and the music is turning up!




Singularity Now…and Always

They talk about this coming singularity when all information reaches a point where it is multiplying at an infinite rate and blip, everything’s over as we know it and perhaps we’re translated into another state of existence. John von Newmann first expounded this idea, defining it as the “ever accelerating progress of technology and changes in the mode of human life, which gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.”

Pretty profound idea. Trouble is, this concept has since been cleverly hijacked into the transhumanist agenda. Instead of space and time ceasing to exist as in the classic black hole example, it generally now means the time when technological advancements have so accelerated that an artificial super intelligence is formed that will surpass human intelligence, after which the whole game is up for grabs and beyond our human comprehension. Our bodies, minds and civilization would be completely and irreversibly transformed.

Clever bastards. Predictive programming at its best. That’s what they’re shooting for in all of this.

Whichever, I’ve got news for you. The real singularity is already here. It has always existed. Call it eternal consciousness, the creative Source, whatever, it’s always everywhere and always accessible and way beyond anyone’s comprehension.

And it’s definitely not artificial!

Three cyberheads. Artificial intelligence. After Dia Sobin.

Beware the Imitation

We’re in a lower level matrix in this existence as humans on planet earth. What we have about us has already been manipulated to a large degree into an imitation of the original creation, and most of humanity is unfortunately buying into this illusory containment system.  Any sort of singularity on this level therefore is really insignificant in the grand scheme of things, and something to be very suspect of.

In fact, it’s just perfecting the hijack and hope to remove our human-ness altogether. The social engineering and designed collapse we’re experiencing will seem like child’s play. It is, however, what’s leading up to their later plans.

They want us to think of this “singularity” in an innocuous way, like they’re punching a hole in the illusion like that character finding the door in the Truman Show. Nice analogy, but they’re not on our side. They want complete dominion over us and to literally erase our souls and transform us into automatons.

In the real world they’re trying to hide from us, time already doesn’t exist. It’s just a tool here to decode what is already happening all at once. So to get to the point of singularity via accumulated knowledge is not just presumptuous propaganda. It’s another revelation of the method. These big tech boys and science sell-outs are controlled by the Controllers so it’s a load of crap. Just look at the idiots at CERN and what they’re doing to punch a hole in something without regard for the consequences.

Insane. But enough about these soulless charlatans. All they can do is destroy and imitate for control.

Back to beautiful synchronicity.


Get On Board

It’s wonderful how the information and revelations of Truth are exploding! Hey, surf’s up, grab your board and get in! How? Follow your heart, follow the leads. Keep at it. If it’s on line you’ll notice things that catch your attention. Take time to look at them. Maybe they lead to new websites you’ve never seen, or a concept you’ve never heard of. Follow along. We have the tools at our fingertips.

Sure there are decoys and wrong turns, but they all work in your favor. As long as you keep going. Religions are a good example of people who thought they found something and stopped. Right there. Camped down and became slaves to an ideology. There are lots of things that do that. Stay away from petrified propaganda. It starts off seemingly succulent but soon turns swampy. After a bit it’ll be like trying to swim in the La Brea tar pits.

Then mummification sets in. Behold the world of the unconscious. Stay sharp and don’t get stuck in your tracks.

Tuning In Through Networking

One of your best tools to get into the stream of synchronicity is networking. Sharing. As we each pump into each other Truth and compassion, real knowledge and understanding as best we can, we contribute to this mass awakening and empowerment. It’s a fabulous dynamic and a thrill to be part of. It’s actually simply living a conscious life and it will follow naturally, but understanding the mechanics can really help keep our buns in gear and positively productive during this ridiculous shitstorm smacking humanity right now.

As we give, we get. Universe is amazing in this dynamic. We don’t give to get, it just happens, but it’s good to know it does because we always want to keep learning and growing and gaining in spiritual capabilities. It’s also very important to know that as you share and live a conscious life, Universe will take care of you.  I know I’m preaching to many of the choir here as so many of you know this and are driven like I am; sharing emails, passing on information to researchers you know, and other disseminators of information.  Sharing finds with those who specialize in a certain field can have a tremendous effect. If you find something that strikes you as important in a certain field, say chemtrails or EMF hazards for example, never assume that a seeming “specialist” must know this already.

You could be the prompter through which Universe is working.

Synchronicity is always happening.  As Carl Jung said, “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”



We live in very exciting times. We’ve been given the tools for this time. We’ve always had them. Humanity has them built in but our Overlords have done everything they can to hide them from us and deny their existence. It’s time we tapped in and let ’em have it full throttle. As we do and others join in the signal amplifies and the awakening accelerates. It’s that simple.

