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A disturbing look at some of the more recent examples of mainstream media news deceptions, staged events and psy-ops exposed by the independent press.

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World Beyond Belief talks with Zen Gardner and Ole Dammegard on their take on the process of awakening and new information that has come to light on various false flags.

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What could be more telling than that they have taken the book down but cannot explain the reasons for suppressing it. Just how dumb are we all supposed to be?

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We are in the last thirteen months of the reset when the electro magnetic blocking system of our multi dimensional consciousness is at its weakest, and we need to take advantage of it.

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Much like the Manhattan Project, it will be an 'open secret'. Millions will know of it, but not have a clue as to its real goal due to the compartmentalization and 'thought directors'.

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We are the medicine for which we have yearned. Our souls are declared only by the integrity of our commitment to fulfill our natural purpose and become all that we are destined to be.

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Some pretty aware people make a point of withholding themselves from taking up any of the myriad challenges that would prevent this planet driving itself to extinction.

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I hope you are not out-raged, but IN_raged that you have been lied to, ALL YOUR LIFE. Burn up your beLIEf system first, to make place for something fresh…

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Probably the most enigmatic part of the cover is the bottom right where we see two arrows with mysterious numbers, a pile of dirt and an old painting.

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Dr. William Luther Pierce of the National Alliance explains International Jewry’s obsession with spreading democracy even at the point of a gun.


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