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To live a life based on our personal principles and beliefs is the epitome of independence and lays the groundwork of what we are all striving for – to live a life based on our personal principles and beliefs.

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Of all the challenges we face, geoengineering is the greatest and most immediate threat of all. Exposing and halting climate engineering must be our top priority.

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"When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies and there is nothing to fear, then he is always stirring up some war or other, that the people may require a leader" - Plato

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Jeff interviews anarchist mystic Zen Gardner, topics include: the awakening, the importance of travel and new experience, very serious times ahead especially in the US, and more.

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Many parents ‘vehemently oppose’ the bill, and threatened to pull their children out of public schools if they were forced to vaccinate.

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As more and more of us wake up and tune into and live in true conscious awareness and activate accordingly, it sends out an energetic signal.

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Another enjoyable tour with Lorraine as we explore the strange world we're living in and the boundless power of humanity to overcome its challenges.

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We have the power to expose and stop the ongoing geoengineering insanity if we work together in this all important battle, make your voice heard.

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Zen discusses the phenomenon of the worldwide awakening and the call for better networking and active community participation.

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Regardless of where the conversation ends up, having Dr. Oz cover this topic was a sign that the mainstream is being forced to report on what matters.

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