But we have to take the nudges seriously.

Keep moving, keep loving, keep learning, keep transcending.

Join the buzz…this synchronicity rush is a blast!

Love always, Zen

Factual information alone isn’t sufficient to guide you through life’s labyrinthine tests.  You need and deserve regular deliveries of uncanny revelation.  One of your inalienable rights as a human being should therefore be to receive a mysteriously useful omen every day of your life. 

-Rob Brezney



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  1. Much love to you Zen.
    This article made me cry when I read it.
    Not tears of sadness but tears of appreciation for you making it available..
    We can do this! we’re human!
    That’s what TPTB are so afraid of.
    One Love528hz

    • TPTW – The Powers That Were. What we think has incredible energy. Simply, the powers that were… before long we shall gaze upon our thriving Earth barely being able to recall the unreal insanity that passed. As if it were all a dream and, now, we have awakened. Thanks, to all who bring the light.

  2. Great words Zen I love that you flow as the times do..Truth MOFOS hunt it , stalk it , set traps for it , sing for it , cry for it, eat it , sleep it breath it see it hear it, Live by it! Here’s is something strange that happen to me yesterday, a fellow which i have never met lives in Cali .USA we have spoke on phone last year . We talk most of time chat room for economics, last year I found a site that was very informative and had great information. But something dint sit right when ever i see any dogmas or leading of Ideology moved in back ground conversions the warring lights go off. After doing some home work on that site I have come to the concussion this person was a Dis-info agent . Now this is were it gets fun .I thought I would warn a other fellow that often talks to this fellow with the website. This other fellow ( the one I am warring ) gives me his phone number and I call… a man picks up.. , but his Voice did not suit the voice of the person i was trying to warn and have spoken with in the past. I assumed he had a cold or strained his vocal cords ,so as we talked he understood the what was going on and was warring him about and explained a few things about this other dis-info agent and what his thoughts are but as he was speaking he stop dead in mid sentence and asked ” who is this he said ?” I said it me Peek ( My Caucasian ? he asked ” ) I was like noo man it PEEK Peek wtf ? ( he was paused ) I ask Him , is this Hes like No its such and such , Then i looked at he number i called i was off by one digit in the area code.LOL (05 vs 925 . This guy knew what i was talking about ? I was blown away kinda scared really , I hung up and thought about what just took place . so I plan on calling back and asking this wrong number person I called on how he knew about what i was talking about due to the fact No many know this . Crazy Eh ? make of what you will of it , I am still frazzled

    • Wild—being told the awakening is a HELL of a lot bigger than any of us are imagining? Hmmmmm. Love to think that way personally…actually watching the mainstream bears this out…watch the trends..healthy eating esp…we’re on to the fuckers…always have been, but now it’s kicking into high gear….cool guacamole…all natural of course…;;

      • Peeks, those who are meant to “hear” you, do. What’s happening is big, very big, and things are going to be busting loose all over. And Peeks, what’s this “kinda scared really.” You experienced a huge piece of synchronicity and there’s more to come. Nothing scary when you’re moving and grooving from your heart. Love, A.

  3. good words. great site.
    would like to see/know how
    many visitors you get and
    how many hits your
    articles get.
    i hope the numbers
    are on the increase.
    spread de-light.

  4. Ka-Pow…and Zen delivers yet another right hook to the jaw of the Matrix Engineers!

    Yes..Yes..Ladies and Gentlemen…their knees are wobbling and blood is flowing..their looking to their corner for directions…but wait…Zen is winding up for another punch and it looks to be a doozie…maybe a kill shot.:)

    These bastards can’t cage freedom, just quarantine the minds of people into believing they are already free.

    Outstanding job brother! Can’t wait for the next round.

  5. First let me say how much I enjoy (for lack of a better word) your site, especially the last few articles. I just want to put this out there and one can do with it as one sees fit. There are people out there actually DO’ing the work. Please take a look at the following:
    Weekly radio shows:
    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns (OPPT-IN episodes)
    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thecollectiveimagination (Lisa Harrison, et al)

    Thank you!

    • Yes, I game accross OPPT a few days ago and have been searching for all info I can find. It is very exciting. I have a million questions about how exactly it will work but I am ready to send out a couple of courtesy notices. I really want to help get it out ther. It is funny I sent Zen an email yesterday asking him to look into it. Peace and love

      • Hi Anna,
        I found the Blog Talk radio Collective Imagination show on 2/19/13 very informative as Heather gave a very detailed explanation that really resonated with me.

