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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model th...

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Coca-Cola has been ordered to shut down operations in a city in India for using too much water and violating pollution laws, but the company keeps business running as usual.

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The Queen unleashed her first tweet on Friday from the official account of the British Monarchy, explaining her pleasure at opening a new exhibit at The Science Museum...

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When someone has awakened a great peace follows the initial storm. A sense that we have broken through to a new and amazing realm comes over us where all things become clear.

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For decades, researchers have been publishing reports about children who died or were maimed after exposure to chlorpyrifos insecticide, either in the womb or after birth.

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Everything is there in front of you just waiting to be spun into the web of life. Start spinning my friends. Grab your beating heart; move with intent; spin the life you know you must lead.

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This part of Poland has a very low density population base. Hundreds of kilometres of flat farmland and still owned by families eeking out a living...increasingly against the odds.

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Perhaps this endeavor by so many will reach the minds of the clueless. This war we are engaged in, for whatever form it will take, will only find its worth when we have arrived at everlasting peace.

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Unlike the modern industrial agricultural system which relies on herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, a food forest is self-regulating and highly abundant in yield.
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