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The task of becoming human is to transmute the brutalizing and violent impulses arising from the constant fear based programming of the mind, and to develop a sacred sympathy with the whole of life.

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We are a species with amnesia, but we are remembering. We are shaking off the lies and ignorance and are realizing we are supremely powerful multi-dimensional beings.

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The point of all creation is just that... to create. To experience creation itself and in turn become a creator. A creator of who and what we want to be.

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It is essential...to pay attention to both the observational constraints and the basic mathematical laws, with a clear sense of what is solid theory and what is speculation.

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Things are going to stop getting progressively worse. At some deep level, they are going to start getting progressively better, despite all surface appearances to the contrary.

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Why are so many heavily promoted dramas regarding rebellion against totalitarian control, and even specifically against a mechanistic, fascist future, so prevalent?

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Key 9/11 quotations arranged in the form of a 6500-word dramatic collage to give the impression of a live “debate” — an imaginary debate in which the shocking Truth is finally laid bare.

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If it can be proven that the Australian stone was not fabricated within the last 2 years then this is amongst the strongest evidence for a Stone Age global civilization.