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The inimitable Bad Clown bringing another very powerful perspective oriented piece in his unique way, focusing on the false energy of made up money.

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We are at the brink of total financial meltdown. The world’s longest running Con Operation – the Ponzi Scheme of the old Banking Dynasties is about to go bust.

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Following the latest high profile banker suicide in which Deutsche Bank's associate general counsel, and former SEC regulator "suicided" himself comes the latest entrant in the dead banker chronicles.

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A must see masterpiece of research and insight by James Corbett, documenting the chessboard dialectic to develop China into the socio-economic model for the NWO.

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As each side escalates its retaliation and seeks to inflict greater damage on the other, both in economic loss and human suffering, we might be getting close to a point of no return.

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Set in 20th Century Japan, the documentary explores the role and power of Central Banks, and how they are used to change a country's economic, political and social structures.

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Larken Rose does it again with a terrific breakdown of how everybody is getting screwed by the globalist banksters. Great video to pass around to those still in the dark.

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This mobility of capital is an enormous benefit to the owners of the capital, but it creates extraordinary instability for those who are not as mobile.
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