  6. Brother Zen~Tossing my copper into the can…One may do as many deep searches as they like and still not find another site quite like this one anywhere out there, not that it could be replicated with any ease or skill; this is the garden of consciousness on the internet, and it has (as many know) kinda taken on a life of it’s own to become more than the sum of its parts. The synchronicities are popping up so fast these days I just smile, and say out loud “Yeah, I saw that.” just in case there’s a prize or something for the truly observant…. its crazy shit,,,like a neglected 2-year old tugging at your pant leg for attention all the time…SPIRIT is inviting us to go “outside” and play!! :)

    • Yes…you can feel the fabric of consciousness/spirit almost smile as you notice stuff and appreciate it. Chutes and Ladders out there so we need all the help we can get to battle the Manipulators…;) aware…ha!

  7. Bravo! Been experiencing it here too — even in fortune cookies that say the most unexpected and true things — and finding your blog has been a big part of it for me. Keep on keepin’ on…

  8. It has become clear to me that everything is just the way it is supposed to be here, according to the way people are. They came here to work something out. They’re all here working on the same thing, though it may appear different to them. Actually, everything that everyone is doing is all about the same thing, regardless of what they may think they are up to or intending. A few people figure it out in each generation. They may or may not try to tell others about it but others will take what they are told and translate it into the context of their desires. They’ll put a familiar face on it so that it works according to what they plan on doing anyway. Of course, the majority of people will most likely never come across the majority of these people who are never in any kind of a majority.

    • Patrick, good to see you. Love your comment, too!

      I left you a message about an email address. If you did not get it, please let me know and I’ll try again.

      Much love,

        • Hi Patrick,
          On 2/18 (maybe it was 2/19 where you are), I left a voice message for you. I know I dialed correctly because there’s no mistaking that awesome voice of yours! When I saw your video about your YT and email troubles, I asked Sim to set up an email address for you, which he did immediately. If you want to use it, I will try again to get the info. to you.

          I can call again, or I can try to send via text message. Let me know if you’re interested, and if so, which way I should try to contact you.
          Hope you’re doing well!

          Much love,

          • Damn. That number you have is for my carphone. I just listened to it. Many, many salaams for being so cool. Thank you.
            I had a surfing accident and have not been able to get into my car for the last 11 days. I usually check that message system out every two or three days. Sorry. I had a friend offer their tel. no. and am back and running on the Snordster at Gmail acc. But again, thank you for extending yourself and the kind offer of help. You are magic!

    • Pat , do I have to rub your belly to get a new video out of you ? Don’t mean to be pushy just miss your work.

  9. Awesome post, Zen!

    Since I woke up almost a year and a half ago, the synchronicities have been increasing. It’s pretty damn awesome and it’s also reassuring to get these reminders that the universe is at work for us.

    I love this site. You provide the perfect balance between positive and “punch”. For all the love you send out, I do like to see the fire in you as well. Thanks for doing what you do!

    Much love,

  10. How true, Zen…After a horrible year where it apeared everything was working against me, I started this year out with the biggist job Ive had in years and finished demo, framing, rough electrical in 3 weeks and its a major wall removing job and I did everything but the electrical myself and my design, drew the plans, passed smog test(am my own mechanic) with lowest scores in 26years on same truck…so low was like engine wasnt even running. It appears the elite are starting to fall, ie: hilary, the pope, ect…Only thing that isnt working for me now is a woman…just cant figure that one out…Keep the great articals coming..

    • Anyone who can do all that is a chick magnet. I think you are just waiting for the right one. I would bet she is looking for you, too!

      • Loves and illusive beast here in LA LA land….sure the sinc will take care of things shortly…has completely changed my life since 12/21…There was a change but not the bad one that TPTB wanted…there time has come in this universe…Dont ban guns…ban EVIL!!!

  11. I felt a real buzz reading this Zen, synchronicity from reading, writing,
    but also dreams,
    had a clear message from a dream that I was at risk from getting caught up in a polluted, boggy river if I didn’t give up , like you say ‘on areas of your life that are holding you back’, and keep moving on, learning and listening!

  12. Thank you again, Zen. I’m going to get some “prompts” ready today. I wish we could start a regular “suggestion box” with readers — social experiments to try. I’ve got so many “solutions” running through my ADHD brain right now. I need some place to pass them along. I still get “won’t work – won’t work – won’t work” when I’ve tried to reach people. I just finished watching a movie called WON’T BACK DOWN. It really go me pumped!

    We are all living in cages with the door WIDE open. ~George Lucas

    Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely
    in a well preserved body,
    but rather to skid in sideways,
    totally worn out, shouting
    ‘…holy shit …what a ride!’

