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It took 11months to complete the 44 minutes sun gazing experience, and I have found that all the claims Hira Manek made are true,the practice is very healing and spiritually uplifting.

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A very trippy animation sent in by commenter Brent - very much like an ayahuasca experience. Enjoy - it's terrifically done and quite the cosmic ride!!

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Looking for books that will challenge your mind body and soul, and cause you to see the world in new ways? Try the following seven books for starters.

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Only when we are fully conscious are we able to be an infinite expression of the present. Only then are we able to create, share and be the fulfilled nature of its possibilities.

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Non-local or universal information resides outside of the mind where it is always available and can be tuned into like a radio.

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What if you found out that everything taught in the education system about our planet and the solar system is a lie designed to keep us in ignorance of the truth about our reality.

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When the resistance against the present moment is over in us, the Life, the Miracle virtually carries us away and takes us to a direction that leads to the original state of Consciousness.

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Every living being is an engine geared to the wheel-work of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surroundings, the sphere of external influences extends to infinite distance.

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An introductory guide to the Flat Earth Theory, starting with Copernicus' theory in 1514, the false confirmation in 1957, and how the PTBs hide it to keep their power.

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In this video, Alan Watts and Jason Silva discuss Ernest Becker’s three main solutions to the death problem: the religious solution, the romantic solution, and the acceptance that death is inevitable.

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