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A stimulating discussion on a wide range of subjects from the illuminati, religion and mind control to geopolitics, archonic influences, and the terraforming of planet earth.

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Dr. Garth Davis has begun prescribing fresh produce instead of pharmaceuticals, as he believes nourishing food is an essential requirement for becoming ‘well’.

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As many wonderful awake Americans as there are, I'm dumbfounded at the willful abject ignorance, consumerism, apathy and shallow selfishness of the vast majority.

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To counter-balance the bombardment of disharmonic energies grabbing our attention, Earth Heal will be tuning in to the exquisite harmonic energies also present in our world.

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than the ones ...

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Filmed in 1982 at the height of the Guatemalan Army's repression against the Mayan indigenous people, this film has become a classic political documentary.

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A discussion on a variety of current events, dismantling the mainstream narrative regarding our current world situation and putting it into an empowering perspective.

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Over 50 artists helped make up Dismaland, a dystopic theme park in the UK, replete with Jimmy Savile references and “entry-level anarchism” as a twist on Disneyland.

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Another great chat with Richie Allen on all things weird and wonder-full. Enjoy our traipsing through the minefield of the wondrous, preposterous world we live in!

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In a world where Goliath threateningly looms over all things, it behooves us to gain the skills, the courage, and the audacity of a David and a method that can turn the tables on power itself.


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