    George Carlin

  13. I find myself coming here more and more, and avoiding the time waster sites. The first ZG article I read I loved, and it uplifts me. Fantastic! Life is not a story anymore that I read about, but an amazing experience. I once had a vision of climbing up a rope ladder in space, which eventually became a rickety spiral staircase, and then a better spiral staircase, and finally I reached a platform. There were two “neutral” woman sitting each side of a marble staircase. I took those steps and when I got to the top, I knew I had to leap off it into the space, to be free in motion and without levels. I think that’s where we are. Time to leap!

    • Pukerimu, you might recognize this dream, dressed up in different
      forms. I has stayed clearly in my memory.

      Walking along a cliff near the sea shore. Cyan sky, clear air catching the sunlight, gentle breeze from the sighing sea that rythmnically crashed against the rocks below. I felt I needed to go somewhere. I saw a path worn by the footsteps of countless people before me. It led to a doorway made of blocks of stone. Blue sky was all around. Through the doorway was blue sky too. Perhaps it was a portal?

      Not walking on the apparent path but moving nearer, I examined the stone archway and realized that I did not need to go through it. I could simply walk around it and make my way down over the rocks to the ocean. I walked around the diversion door. As I started to climb down. I knew I could fly , jumped out into the air and flew ……….. free

      The archway = TPTB or better TPTW
      The worn path = The matrix

  14. Hi there. I’ve recently personally experienced a lot of coincidences, observable at individual level. It is about five years since I’ve began noting them down. It is, for instance, the same word in a song that I’m listening to and on a page I’m reading. Or when someone spoke about a particular scene in a book and the next day a person on the bus was reading that same book, with it open at the same story. I do not know what this means, except that the entropy is decreasing, what is that? It may also be that such coincidences are much frequent, but we do not pay attention so much at what is happening around us at the same time. It is fascinating nevertheless. Have faith, all is not lost, “we” will take back the world.

  15. “”John von Newmann first expounded this idea, defining it as the “ever accelerating progress of technology and changes in the mode of human life, which gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.”

    Pretty profound idea. Trouble is, this concept has since been cleverly hijacked into the transhumanist agenda. Instead of space and time ceasing to exist as in the classic black hole example, it generally now means the time when technological advancements have so accelerated that an artificial super intelligence is formed that will surpass human intelligence, after which the whole game is up for grabs and beyond our human comprehension. Our bodies, minds and civilization would be completely and irreversibly transformed.

    Clever bastards. Predictive programming at its best. That’s what they’re shooting for in all of this.”

    Bravo Zen! That’s the core of this message right there…

  16. Zen,
    For those that do not understand what is taking place or even those that do understand and are either just confused, stressted, worried or out right depressed..Do you think those that take their own lives are forgiven?

  17. Keep it coming Zen.
    Synchronicity is proof personal that creation is actively including
    Your resonant frequencies in with the universe, 11 11
    Phenomena and palindromes thereof. Bills having totals that correspond to personal pin
    Numbers or are also palindromic. Fractal universe invites us to the party, what time does the fun begin, or resonance retune the whole?
    Your attempts to allow us to know of each other are great however
    I think this is so natural there is nothing we could do if we werein total denial.
    To those that embrace this awareness, I think it is much more utilitarian than the interweb.
    Exciting eh!

  18. Transcendence of Reality is latent in every ensouled human; it is latent in Reality itself so the issue is access. The hyper-spacetime holographic Resource is not unlimited, nor empowering, but a fulfilment of one’s optimization called Sufficiency. This is a condition of harmonic balance, not power or glory but transcendence of Need because of hyper-locality’s synchronized and continuous beneficence flowing into one’s destiny. Ironically, Reality’s programming of Dominion/Civilization claims to grant free-will and “credit” for obediance, but only Transcendence is beyond propaganda. Called Paradise, such a transcendent planet/Atlantis is said to have become lost forever, yet it is latent and available to Good Intentions that are Agreeable to the modest parameters of Peace as prosperity. Destiny is a function of Soul, and it is Soul’s Conscience that connects with the Peace-maker mentality that forsakes ambition and aggression in the name of Redemption, being a person of Goodness not a drone of Evil.

  19. I think religion helps dont know why david and others are always trying rag on us. Im christian but doesnt matter because when it all comes down to it where all seeking a god a source. I dont judge people some people try flip bible on you when its here to help us all if you really study it for what verses really mean you would understand its like code. All god really wants is to know him he is love and without love we are nothing.

    • If you talk to God again , mind asking him a few things for me ? One.. could just deal wit that other side that keeps thrashing all things up made in his name. 2.. I missed the memo on freewill with hidden sub prime interest rates on giving prays in his name and his only. Thanks James

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