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Samhain is known by most as Halloween, but for Pagans it's considered a Sabbat to honor ancestors who came before and in doing so marking the dark time of the year.

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For over ten hours, Icke held the attention of close to 12,000 people as he challenged just about every societal norm, belief and assumption about the nature of reality.

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Terence Newton, Staff Writer Waking TimesIs the truth of human history concealed and buried ben...

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The 'Game' of Good vs Evil is best played when we recognize our immortality and divine nature. That anything is possible… that the rules to this game were meant to be transcended.

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We’re seldom aware of changing while we’re doing it. It’s afterwards that we see clearly. It’s the evolutionary journey: ego to Spirit, finite to infinite, chaos to clarity. This is a holy undertaking and we were born to make the trek.

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If there were ever a time for activism and involvement in the direction of society, it is now. How will we deal with technologies that will intrude into our bodies and minds?

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Our planet is due for a cleansing, whether it is a pole shift, an asteroid, a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, an ice age or a pot shot from the sun that decides the fate of Earth this time round.

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What can be positively proposed as a counterbalance to this palpably destructive form of modern day schooling? Alternative education models are now being implemented.

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This is the story of the human journey at this critical moment in time. Of all the stories to belong to, this is the story to be a part of.

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What is really interesting is discovering those you think are awake are actually sleeping and vice versa, with sometimes the very least possible person the most enlightened of all.
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