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Science fiction has a purpose with many agendas. There is always a deeper truth there, understanding the deeper nature of reality where all possibilities exist.

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Understanding the workings of the brain, states of consciousness and how our brains use time and space as a way of making sense of our surroundings.

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This first Matrix film revealed far too much truth to suit the ‘darkside’ forces that control this third dimensional earth-plane via their media-entertainment industry.

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"Sheldrake’s concept of 'formative causation' emphasizes the existence of 'morphic fields' that unit...

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We all seek because we have been taught and conditioned to look outside of ourselves for answers, satisfaction and meaning to our lives.

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The world of the inner self is increasingly opening up and being explored through transpersonal sciences, self-realization, and individual self-actualization.

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Decide what your purpose is, what your vision is and what your dreams are, choose the beliefs that will help you the most on your way to achieving them.

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Is it possible that Earth is in fact an entire planet somehow captured and turned into a multi-dimensional prison, entrapping not only the physical bodies of the humans but also their souls?

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If there was no time there could be no synchronicity. That said, time as measured in the modern world has always seemed like an artificial construct to me.

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Many people feel side-effects after a large CME - headaches, nausea, body pains, dizziness, lack of energy, change in sleep patterns as well as psychological effects like mood swings, irritations, increased anger, etc.

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