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We can't expect to "win" in an arena built for pointless conflict that distracts from seeing the essential and empowering reality that blows their entire construct to bits.

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By resolving the pattern on the film, your astrological dynamic, you can change your world, because the light that brings your world into being is the Source Consciousness.

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What could a person possibly gain from insecurity? What could be the reward of feeling undeserving? Why do we think against ourselves? These states are not natural to our inner being.

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It should come as no surprise that with an annual military budget of over $610 billion, the United States invests in some gargantuan black ops and top-secret facilities.

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Such is the power of detachment. We're no longer subject to our surroundings, but playful participants. We observe and pop in and out on the field of interchange.

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Blue solar water provides the powerful energy of the sun, the source of all life, and the fascinating properties of the healing and calming blue color.

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“You are a volume in the divine book. A mirror to the power that created the universe. Whatever you ...

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Bad Clown knocks down another intriguing track, challenging our perspectives with an artful psycho-spiritual waltz down parallel avenue...with attitude!

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Understand that finding your true self is a lifelong quest, one that requires time and dedication. Learn who you really are, the truth about self and how you can transcend beyond your everyday challenges.

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Every new born child is a little genius; untainted by societies' demands. But the status quo soon applies the pliers and twists that genius into conformity.

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