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Astronauts recently voted on the top photographs taken by the Hubble space telescope in its 16-year journey so far.

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Joe Rogan answers the question "What gives you hope?" with a powerful and beautifully illustrated answer, accentuating the power and importance of spiritual awakening.

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"Synchronicity is the simple carving of the sculptor exacted from the spirit of the enlightened." - ...

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Many people believe that NASA is civilian run, but it's a 100% pure government operation and has always had a policy of keeping the whole extraterrestrial subject under wraps.

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More enlightening analysis from the Thunderbolts project. When explanations begin to make sense both intellectually as well as spiritually you know we're getting closer to the truth.

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“ We believe that the illusion of the material world is completely real. That belief is our only prison. It prevents us from making the journey into the unknown.” - Deepak Chopra

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Symbols of an Alien Sky will introduce you to celestial spectacles and earth-shaking events once remembered around the world. - The Thunderbolts Project.

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Time is a mental construct to separate out perceptions and events into an order, so the sensations arising from them can be assimilated and made sense of.

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Enjoy a little trip of musical appreciation for our beautiful home, compliments of the Beatles and space photography.



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